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    1/144 scale: Bombers, Airliners, Transports, Tankers, MARPAT; specifically the P-3 Orion & KC-135 Stratotanker!
    1/72 scale: Transports, Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale: 366th FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, WG, FW History build; Phantoms & Skyhawks plus some NH ANG!

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  1. I have a few of the VERY old Microscale sheets and they just shatter when coming into contact with water now, so yes, this is a very prescient need!
  2. Heck! I'm not ever going to build everything I already have in the stash. I'll pass for now.
  3. Woohoo! And thank you! But please also do an international sheet with RCAF, NorAF, Japan, German Marine, & late USCG. Perhaps you could spin those off in 1/48, 1/72 & 1/144.
  4. Again, impressive work! Is Dodge paying you royalties for producing for them?
  5. One extremely sharp looking build!
  6. This is where I don't get too pedantic about grey aircraft paint. On LGG/White airframes, I will most likely uss LGG/White. But on USN & USMC TPS and tactical grey jets, I just sort through my all my shades of grey and pick the closest one after looking at as many photos of the jet in as many different lighting situations, and leave it at that. K/r, Dutch
  7. Jon, I went ahead and puttied all my windows and doors. I would rather have the smooth surface for decaling then have the small indentations and the chance that the decals window spacing is off. That would look really BAD! So I err on the side of puttying. I did the same for my Revell 767 which did not include clear windows to fill the row of holes in the fuselage. So I backed them with a strip of sheet styrene on the inside and puttied from the outside. Not the best, but then my E-767 has no windows to speak of. You are off to a great start. I wish I had Ray's time and your enthusiasm r
  8. I was surprised to see this announcement on SCM for the Eastern Express 1/144 DC-8-30 KLM kit. What disappointed me was the notation that it is a re-pop of the Minicraft DC-8-60/70 series with new decals. Does anyone know if this is true? Or is it a completely new mold of the shorter DC-8 with correct engine nacelles? Hopefully the -10/-20/-40/-50 will also to be released. K/r, Dutch
  9. Jon, You are off to a good start. It looks like enough weight to me. I don't think I put that much in, but a couple of fishing weights should do. Keep calm and carry on! I have four Airfix/MPC DC-9s in about the same state right now. I think that I may have added the nose weight and buttoned-up the fuselages by now. K/r, Dutch https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11761&p=projects&project=43569 https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11761&p=projects&project=43338 https://www.scalemates.com/profile
  10. Woohoo! Nice! I don't own a 1/144 C-17 yet, but this is definitely tempting me to buy one.
  11. Dutch

    Roden 1/144 B-36

    quark51, Your question assumes that someone is building or has built the Roden B-36 and also is building or has built the Hobbycraft B-36, from which to form an educated opinion as to the strengths & weaknesses of each and a qualitative comparison of the two. Here are two Hobbycraft kits that have been built: B-36B without photos & B-36D with photos. And here is a Roden B-36 kit review (in German). Judge for yourself. One 1/144 B-36 is enough for me and as I have previously purchased the Hobbycraft kit years ago (still unbuilt and currently on loan to a decal pro
  12. Very nice Jon. I am watching. Many, many moons ago (say mid-70s) I built an Airfix (MPC?) 727-200 in Northeast Yellowbird colors using the ATP/Airliners America decals with the Delta widget during their merger. It may still be sitting in a carton of peanuts somewhere along with my much earlier airliners. K/r, Dutch
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