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  1. Yeah Baby! I need a straight B-52G bomb truck, so this one looks sweet.
  2. Don, Now I am losing it! Just remebered that I had already promised that set elsewhere. A thousand Gomenasias, brother. Can anyone else help Don? Regrets, Dutch
  3. Has anyone noticed that the Minicraft 1/144 scale Lockheed Electra has props molded with smallish rounded spinners and yet the kit provides separate spinners (slightly larger, but without the correct cooling hole at center)? Here are photos from an in box review. Scroll through the parts trees and the instruction sheet. The instruction sheet does not show a spinner molded to the prop and shows to mount the prop between part 14 (spinner front) and part 16 (spinner rear). What to do? Cut off the rounded spinner from the prop or does it actually fit inside part 14? Curious. R/ Dutch
  4. Dave, I have one in the stash, but it is still a long ways from building. Could you scotch tape the major components together and "balance" it on the MLG legs holes over the edge of a table (tail over table), then use a fish scale hooked to the nose to determine the weight needed to pull it down to level? Add another ounce or two, just to be safe. Alternately, you could add fishing weights to the nose area until its "sits" properly, then add a few more to be safe. Either way, it should work. R/ Dutch
  5. From the P-3 AEW Forum entry:

    Quote: Found a picture of the build.


    Also found the decal sheet layout, PM me if you want it. You will need to print it yourself.

    Edited March 5 by Trojan Thunder


    Ray, could you send me a copy of the decal sheet layout please?  I'll see what I can do. R/ Dutch


  6. Don, Let me look. Will metal gear from Welsh work? R/ Dutch
  7. Title says it all. I am looking for just the retardant tank from the Minicraft 1:144 # 14533 Conair DC-6B Firebomber kit. R/ Dutch
  8. Title says it all. Do these masks even exist?
  9. Wow! I like that finish! Impressive.
  10. Wow! She's a beauty!
  11. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for either 1/144 Fox One Design (#A019) EP-3E Orion or the older Twelve Squared (#1-1) EP-3E Orion conversion. Or both if available. I have multiple 1/144 P-3 projects. Any help appreciated. R/ Dutch
  12. Wow! Really nice! Love the Hunter,especially in foreign markings.
  13. @ Ray, I see you made the struts & "feet" (i.e. the fuselage to strut curved moulding) from one piece of plasticard. I assume you had to fair them in with a little putty. @ Whitey, I see you used plasticard for the struts and the "feet" from some other source? Is this correct? As I am building in 1/144 scale, I think I will follow Ray's example. I can probably do well with just a single width of plasticard and make sure I have a curved section for the "feet." I will probably also not add the fuselage reinforcing strips, as it will most likely be overdone in 1/144 scale. Thanks for all the help. R/ Dutch
  14. Whitey, Beautiful work, there! And Ray, yours is coming along well too! I am sticking to 1/144 scale, but am taking in all the education you guys can give me.