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  1. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the cockpit build when I started a couple of days ago, but took one after closing the fuselage: With wings, upper cowling, and lower tail piece attached. The tail piece is being held with tape and clamps while setting. Notice the step at the wing/fuselage joint: Here is where I am at this point: The steps at the wing roots and at the tail have been sanded down. I still need to attach the canopy and clean up the wing seems and wingtips for the navlights
  2. Hello, At the start of the new year, I was deciding on a new build. A few days prior, I was messing around on e-bay, and came across the Yak-1 made by Brengun. With this group build going on, I decided to jump in. This is my first Brengun kit, and I have been enjoying it. Although it has the attributes on a limited run kit (no locating pins, resin and photo etched parts), it has been going together nicely with only the use of small amounts of Mr. Surfacer for filling gaps. Thanks for looking!
  3. I am starting with the Brengun Yak-1 in 1/72.
  4. For the last few days, the Tweet has been in the paint shop along with some small bits. The white in the gear wells is Floquil Reefer White while the rest is Model Master Enamels. Unfortunately, one pylon and a dorsal antenna blade broke off while I removed the masks and will be reattached. Also, some of the masks on the canopy came off and will need to be replaced. Overall, I am satisfied with the results so far. I also began work on a couple of fuel tanks and rocket pods that will attach to the pylons. Thanks for looking.
  5. Some more progress for today: I got all of the weapons pylons attached along with antenna blades that go in the dorsal and ventral surfaces. There are a couple of humps that are to be painted black that I will attach once the paint is applied. I also attached the refueling probe to the nose. Finally, the windscreen was attached along with the HUD glass inside the cockpit. Some more shots: Thanks for looking.
  6. Tonight's progress. It starting to look like a Tweet now :) : Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks for posting the photos. Gives me something to shoot for. After being out of town over the weekend, some progress. I got the wings attached today. I still need to clean up the seems. Also, the wing tip tanks are almost ready to go on.
  8. Some progress from last night: I painted the details on the cockpit parts prior to assembly. I still plan to do some final touch-up and add Future to the gauges. The fuselage was also closed up last night. Due to warpage, it took some persuasion to get the halves to line up. I still need to take care of the gap in the nose. The cockpit is not firmly attached yet, but will be this evening. Tonight, I plan to start cleaning up the fuselage seams along with starting on the wings. Thanks for looking.
  9. You're right, Triet, it is the Academy kit. It is the first Academy kit I've seen in an Encore box.
  10. It wasn't any trouble at all. Once I removed the pour stub from the floor/tub, I compared its size to the kit floor. Both were the same size. One area that could require extra effort is getting the resin floor/tub to line up within the fuselage. The kit part has guides on the bottom that the resin part does not have. I plan to transfer the locations of those guides and mark them on the new part to help with alignment. The resin set does not include control sticks, and require the ones from the kit to be used. The resin seats also fit pretty well. Some progress for tonight; The coc
  11. Thanks everyone. Last night, I removed the pour stubs from the resin parts, and dry fitted them inside the fuselage. The resin parts are from True Details and are very nice. The kit fuselage and wings have some warping issues. However, those should be easy to straighten out with persuasion. Tonight, I plan to wash the cockpit parts and begin painting. Hopefully, I will have it all in and the fuselage closed up before going out of town this weekend. Thanks for looking.
  12. Hello All, This will be my first attempt to participate in a group build in a long time. I am starting with the Encore/Squadron boxing of the A-37B Dragonfly that was recently released. The 2 kit inside are Academy tooling with resin bits thrown in and Cartograf Decals. I will be using the decal option for the A-37B flown out of Bien Hoa Airbase in Vietnam in 1971 by Capt. John Lamb. The kit's other two schemes are post Vietnam schemes, and would be used in the second kit build sometime in the future. I will start working and posting pics of my progress as time allows.
  13. I will be starting with the Encore/Squadron A-37B Dragonfly. Just got it in the mail yesterday: Scheme I plan to go with:
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