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  1. Hi there Thanks for that. Yes Dmitry sounds great. He answered all my questions quickly on email and explained all the loadout options for me on my migs. But for the MER they only hold FAB100s or any other 100kg bomb. So I got two sets of the MBD2-67U MERs and some ZAB 100-105s for thé racks. I bought two sets of them as I have a mig21, mig23 and currently doing a Frogfoot. So got those and some RBK 250 PTAB 2,5Ms, RBK 250-275 AO1s cluster bombs and two sets of UB-8MI rocket pods. So all sorted for them. He makes good stuff at reskit so they should look nice. Trumpeter weapons leave a bit to be desired.. So I'm really happy I found the reskit stuff. Can't wait to get it. I think when you make a model, it can be the best the model ever, but if put on average weapons, just the whole model down. So with reskit and zacto models, you get the best detailed perfect ordnance to make your model look great. Ground attack munitions from remit and of course the fantastic AA missiles from Zacto. It's great to be able to do the russian stuff with nice detailed resin sets now.
  2. Just need some info on the russian MBD2-67U multiple ejection racks. Can anyone tell me if these could carry any larger bombs than the FAB100? I've only been able to find pics of them with 4 FAB100s on them. I just wondered if they could be !oaded up with two FAB250s or RBK250s? Anyone tell me? Also could they be carried on a mig21 with 4 FAB100s on each MER under each wing? I want to use it either on my Frogfoot or Mig23 or maybe if possible on my mig21 Any help appreciated Cheers
  3. Thanks for the info. Yes I forgot the Mig23 had a max load of 3000Kg. I think I'll arm it up with a few RBK 250 frag bombs
  4. I've decided to order someMBD2-67U MERs, set of RBK 250 and a set of RBK -275 AO1 cluster bombs from reskit. Ive got a Frogfoot,. Mig21 and a mig-23 which I want to do as all Afghanistan war birds so those items should cover my migs and my Frogfoot. I've also got the new 1/32 trumpeter mig29 SMT I want to do as a version deployed to Syria. So not sure what I'll put on that. It appears they are just carrying FAB 250s I he Syrian conflict. Anyone seen any pics of th SMT with a different loadout?
  5. Just one more quick question. What bombs could the russian MBD2-67U Multiple ejector racks carry? I've seen them on the Mig23 carrying 8 FAB100s on each one but could they also carry larger RBK 250s with 4 on each MER?
  6. Great. Thanks for the links. Again most appreciated
  7. Hi guys Thanks for the info. Yes I'm stupid as I realised that one was a TER And the other MER. I thought they carried mk 82s and mavericks on the TERs in the 91 gulf war as slant 2s like you said just two bombs on the MER. I'm just waiting for my book "the modern guide to the hog" to arrive in the mail any day so I'll wait and see my book. I want to either a gulf war loadout from desert storm or as I was lucky enough to pick up the speed hunter decals the other day on eBay, I may make A10C. In that case the loadout will be completely different of course if I do a current A10C depicting a version currently deployed in theatre. So I want to a realistic load, not a show load. So thanks for your reply
  8. Hi all I'm wanting to get some 1/32 Eduard brassin MERs for my A10. I see they make two types of MERs. Product numbers 632102 & 632103 Could anyone tell me the difference between the two different MERs and which ones I should put on the A10? I was probably going to use them for Mk 82 slicks and for some mavericks Any help most appreciated Cheers
  9. Hi Jari Thanks for all the info and taking your time to help me out. I'm going to use the reskit stuff. They have excellent resin russian bombs and MERs. So I'll be all sorted with the reskit stuff. It's great to see a company took the time to make excelkent russian bombs/munitions. So now with reskit and zacto, any modeller making russian machines has it covered. Also Dmitry at reskit is excellent in helping out providing a wealth of info to any of your questions. So guys, look no further than reskit for your russian munitions.
  10. Yes I was thinking it was probably only the 100 kg FABs on the MER. I just emaied reskit so see if they have what I need. Again thanks for the info. Yes I only do 1/32 So my next question is, does anyone have 10 FAB 100 bombs you could sell me? I think I might bomb up my mig23 MLD with 16 of them. I just prefer mud movers. I'll get the reskit MERs. So if anyone can help me out, that would be great. I have the Frogfoot but seem to have only 6 FAB 100s in it
  11. Hi Jari Thanks for the pics. They are great. Do you know if they fitted MBD2-67U multiple ejection racks to hold the FAB 250 or FAB 500s? 0or OFAB 250 or OFAB 500s. I read the mig-23 used a lot of OFAB 500 fragmentation bombs. Any idea where I could get OFAB 250 or OFAB 500 bombs? Does the trumpeter russian bomb set have OFAB bombs in it? I know the trumpeter bombs are not sensational in detail but have to work with what you got right?
  12. Hi mate Thanks for the reply If you send me your email, I could send a couple of pics of the kite for you to see
  13. Anyone know if anyone mk Alex OFAB 500 russian fragmentation bombs in 1/32 scale? The Russians used them a lot on the Mig-23s and I want to do a Afghanistan machine. Does home know if they are in the 1/32 Trumpeter russian seaons set?
  14. Cool thanks for the info. From the pics I've seen, that seems to be the case. But it's a shame as I'd love to bomb it up as a truly multi-role fighter. I don't understand why the Russians aren't using guided munitions and testing their ground attack munitions. It's the perfect forum for it.
  15. No worries matey. A simple answer of "sorry buddy, you posted in the wrong forum, try and post in the aircraft help forum. That would have been an easy reply instead of just answering with a stupid sarcastic reply knowing a Cherokee 140 is not a maritime boat. Be helpful, not negative. We all don't use these forums on a dai!y basis like most of you.
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