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    1/144 scale: Bombers, Airliners, Transports, Tankers, MARPAT; specifically the P-3 Orion & KC-135 Stratotanker!
    1/72 scale: Transports, Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale: Phantoms & Skyhawks plus some NH ANG!

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  1. SCM lists the following options for 1/72 CFM-56 engines for the KC-135. Granted, the DB Production sets were passed to Flightpath, who is also now OOP. Contrails is available. Ha-Hen is not a CFM-56 engine, just detail parts and flaps. I would try the Air-Graphics set myself. As an alternative, some individuals have used spare CFM-56s from the Airfix E-3D/F Sentry kit (built as a standard E-3A/B/C.) Have fun storming the castle!
  2. Ah so desuka! You are correct. FS36473 = Aircraft gray, COIN Gray, ADC Gray; call it what you will. I must have clicked on the setting next to the one I intended. My mouse has a little lag in it.
  3. I agree with aircal62. Careful trimming is required. I also recommend familiarizing yourself with the sheet and instructions to ensure the decal you are trimming and its proper placement, then proceeding with one decal at a time. I too have had excellent results with VFD & Draw Decal. Kind regards, Dutch
  4. Brother Don, Thanks for that article link. It's pretty much assured that Maj Bernie Fisher's SPAD was all Lt. Aircraft Gray FS36622. K/r, Dutch
  5. Storm was correct, this is the badge for Jabo G 31 Boelcke.
  6. My apologies! I am late on this. I just noticed Jeffrey's post on page two. Still pretty neat, though!
  7. How neat is this? Hypersonic just released a 1:48 drag chute for the Revell 1:48 SR-71. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hypersonic-models-hmr-48053-sr-71-brake-chute-set--1462924
  8. Woohoo! Count me in! Thanks Kursad.
  9. Bingo! We have a winner! Thank you Shidenkai!
  10. Andy, By British, I meant left. 🤪
  11. The caricature looks like a walking cow with two small black horns, tail flying up above & behind, and yellow udder. I am not sure what the four red dots signify.
  12. And I was just glad to see that the vehicles were driving on the British side of the road. 😏
  13. A few minutes ago, I was approached on SCM to purchase one of my car kits for sale. I offered him free shipping in the US. He says he's in Canada. I check his profile, nothing at all. I tell him shipping to Canada will be in the neighborhood of $25 USD. He then requests I reduce the price of the kit. I tell him it is already reduced. He asks if shipping is free. I say no, but I will pay any shipping over $25. Then he asks for my phone number as he says his "keaborad" skills are not so good. I say, sorry, but no phone number. Am I out of line?
  14. As an aside: here is 60-0471 in the boneyard showing a slight color variation where the German Cross was and a completely new sheet metal panel where the cartoon caricature was located. Is there hope that the artwork survived? She is currently at the Yanks Air Museum in Chino CA.
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