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  1. U.S. Army UH-1H/D 1960s/70s domestic ops

    Please use https://postimages.org/ easy and not a crap like photobucket
  2. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    What you use for the seat cushions?
  3. Italeri 1/48 UH-1V "Huey" United States Army 0-22507

    Thanks Joel, Weathering is what I love the most when doing a Huey Thanks my friend! thank you brother Thanks man! what is your Huey doing? keep us post at the helo forum! please !!!
  4. Kitty Hawk AH-6J completed

  5. UH-1HV 0-22507 Italeri 1/48 *Estudio Picture*

    Oliver, what kind of figures should I use for this type of medevac I mean since is a modern era Huey
  6. UH-1HV 0-22507 Italeri 1/48 *Estudio Picture*

    Thank man.. I’ll like to add the helmets .. it will not Ben good to ruin figures since Inam not that good on painting them .. but I’ll considere to add them it will bring life to this lady.
  7. UH-1HV 0-22507 Italeri 1/48 *Estudio Picture*

    Thanks LD, yes, this is a hard time for me but all will be good sir Thank you brother
  8. UH-1HV 0-22507 Italeri 1/48 *Estudio Picture*

    Thanks man The mirror was there since I started this build as a Salvadorean bird that used to have it, then change my mind..and decide to live it there What’s mounted on the end of the tail boom? I think is a light or something
  9. Hello friends 3 month on this one. 2 night daily hours for work reasons (I cant believe I spent to much time with her) but I am really happy with this build, I know is not perfect and not a contest winner but from all the hueys I have this one is my favorite for many reasons here I have learn a lot from all the helo modelers and that is good! also, this build have serve as a Doctor to me since I am on a process of hard depression.. this build occupied my mind at night at least for two hours I feel free and good, but been far away from my kids is a battle I am fighting , but all will be good my next huey will be hopefully AND AT LAST the Kitty Hawk D but from the Dominican Republic Air Force, hope you like this one , Until Next Huey... yup that's my Studio.. lol
  10. Thanks Chief Thanks my brother Rotorman Thanks Adrew my friend