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  1. 59 minutes ago, Da SWO said:

    Other then wing slats, what would a late F-4E have?

    All dependent on the airframe, but TISEO on the port wing. ARN-101 hump. C/F dispenser on the inbd pylons although that was not "E" specific but just as a matter of what time your depicting. I'm sure theres some other things..

  2. I ordered something from ebay from a russian seller and it took a few days to get to the post office 16 Sep. Stayed in the local Post Office till the 22 Sep when it went through the big Moscow P.O. so now its on its way from russia to the US. Judging from a previous package it will take a week or so to get here and another week to get through US customs and to go from NYC to Baltimore. 

    This is the least expensive tracked postage. I would definitely get tracked postage!!!!

  3. Does any body have good shot of the inside of a Su-27 intake? Especially showing the color demarcation lines? I have heard/read that its the underside color then turns to a natural metal area that has a yellowish colored clear coat over that natural metal area. Hard to find a good pic.

  4. The reason why Kitty Hawk is called Shitty hawk is because they CONSTANTLY make easily avoidable mistakes with their aircraft kits. Its really great that they are going to provide the other windshield if you write them, that is really commendable. But you shouldn't have to do that. 

    Also how can a company in the 21st century make the errors on the intake tunnel? Very simple the people that do the molding and packaging have NO  IDEA on what they are doing. KH needs to get some on in on the production end that knows a modicum of the subject that can oversee production and avoid these simple mistakes. 

    I sincerely hope that KH see's the errors in their current business model and corrects it. KH has a great subject line up but until they can be consistent and not trip over them selves I won't buy anything from them.

  5. On 4/4/2020 at 2:41 AM, ElectroSoldier said:

    Thats as maybe but they definatly had them at Bentwaters and Woodbridge and loaded them empty or with blue Mk82s for airshows. They also flew with them empty a numbers of times as I saw them do it.

    Are we talking the MER with 6 bombs on it? Or the TER with 3 bombs ? One of the things I learned is never say never when it comes to what is and what should be, I will have to go over my T.O.s  when I get home from work.  Only think I could think of is the Bentwaters had a crapton of MERS from its F-4 days and maybe had an exemption for BDU-33's.

    Fun Fact, TERS on A-10's were just to be used for training and you were to leave them home when you went to war. Well as we know MB and EL used TERS during Desert Storm with Mk-82's and some CBU's. So out goes that "rule"

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