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    1/144 scale: Bombers, Airliners, Transports, Tankers, MARPAT; specifically the P-3 Orion & KC-135 Stratotanker!
    1/72 scale: Transports, Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale: 366th FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, WG, FW History build; Phantoms & Skyhawks plus some NH ANG!

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  1. Andy, Looking like another contender at next year's IPMS show! Keep up the great work. K/r, Dutch
  2. Ooorah! What's the base kit, Kursad? Tamiya, ESCI, Revell, or Monogram?
  3. Steve, That scheme is known as the Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS). The newer "lo-viz" shceme is actually overall gloss light gull grey with reduced sized markings in black. K/r, Dutch
  4. And I no langer have his book: My Secret War. There were b&w photos, but not large ones and I can't remember if there were close-ups of the nose art. Anyway, I look forward to the sheet.
  5. Kursad, From what I understand, the painting of "Midnight Cowboy" by Mike Machat that I uploaded in the third post is almost spot on. He spent several hours interviewing Richard Drury to make sure he got the markings just right. Mike is like that! K/r, Dutch
  6. It is as Brother Ray says. Sad but true.
  7. Both are very nicely rendered builds using your excellent decals, Kusad. It always feels good when you can help someone else achieve their goals. While you may not be the proud father of either kit, perhaps a proud "uncle?"
  8. Ray, I see on ebay a Combat Decals conversion set for RC-135W with decals, a conversion set for the E-3D Sentry with decals and just a set of E-3D decals. All 1/72 scale and a little too dear for my wallet. K/r, Dutch
  9. Poppop, Have you finished yet? Would love to see the photos. K/r, Dutch
  10. Bump #1. Derek, any progress or completed photos? K/r, Dutch
  11. Roy, I think Scale-master released a set when Hasegawa first released the kit ~1990, #SM-27. However, I think if you look up the other P-3 Orion thread on the Caracal Forum you will find that Kursad said he would do the Marlins markings. Hang in there! K/r, Dutch
  12. Looking for: 26decals 1/144 VC10 British Caledonian decals (either STS4409 or STS44259). They appear to be OOS everywhere, including at 26decals! K/r, Dutch
  13. Ray, she's a beauty, of course! K/r, Dutch
  14. arg, I too would like to see a corrected AMT/ERTL B-52G nose. I have the early kit release (with straight wing root) and the old Buffmaster Design update set for EVS/antennae. K/r, Dutch
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