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  1. Thanks guys, Hi Lulldapull, The panel line heavy look is due a to little radiuses at the base of the engraved details. Sure it doesn't look good when opening the box, but once done, we hardly notice it. I didn't do any sanding in order to reduce the panel lines, just used a bit of wash and here we go. But maybe it's better to void to natural metal finish schemes.
  2. Hi Gents, My latest built, the 1/72 PJ Production Mirage 5F. As usual, the base of the model is the High Planes Models plastic injected Mirage sprues, with the addition some very nice resin bits, like the 1700L drop tanks, the seat etc...and a little bit of photo-etch for the mirrors and a ladle. The exhaust is the HPM resin one. Michel
  3. Hi Mizar, Andre is right, might be of very limited interest... but of course, I will also be one to buy it it it hit the shelves ! It should be doable with Plastic cards...but I will ask High Planes if they would consider to make some resins...
  4. Hi Everybody, Here is my 1/72 High Planes Models Pantera. Not a lot to say about it, the HPM boxing comes with the specific parts in resin and photo-etch to make this specific version of the Mirage Family. Easy built for a “Kick-arse” looking aircraft. With its some of its South-American mates: HPM is working on the Pantera D, dual-seat, I certainly will have to make one ! Michel
  5. Thanks Pacheco I used Mr Hobby Color, H308 under the fuselage, H56 on the upper part and I beleive it's a bit too dark, especially that it gets again darker with the wash...
  6. Hi Gents, Just finished, my 1/72 Mirage IIIEBR. I used a High Planes Models test-shot left over and the decals are from FCM. I don’t remember who gave me this decal sheet, but it is clear it was not new and got some issues to apply them as well as some silvering. I am pretty sure the new FCM decal sheets are of far much better quality and obviously, this decal sheet was not designed for the HPM, so had to find some compromise sometimes. As usual, no big deal to built this model, just that I find that the parts are getting smaller the older I get… :| Next one should be a Pantera
  7. Could somebody who has connection with Wingman Models tell tehm it is Mirage 5 not Mirage V ? it might still be time to change !
  8. Thanks guys, Might be too late to move the post now...
  9. Hi Gents, Just finished it, a Swiss Mirage IIIDS, J-2011, Payerne, August 29th 1989 Everything is from High Planes Models inculding the decals used which were the ones produced during the HPM Mirage Short-run era. PJ Production does propose a Swiss dual-seat Mirage with the same plastic sprues, but newer decals, resins and photo-etch bits. Agreat buy ! Cheers, Michel
  10. For those who, like me, will need some correct wheels, HPM is going to propose some in resin: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9906 A jet exhaust pipe is also expected and looks very impressive.
  11. Pretty sure there will be an Elkan available sooner or later.
  12. A friend of mine recently told me that when you consider everything, there are about 120 something different variation of Mirage III/5 etc...
  13. I have the same issue Hoosfoos, and I don't think the IIIRD's had Mk10 ejection seats as said on the instructions. There are also some options offered, like at the bulkhead, but it doesn't say for which aircraft, might have to do some research here. I also noticed the top wings parts are warped near the air-brake locations, so the fit to the fuselage might be tricky. There is a photo of the Kinetic Mirage IIID finished on their facebook page, and we can see that on this model too, the joint between the top wing and the fuselage is not regular. It seems the top wing warped too on this one, o
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