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  1. Panel line widths varies from A/C to A/C and from S/N to S/N. I worked A-10's and some time the gap between panels was 1/8th of a inch, some time they were over a 1/4 wide.Heck on some we had to trim some panel material to get them to fit. Also we were supposed to fill the void with a sealant to prevent water intrusion, and then paint the sealant the camo color. Well some times the sealant didn't get applied and there was a very visible gap between panels and some time the sealant got applied but no paint so you would see a exaggerated panel out line as that sealant was pretty dark grey almost black. HTH
  2. Monogram, even with the raised panel lines its got the best shape.
  3. Probably a bit of a leaky gun hydraulic system, just enough to keep the bottom moist to catch gun blast and a base that is under water restrictions and will not allow a A/C wash.
  4. Time just keeps on slipping by....
  5. What are the boxes in the compartment aft of the cockpit of the F-104? I see it open a lot on photos and even the new Kinetic kit has it as a posable panel. I figure its some type of avionics but is it for the fire control system? Also would a F-104N have the same amount of boxes in that compartment? Thanks
  6. Think I figured out my problem, just ordered a Brassin FOD cover for the nose and exhaust!
  7. Sorry to bother everyone, but does anyone have a junked up 72nd scale MiG-21 and have a spare intake cone. Mine has disappeared.Thanks for looking
  8. AKA "Hush House" they have them at a lot of loud jet bases. Usually one is the test cell for engines just repaired and uninstalled, and one that you can fit half a jet in for installed runs.
  9. Why don't you drop them a note, Gordon seems very customer oriented.
  10. In the US 48th scale is the most popular A/C scale. Most aftermarket decal companies don't make 72nd versions of their sheet and when they do, the sit on the shelves and the 48th scale will sell out. I have hears in Europe that its the opposite and 72nd scale rules. From what I am seeing, it appears that 48th scales are out selling 72nd scale. If so its only logical from a business sense to concentrate more on the more popular line. Disappointing as I wanted to more of the later gen fishbeds such as the SM and the bis as there are some really neat marking options out there.
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