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  1. Thanks my brother, I saw a photo that just have three olive drab seat belt material attached to the troops mounts but I am not 100 sure..
  2. Quick question. How do the troops stay glue to those mounts? any special harness or seat belt? if a picture is available that will work! Thanks!
  3. Thanks mr. and thanks for all the advices
  4. Did I used the correct antenna that it is on top of the tail boon on top of the engine? or it is the other one? the one that looks like a delta wing
  5. Taking shape no like the real deal but I have enjoy this bird a lot Time to paint some detail like.lights and stuff..
  6. Great! we just cant wait! lol!
  7. It is May 22nd.... I think I will wake up from the dram
  8. Trying to make those fast rope mounts
  9. Mates if someone have pictures of the fast rope mount on those birds please share it
  10. Almost done detailing first time working with stirene...that thing makes magic..
  11. Got it thanks!
  12. Hello Norbert can you link us to the Helmet?
  13. Skids not like the real deal but kind of