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  1. Hey Jake, any timeline for this 2nd edition ? Cheers
  2. Dear all, can you tell me which primer(s) are most eco friendly and pose least health hazard ? Kind regards
  3. Rather difficult to join since I àm Romanian, and If I would have been a US citizen than the US Navy was my choice no doubt about it :D Now, I don`t need top secret tech level info, just a point and name the specific sensors
  4. Hello fellow modellers, any idea where I get info about those ? MAWS, ECM, LWR etc and all assorted stuff ? Cheers
  5. Apache by Ed Macy from Afghanistan it`s nice and action packed
  6. Spoken like a true Tomcat lover !
  7. Thanks for the detailed explanation Dave, I have my eyes on Furball and some CAG birds
  8. Gents, the offer is quite generous for decals covering jets, however, can you tell me quality wise what a top 5 would be ? Cheers
  9. sorry to hijack your thread but any idea where can I get this kit ?
  10. how did he paint those engines in so many shades yet so close ?
  11. Dear all, I`am looking to acquire some alclad style paints to paint nozzles and I`am looking to buy the best one available locally Can you tell me please between those two brands, MRP and MiG which one has the best quality ? Cheers
  12. Do you like Phantoms ? Superb overview, much appreciated. I guess I need to fork out for ZM, although it looks like some Academy kits would do. For now I have only the F-4B Good morning Danang reboxed by Eduard with lots of goodies
  13. I thought you were smarter, obviously I was wrong. It`s one thing to analyze critically and a completely different one to be a nitpicker. Case in point above, you are not even sure there is a problem with the nozzles yet you raised it as an issue........
  14. Berkut, is there any damn kit in this world that gets your seal of approval ? Just curious....
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