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  1. Think I figured out my problem, just ordered a Brassin FOD cover for the nose and exhaust!
  2. Sorry to bother everyone, but does anyone have a junked up 72nd scale MiG-21 and have a spare intake cone. Mine has disappeared.Thanks for looking
  3. 104th FS MD ANG please
  4. AKA "Hush House" they have them at a lot of loud jet bases. Usually one is the test cell for engines just repaired and uninstalled, and one that you can fit half a jet in for installed runs.
  5. Why don't you drop them a note, Gordon seems very customer oriented.
  6. In the US 48th scale is the most popular A/C scale. Most aftermarket decal companies don't make 72nd versions of their sheet and when they do, the sit on the shelves and the 48th scale will sell out. I have hears in Europe that its the opposite and 72nd scale rules. From what I am seeing, it appears that 48th scales are out selling 72nd scale. If so its only logical from a business sense to concentrate more on the more popular line. Disappointing as I wanted to more of the later gen fishbeds such as the SM and the bis as there are some really neat marking options out there.
  7. Just normal wear and tear, when the jet isn't flying guys getting in and out of the cockpit, I guess it also keeps the parachute straps and seat cushion out of the sun. That type of stuff.
  8. I don't know if there is a F-35 specific thing. But we covered the Sets on our A-10's at the end of the day. Most ejection seats have covers that are part of the A/C's "inventory" such as intake/ exhaust covers etc. In the USAF we called that stuff -21 equipment.
  9. You need to blame the people that package the book, there is obviously not enough padding at the corners. The people handling the packages don't have time to read everything that is written on the box as they probably handle a thousand or two parcels every shift and they are not given a a lot of time to do it. I work at a large airport and while the people I have seen packing containers don't go out of their way to damage your parcels, accidents happen. Its just a matter of numbers.
  10. I can say that they molded the belly reinforcing strap on. For a 3d print it was pretty well detailed. I am waiting for a hard wing Vietnam era bird as I found one of the Zotz F-4e decals sheets at the nationals!
  11. I think the "stealth" coating is chameleon skin!
  12. Wonder if that has anything to do with the OBOGS problem they had on that jet?
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