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  1. LF: KMC 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk sets: 48-4027 A-4E/F Update Set, 48-5104 A-4B/C Conversion Set, and 48-5106 A-4E/F Intake Set. please PM with price and availablitiy. R/ Dutch
  2. I am trying to build a history of the 366th FG-FBG-FBW-TFW-FW from WWII to today. I have seventeen 1/48 fighter kits, four 1/72 tanker & bomber kits and decals for most types. The one type I am missing any information or photos of is the F-51D while at Alexandria AFB, LA from Jan - late 1953, before the FBG converted to F-86Fs. From the Fogotten Aircraft website I have the following five serial numbers: P-51D-25-NA s/n 44-73026 *1953: USAF 390th FBS (366th FBG). P-51D-25-NA s/n 44-73288 *1950: Iowa ANG 124th FS. *1953: USAF 391st FBS (366th FBG). *5/28/1953: Written off at Alexandria AFB, LA. P-51D-30-NA s/n 44-74470 *1950: North Carolina ANG 156th FS. *1953: USAF 391st FBS (366th FBG). *4/3/1953: Crashed near Columbus, GA due to engine failure. P-51D-30-NA s/n 44-74557 *1948: USAF 307th FS (31st FG). *1953: USAF 391st FBS (366th FBG). *5/28/1953: Written off at Alexandria AFB, LA. P-51D-30-NT s/n 45-11730 *1953: USAF 390th FBS (366th FBG). This is the last aircraft type I need info for to complete my 366th Fighter Wing history build. Over the past six months, I have sent numerous emails to both of the USAF Historical archives (Wright-Patt & Maxwell) and the 366th FW at Mountain Home and received nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated. R/ Dutch
  3. Bo, I have a partial (missing one aircraft) Aero Master 48-374 Takhli Weasels for $5.00 incl postage. let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a scan. R/ Dutch
  4. Kursad, Looking VERY good so far! I agree with Chris, please do these in 1/72 scale as well! R/ Dutch
  5. Very interesting!
  6. That was easy!
  7. Here is a link to China Lake Alumnae website for 1968. Only one photo with two VX-4 Phantoms. I didn't bother to look for more, but you could search the whole site.
  8. Andrew! How did I miss this! Great pics!
  9. mark, I just noticed that you are in Singapore. Hmmm, postage may be more than $4.