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  1. Very nice, looks great with the 'green' motive power packs.
  2. Old Models in NZ do a variety of A-4K sheets 70s- 85 SEA Scheme 85 - Current Wrap around and all over green
  3. Nice to see some progress, I must start my CP-140 soon. I always thought the blades were a natural aluminium and the inner section was a slightly different finish due to a manufacturing process. I have always painted Orion props some sort of aulminium/metalic finish. Thought your pictures do show they match the underside grey.
  4. Another quality build from the Thommo workshops! Was great to follow this build mate.
  5. Same here, I used to watch them do there trade here while on the flightline as a young RAAF avionics tech. Also flew in them a couple of times. One day I will get around to building my KMC kit attempting to correct its faults.
  6. Ah, Yep! A very nice build. Thanks for sharing the link Ben.
  7. Nice build and build review, I prefer the Minicraft kit over the Airfix one myself. They are hard to find in these parts these days.
  8. Nice start Derek, I have a couple of these in the stash, I will be following along. I had planned to also do one as a silver/white E model. For the other I have a X/YB-52 conversion for which I may or may not use.
  9. Just caught up with your progress SI, the detail and lights looks great. i have renewed interest in the Star Destroyer as I picked one up at a bargain price a couple of months ago at our club swap and sell.
  10. Yes the RN version is different. They could have done the sole SH-3D that the Empire Test Pilots School operated for some years, VX-370
  11. Pretty sure you are correct that it is Fujimi plastic. Apparently there will be a few more Italeri releases this year using Fujimi moulds. Some info here
  12. If you check the Brengun website you will see what Attack Squadron stuff is available. Not everything they releases has been reissued by Brengun at this stage. C-130 wise, only the E/H and J model engines, the flap set and wheel set have been reissued.
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