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  1. @ Mike, Very nice builds. @ Kursad, I think Wolfpak released decals for a ADC gray Snark of the 702nd SMW, Presque Isle AFB, ME Feb, 1961 on their sheet 72-064 "Stars in their Courses." If I remember correctly, those markings were in 1:81 scale to fit the Revell kit. Might be a good idea to scale the decals to fit readily available kits to ensure strong sales. R/ Dutch
  2. Adding to those already mentioned, I'd like to see: 6th AMW, MacDill AFB, FL; 92nd ARW, Fairchild AFB, WA; 916th ARW, Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC; 452nd AMW, AFRC, March AFB, CA; 117th ARW, Alabama ANG; 141st ARW, Washington ANG.
  3. Will you do it in 1/144 scale as well? I have way more kits in that scale.
  4. Email sent 14 Apr 2017; No reply as of 27 Apr 2017.
  5. Are these prints still available?
  6. Since Jennings has been banned, I guess I can't ask about an update on the KC-135E decal sheet? Anyone hear any RUMINT?
  7. Don, I have not opened my EC-135C kits yet. Do the engines indeed come with the 2x TC hoods & 2x w/o TC hoods? R/ Dutch
  8. Rick & Jonah, As I alluded to in my 19 Dec post above, Paul Fisher of Fisher Model & Pattern has replacement JT3D / TF-33 engines and KC-135 noses for the Minicraft series of 1/144 C-135 kits. Each engine set comes with a corrected forward fuselage and five engines; three with TC hoods and two wihtout TC hoods; so that you can build the correct version without having to purchase several kits just to swap engines. Each engine pylon features the correct short trailing edge for the C-135, not the long trailing edges as featured in the Revell 707/E-3 kits. I have several Fisher sets and highly recommend them! Two thumbs AND two big toes up! R/ Dutch
  9. Ryan, You may be on to somehting there! But I don't know if Kursad will have the time to create the artwork for each wing badge. It's not as easy as just shrinking a .PNG or .JPEG file to size. Pretty intense amount of work involved with each badge to be able to render in any scale. I've been asking for a single 1/72 & 1/144 KC-135 unit sheet (which would also apply to B-52s) for a long time. So far, nothing, but Kursad's modern KC-135R and Generic C-135 sheets go a long way. We can always hope. R/ Dutch
  10. Hmm. Now I will have to dig them both out and see what can be done. Thanks guys.
  11. So I should swap out the Harpoons with the ALCMs from the B-52H model? Then look for / scratchbuild a HASB for the H?
  12. Does anyone know if the Revell 1/144 #4583 B-52G Stratofortress has the regular wing to fuselage wing mount or does it have the SALT II strakelets wing mount? Box art shows strakelets. R/ Dutch
  13. Kursad, On the 1/144 scale sheet, for one of those "older SAC" schemes, would you be thinking of possibly early 1960s old? Like Dr. Strangelove perhaps? I would love to see one for Maj Kong's "The Leper Colony" of the 843rd Bomb Wing, @ Burpleson AFB. As this was a fictitious unit, and there was no tail number or serial number shown, you could make one up. As for the wing shield, I propose the 4083rd Strategic Wing patch of a chicken (ok a rooster). What do you think? I have an older Revell / ex-Crown B-52H just begging for The Leper Colony markings. R/ Dutch
  14. Hmm. curious.
  15. Kursad, Here are some suggestions for Bell 204, Bell 205, Bell 212 .