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  1. They are above the MLG struts. There was a mod to F-4's that made the MLG Trunnion mounts bigger which necessitated a bulge in the wing skin above the MLG mount.
  2. What is a good match for the Flanker wheel wells? I have MRP-049 which advertises itself as a pale blue-grey for "Russian aircraft Interior Cockpit, Wheel Well, Seat etc.." however while it looks good for a MiG-21 wheel well, it doesn't seem to match any of the picture of a Su-27 wheel well that I have seen. Also are the gear struts the same color as the wheel wells? P.S. this is for the GWH Su-27UB in which I want to do a Russian Jet not a Ukrainian one ( They seem to have there wheel wells repainted ) Thanks
  3. After completing two of the ZM kits I am linding looking forward to the way the Tamiya engineers are going to design this Phantom should be interesting!
  4. It should although not a 100% sure. I will have to look at it my self!
  5. You will still need the GPS antenna and the BLOS antenna also the LASTE radar antennas on the horizontal and vertical stabs.
  6. It's a sad time mainly for the past memories of their success not the recent times since they went to being the Out of sock leader. I remember growing up and getting my dad to drive me to Silver Spring MD to their orignal DC location on Sligo Ave. Then they moved to Wheaton I think. Still worth the trip from Baltimore. Also remember getting the flyer, and calling the order in and then 1 week later I would have a new model at my house! Shame the new owner's couldn't adapt to the new times.
  7. Lower your air pressure on your airbrush. Use a quality paint. For white I have found that Mr.Color (Gunze Sanyo) works the best for me followed by AK RC. MRP works fine as well. But the one thing you will need more than anything is patience! Its going to take more than one or two coats. I personally like the lacquers like Gunze and MRP and AK RC. Even Tamiya works well if you can get it thinned properly.
  8. Pure speculation here, but I would imagine they keep the wings forward on the Tu-160 the same reason they do on the B-1. with the wings forward you can do a proper preflight inspection and see and inspect stuff on the flap wells etc.
  9. Watched that video, howeverwhen I clicked on that link yesterday it took me to another film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2UBDwIOOKk&t=1401s which is another Soviet era film which has a lot of MiG-21 action, it also has quite a bit of Tu-22 action. I have know idea what the film is about but there is some neat airplane stuff in there. Of course You tube suggests a bunch of russian films. Some of them look interesting and some boring. Hope I don't derail this topic to much!
  10. Is the A/A-37B-5E TER the same as a USAF TER-9A? ( Thats the label i remember seeing on the TERS on our jets)
  11. Akan color # 63069 Grey-Dark Blue (faded), interior of pilot cabin for airplanes Su-27/30/32/33/34/35/37/39
  12. I have the Akan Sukhoi cockpit color and it matches the Qunta set. There are two factories (Knappo and Irkut)that make Su-27 in Russia maybe they have two different cockpit blues. As I have seen photos that show it a little lighter and some that are an exact match to the Akan color. Of course I could be wrong, but that's my guess and observation
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