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  1. Can anyone tell me what targeting pod the current Saudi GR4s are carrying in their strikes on Yemen?
  2. And also if the Aires resin engine will also fit the new Italeri tornado?
  3. Hi all Does anyone know if the Aires tornado cockpit set will fit the new 1/32 Italeri tornado?
  4. Problem solved. I found a 1/48 cessna 172 kit and it's wheels have no spats. So will use those.
  5. Hi all I am after three wheels from. 1/48 esci cessna172. I'm making my dad's cherokee140 and his kite didn't have the wheel spats on the three wheels. The minicraft Cherokee 140 only comes with the three wheels and the spats are moulded on to the wheels.The 1/48 esci Cessna kit wheels comes without the spats. The wheels are almost identical on the cessna 172. So I was wondering if anyone had an old esci cessna 172 they didn't want or a Cessna 172 that was in disrepair and no one wanted. If anyone can help me out, that would greatly appreciated. If anyone can, just PM me.
  6. Hi all Im building a minicaft 1/48 Cherokee Piper 140 for my dad who owned one and I'm building his mount. I'm missing the two control columns and wondered if anyone had a 1/48 Cherokee 140 that was incomplete or no longer shared anymore. I'm just wanted the two control columns. If anyone can help out, please PM me. Any control colums from Cessna of or any other light aircraft would do the job. So in be grateful if anyone could help me out. Many thanks
  7. Hi all What weapons do they carry on the VER-2 racks when fitted to the Israel F-16C Barak? Any info appreciated Thanks
  8. Hi Ed It would be 38 euros from france with tracking number as its a bit over 2 kg in weight. I just checked on the la poste tariff caculator Let me know Cheers
  9. This is a 1/32 Tamiya F-15E strike eagle bunker buster kit. It's not in its original box and has a lot of extra parts from another F-15E kit. So there are doubles of a lot of parts. I'm asking 295 euros plus postage. It also has all the aftermarket parts and decals to make an Israeli F-15I Ra'am which is there version of the F-15E strike eagle So the kit includes the following Avionix resin cockpit set Eduard PE self adhesive interior set Eduard PE exterior set Eduard F-15E PE ejection seat markings KA models resin open exhaust nozzels (for
  10. 1/32 trumpeter Mig-21 kit with all these extras 4x Zacto resin Vympel R-60 Aphid missiles Set of Zacto resin APU-60-1 Single launch rails Set of Zacto resin APU-60-2 dual launch rails Black box resin cockpit set 4 sets of HpH models UB-16 rocket pods (total of 8 rocket pods with PE parts and full instructions) Big Ed Eduard set for mig-21 containing exterior PE set, interior PE set and paint mask Master models metal pitot tube Master models metal MIG static dischargers Quickboost resin air scoops Profimodeller metal oxygen tanks for the main wheel
  11. 1/32 trumpeter Mig-29 SMT with cold war resin/PE full cockpit set and Eduard mig-29M PE interior set. The cold war cockpit set can be used in the trumpeter kit or the Revell kit as I have all the parts for either kit. I'm asking 150 euros plus postage. Anyone interested PM me. Kit located in France Cheers
  12. This kit has a few pieces off the sprues but it's all complete and and includes all these aftermarket sets Not in original box Flightpath resin/PE detail and conversion set. So you can also make a recon version GR1A with this set. Flightpath resin sky shadow ECM pod Aires resin exhaust nozzle set Aries resin cockpit set 2 sets of Flightpath resin/PE RAF Paveway II laser guided bombs (total of 4 bombs) Set of CAM resin ALARM anti-radiation missiles Flightpath PE set of flaps and slats Mix of original kit decals Super scale decals to make a Sau
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