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  1. Group Build Completed!

    My decals arrived yesterday. Thanks very much Sean.
  2. 1/144 TWA Connie

    Very nice Darren! I love the lines of the Connie as well.
  3. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Nice, thanks for the update Si. The weapons bay and gear leg detail looks good.
  4. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    Thanks for the heads up on the C-5 sheet availability, just popped an order in for the C-5A sheet
  5. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Hey Si, You mentioned you had almost finished this in another thread, any pictures for us? BTW I came across my Testors B-2 in the stash the other day... should I build it?
  6. A pair of Delta F-14 Tomcats

  7. Airfix 1/144 Shuttle Orbiter

    Fantastic job there Pete!
  8. F-4E Phantoms???

    According to Scalemates, the recent Italeri issue is a rebox of the Esci kit
  9. C-135FR vs USAF KC-135R Differences

    The Heller KC-135FR kit is a repop of the AMT KC-135R. The only differences between the FR and R releases between the 2 companies is that Heller included the wing tip hose/drogue reel units (which Italeri also included in their repop of the R in 2014). The AMT kit does not have these. For external differences between the R and FR I would suggest the antenna fit, but since the kit is the USAF version to start with you can build a USAF version OOB from the Heller kit. You will have to check refs to see if there are any changes to USAF machines for the period you are modelling since this kit was originally released in 1996. Heller released their version in 2003 but only with added drogue pods as mentioned. Interestingly the Italeri issue comes with USAF and French Air Force decal options. I have built the Italeri boxing and have copies of the AMT and Heller kits in the stash.
  10. 1:72 Airfix MiG-23MF Flogger B Romania

    Nice result Ryan, the old Airfix kit scrubs up nicely
  11. 1/72 ec-135c looking glass help

    PM sent
  12. 1/72 ec-135c looking glass help

    I have the kit and can scan the instructions for you if you like?
  13. Group Build Idea: TOPGUN 50th Anniversary (next year)

    Ahhhh???? Why would Mav be flying for a Chinese company? I figured the CAG was threatening a posting to a USN transport squadron????
  14. Group Build Idea: TOPGUN 50th Anniversary (next year)

    I pictured a C-2 Greyhound myself
  15. Hobby shops in Honolulu?

    Dave, I think everyone else had covered the highlights. You will find a few kits in the Museum gift shops, mainly Revell and those that related the theme of the museum. If you picked the Pearl Harbour and City Highlights tour, you will be up early and have a busy day. Last time I went (this time last year) I caught a shuttle bus from my hotel and bought passes to the attractions I wanted to see at the Visitors centre. I was there about 4 hours in total.