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  1. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    Kursad, I like your way of thinking.
  2. Modelling necessities... on the cheap!

    I was on a multi-week business trip back in the early 90s and visited a local hobby shop on the weekend. I found two kits I couldn't live without and decided to build one in my hotel room. I purchased some glue and a few small bottles of paint at the shop, but went to the local discount store (can't remember which one) where I bought a small nail kit in the cosmetics aisle (large & small nail clippers, nail file, tweezers and a small wooden dowel with beveled ends) and a bottle of nail polish remover (acetone) for less than $5.00. All the items proved useful in removing items from the sprues, cleaning up seams, adding putty (mixed sprue and acetone). I used ear swabs (Q-tips) and toothpicks (from the bar) for painting and applying glue. I purchased the LS 1:144 CP-140 Aurora kit on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon it was done, sitting on my hotel room dresser. Turned out nicely, I think. Disclaimer: I also used my Swiss Army knife for removing the wingtips before adding the ECM tips. R/ Dutch
  3. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk

    WOW! Just stunning, both the model itself and the diorama. It really gives the illusion of streaking low and fast across the jungle canopy! Nice work. Your handle "Ham Fisted Modeller" belies your skill and imagination. Let's see some more!
  4. Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    Looking great, Ray, Love those Canadian RESCUE aircraft. I have a 1:144 CC-115 Buffalo that I will do someday. Keep up the great work.
  5. August releases

    Roger, Thanks. I'll send you a message offline to reserve a couple of Bicentennial F-106 decals in 72 & 48 when I place the order for the C-135 sheets, if that's ok. R/ Dutch
  6. Midway Crusaders?

    Furball Aero Design released a sheet for F-8E/H/J Crusaders, but mostly MiG Killers from 1966 -1972. It does include marking for VF-24 (F-8E & F-8J) and VF-111 (F-8H), but not aboard USS Midway. This Japanese website is my "Go To" site for Westpac deployments, carriers, air wings, squadrons, and sometimes even BuNos. Tom is right! No correct kit or decals exist for the time period you want.
  7. FOUND

    By "SAC" do you mean kit decals for Hobbycraft HC1250 B-47B First SAC Striker or HC1251 USAF B-47E Stratojet Bomber?
  8. August releases

    Kursad, I am waiting to make a purchase for several current sheets until the 1/72 KC-135R Pt2 & C-135 Generic sheets are released. When do you plan on releasing those? Just curious. R/ Dutch
  9. I have a partial sheet and might be able to share some of the markings. PM me.
  10. Roden C-141 w/Caracal decals

    Beautiful work! Can't wait to start mine.
  11. Annual July 4th post

    Darren, Nice article in FSM on 153088. I plan on building one as well, but will use the old Monogram F-4J, but substituting the C/D nose. (The C/D will become an early IIAF F-4D w/o IR sensor, i.e. J nose.) I have noted all your mods. I especially like the way you made the slats. I will have to see what I can do with the Monogram plastic. Also noted the careful painting. I gave a buddy in St Louis a set of the CAM decals and he built them on the Academy kit as you did, but he had trouble with the red / white stripes matching the scalloped edges from the blue decal. He also stated that the decal was very brittle. Fore warned is fore-armed! Keep those Bicentennial models coming! R/ Dutch
  12. Rare-plane Detective still carries the decals and 1/48 & 1/72 resin pods.
  13. Vacation in late July-August

    Kursad! You brought your laptop to Paris? Are you insane?
  14. Possible new topics?

    That is the reason that I don't take my smart phone or laptop on vacation any more! Yes, let the man enjoy his vacation.