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  1. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has a 1/32 Tamiya F-15E strike eagle bunker buster release for sale in Europe. If anyone has, PM me Cheers
  2. The Tornados flew many operations using CBU 87s and I was tod they used them for SEAD sorties. There are quite a few photos of the tornados armed with 4 CBU 87s in the early days of the conflict.
  3. Ok I've had this idea. I am going to try and make a super F16I Sufa from using the 1/32 academy Sufa kit and the 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ block 50 kit. I've looked at the top fuselage half attaching to the bottom Tamiya fuselage half and the match is quite close. There are just simple things which would need some surgery. Other than this, I think it's quite readable, that these two kits could be combined to make a super detailed Sufa and a very accurate one. Parts needed of course would be the PW small mouth intake, PW burner can, flame holddr and engine cowling using a resin set. The CFT set c
  4. Just going back on original topic. Is it possible because of the reasons explained about only being able to carry 3 GBU 54s per side, would they also use the unused pylons without GBU 54s with dum bombs such as mk 82s thus using all pylons on the aircraft?
  5. Recently a post was made explaining why the strike eagle was not carrying more than 3 GBU 54s on each side whilst currently on operations against terrorist groups in Syria. I came across an article stating the that this had been changed and the US strike eagle is now able to carry 6 GBU 54s per side as the problem that had prevented this had now been fixed. Can anyone cast any light on this? From what I read it appeared the US strike eagle had undergone modifications to rectify the problem Cheers
  6. Can anyone tell me if the RAF used the CBU87 cluster bomb in Op GRANBY to take out SAM sites prior to receiving the ALARM missiles?
  7. Yes exactly right, the buccaneers did. The RAF rushed the TIALD pod, the Paveways and the ALARM missiles all into service at that time. Yes that is a good website.
  8. The British used Mk 117/13 dumb bombs since the 50s. That is what the RAF started op GRANBY with and it was about a week or so into the war that they started using the paveway As they only introduced the TIALD targeting pods at the same time. But the RAF only had about 5 TIALD pods, so one tornado carried the TIALD pod and he did all he target paining for the rest of the tornados with the Paveways.
  9. I thought that the Mig-23s loaded for ground attack missions would be protected by other Mig-23s in the air to air configuration.
  10. Hi all Not sure where to post this, but I was wondering if anyone knows if a 1/32 scale Catalina flying boat kit exists? Thanks
  11. Yes I'd agree. I said that in a previous post.
  12. Yes that's right. One SA3. These Islamists are backed by very rich people. A monthly salary for a soldier is about 50 US a month. If an officer gets offered thoudands of dollars to sell off some military hardware, they do it in a flash. A large percentage of military hardware that is imported to these countries never sees its way to the mi!itary. It just gets filtered off to the highest bidder. Huge amounts of serious weaponary is believed to have been captured from the Syrian army such as up to 30 MBTs, APCs, Artillery pieces, anti-tank weapons to mention a few. It was even r
  13. Also they say the pilots keep their AKs in the compartment of the seat where the inflatable boat usually goes? Would that make the weapon hidden from view in the cockpit or would you be able to see the AK in the seat of you were you looking at the seat?
  14. They would have weapons. Maybe just hitting small desert areas doesn't bother them and they are keeping stuff for adding day. They said the Taliban were beaten,that turned out to be untrue. Weapons don't just disappear. it is even rumoured that ISIS may even have SA3s. But if ISIS do have these weapons, then flying at higher altitudes is a good idea. Then this just makes using precision munitions a better option. Especially even stand off munitions.
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