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    1/72 scale Transports / Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale 366th FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, WG, FW History build, Phantoms & Skyhawks!

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  1. Okay, my scanner at work apparently works. I t feeds documents in and makes a whirring noise and spits them back out with no harm done, but nothing is saved and no email is sent to my email. Then is spits out a piece of paper saying SMTP connection failure. I tried it twice, same results. I will try again in a few days. R/ Dutch
  2. st1, Don't give up just yet. Let me scan my 727 plans tomorrow and email them to you. Send me your email addrees please to: vertol[dash -]107[at @]hotmail[dot .]com. I will send you the IPMS USA Airliner SIG 1/144 727 plans included in their newsletter circa 1999(?). Some of the info is a little dated at twenty years old, but most is pretty good and still useful. All b&w, sorry. R/ Dutch
  3. Hey, Vince! I too would purchase one, especially if there is the option for a C-90/T-44 Pegasus version. Carry on!
  4. I received my Air-Graphics order yesterday. Pretty quick considering international post. I will build a 1/72 CC-137C Husky in honor of Bruce Mackie [RCAFFAN]. Semper fidelis! Dutch
  5. I am pretty sure that you would have to order the Old Models decals direct from them in NZ. You could try eBay. Even better; try asking for them in the ARC Forum Classified Area all the way down the thread list, under "Buy & Sell" or "The Spares Box" thread lists. I have been able to secure some pretty obscure items and have given or sold plenty of excess items that way. Good luck! R/ Dutch
  6. As to the windshield, I mulled it over a not a little for my 34th BS, 366th WG B-52G project. I finally glued it on, puttied it over and sanded it to shape [a couple of times], and then used Caracal windshield decal which fit perfectly. If you have done some detailing and want to show off the cockpit interior, then maybe a vacuform replacement will work but I don't know where to get one unless you make it yourself. ( I am not trying to give you more work to do, believe me.) Those ultra wide center frames on the Revell windshield are really hard to fix. As Miracle Max says: "Have fun storming the castle!"
  7. And Microscale / Superscale offer sheet 72-437 for older RNZAF SEA camo single and duals plus Singapore.
  8. Tom, I didn't bother with adding detail to the outrigger wells on my 34th BS, 366th Wg B-52G build, but your beautiful work has me second guessing my decision on the next few Gs I will be building. Pretty simple actually and the effect is outstanding! Carry on! R/ Dutch
  9. I agree that Ray at 26 Decals (formerly Two-Six decals) does excellent work. I think Fantasy Printshop does his printing. (Same as Wolfpak decals). I just received a set of his Ethiopian L-100-30 decals and have Saturn Airways L-100-30 and CAF CC-130E decals on back order. Can't wait to get started on those kits.
  10. Yes, a true gentleman, scholar and friend. Rest in peace and may your loved ones cherish your memory. Semper fidelis! Dutch
  11. Shawn, your latest post of your completed 1/72 & 1/144 CC-137s is amazing. You have my utmost respect. I can see why people ask you to build for them. Cheers! Dutch
  12. That's it! I'm springing for the 3-D nozzles!
  13. Because you spent your formative years watching her flip letters while contestants spun the wheel. Kind of a Pavlov's dog syndrome. LOL.😎
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