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    1/144 scale: Bombers, Airliners, Transports, Tankers, MARPAT; specifically the P-3 Orion & KC-135 Stratotanker!
    1/72 scale: Transports, Tankers, Helicopters, Phantoms & Skyhawks; New Hampshire ANG!
    1/48 scale: Phantoms & Skyhawks plus some NH ANG!

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  1. Jon, Better pack it all up, Ian is coming! I'm battening down the hatches and getting everything up 3 ft. in the house. I'll deal with any flooding when I get back. Hope that you fare well brother! K/r, Dutch
  2. Jon, Very neat subject! Slatted late F-4E with TISEO. BTW, the yellow tail inscription says: "RRRRRBIT." Certainy a play on words, as you pointed out. K/r, Dutch
  3. Andy, To quote the Saturday night drunk when talking to the policeman, "You look like I feel!" I am with you brother. As a youngun, I would take my paprer route proceeds on Friday afternoon down to the local five & dime store and buy a kit, maybe a bottle of paint and have the thing built, painted & decalled by Saturday afternoon. When in the service, I found / subscribed to FineScale Modeler and bought my first airbrush. Then I would build "production line" style starting five or six 1/72 USAF or USN/USMC F-4 Phantoms at the same time; do all the cockpits, landing gear, or
  4. Greg Drawbaugh of DrawDecal also rescales his sheets upon request. He has a DC-9-30 windows / doors / stencil sheet in 1:100 & 1:144 scale. You may want to contact him. He has helped me several times in the past. K/r, Dutch
  5. Andy, I understand that all the RAF Poseidons will be stationed up at Lossiemouth. But it's not so strange when you consider that Newquay, aka RAF St. Mawgan, was home to the Nimrods of No. 42 Torpedo Bomber Squadron, n'est pas? I still use my USMC Security Force Coy St. Mawgan bar towel every day in my lunch pail. One of these days I will build my Formaplane 1/72 Nimrod MR.2 of 42 Sqn using the photos I took of XV242. I can see that I probably "need" to get one of these BPK P-8A kits also. Semper fidelis! Dutch
  6. Ray, off the top rope! 😄 Wow! I just scanned through the whole album. Beautiful build.
  7. Brother Ray! I defer to your expert knowledge of all things down under. I was commenting more on the apparent quality of the decals and didn't look too closely at the markings, RAAF or USN. Just a cursory look to see if they were all there. But now that I take another look, you are correct. I often wonder what kit manufacturers are thinking sometimes. Keep up the outstanding work! I bet that you will be getting one of these kits soon! K/r, Dutch
  8. There are some updates on the AirlnerCafe Forum here. Perhaps we will see it by Christmas.
  9. AV O, Beautiful build! I like the deployed flaps and spoilers. I see that you also extended the wingtips. You put quite a lot of work into this little beauty! And the decals are also nice; you don't often see Minerve, so excellent choice! I would offer one note of caution. The top three photos show the aircraft landing backwards on Runway 24! A very difficult feat indeed! Kind regards, Dutch
  10. Shawn, It's really a pity, but a quick check of SCM and the googlesphere shows no such AM part canopy available. I remember that the Airfix 1/72 Chippie had both canopies included. I built mine as a RCAF Canadian built version while I was in Baghdad. You would think that Airfix would have done the same for their 1/48 sale kit. Good luck! K/r, Dutch
  11. Kursad, My decals arrived today! For some reason the USPS tracking website still says enroute to the destination. Beautiful work, once again. Thank you! Dutch
  12. Rod, Only the Revell HH-53C kit #04032 contains the EAPS IFR probe, bat wings and fuel tanks. The three German CH-53G releases are all slicks without EAPS, IFR Probe, bat wings and tanks. I am looking into having a 3D printed conversion set made. No promises, as my 3D printer is moving out in a week. K/r, Dutch
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