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  1. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    VP-23 P-3C
  2. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    VP-10 P-3B
  3. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    John & Ray, Some more info for the topic of Iranian P-3F Orions. Six P-3F were delivered to the IRINA (Iranian Naval Aviation) between July 1974 & Jan 1975. They were all delivered in the standard white over gull gray USN scheme. During a visit to Lockheed Burbank by the Shah for the roll-out of the first example, he expected something more dramatic for his aircraft. This was right before the Paris Air Show, where his aircraft was to be displayed. So, the last one (#5-261) was hastily painted in the three tone blue / gray scheme. The Shah liked it so much, that all the other aircraft were similarly painted just prior to delivery. During training, IRINA crew were based at Moffett and used standard USN P-3 training birds at VP-31 as well as flying their own aircraft in the USN Scheme. But AFAIK, due to contractual stipulations, Lockheed pilots made the delivery flights in the blue camo birds. Three more P-3s were ordered in late 1978, but were not delivered because of the revolution in 1979. They were completed as standard P-3C and delivered to the USN. The second aircraft (#5-257, re-serialled as 5-876) was lost in in Feb 1985 at Shiraz airbase. There are currently two or three flying examples, the others being used for spare parts. None were painted in a tan or brown camo, all are in the three tone blue / lt gray paint scheme. R/ Dutch
  4. CD72081 - 1/72 FB-111A "Dark Varks"

    Kursad, Will you add more individual aircraft markings or more sets of stencils to fill up the sheet when you reduce from 1/48 to 1/72? R/ Dutch
  5. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    Draw Decal has offered the Aero Union P-3 Aerostar decals in 1/200, 1/144, & 1/72 since 2011. Lone Star Models of Texas offered a resin Aerostar conversion in 1/72. Here is a photo album of one built by Ray Seppala of Australia. In 1/144 you will have to scratch your own retardant tank, unless some enterprising ARC member can 3D print one. (Hint, hint!) [Sorry Kursad, I wasn't supposed to mention any other decal makers name or product here, lest any more baby seals die! My humble apologies to all the mother & baby seals.]
  6. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    Here's a link to a previous ARC thread about what's available. Or more precisely, what is NOT available.
  7. Decals for 1/144 P-3 Orions / CP-140 Auroras

    So, it has been a year or so form this last post and I still haven't found the time, but I may have some down time in late July, so will try to complete some artwork for the mentioned schemes. R/ Dutch
  8. I have the Microscale sheet 72-355 with markings for AV-8A/C of VMA-231, VMA-513 (x2), VMA-542. $5 incl postage. PM me if interested. R/ Dutch
  9. VA-56 A-7 hi viz scheme decals?

    Charlie, What model of A-7 (A-7E?) and what year? (1977?) See this page at SeaForces.org. If you mean the first photo, then there are currently no 1/48 scale decals available. In 1:72, Fujimi released a kit with those markings. Sorry I can't be of any more help. R/ Dutch
  10. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Fujimi-1-48-Douglas-TA-4F-Skyhawk-Kit-P15/222924394661?hash=item33e75450a5:g:X2cAAOSwYUBa0t02
  11. Harald, I also have two complete Aeroclub conversion sets, one "inflated" and one "deflated." If Ian falls through, let me know. I am in the US. R/ Dutch
  12. Duncan, I double checked this weekend. I do not have the Fujimi TA-4F decals, only the A-4E decals. Sorry man!
  13. BTW, just saw this on eBay while looking for something else. It is resin and 1/144 scale, but better than nothing. Scott is a really good vendor as well. Has bent over backwards to accommodate me in the past. R/ Dutch