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  1. They didn't last long as they cause a lot of sheet metal cracking. I think ours stayed on less than 6 months if not less.
  2. If you look at "Some" of MRP's paint labels it will give the color then have (FADED) in parenthesis next to it. i.e. MiG-29 Grey-Green (FADED) ya got to look at each color description.
  3. Don't know about if it flew in or not. But most like ly it was never operationally flown. The reason I say that is that no 77 models were updated with LASTE or any of the other mods that were applied to the newer jets. In our unit we did the same thing with our two 77 models, one we made BDR trainer and the other was a load crew/ICT trainer.
  4. I think the guys that repair the surface of these type of fastener on the Stealth acft are called "Martians" Some type of acronym for Material repair technicians.
  5. I always found the MiG-23 intriguing. My particular favorite is the MLD variant with all the C/L launchers on the top of the fuselage and the more ogival nose cone. Also one of the traits of the "lightweight Flogger" is the sit of the A/C as in the aircraft sits more level on its gear whereas the earlier versions have a more "tail low/nose high" attitude. I have read that the MK versions have longer MLG strut causing the tail to sit higher, but I have never had the opportunity to measure the two different versions. If either Clearprop or ICM gets that "stance" correct I'll buy one in both scal
  6. Ok Gang, I want to do "Miss Molly" from VF-111 using the existing Tamiya kit mainly because my shelf space is a little limited so I will do it with the wings swept. From what I understand the Tamiya kit is a block 95 or so with the pitot tube on the nose but doesn't have all the appropriate bumps and such. So what do I have to change/add etc. to get to a block 126? Thanks in advance
  7. It will probably be like when the USAF released a purposely distorted photo of the F-117 and Hasegawa came out with a kit that looked like the photo. The real A/C ... not so much! 🙂
  8. From the unit I retired from, celebrating its centennial. MD ANG 175th WG 104th FS
  9. Well,,,,if you count the fake canopy its three tone!!!!.....🐒
  10. I'm still waiting on official Tamiya Confirmation. That could have been a photo shopped "leak"
  11. IMHO The ZM LG attachments both main and nose are the best engineered out there in 48th F-4's Very positive mounting. I have yet to see the Tamiya kit though.
  12. Pardon my Eagle ignorance but isn't the E model and later marks have thicker wheels and brakes than the C/D 's? That's why they have the bulged MLG doors on the newer two holers.
  13. The Instrument panels are different as well
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