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  1. Years ago I built a F-4E late model from an early model E and an S Hasegawa kits in1/72. I am wondering if anyone has tried doing the same thing in 1/48 using the SWS kits?
  2. Im looking for some advice on Alclad Metal colours for P-51s. The Eduard 48th instructions say Silver for most and the control surfaces super Silver.
  3. I am trying to research what would be a standard load for a Gulf War F-4G. Most of the reference material I have seems to contradict and good clear pictures are limited. In thinking 2 Harm, 2 sparrow, 3 tanks and an ALQ-184 would be a fairly standard load. Other loads suggested are 4 Harm, 2 sparrow and jammer or 2 Harm, 2 Mavic, 2 sparrow and a jammer and also suggestion that they may have used Harms and cluster bombs towards the end of the conflict. Any guidance would be great.
  4. Hi, I have just purchaced the Hasegawa 48th Hellenic F-16 Two seater kit. It doenst come with much in the way of a weapons load and have been uanble to find a decent reference. Could anyone tell me what the current load out would be?
  5. I received a Kinetic Hawkeye from my good lady for Xmas, a great kit but i was a bit disappointed by the lack of decal options does anyone know if there are any bright coloured sheets in the pipeline? Regards Pete
  6. I could do with some serious advice before tackling my next project, a current Lakenheath based F-15C using the Hasegawa early boxing in 48th. The 48th kit I have looks great although I realised as soon as I opened the box that it is very early 'C' model. I dont have a bottomless budget but do plan on getting the Airies Burner cans and cockpit but what else do i need to get this up scratch???
  7. Good Morning, Im looking for some help and advice with Hasegawas new 1-32 P-40E kit, before i start attacking the sprues I would like to know if anyone has found any pit falls with the kit? or anything i should look out for on the build. Im not convinced of the two decal options but there doesnt seem to be too much else out there. Im Tempted to try an RAF Kitty Hawk but not sure what conversions are needed from the E.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me how much work a Hasegawa F-15C needs to make an accurate representation of an F-15C in current deployment? I know the Revell Kit only takes a few mods to represent an E model but i would also like to do an up to date C in 1-48th . Regards
  9. Thats good news, My best mate will be happy he loves the KC-135 no other kit ever made requires so much, filler, masking tape or swearing to build!
  10. For Mildenhall 100th ARW decals check out Wolfpak decals, sheet number 72-005
  11. Its really strange as i can't find this kit listed anywhere in the UK or on the HLJ site. Was this a limited release to the USA only? it does seem very exspensive compared to earlier releases of this kit.
  12. Good day to all, can anyone confirm that Italeri are re-releasing the AMT kit of the KC-135 Stratotanker with USAF/French markings??? Regards
  13. Im working on a Hasegawa block 25 F-16 in 1/48 Im going to use the great lookiing Afterburner decals for Viper Wing Kings and model an ANG aircraft as in Combat in Iraq 2005 -2007. What i'm looking for is some suggestions of typical load outs for for this sort of time period. Regards
  14. Many thanks for your help have ordered 2 sets of Afterburner decals (never tried them before) Think i better order myself a couple of Tamiya C models while im at it!!
  15. Just so we can get back to the original reason for this post I have just ordered a kit so hopefully within a few days i should be able to give a brief run down of how good or poor this kit is. I'm really looking forward to it as im sure it will be better than all that has gone before. and maybe some of those nice resin guys can do a cockpit set if things arent as good as hoped. Looking forward to some new 1-72nd hawk kits too. Best wishes
  16. I have the Hasegawa 1-48 kit of the very early Block 25 F-16 with the P&W engine. Im looking for some suitable decal options, any suggestions?? best wishes
  17. I have a strange feeling that maybe they have just gone for an up scaling of the 1-72nd kit which would explain the need for PE. Being a Brit i should be very Pro Airfix but im still not 100% happy with what they are turning out, they really are about 5 -6 in the Kit manufactures ratings in my eyes.
  18. Has anyone got one of the new Italieri kits yet???? I see they are listed but still no spru shots can anyone tell me if its worth spending my hard earned cash on??? or should i carry on with my stash of Airfix kits a a third of the price.
  19. Accurate Minatures have just released the old Monogram F-4C/D 1-72 one of the decal options is for 67-678 coded SA of the 4th TFW. The instuctions list the aircraft as a C model, which I'm sure should be a D model and the paint scheme is show to be ADC grey although all colour pictures that I have seen show the same aircraft in SEA. Could anyone shed any light on this???? Regards and best wishes
  20. Good afternoon one and all what are the kit options to produce a really good 48th scale Early Harrier? having checked on Hannants cant see anything earlier than a GR7 listed for an RAF aircraft. With the new Airdoc book out on GR1s and GR3s really fancy getting a good kit to add to my stash. Regards
  21. Im about to tackle the Tamiya 1-32nd F-4J and wonder if anyone who has previously built this kit could give me some tips. I know from articles that there is a certain amount of removal of repair panels although i have very little exsperience of replacing panel lines and rivets. What needs to be done with the cockpit? the parts all look very highly detailed is it just a case of a good paint job and a few straps on the seats?? and help or points before i start this huge kit would be much appreciated Regards
  22. I have never been lucky enough to get my hands on that kit is it as good as the hype?
  23. I really am hoping with a price tag of twice the price the price of the current airfix boxing that Italieri are going to at least try and up scale there 1-72 kit which was quite nice. After seeing the Hawk painted in Battle of Britain colours at Fairford las weekend I really have the bug to get some good hawk kits of the bench.
  24. Good afternoon does anyone have any details about the future release from Italieri of a BAE Hawk in 1-48th? I see Hannants are already listing it as a future release and one of the mags lists the price as £19.99. The Airfix is not a bad shape but very lacking in any real detail so would be great to think we are getting a fresh modern tooling. Regards
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