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  1. Hi, all Thank you very much for your interest in my products. I have been doing a lot of work lately. Of course, the nozzle products that you are interested in continue to design and produce. In addition, we are designing and manufacturing many optional parts for our partner, Japan's plastic model maker, and we are also developing KA-Models original new mold kits. Unfortunately, this(All new tool kit) is not the plane you are interested in, but I think we can meet this year. Let me answer what many people are curious about. 1. My product is from a 3D printer. I used to use CNC to develop prototypes and sell replicas in rubber molds. I considered developing a prototype as a 3D printer, but decided that the surface was rough and not suitable. The CNC prototype has an incredibly precise and perfect surface. But if I duplicate it with a rubber mold, you have about 50% of the original quality. Then I thought. "It would be great if I could sell the prototype to everyone." However, when machining with CNC, it takes about 2 ~ 3 days to make one nozzle. Multiple sales are not possible. However, we co-developed with a 3D printer manufacturer and found a way to produce satisfactory quality in large quantities. It took about two years of research and I spent the cost of buying a Ferrari! We share research results with printer manufacturers and develop technologies together. The performance of the 3D printer is also important, but the design and printing of the output is also very important. We have an output quality of 150% of the precision recommended by the manufacturer (this is why we are co-developing with the manufacturer). 2. My products are expensive compared to existing products. However, because the resins used in 3D printers are very expensive more than normal resin(About 5000%!), my profits are much lower than those of past rubber molds. Also, large nozzles such as 1/32 require a great deal of time to produce. A machine can produce about 3 set of nozzles per a day. Of course, I have multiple machines, so I produce a lot more per day. But overall, the price is expensive. It is the part that you need to understand. 3. About Carbon of F-16 Block 52. I have a lot of worries about this. I decided to express the carbon pattern on the surface of the nozzle. This was a work that required a lot of effort. I have 1/24 carbon decals for cars. However, it is not easy to put this on a small nozzle. Not all customers are professionals. Of course, if the actual nozzle is reduced to exactly 1/48, it will be invisible. However, I was convinced that it would be a pleasure to express the material of the real thing even if it became overscale and exaggerated. It is much easier and cleaner to make than using decals. Just finish with dry brushing with Tamiya Enamel Metalic Gray after painting black. If you give it a discoloration effect by using Air Brush, you will see a better effect. Thank you all for your interest in my product and good support. I can not post here often, but I will always be thanking you and posting as often as I can. I think a good company is saying good products. I will steadily make better products and meet you!
  2. Hi, Solo and otis252 Unfortunately, I did not doing next items. Now I have no stock of 1st and 2nd new items. So I must re-produce them first. I guess 3rd new items will delay. I bought more machine but not easy to produce. But I planning 1/48 F-16 and F-18 exhaust nozzle. May be it will be 3rd items. And it's easy to convert scale 1/48 to 1/32. So I have plan to release 1/32 items. But it need more time to produce than 1/48 and 1/72. Because it will be later. Thank you for your interesting!!!
  3. Hi, Mstor I am happy that you like my gift! Please enjoy!
  4. Hi, all Sorry for late reply. I release F-35A Exhaust Nozzle from next monday. And thank you very much for your support. I received 3 e-mail with reference. Unfortunately, this did not help decisive to make the product.(This is the first time I have found it difficult to find the material.) But I am willing to thank them for their help. So I will send all the products to the three people who helped me. I'll send mail individually. Thank you to all those who paid attention, besides the three who helped. I am now embarrassed with so many orders. It takes a lot of time to produce both new and old products. But I'm rushing for you guys as much as I can. I've been working on the weekend for the last two months. Thanks to everyone who cares.
  5. Hi, Brian Of course, it's perfactly fit to Tamiya! It's producing already! :-)
  6. I forget my e-mail address. wjyang95@ka-models.com wjyang95@naver.com Thank you!
  7. Hi, Guys I am Lawrence Yang from KA-Models At first, thank you for your many support for my products. I fully operate my machine to makes nozzle now. And I just planning to release new nozzles on mid Aug. Now I designing for new exhaust nozzle for F-35A. But I can not find detailed reference for nozzle and afterburner. I have only 2 pictures for X35 prototype. So I request you a reference for Exhaust nozzle and Afterburner. I will give you gift - my F35A nozzle product! Please send me e-mail. I will waiting your help! P.S - List of my next exhaust nozzle product is belowed. 1. 1/48 F-15K / SG GE Exhuast Nozzle - opened 2. 1/48 F-15K / SG GE Exhaust Nozzle - closed 3. 1/48 F-15K / SG GE Exhaust Nozzle with After burner - opened 4. 1/48 F-15K / SG GE Exhaust Nozzle with After burner - closed 5. 1/48 F-14D GE Exhaust Nozzle - opened 6. 1/48 F-14D GE Exhaust Nozzle - closed 7. 1/48 F-14D GE Exhuast Nozzle with After burner - opened 8. 1/48 F-14D GE Exhust Nozzle with After burner - closed 9. 1/72 F-14A PW Exhuast Nozzle - opened 10. 1/72 F-14A PW Exhuast Nozzle - closed 11. 1/72 F-15 PW Exhuast Nozzle - opened 12. 1/72 F-15 PW Exhuast Nozzle - closed 13. 1/48 F-35A Exhuast nozzle It will comming on mid Aug. P.S2 - If this contents has any trouble, please send me messege. I am beginner for this website. So I don't know well about rulls. Please understand and advice me. :-)
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