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  1. USMC KC-130T 165000 VMGR-452 Paint Scheme

    Nikolaos, I have both of those pictures. I will build it and paint it awaiting the decals. Thank you, Dutch
  2. Dutch I think that I shared my job in wrong section. Is n't it?

  3. Beautiful work, Nikolaos! Let us see more please!
  4. Nikolaos, very good work so far. I've always wanted to build an electrified model with lights. Please keep up the good work and let us see more. R/ Dutch
  5. Working on a drawing....

    Very Nice!
  6. Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Kursad, just remember, "When it rains, it pours!" Thank you for meeting our needs. R/ Dutch
  7. Need info or photos: 366th FBG F-51Ds in 1953

    Thanks Bruce. At least I won't waste money on buying books hunting the elusive grainy b&w photo. I may just "What if" this one, paint the tail yellow and add Scalemaster black stripes to depict a 391st FBS bird using one of the serial numbers above.
  8. Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    Yes, Ray. Nicely done! Considering mine is still in the box, you have done a marvelous job and helped tremedously with your unwitting tips. I like the way you painted the rotors. I will keep that in mind when the time comes, Cheers! Dutch.
  9. Gord, I checked my stash. I only have MS 72-220 in uncut condition in poly bag, though I do have an ESCI 1/72 Suez sheet and one with multiple nations, including Israel. Your are welcome to them for all $2 plus postage. R/ Dutch
  10. Gord, I have MS decal sheet 72-220 with stars and badges and possibly another sheet (72-241) with just different sized Israeli stars on it, some with blue outline, but most without. I will check my stash tonight. You are welcome to either sheet for $1 plus postage (~$2.50). R/ Dutch Tampa, FL
  11. ANG F-86 Sabre/Sabre Dogs

    Whitey, I picked up a Special Hobby 1/48 F-86K for a decent sum. It already has the long wings, I just have to fill in the gun ports on the forward fuselage and add the SAGE antenna. Not sure if I will remove the ~5/32" fuselage extension forward of the wings. Will have to do some measuring of the actual plastic to see what the "is" is. I am very impressed with the molding quality and overall shape, though. I am just waiting for Kursad to make the New Hampshire ANG decals.
  12. CD144010 - 1/144 RAF C-130J

    Phew! Kursad, you are killing my modelling & decal budget!
  13. The Paradise of Phantoms