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  1. Just got the same thing from him for the Xotic P-64 I am looking for. The thing is he just joined 2 hours ago, so how would he know about a post from a few days ago? I almost fell for it until I did a search on louis09 and found this thread
  2. While perusing the internet searching for info on training aircraft I came across this interesting site https://usafhpa.org/schoolhist/histschool.htm in the text they include these 2 pictures of Bell H-13 helicopters But there is no mention of which model H-13 they are. Based on the shape of the door opening and the shape of the bubble I would guess an H-13C, D or E model(?) Can any of you experts confirm or correct this? Also what colors would these be in the early 50's; OD, yellow, something else? Thanks Howard
  3. Thanks for responding, better late then never. I did get some help and a finished it some months ago. You can see much of the interior between the distortion of the "window" and some dust infiltration.
  4. Great!. Thanks for the info @jstar. Howard
  5. Does anyone have data on the dimensions of the Bell 47/H-13. I am specifically looking for the cabin dimensions. The total length height and rotor width are easy to find, but not the cabin dimension. I have the Italeri OH-13S kit that I want to build as a TH-13T. I have seen that the TH-13T cabin was 8" wider then the -13S, but not an absolute number and I have no idea how accurate the Italeri kit is. Thanks Howard
  6. I am planning on building the 1/72 Revell UH-72A/EC145 as the current US Army training helicopter. I have searched the web and this thread https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.arcforums.com%2Fforums%2Fair%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F288717-uh-72a-lakota-interior-color-configuration%2F&psig=AOvVaw1_lh7RHVRy05G5Nk7yXrwF&ust=1643578790738000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAwQjhxqFwoTCLiY7qH21_UCFQAAAAAdAAAAABA2 and while there are plenty of pictures of the Medivac version I can't find any interior shots of the training version. Does anyone know how the interior is
  7. A bit late, but I have their mask for the AV-8B and found them less than useful. The rubbery material does not bend well around curves or over any small protrusions. It just comes unstuck. I only found it useful as a template for cutting masks out of Tamiya tape.
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