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  1. Ok Gang, I want to do "Miss Molly" from VF-111 using the existing Tamiya kit mainly because my shelf space is a little limited so I will do it with the wings swept. From what I understand the Tamiya kit is a block 95 or so with the pitot tube on the nose but doesn't have all the appropriate bumps and such. So what do I have to change/add etc. to get to a block 126? Thanks in advance
  2. It will probably be like when the USAF released a purposely distorted photo of the F-117 and Hasegawa came out with a kit that looked like the photo. The real A/C ... not so much! 🙂
  3. From the unit I retired from, celebrating its centennial. MD ANG 175th WG 104th FS
  4. Well,,,,if you count the fake canopy its three tone!!!!.....🐒
  5. I'm still waiting on official Tamiya Confirmation. That could have been a photo shopped "leak"
  6. IMHO The ZM LG attachments both main and nose are the best engineered out there in 48th F-4's Very positive mounting. I have yet to see the Tamiya kit though.
  7. Pardon my Eagle ignorance but isn't the E model and later marks have thicker wheels and brakes than the C/D 's? That's why they have the bulged MLG doors on the newer two holers.
  8. The Instrument panels are different as well
  9. I do a section of the model at a time. I actually do it upstairs on the kitchen table so I can have the TV on for some background noise. When I get a little tired/frustrated I get up and leave the table for a while. It will take me several sessions but I think a full set of stencils does make the model "pop" a bit. Just use Qtips and tissue paper and make sure the decals is fully down on the surface use a good solvent to insure that they fit over the details. Keep a eye out if you accidentally dislodge a decal that you put it back in position.
  10. I go there whenever I visit my Aunt and Uncle. Awesome shop!
  11. If possible could you make this into a downloadable file, it would eb great to have on hand as a reference. I am sure I am going to build more than one Flanker!
  12. We started adding little "legs to our travel pods in the mid 90's I would say maybe a little earlier. It was about the same time we added handles to them. I think a TCTO came out authorizing units to add them to the pods. We used to store them on racks that had 6 " wide rubberized canvas straps between the racks. We finally made a towable rack that had sets of two hooks on it and you could hang8 pods on a rack. Made it a lot easier to transport and load them on the jets.
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