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  1. Thanks man what I do is scratch pastel chalks black and sand then apply it with a swab the steppes are Future+pastel+ let dry + final touches 74-22331 Thanks man I have a ton!! Since I made them with adhesive paper
  2. One of my favorites Huey ever at last I am doing her. During the Gulf war around 1991 Is the Kitty hawk kit with werner Wings bits. so far this is how it looks “wings of mercy”
  3. Thanks man Thanks brother is a fun kit to build.
  4. Thanks my brother Yes it is the Kitty Hawk one thanks man I wish.. 😂 but thanks my friend
  5. Hello friends .. she is finished or 99.9% finish let’s say.. a month or something building this just at night for working reasons. I just have to add the tail number and danger arrows and also fix the “Thunderstruck” that I added backwards maybe after 6 beers I got that night. But I love this kit and I had fun with it. click —-> for the complete WIP on my Instagram
  6. Hello friends probably one of the most dumb questions I have ever made 😊 was the tail rotor on super 61 all black or Fade olive drab? thanks in advance.
  7. with a bit of love and beers you can do it i did mine out of things... hope it helps.
  8. There is nothing that Styrene can’t fix.. so let’s build this ...
  9. I’ll be getting the helmets from Reedoak but don’t know what type the marines pilote use and if reed pal have them Yes brother you can do that not a problem 🙂 the tail rotor tight down are made out of paper and tamiya tape the ropes are stretch sprue.
  10. Thanks man Only the cowling area is a PITA
  11. Completed this been working for a month or something on her... not perfect but I like it a lot! hope you enjoy it.
  12. Thanks brother yeah I got tha feeling when I go to the rooftop on my house to take those pictures hahahaha
  13. thanks a lot my brother thank you mr Oliver, thanks man, with what color should I do this? please let me know and if it is with picture it will be better the only time I have do drybrush was on the IP , it was with silver but any recommendation will be welcome as always my friend
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