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  1. Looks to be the all gull grey scheme with larger Stars and Bars. I think the kit decals will be reasonably representative but not 100% accurate.


    I don't know of any decals that are Eagle-Claw specific. You'll have to paint the wing stripes probably.  Oddly, the covers are missing from both refueling probes.  I wonder if it was a mod they did specific for this mission?





  2. Why so much love for a new A-10?  I've built the Monogram, and it looks quite nice if not up to modern fit standards.  Hobby Boss is apparently a better fit.


    I voted for the F-11 Tiger, just because we don't really have one, but what I really want is a F-8C.  Hasegawa really dropped the ball on the early 8's. 

  3. There are two things you wrote that might be a clue: Wash with IPA and Handle with Latex gloves.  There are compounds in latex that are easily dissolved in IPA, and difficult to remove once deposited on a surface.  It could be that something in that brand of paint is sensitive to these compounds.  As an experiment, try washing with mild dish soap and water, rinsing with water, and then handle with Nitrile gloves. Nitrile is much less reactive with everything, including IPA. In any case, I would not allow the IPA to contact gloves and then the model. 


  4. I've pondered the color gradient question in that image.  I think it's just shadows making it look like a gradation.  Here's another image that I think more clearly shows no gradation in the color, but the red outline looks soft, and the yellow looks paler:





    Edit: Found another photo




  5. I'm halfway through building mine...Are you SURE you want one?  Fit isn't amazing...It's pretty close to going to the shelf of Doom. I'm also building the 1/48 B-58 in-flight, and the gear doors have been a whole new level of poor fit, so my frustration with putty and sanding is high in general right now. 

  6. I try to be working on a couple of "great fitting" and a couple of "lousy fitting" models at the same time to keep the hard to build ones off the shelf of doom.  


    I was thinking the Cougar would be my next ill-fitting kit in rotation.  Is there a guide to assembly to minimize the worst of the problems?

  7. Because I was bored, I took a stab at color-correction, de-aging and perspective correction.  This is what I came up with.  


    My guess is the tips of the feathers and the little triangle used to be much redder, but the paint faded.  I'd guess Insignia red? No basis for that, though.



  8. Building a "Car-Door" Typhoon IB, and the Hasegawa decals are kinda lousy color-wise, so I got a set of TechMod decals.  They are very thin and brittle, and the green/blue/grey tail band decal split into 5 pieces while I was trying to put it on.  I think I'll just masks and paint, but I'm not sure what the correct color is?  I'm normally a Jet guy, but trying some WWII British planes for a bit of something different so I don't know my RAF colors very well. I see references to a bunch of different colors called "sky" or some variation therof, and it's a bit confusing. 


    Also, which brand/color of paint is the closest match?  I prefer Mr.Color just because it goes on so nicely, but am equipped to deal with most any enamel/lacquer/acrylic.


    On the other hand, I have some Testors MM DuckEgg blue; maybe I should see if it's close.

  9. Does anyone know if Muroc models is still in business?  I'm returning to the hobby after a few years of low-effort; and I have a hankering to do a F8C in VF-84 colors.  Already have the decals, but no way to convert to a C.  I saw that Muroc made a set some years ago; also Cutting Edge did as well; but I think they are long gone.  Any other player in the F8C business I might have missed?  

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