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  1. So guys just recap what I need to change externally to make the F16D 1/ ommit parts C24 and C25 air intakes from tail fin 2/ sand off bulges on main landing gear doors as using lightweight landing gear 3/ put landing lights on main landing gear struts 4/ only have 2 (max 4) dispensers 5/ use the MCID intake for late version F16D or the small mouth for early version So is that all the correct changes? If I just follow the instructions and copy the Tamiya Thunderbird externally (except the tail air intake parts), I should have an externally correct F
  2. Guys just drifting off topic for a second. I also want to make a 1/32 F15C aggressor using afterburner decals #AFD48081 (decals are in 1/32 scale but also come with 1/48 scale version) Not sure which scheme yet from desert flanker, blue flanker or digital flanker aggressor schemes). My quick question was would a 1/32 aires late version cockpit set be ok on its own or should I also use the 1/32 wolfpack #WP32025 MSIP update set which has the updated IPs ect. I'm assuming the updated IPs etc came into service in the cockpits of the F15Cs prior to 2012? Anyone let me kn
  3. My only challenge left is I bought the aires 1/32 F16C cockpit set for the academy kit and now I'll have to careful joint the front pit to the rear pit that comes in the kit. The rear pit is obviously not as detailed as the aires resin front pit as it the rear pit is from the kit. So I'll have to spruce it up a bit to match the front pit detail. I thought about using Eduard sets but Eduard only make an Eduard cockpit for the academy sufa which is obviously a block 52 and the instrument layout would be completely different to a F16D. So I'll have to cut off the rear pit from the kit tub and
  4. Yes I think all set. I haven't built an academy F16 before but s few Tamiya ones. I think the tamiya kit is the better kit but the academy kit should come up all right. I'll pit an ACMI on the right wing tip and an AN/ALQ 188 jamming pod on her belly and she should come up alright
  5. Yes good point. I have an extra sprue of the clear parts so shod be easy put the lights on the struts. I can use a lot of stuff from the Thunderbirds kit and I think the lights are on the struts in the Thunderbirds kit as its a block 32. The whole F16D project popped into my head as I bought the academy sufa simply for the baby JDAMS and I bought the Thunderbirds kit when they were still plentiful. Then I bought all the isracast stuff to convert the Thunderbirds kit into a Sufa. So I didn't know what to do with the academy sufa and as it is a two seater, the F16D idea popp
  6. Yes I will sand down the bulges on the wheel bay doors as I will have the gear down down. So that's not a problem. I just wanted to know there was no obvious differences in the main wheel bay which was easy to see that it was either a heavy landing gear wheel bay or light landing gear wheel bay. But as I understand it, there is no real differences between light and heavy landing gear wheel bays. So if I use the 1.32 aires sufa wheel bay, no one could tell the difference
  7. Thanks Niels for all the info. You are obviously very knowledgable on the viper variants and i appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge with me. Its great to see a community like the model one where everyone helps out and goes out of their way to share info or help fellow forum members. I have just one more question. In relation to the heavy and light landing gear, did this make any real obvious external differences in the wheel bays? It seems I can only find one 1/32 wheel bay set that is designed to fit the academy F16 and its the sufa wheel bay set. Could I use the s
  8. Hi all I'm wanting a 1/32 academy F18D Hornet rear two seater canopy. I'm happy to buy it from anyone or swap a single seat F18A/C canopy including the parts to make a F18C including aset of F18C tail find with add of F18C aggressor decals. I'll also include a F18C cockpit set. Anyone interested, PM me. I'm based in France but postage would only be about 15 USD. Hope someone can sell me one or do a trade. Cheers
  9. Neils, what small air intake are you talking about on the tail that the D doesn't have? Is it it the little parts 25 And 24 that are just really small air inducts on the right side of the tail? And I assume the tail shape and tail base of the block 30-32 is exactly the same as in the thunderbirds kit and needs no alteration?
