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  1. Thank you, excited to get a few sets!
  2. I'd actually like to buy 2, please let me know what you have.
  3. Hoping these are still part of the upcoming line up in the next few months......
  4. Hello Kursad, I have a suggestion for your website. Whenever you have a new release, especially like the new P-3 (Ima need 4 of those) sheet coming out I'm pretty eager to secure my sheets as I know they will sell out. I rush over to the website to see if they're available but typically there are a ton of sold old sheets pictured. I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss the sheet I want because it's a lot to look through and I'm not smart enough to sort through the sold out sheets. I initially thought "why couldn't the sold out sheets be deleted from the website".....but then I thought t
  5. I haven't seen what the retail price is going to be.....is $70 from Lucky a bit of a discount?
  6. Great thread! Going to start assembling components (kit, decals) for the stash.....thank you all!
  7. I really appreciate the help, but I'd hate to ruin a whole kit to replace a wing tip. I'd rather just replace the whole kit. Thank you!
  8. That would be perfect! Except I effed up the wrong side...... >.< https://www.ebay.com/itm/ESCI-ERTL-KC-135-GULF-WAR-9122-PARTS-SPRUE-D-PORT-WING-ASSEMBLY-1-72/293943843838?hash=item44706b1bfe:g:qlIAAOSw6rda9PBj Thanks for that though....
  9. I was nearly finished with the building getting ready for paint. I bought the kit out of the sprues so the wings were noticeably warped. Before gluing on the bottom outer section of the wing I try to use a heat gun to get some of the warp out. I got distracted for a second (a new cut was bleeding all other the model) and apparently the old, brittle plastic got too hot and shrunk up like a piece of bacon. It's already glued to the fuselage and I'm really pissed at my self. Does anyone have this kit in parts or a whole other kit they'd sell me? I really screwed this up. Thanks for l
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