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  1. Hi all I am having a a bit of a clean out. So selling the following 1/32 kits. All in as new condition 1/32 trumpeter Mig21 MF. Price 50 Euros 1/32 trumpeter Mig29 SMT price 80 Euros 1/32 Tamiya F15C eagle. Price 100 Euros 1/32 Tamiya F16C Block50. Price 120 euros I'm offering free postage within France and to Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Holland, UK, Austria and Portugal by Mondial relay Anyone interested, PM me. Cheers
  2. Hi all Im am desperately wanting for a set of 1/32 Sky Decals F16 Barak decals. if any anyone has any to sell please PM me. Im prepared to pay good dollar Many thanks Cheers
  3. Ok guys we can end the thread!!!!! I have Zacto man's Mig23 correction set and that includes 4 BD-60-23 pylons. So I'm all set. Thanks to all who gave me info.
  4. I forgot to ask. Did they mount all 4 of the bomb racks to the BD-60-23 pylons? Or just the bomb racks under the wings?
  5. Thanks for that. Now the question is where can I get 2 BD-60-23 pylons? Are they in any of trumpeters mig kits?
  6. And sorry guys one last thing. Can anyone tell me what type pylon they mounted the MBD2-67U MER on under the wings on the Mig23 which replaced the R-23 missile pylon. Was it the same pylon they used to mount the MBD2-67U under the wing on the SU25? Thanks for any info Cheers
  7. Hi guys Sorry for that. I'd just forgotten I'd already started that on another thread. But from memory, I didn't get a definite answer. I was reading that the Russians carried 4 RBK 250s on the MBD2-67U as the outer casing was only 5mm thick so not so heavy. So can we put this question to bed once and for all and just tell me if they carried RBK 250 cluster bombs on the MBD2-67U racks or just ZAB 100s, FAB 100s and OFAB 100s? I'm doing a mig-23 and want to put 4 MBD2-67U racks on her Adam Afghanistan bird. I will also do a Mig21 as an Afghanistan bird as well but h
  8. Hi all Can anyone tell me what bombs could be carried on the russian MBD2-67U MER? Was it just FAB 100 and OFAB 100s? Or could the carry larger RBK250 cluster bombs or FAB 250s? similar on them? Any help appreciated Cherrs
  9. You can't beat having excellent reference material and nothing beats a book. We have the internet now and can lookup anything or find pictures but that can never replace a book. A book contains pictures, information and the only way you gain knowledge is by reading. With a book you can pull it out any time, have a read or lookup anything as it's at your fingertips. There is nothing that beats that smell of an open book. To me, buying a book is as important as buying the kit. Some people just make models for the enjoyment but I also make models to learn about the engineering, of the jet,
  10. Yes you did thanks. I bought the book "Famous russian aircraft mig-23 and mig-27" by Yefim GORDON. It's a great book for a modelling reference and information. Go no further than this book for all you need to know about the Mig23 and it's variants. I'm doing an Afghanistan war bird. Interesting thing is that they either flew strike/interdiction missions or just CAPS. They never had a mix of AA missiles and bombs, just one or the other. I recently purchased a heap of different ordnance from reskit as I'm also doing a SU25 as well. An interesting picture shows the Mig23 MLD wi
  11. Thanks for that. Yes I've been going through my book Famous russian aircraft on the mig 23 MLD and I don't see any difference in the position of the landing gear or nose attitude in photos where it is bombed up, has a full AA load or is clean. So what you are saying makes perfect sense. So I think I'll put on the landing gear that is not compressed. I'll also have a read of your suggestions. Many thanks again
  12. Yes you are right. The russian cockpit colours can vary and it can all depend on what factory it comes from. I've seen all different grey colours in SU25 cockpits simply because each factory was using a different paint. But as I said, I don't like acrylics and the model master colour is the closest to the colour the mig cockpits should be. You can always add a little green to it or change it accordingly if you are modelling a specific aircraft. But as a base colour for mig cockpits, I think it's spot on
  13. Hi all I'm building the 1/32 trumpeter Mig-23 MLD flogger K. However I need to make a decision on the main landing gear. I'm doing an Afghanistan war bird but I am undecided as to whether I will give it a full air to air loadout or a strike loadout. So In the kit you get two sets of metal main landing gear. One set is for showing the jet is under weight making it sit low, and the other set is for showing the jet is light and has the model sit higher. Now if I put on a full air to air loadout, would that be enough to show the jet is under weight and should I use thi
  14. I managed to find model master #2135 russian interior blue/green. So all set. Took me half the night to find a shop who had it but I found it. So I ordered 3 bottles to make sure I won't run out when building my mig-21s and mig-23s.
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