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  1. Golden Dragon (Ex-Bug Master) #GDPR44008 B-52H Early (for Revell #4052) conversion set complete photos posted on SCM album.
  2. @11bee, Thanks, buts she's wheels up, so already in the air flying airborne alert at the Fail Safe point! Oops, sorry! Wrong movie! For everyone else. I just received a set of Golden Dragon (Ex-Bug Master) #GDPR44008 B-52H Early (for Revell #4052) conversion set. I don;t know what has been said about Bug Master or Golden Dragon in the past on this forum, but these moldings are exquisite and I will use the engines, tanks and save the ECM nose, windshield and tail turret for later. So, I have decided to modify my B-52H "Leper Colony" of the 843rd Bomb Wing with these nice resin pieces. I have posted new photos at the SCM project album.
  3. Dutch

    Fairchild OV-12A Demonstrator

    L.D. Thanks for sharing the neat link. Question: what is the difference between an AU-23A and a OV-12A? Armed porters were already in use in Vietnam, so why change the designation? Just curious. R/ Dutch
  4. Dutch

    Minicraft B-52D

    Sheesh! Give the man a break!
  5. Thanks Jonah. BTW, I just received the Golden Dragon 1/144 "B-52H early" set, #GDPR44008. Even though it is labeled "early," it includes ECM nose bumps, but no EVS. So maybe it represents an early mod bird, circa early 1970s? I thought thatthe EVS mod came first, followed by the ECM blisters on the nose. [I don't have their B-52H "Late" set to compare.] I will upload a review either here or under the ARC Forum Review section in a month or so. It does include the smaller wing tanks, and I will use these instead of the rather bulbous wing tanks in the Crown / Revell early B-52H kit. I don't have a Minicraft B-52H re-pop of this kit to compare the wing tank sizes. I have not attached the kit provided tanks to the wing yet; so I will clean up, prime & spray silver the GD tanks and see how they compare. Will post photos on the SCM album. R/ Dutch
  6. Kyle, I got plenty of different 1/72 jets. Any preferences? I'll send particulars also. R/ Dutch
  7. Dutch

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Ah so desuka!
  8. Pete, whenever I try to upload a photo or file on ARC, i get a "max total size 0.1 MB" notice. Not sure why. Anyway, you are most welcome to saw blade info. Readily available on eBay, but cheaper from hobby plaza japan. I get over to real space forum to check out your work and that of others also. Impressive stuff there, considering that your chosen venue is woefully under represented. Keep up the great work. R/ Dutch
  9. Dutch

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Kursad, I've been doing a methodical search through all my ANG, tanker, large transport & old USAF books and can't find any photos of a Texas ANG KC-97 with the "Texans" motif, only straight TEXAS AIR GUARD or ANG lettering. Are you sure you didn't mean the C-131D / T-29 photos? R/ Dutch
  10. Krylon Premium metallic Original Chrome. About $8 at Michael's. (closest craft / hobby store to me.) I always spray over a base gloss coat for best results. The paint appears dry to the touch fairly fast, but beware! It smudges until it is completely dry. I let it cure for 24-48 hours before removing masking and handling the parts. I have not over-sprayed yet for decal application, but will let you know.
  11. I have attacked my Revell (ex-Crown) B-52H (early) and made significant progress. Sorry, I was working so fast that I did not take photos until masking and painting was almost complete. Check out the SCM album link here.
  12. Here is the SCM album link for my Revell (ex-Crown) 1:144 B-52H Stratofortress: Dr. Strangelove build. R/ Dutch
  13. Scott, Monogram provides the AN/ALQ-87 & AN/ALQ-101 (V3) pods in their 1/48 & 1/72 F-4C Phantom II kits. I don't think it is in their F-4J release, featuring a TER with MK.82 bombs instead. The Accurate Miniatures 1/72 F-4J kits have both sets or ordnance and pylons included, though. R/ Dutch
  14. Luigi, Do you mean the McDonnell Douglas collision avoidance (EROS?) pod as located in the rear port Sparrow missile well on photo below?