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  1. Got mine the other day. GWH have out done themselves!!! I can't wait to start!! But I am going to finish what's on my bench 1st!!
  2. Thanks everyone! I think I have it now. I am going to use Alclad Gold titanium and then shoot dullcoat over it to knock down the metallic sheen. Thanks again everyone!
  3. Hey folks, looking at the instructions for the new 48th Flanker kit at the Hobby Search site. GWH has you paint the inside of the intakes FS33531 sand. Is this right???? Doesn't jive with anything I've read but there isn't that much on Su-27 intake colors 🙂 Can anyone confirm or deny this color callout? Thanks!
  4. Put Some AIM-9's in it. One of the original missions was to use it to shoot down Soviet AWACS. Just like Red Storm Rising.
  5. Has the New Kinetic F-16I been revamped in any way beside some weapon sprues and decals? How is the kit? I have the original Kinetic F-16AM and we all know about the nose and the overall heavy handiness of the moldings. Just wondering if things have been improved, Thanks!
  6. All dependent on the airframe, but TISEO on the port wing. ARN-101 hump. C/F dispenser on the inbd pylons although that was not "E" specific but just as a matter of what time your depicting. I'm sure theres some other things..
  7. Resistance is futile......
  8. I ordered something from ebay from a russian seller and it took a few days to get to the post office 16 Sep. Stayed in the local Post Office till the 22 Sep when it went through the big Moscow P.O. so now its on its way from russia to the US. Judging from a previous package it will take a week or so to get here and another week to get through US customs and to go from NYC to Baltimore. This is the least expensive tracked postage. I would definitely get tracked postage!!!!
  9. Does any body have good shot of the inside of a Su-27 intake? Especially showing the color demarcation lines? I have heard/read that its the underside color then turns to a natural metal area that has a yellowish colored clear coat over that natural metal area. Hard to find a good pic.
  10. A much easier and better paint to airbrush with that has far finer pigments and just lays down easier. Its not that much more that Model Master.
  11. Thread Hijack Alert!! What is a good reference book on the SU-27 from a modelers point of view? Similar to a Detail & Scale Showing wheel wells cockpits and other items modelers care about? I have the Yefim Gordon volume. But while thats a great history book it isn't the best from a modelers point of view. Thanks in advance!
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