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  1. I'm after a 1/32 Revell tornado IDS or the IDS bomb pylons. Anyone with one to sell, PM me. Postage would be to france Or can anyone tell me if I can use the RAF pylons from the GR1?
  2. I'm after a 1/32 Revell tornado IDS or the IDS bomb pylons. Anyone with one to sell, PM me. Postage would be to france
  3. I've recently purchased the awesome trumpeter Mig-29SMT and I'm wanting to do a version currently deployed on ops in Syria. Does anyone know what loadouts they are carrying for the ground attack missions? I can only find a pic of one with a couple of FAB 500 on it. One would assume they would be using Laser guided weapons? If anyone can help me out that would be great. Or if anyone knows of any pics floating around?
  4. Hi all Can anyone tell me if anyone knows, what weapons are being used on ground strikes by the russian mig-29SMTs? I can only find a picture with one armed with a couple of FABs. I would assume Russia would be trying out their latest technology on these MIG platforms. If anyon can let me know if and what loadouts they have seen on them in Syria, that would be great.
  5. I'm after the CAM one of the black box or true details cockpit set. There were a few on eBay but it seems it's a famine or a feast.
  6. Hi all I'm after a 1/32 A-10 cockpit set. If anyone has one to sell, PM me. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the info. 1/32 scale. I wanted to make a ground attack version
  8. Thanks for that. Looks like it's one of those topics that keeps popping up its head!!!! Well the Italian tornados were cleared to carry. Mk 20s so I don't see why they couldn't have. It would make sense if they used them towards the end of war against armour when the ground war kicked off in a CAS role and got the rockeyes from the US. Doesn't seem to be any evidence that disproves this
  9. Hi all Can anyone tell me with certainty if the Italian Tornado IDS aircraft carried mk 20 rockeyes in the first gulf war in 1991. I've seen a website listing loadouts and it says they did, but I can't find any pics showing them carrying Mk 20s. Anyone throw some light on it?
  10. The MF as I understand it was the export version. But it may have just had different avionics. I'm not sure
  11. Hi all I'm wanting to make my trumpeter Mig-21 into a russian version used in the afghan war in the 80s. Is there any major external differences between the Mig-21 MF and the Russian model? Any help appreciated appreciated.
  12. Hi all Does anyone have a set of 1/32 Flightpath tornado GR1 gulf war decals to sell? I'm also after the grey/pink sharkmouth from the 1/32 Revell tornado GR1 gulf war kit if anyone has one to sell? Many thanks
  13. Can anyone tell me what targeting pod the current Saudi GR4s are carrying in their strikes on Yemen?
  14. And also if the Aires resin engine will also fit the new Italeri tornado?
  15. Hi all Does anyone know if the Aires tornado cockpit set will fit the new 1/32 Italeri tornado?
  16. Problem solved. I found a 1/48 cessna 172 kit and it's wheels have no spats. So will use those.
  17. Hi all I am after three wheels from. 1/48 esci cessna172. I'm making my dad's cherokee140 and his kite didn't have the wheel spats on the three wheels. The minicraft Cherokee 140 only comes with the three wheels and the spats are moulded on to the wheels.The 1/48 esci Cessna kit wheels comes without the spats. The wheels are almost identical on the cessna 172. So I was wondering if anyone had an old esci cessna 172 they didn't want or a Cessna 172 that was in disrepair and no one wanted. If anyone can help me out, that would greatly appreciated. If anyone can, just PM me.
  18. Hi all Im building a minicaft 1/48 Cherokee Piper 140 for my dad who owned one and I'm building his mount. I'm missing the two control columns and wondered if anyone had a 1/48 Cherokee 140 that was incomplete or no longer shared anymore. I'm just wanted the two control columns. If anyone can help out, please PM me. Any control colums from Cessna of or any other light aircraft would do the job. So in be grateful if anyone could help me out. Many thanks
  19. Hi all What weapons do they carry on the VER-2 racks when fitted to the Israel F-16C Barak? Any info appreciated Thanks
  20. Hi Ed It would be 38 euros from france with tracking number as its a bit over 2 kg in weight. I just checked on the la poste tariff caculator Let me know Cheers
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