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  1. CharlieUH-1H

    Completed OH-58A 1/48 ESCI

    Thanks brother send us some pics here no problem !
  2. CharlieUH-1H

    Completed OH-58A 1/48 ESCI

    I had fun with her applying my first ever camouflage on a helicopter. Build is completely OOB ... just add some antennas and that was all hope you all like it.
  3. All I can say Ian that’s this is a really dedicated work of art.. for or how much that will sell sir?
  4. CharlieUH-1H

    1:72 Italeri UH-1N Twin Huey

    Really nice!
  5. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    Fix the rotor. Colors thanks all for the advices. I promise next time I will not drink and paint at the same time.🤪
  6. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    I think I need glasses..👓
  7. CharlieUH-1H

    1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk

    Scratch all you can my friend, I am 100% positive you can find things at home to do all you need.. :)
  8. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    small update
  9. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

  10. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    ah ok I got it you mean the skid stuff? hahah yes all is kind of funny on this 1980 kiowa.. 🤣
  11. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    Thabks man, but what tubes? Lol
  12. CharlieUH-1H

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    Been working on this Second time in my modeling lifetime I camo a helicopter
  13. The fuselage was 11 years old amd something went wrong.. I’ll do this danger pig with the italqri Kitty hawk once I get it.
  14. thanks a lot! my friend, I see I added the GPS to the wire cuttiing...