  10. Hi all I am wanting the clear two seat canopy from the 1/32 Academy F-16I SUFA or 1/32 Academy F-16D kit. The part number from the sufa kit is part K. I am located in France. If anyone has one to sell or I am prepared to make a trade if someone is looking for something chances are I might have (decals, aftermarket resin parts etc). Please PM me. I also have the vacuform canopy from the isracast 1/32 F-16I SUFA conversion kit I am also prepared to swap for the academy cockpit if that interests anyone. Hope somone can help Cheers
  11. Also guys one question. Could I make a F16D aggressor of the 18 TFW with a load out of a sniper pod, with live Bomb munitions and live sidewinders and AMRAAMS? As I assume they also train pilots using live loadouts?
  12. I was just researching the 1.32 aired F16D cockpit set and I see it was put on the market in 2010. Doesn't anyone know if its out IG production? If so, does anyone have one to sell? Problem is I can use a black box F16C block 30-32 pit for the from pit but but I'd then have then have to use the academy kit rear pit. Obviously thr rear pit would not be as detailed and would not I volve quite a bit of work to bring it up to the same detail. Not really a big problem, but a lot of work and if I could get the 1/32 Aires F16D cockpit set, would save me a lot of work. I h
  13. Thanks guys for all the info. Most helpful. With all the F16 variants you almost need a degree in F16 variants and differences. Just one idea I had, does anyone know if the 1/32 Aires F16D cockpit set for the hasegawa kit would fit into my academy F16? I. Converting a 1/32 Sufa into a F16D. Anyone tried it?
  14. Does anyone think you could could use two black box 1/32 F-16 block 32 cockpit tubs to make a dual cockpit for a F16D? I have all the necessary parts for the two seat cockpit but wondered if they could be joined together. Anyone tried it?
  15. And of course I will have to use lightweight landing gear and I think I'll just sand down the bulges in the wheel cover doors.
  16. Just one question. Are the tail fins the same on the F16D block 30 and the F16CJ block 50? Im converting a 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ into a F16D block 30 using the academy sufa top half of the fuselage as it fits fine to to the bottom. Half of the Tamiya F16CJ. The air intakes fit as well and the engine and engine cowling. I simply had to cut out the engine cowling from the academy top half fuselage. So the academy kit comes with the large and small air intakes. So its not hard to make a F16D using the academy sufa and the tamiya F16CJ. Thanks guys for any answers Che
  17. Thanks guys for the replies and info. You have helped me greatly Cheers
  18. Can anyone tell me the differences between the F16D block 30 and a block 50? Thanks
  19. Hi Gary Awesome!!! I live in France so if you could post them the cheapest way as I don't need a tracking number for these. How much did you want for the parts? Or I could swap you for the parts to make a single seat F18C and I'll include a set of tail fins as well for you. Let me know. Cheers Rohan
  20. I also have an isracast vacuform canopy for a SUFA. If anyone is interested in swapping that for an academy two dear clear canopy, let me know Cheers
  21. Hi all I see Monokio has just released a set of 1/32 F-16D arctic/Wolfpack decals. Has anyone used them yet? I just bought a set so I'm hoping they are good quality. Just had a question about them. Are they for the F16D block 30 or for the F-16 block 32s?Can anyone tell me. I'd be most appreciated Most appreciated if someone can tell me if the decals are for a F16 block 30, In which case I can use the 1/32 Tamiya F16 block 50 with changing it into a block 30 twin seater or I can use the 1/32 Tamiya F16C block 32 converting it into a twin seater . So if som
  22. Dors anyone happen to have a 1/32 academy F18D kit? I have two 1/32 academy F18s. One is a F18A and the other a F18C. I desperately want to make a F18B I was wondering if anyone had a F18D and would be willing to swap parts so I could make a F18B. I would need parts J54, i2, i11 and the rear two seat canopy. In return I would swap the parts you would need to make a single seat F18C or A. I would also include a decal sheet for you to make an aggressor and an Aires cockpit set I would give you parts H1, H2, G12, J44, J55 and the rear canopy. Also if you needed
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