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  1. CharlieUH-1H

    Bell AH-1W Academy 1/35

    Hello friends Saturday and Sunday was the first time I participate as a expositor..on our local (no contest) scale model expo for the public of my hometown.. a great experience for me we got a small photo studio there and wanted to picture this cobra since I never got then chance to tlw good photos of her .. here she is Good week everyone. until next Huey
  2. CharlieUH-1H

    Restoring my National Guard Italeri 1/48 UH-1V

    Restoration completed
  3. CharlieUH-1H

    Restoring my National Guard Italeri 1/48 UH-1V

    Thabks man
  4. Hello brothers we (The Dominican Republic Modeling Club) will have an expo next Saturday.. I was prepare as you remember with this build month ago.. but the other day my niece sat down on the box I was keeping this helicopter and destroy it.. (she is just 2 years old) I love her.. So I decide to repaint, Fix the toilet bowl, add new oxygen tanks, Fix the main rotor bars and weights and try the Kitty Hawk Doors on the Italeri kit. a friend of mine provided me with this national guard decals, maybe is a "What if" but I like her more now.. here is what I have done so far on her hope to have her done for next Saturday
  5. Hello Helofriends here she is. after serving int the gulf war,, she and 4 more 3032,3033,3034 and 3035 arrive to the Dominican Republic Air Force, donated by the US Government FAD 3030 is the one I build using the KH UH-1D until next Huey!
  6. Thanks man Gracias amigo ya sabes tratando
  7. Thanks amigo! Thank you my brother man, hope you finish your soon! it is a gem!
  8. main rotor side bars (don't know the name in English) fixed with guitar strings to give the stab bar the classic drop angle when off
  9. I have see a lot of “mikes” and this is probably the most beautiful and real one I have ever see!
  10. Tim, thanks .. I used regular glue not tamiya not model master is something they sell here’s in grocery stores for like 50 cents or something.. Thanks brother!
  11. Complete better pictures in the upcoming days..
  12. Update. JP-8 Leak simulation the roof looks good to me