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  1. Happy New Year from the Fence Check crew. Here are some articles filled with great photographs and cool stories. Enjoy! - Photo of the Month, December '08 - Hawgsmoke 2008 - Grand Junction Airshow - Interview with Dave "Bio" Baranek - Reno Air Races 2008 Blue Skies! Roger
  2. Thanks for the nice words. I'll forward them to Paul Filmer, who's the photographer and writer of the article. Cheers, Roger
  3. A report from five days at four bases at Germany's largest exercise - ELITE 2008 Sun, rain and flares! Enjoy! Roger
  4. Just as The French Air Force Rafales arrive at Nellis for Red Flag, we take a peek at the warm-up deployment to Luke AFB, AZ.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments Roger
  6. Thanks! We'll have another update this week. Roger
  7. >> Kedar Karmarkar visits Mountain Home while the Indian Air Force works-up before heading to Red Flag at Nellis. >> A new month means a new Photo of the Month. Check out July's additions to Fence Check's best images. >> In the latest FC interview, we get insight into the unique way the official photographers for the Canadian Snowbirds work. >> Just a short news type article regarding the effect of new EEC regulations >> This week's article is Curt Jans' report from Atlanta on VMFA-142's Cadre Ceremony, held in late May. >> This week we've published Bruno Tucci's report on the Quebec City Airshow. Enjoy! Roger
  8. Love that paintscheme Scout! Awesome. Thanks for sharing those shots. Roger
  9. Our last article of Phence Check Phantom Week is a more uplifting story about Phantoms that are actually flying operational missions. There are still several countries that have the mighty Rhino in their inventory as operational assets. Germany is one of them and several Fence Checkers captured the Phantom at work at Wittmund Air Base. It's our goal to bring you more coverage over time about Phantoms still flying around the world. We hope you've enjoyed our three part coverage this Phantom Week.
  10. Today the second article of Phantom Week is published. A bit depressing, but an important part of the Phantom History, that keeps our phavorite plane in the air for a couple more years; The Final Mission: The USAF’s QF-4 Target Drones Enjoy! Roger
  11. Phantom Week has started here at Phence Check. 50 Years of Phabulous Phantoms! Our first article in a series about the Rhino is published today. Enjoy! Roger
  12. Glad everybody likes the article. We'll have a special set of articles planned for next week. Stay tuned! Roger
  13. We've published our latest article at Fence Check; Red Flag Alaska. http://www.fencecheck.com/news/Red_Flag_Alaska/ Cheers, Roger
  14. We've published an article about the official USAF Thunderbirds Photographer. Technical Sergeant Justin Pyle has one of the most coveted jobs for photographers in the US Air Force – he’s the senior photographer for the service’s Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds. Recently, he took the time to speak to Fence Check about his position. Read Article »
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