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  1. Damn you! Do you know what you're doing to my stash?! Now I need two of those.....
  2. Will take Superscale/Microscale 48-753. F-15A Eagles- 5th FIS C.O. & 48the FIS C.O.
  3. Why is it you put out sheets and I end up buying two kits for every release?
  4. Kursad, any estimate on a release date?
  5. Mind sharing? I'm debating on how much to do.....
  6. I spent my summers standing at the fence at NXX, news there are decals for those units thrills me....I just bought 4 P-3 kits.
  7. Yes! I'll take 4!!! You made my day!
  8. Gonna be a tough mask......
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