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  1. Anyone tried these? They seem to a multitude of uses. http://reedoak.com/#!/1-48-2500-mm-barricades-set-of-2-pieces/p/77246076/category=15593073
  2. I need another set, please let me know if you have a one to sell......
  3. This thread seems to make the case that you can just randomly spray various shades of grey anywhere you want on a naval aircraft and it'd be authentic.....brilliant!
  4. Just an update. I ended up ordering these... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KFH9G2Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Used them this weekend and they're great. Used them with lacquer thinner and they had no problem handling it. Thinner evaporated before any melting occurred. Very happy.
  5. Bought the tattoo ink cups as well....thanks for the link!
  6. True, but they're based overseas and delivery is 3 weeks away. I'd like to find a domestic shop to buy from, even if more expensive. thanks.
  7. I'm really looking for something that ships from the US. Any shops that can respond would be appreciated or if anyone has a few packages they'd like to sell. Need small metal paint dishes. Thank you!
  8. Thanks, gonna buy everything this weekend......
  9. I have been very blessed to have a long career in aviation. I've been an air traffic controller for 27 years and I have been gathering kits from aircraft I have talked to on the radio. This includes U-2's, F-15's, KC-135's, every airliner and many others. I was fortunate to have a friend be even MORE into aviation than I was (we were controllers together) and he started Ace Maker aviation. I have been to many airshows with him flying in his T-33 that uses to perform. https://www.acemaker33.com He recently acquired his third T-33 and has a really cool video of a three ship formation on FB if you care to look. Long story longer, I want to get a kit to model as closely as possible one of the aircraft I've flown in. They all are actually Canadian CT-133's. I'm looking in 1/48 and I have seen the GWH and the Academy. I want to buy all the PE and metal landing gear parts I can now as these things seem to disappear over time. I will need to have the decals made or make them myself. Any recommendations you have for kits would be great. Also, if you are modeling a T-33 and need pictures of anything, please let me know.....I know a guy. Thanks in advance guys!
  10. Cluck, cluck, cluck.....you hens are amazing. It's your hobby, but I don't get how you receive more enjoyment bitching about a kit than actually building one you like. It's like arguing is the most enjoyable part of the hobby. As I said....it's your hobby 🙄 Maybe head to You're welcome! FFS
  11. I just got my kits from Kitlinx, but there were no ordinance sets. I guess I thought they would be included with all pre-orders. Anyone else find this to be the case? Thanks!
  12. I ordered from Kit Linx, no word on the shipping......
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