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  1. The tank used to balance the Exocet missile is the 1100L RP23 and the kit will probably come with these. Old CAD snapshot...
  2. Japanese and French modelers aren't always fluent in English yet Kinetic wants to get feedback from them. That's why there are three Kinetic FB pages. The editor is different for each of them so each page has its "flavor". The Japanese page has a nice Alclad shades map for NMF Mirage III, the French page has the 1/72 poll.
  3. You'll get updates. Oh and thanks for the great walkarounds I'd keep the Finger conversions and associated decals at the moment. I'm not quite sure that Kinetic can afford to cover all possible versions and upgrades that ever existed.
  4. Yes. It's a Mirage IIIRD. The Mirage IIIR doesn't have a Doppler radar.
  5. It's a bit too early to talk of an ETA I think. Moulds for all sprues need to tooled and refined to ensure that the parts will fit properly. The fact that parts of a CAD model fit perfectly doesn't imply that the plastic parts will.
  6. Please calm down guys and behave: Raymond is taking notes... :)
  7. Perhaps not but I can't be sure as I wasn't involved in Kinetic's Kfir. You'd better get in touch with Raymond.
  8. A JL-100 has been designed. I know and I understand your point yet I guess that Kinetic cannot cover all the versions (Mirage 50s, Cheetah, twin-seaters, etc) all at once. Kinetic has got to start somewhere. The intent is to offer a Nesher or Dagger I believe.
  9. The "Belgian nose" option has been asked customer side (my friends and I) but nothing has been made at this time. Perhaps something will be done in the future but I guess that Kinetic will want to wait for feedback on the first release. The CAD looks nice indeed yet some features may not be addressed: separate airbrakes and ailevons. The pictures also suggest that no intake trunking will be provided. We'll know for sure soon enough what options will be included in the HPM kit I guess. I'm sure that the HPM and Kinetic kits will each have their pros and cons.
  10. Hello, I'm a modeller that seeks accuracy in model kits yet I understand that designing and producing a kit requires making some compromises from the manufacturer. Some friends and I try to help manufacturers ensuring that the compromises are "acceptable" by reviewing the CAD models before tooling phase has started. Some inaccuracies are likely to remain (some aspects of the aircraft may have been overlooked, bugs may have been found too late or the manufacturer doesn't consider the bug to be worth fixing) yet we believe that the model can only be better than if no debugging had been done. Th
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