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    1/72 scale Transports / Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale 366th FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, WG, FW History build, Phantoms & Skyhawks!

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  1. 11bee, Simply amazing work here! I think I will get my favorite single malt beverage , sit down and tab through from the beginning! Love it! R/ Dutch
  2. Dutch

    F-4b qustions..Phriends please help!

    Thanks Rex for those tips.
  3. Dutch

    Airliner conversions - Canadair & Douglas

    Neil, Yes, laser printed decals will work. How shall I order? Direct from you? Not sure how to coordinate with Hannants. I can order the U-3A kit with USN & USFS decals and you provide the USAF decals as well, or just substitute them? Kindest regards, Dutch
  4. Dutch

    Airliner conversions - Canadair & Douglas

    Neil, I couldn't agree more on point #1. I will patiently await the release of the Argus conversion. I am glad to see that you are expanding the Cessna 310 line-up! Pitty that you have sold out of the USAF decals, because your U-3A decals have the exact serial number I need for my NH ANG project. Is there any chance you have one spare set lying around? Cheers! Dutch
  5. Charlie, Thanks for that note. I think I have a handle on one. If it falls through, I will contact Mike. BTW, do you have an email for him? R/ Dutch
  6. Dutch

    F-4b qustions..Phriends please help!

    Matt, I am toying with building this one also using the Hasegawa F-4B/N and Impact Decals. So I am following your thread also. R/ Dutch
  7. Dutch

    CD48137 - 1/48 EKA-3B Skywarrior

    I am trying to build several models from CVW-21 during the 1971-72 USS Hancock cruise, so I would need EKA-3B 142660, NP-615 or 142661 NP-616 as in the photo below. I think I need your previous sheet, CD48045 Skywarrior Pt 2, KA-3B in order to piece it together.
  8. Dutch

    CD48137 - 1/48 EKA-3B Skywarrior

    Kursad, What is the cruise timeframe for EKA-3B BuNo 142659, VAQ-129, of USS Hancock on CD48137? R/ Dutch
  9. Michael, I haven't forgotten about you, i only made it 1/4 way through the stash so will keep looking. Will keep you posted. R/ Dutch
  10. Dutch

    Airliner conversions - Canadair & Douglas

    Neil, I understand the two different families of conversions and that the R-3350 is the link. I also agree that it is smart to do the CC-106 Yukon first because of the clear resin parts. [BTW, the correct designation is CC-106 Yukon and CP-107 Argus above, though you did list them correctly on the Hannants website.] How long before you anticipate releasing the CP-107 Argus set? I also look forward to the Rug Rat Resin 1/72 Cessna 310A/B family of kits, especially the U-3A Blue Canoe (RR7203003). I have tried to order one from Hannants earlier this year [unsuccessfully], then tried to backorder one [also unsuccessfully]. They do show two Cessna 310A/B civil kits (RR7203002) in stock, but I would need the U-3A decals. Do you plan on re-releasing the U-3A kit soon? R/ Dutch
  11. Dutch

    Airliner conversions - Canadair & Douglas

    Neil, Do you think that your CL-28 Argus parts, engines/props, radomes, etc will fit the Execuform 1/72 CL-28 Argus 2 kit? If I can find one, I will give it a try. I have your Argus conversion on backorder from Hannants. R/ Dutch
  12. Dutch

    1/72 DHC-4 Caribou prototype

    Euge, Thank you for sharing your build and techniques with us. I also appreciate your weight and balance calculations. They are very helpful. I have never done it by your method, I just simply keep adding weight until it sits, then add a little more. Usually my models are rather too heavy, then I have problems with the gear holding them up. So I really appreciate your more scientific approach! Beautiful work so far! Please keep going in the new thread! R/ Dutch
  13. Title says it all. Please PM me if you have one you no longer need. R/ Dutch
  14. Dutch

    CP-107 Argus

    Now this guy is a truly great modeler! 1/72 CP-107 from a Heller DC-6 & Academy B-29.
  15. Dutch

    CD72046 - DHC-6 Twin Otter

    Roger all. I like the older Cdn CG scheme with the white rear fuselage sash as well. That's the one I am holding out for.