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  1. Could this one designed for Revell kits would fit a GHW machine ?
  2. Haha, I saw your build here, but also on Facebook on F-14 builder page as well as on Reddit
  3. Hi all, can you tell me who makes a metal landing gear for GWH`s Ra`am ? Cheers
  4. Lol, what are you smoking and why ?
  5. Damn you are sharp, I would have never thought of that. Now be kind and show me how many pictures Google search returns of Tomcat flying with Eagle
  6. Hello together, can someone point to a website containing F-14 photos ? Also, do you have photos of F-14 flying with F-15 ? I`am interested more in Vintage pics of the Tomcat Cheers
  7. Thanks for replying, I have this kit and I`am learning new techniques, I`ll try to make mine along the same lines
  8. I solved the dilemma by getting both, I`ll make one Tusk I and the other Tusk II, simple
  9. My first kit in a long time, Academy F-15C 1/48, and my first try at airbrushing
  10. Come on guys, what does MRAD stands for ? I doubt it`s OPSEC
  11. What does MRAD stands for ? I guess it burns electronics
  12. So the way to go is to get both, just like with the Tomcat
  13. Serious thread here guys, which one is better ? We love and appreciate Martin but no bias please
  14. Damn, impressive detailing for 1/48
  15. Lovely cat