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  1. LF 1/144 B-1B

    Milo, I have this one for sale! $20 $18 + postage. I've gotta reduce the stash and Caracal is set to release a 1/144 B-1B decal soon. PM me if you want it. R/ Dutch
  2. Modelcollect B-52H

    I mean no disrespect to ModelCollect. I am under a deadline to get the thing built for a friend as a gift to a former BUFF pilot. If they do release it and it includes separate wing strakelets, then I will definitely consider it in the future. It will just cost a little more.
  3. B-52H Ejection seat hatch plates

    Jonah, Even more photos of your beautiful build. Thanks for the ideas. I will try to replicate for my build. R/ Dutch
  4. Modelcollect B-52H

    Well, I couldn't wait. I got a great deal ( I mean great deal) on a AMT/ERTL early B-52G and reasonable deals on the Buff Master Design Lumps and Bumps set and the HASB. Already had the Paragon AGM-142 HAVE NAP weapons and Wolfpak decals and just received the Warbird black stencils. So I asked Hobby Search Japan if I could cancel my backorder for the ModelCollect B-52G kit, as it has been over one year on backorder. They graciously agreed. So I am off to the races and will continue to watch the release and reviews to see if I gambled correctly. R/ Dutch
  5. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Respect authorship and copy writes, please. My thanks to Paul Boyer and others for their pioneering work in showing the rest of us the way.
  6. January releases

    Kursad, Thank you for your outstanding work of late. Just stupendous subjects and content. Could you take a minute and update your release schedule please? R/ Dutch
  7. Roy, Email sent with SS 72-293 instructions. Sorry, I do not have 72-371. I have the 1/48 sheet covering the 31st TFW Cdr & 35th TFW Cdr options (48-148), but not Col Yeager's.
  8. IPMS Doha

    So I am making a trip to Doha in early Feb, Need me to mule anything over?
  9. Jeff, I am reducing my stash, If you have not already located the the NAVY titles you need, I'll sell you my set of CAM 48-OND decals for $8 plus $1.50 postage. R/ Dutch
  10. Looking for a 1/144 B-47 Canopy. My Hobbycraft kit HC1251 is missing one. As I purchased it second hand, no guarantees. I suppose that either a Hobbycraft or Academy canopy will do. Please let me know if any vac canopies are available as well. Haven't seen one. R/ Dutch
  11. Kursad, I was wondering. The 1:144 C-135 Generic sheet is outstanding. For the 1:72 scale sheet, could you add some of the other Air Force command badges such as: Air Force Systems Command, Air Force Material Command, and AFSC, ASD tail bands to go along with the other tail bands already included? Or, just make one blue yellow tail band and include separate white lettering for all the different commands. R/ Dutch
  12. Mini-Review: BUFFMaster Products HSABs

    Jonah Sweet build and very helpful reviews. Wish I had seen this earlier. R/ Dutch
  13. B-52 Color Schemes

    Jonah, Well, I think I have my answer. After a few minutes search of Airliners.net AMARC photos, I located this photo with the exact bird I want to model in the lower right frame showing the upper wing. And this one of another Castle bird in FS 36118 showing black wing walkway lines. Both are dated 2007, so the paint has faded, but I think the lines are dark enough to have been black back in the day! FWIW, FS 36081 is Dark Gunship Gray and FS 36118 is Medium Gunship Gray.
  14. You can close this thread. I think I found my answer here, on another ARC Forum thread.
  15. B-52 Color Schemes

    Jonah, Now that is what I call real news! That is why I love this forum. Thanks amigo for the getting to the bottom! I will buy the black lines and use the Wolfpak decals as is. R/ Dutch