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  1. 1/48 Heller Mirage IIID converted from the B/C kit I used parts from the Mirage IIIO sheet, it would be nice to see some IIID options in a future RAAF Mirage sheet release
  2. Revell, Zvezda, Minicraft, Daco, Eastern Express, Roden, Mikromir are all manufacturers that make kits with recessed panel lines in 1/144 scale. Be aware that the early Revell kits such as their B747-100, B727 and DC-10-10 kits (originally released in the 60s and 70s) have raised detail and have been re-released recently. All their Airbus and Embraer kits are recessed along with the later released Concorde, 767, and 747-400 and 747-8 kits. Revell has also released Zvezda kits (B777 and IL-96) under their own brand. All the Airfix releases are raised detail as they were all older 70s issues. As Kurt mentioned, Zvezda's airline releases all have recessed detail. Any kit that was initially released prior to the early 90s will most likely have raised panel lines. You also need to be aware of some re-boxing across manufacturers. While I said Minicraft had kits with recessed detail, they did release an ex-Airfix Model 314 flying boat with raised detail. Scalemates is a good place to check the heritage of a kit along with various online review sites like Cyberhobby, Hyperscale and others.
  3. Is this the early issue of the Hasegawa kit? Looking forward to your progress, I have one or 2 of these to build as RAAF and RCAF versions.
  4. The detail on the Airfix kit is a bit softer than the Hasegawa one, it also has raised detail, one plus for the Airfix kit is it includes a basic weapons bay, some stores (Harpoons) and extendable MAD boom.
  5. If you tag him @Mark S. he will get a notification. Though according to the site he has not been around since early Decemeber. I have Pm'ed you his email address
  6. Nice build, love the backdrop you use
  7. Very helpful! Thank you sir! I have repainted the black areas to better reflect the wedge shape. I am not sure if I will dirty it up yet. I am not the best at weathering 😄 From other pictures I have seen I note that the port inboard fuel tank gets very dirty/sooty. Also the sensor turret is a darker grey than the lower fuselage colour.
  8. I have been getting to this one when I can, I have finally got the under wing stores painted and attached. Some more painting and wheel well doors to go. I may have to redo the black areas under the wings, I don't think the shape of the black area is quite right.
  9. The High Planes Recce pallet is the old Plane Bits one, I have the original Plane Bits part as well as a dodgy knock off I picked up at a swap meet many years ago. The High Planes pallet is a lot more refined and detailed than the original.
  10. Good to see you progressing Tom, nice save on the windscreen
  11. Rather impressive as usual Si. Showing the Tamiya bottle in the picture really show how small the bit you have added are! I'd be interested to see a picture of the stuff you are using to spruce the SD up.
  12. I built one prior to the Caracal sheet being released, but I have another in the stash with plans to do a Singapore Air Force version one day
  13. Wow! Impressive build! It looks excellent
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