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  1. Hi all. Just for comparison some pictures from the MJ-1 from videoaviation. Ready for primer. Very nice kit to build. Had some trouble with the first layer of primer so had to remove that. Hope next will be better. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Hello. Only 3 images to show the mesh. Also made a start with the construction for the boom that will lift the loads. Way to go, but satisfied. Mesh is exactly the size to blend behind 0.5mm sheet. More to come, I hope next week, However, rest of this month I have 2 important Audits at, will be busy..... Start with the construction for the lifting part of this vehicle. Need some more reference to make it better, see what the w.w.w. brings up. Needs some clean up later. Maybe make some new mesh circles to make it better, we'll see. S
  3. Hello all. The weekend had almost passed, when I finally got to the bench on a Sunday afternoon. my Brothers Birthday party, at home and another one going very, very chic in a restaurant with friends coming over to Bangkok, took a lot of energy, usually spent on building. But, with building materials coming in from Australia I had a good excuse to update with pictures later this week. First part of the build was mainly build from tiny leftover stock. So in the meanwhile I was looking the video over and over again, to get the right spots and sizes. Have some superb mesh in my st
  4. There might be a clever solution avoiding your partners becoming violent, they already offer some clues: So parts delivery will work ok I guess. Starting with the engines, some wing parts and don't be the impatient, let the fun take a whole year, who cares. A rental container for warehousing you can share with your club members. My parents in law did not get any children, so I'm very happy with this great kit coming to my house some day next year. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Hi. Thanks for looking in, more to come over the weekend. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  6. Hello all. Living in Thailand I got even more triggered by the Vietnam War, as a lot missions were deployed as from Thailand. From a topic in Jet Modelling a video inspired me to build a MHU-83E. There are a lot different species from those weapon loaders, so even MHU-83E might not be the right acronym. However, starting point was a early MJ-1. Engine part of the vehicle have some similar shape. From a picture base and a nice blue print provided by Finn, I started to measure the MJ-1 for its basic measurement and decided to translate that in a skinny basic shape. Left hand sid
  7. MHU-7K/E Found with Google. Looks like a ver modern type I think. Regards, Robert Jan
  8. Hi Grey Ghost 531. I think it is, Google showed me that when I went for MJ-4. Might be a NAVY version? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  9. Expected you to reply to this, onosendai. Started with a scratch build this afternoon, Thai had a religious holiday, so factory closed. Did some shopping and had afternoon to get some hobby done. Will show my progress on this project very soon. Used your MJ-1 kit for reference, as the back of the vehicle seems to be identical(almost). Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. Thank you Jari. Now this is American design, so all measurements will be inches, but I have a clear drawing to work with. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  11. Hi. I bumped into this video a while ago. Not looking this was an old thread, but I want to react to this. From Videoaviation there is a nice kit for a MJ-1 ammo loader. In the video a larger version, I thinks it's a MJ-4, is at duty with different loads. How does this MJ-4 compare to the MJ-1 in size. Want to build one using the MJ-1 for comparison as I have it on my desk. Anyone having more info on this vehicle? Google search I already did, but not very satisfying for building an accurate model. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Thank you very much Bobo. I got triggered by an absolute first class build by Chuck, doing a F-4E in 2012 I believe. Living in Thailand gives me opportunities to visit Ubon or Udorn. That in fact is what my focus will be. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  13. Hello all. My name is Robert Jan. This morning I decided to sign up for the ARC Forum. Been a visitor for almost 2 years and have seen a lot of outstanding modelling. I'm very interested in what is to add besides out of a box. I model almost everything what interests me, planes trains and automobiles so to say. I'm from the Netherlands, but relocated to Thailand in 2014 for work and a happy life. Almost 50 years of age now and finally close to what is my main interest in planes, Vietnam era and Phantoms. Currently I'm in-between a new house with lots of hurdles, I don't speak Thai an
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