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  1. Oh look at this gem, we really need decals with this
  2. That nose art is quite cool. I wanna build a mudhen like that
  3. Hi all, any idea if someone makes this in 48 ? Cheers
  4. I have both books but they are thin to say the least regarding loadouts, I looked on DVIDS.com but no luck
  5. Hi all, can you point to a source with images depicting F-14 during OEF and OIF ? I am trying to build some D`s from that period and I need photos to document load as well as tails Cheers
  6. Really dude ? CFTs (and enlarged spines) are the perfect recipe to ruin a jet in terms of looks and probably also handling
  7. I have the Ra am, but taking in consideration the price, for example , the Revell (which almost all consider it to be the benchmark) cost me a few years ago around 32 USD, literally a steal, today I can get the GWH for 84USD, for this price hike I would expect this to be first flawless in terms of details, to mimic perfectly the Strike Eagle. It is known that the E is quite different panels wise compared to all other Eagles, so for 84USD it better be amazing As a side note, I have paid slightly less for Tamiya`s and AMK`s Tomcat`s and no discussion that is a more comple
  8. I have the necessary after market pods and A2G ammo, I want to know if it is a True E or some B/D, all so called Strike Eagles except Revell`s are B/D
  9. Thanks a lot Jake, I am planning to build a bird armed like that, minus the dirt/slime from the belly, I cannot do that and I am pretty sure this bird was an exception
  10. Hello together, can someone identify all items correctly please ? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I have the Revell Strike Eagle which I got for pennies and for years this was the benchmark. However, I want to build two mudhens with modern A2G ammo, the likes of which took part in OEF/OIF etc Since the Revell bird is no longer available, is it worth in buying the much expensive QWH kit ? Is it a real E or some B with parts ? Cheers
  12. This is strange, because the Viper it`s quite popular and nowadays many of them sport this type of pylon with MAWS sensor integrated I want to make a newer F-16 like a C with SBDs on BRU MER
  13. Hi all, any idea who makes those after market ? Cheers
  14. what do you think ? He doesn`t have the right attitude and this brings back memories of how much hate went towards AMKs F-14 when people questioned fracking EVERYTHING !!! The box art is not right, look at that takeoff angle etc etc
  15. yeah, you are so right, I mean have you seen how shitty Meng kits are in general ?
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