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  1. Well it looks like you had a good think about the conversion. The full kit looks great as I said. It is nice to see these obscure types being built. I would love to do the CAEW one day. Looking forward to seeing the next iteration with gear.
  2. Nice shot Gary, thanks for sharing As for the image linking, there was a forum update a while ago that screwed the use of IMG tags resulting in linking direct to a URL. There is a back end tweak to the forum that would make them work again as the BritModeller forum (they use the same software) had the same issue and it was tweaked to fix the same issue.
  3. That is great job on the G550CAEW AF. 🏆 I have both of the SovaM Special mission releases of the AModel A550, the Israeli G550 and the 'JSTARS' kit. Have you considered creating an update set of just the lumps and bumps to modify either of the more suitable SovaM kits?
  4. Thanks for sharing Ryan, a great turnout by all accounts. I'm looking forward to attending next year when I hopefully become a resident over there in the new year.
  5. It will get to you eventually Ken, I had package from Argentina take 16 months to reach me here in Canberra, purchased just before the 'Vid' was stopping a lot of airline schedules. I am eyeing a few new and coming releases, looks like I will have to pool them until I reach $50 worth.
  6. Nice start Siba, as Dutch says your windows and engines look great. Looking forward to seeing the final result
  7. Nice progress Jon. I'm with Brother Dutch on the window issue, I prefer a smooth finish. You may be lucky with the decal window spacing, but it the kit guys got it wrong and the decal guys got it right (or visa versa) you will have a bad mismatch with windows and indents. I have also found door outlines on the window decal lines were not aligned so I also fill those.
  8. Looks Great, and nice base too! 🏆
  9. Thanks again guys, I did a test fit of wings parts after reshaping another engine pylon, one left to do Also finished the wing scribing Fit test Looks like the number 3 flap track fairing is a little short and will need to be corrected
  10. More relief Si! It was putting me off doing any more to it as I could not get it right. The good thing is that is progresses again.
  11. A local lockdown brings renewed interest in the Anigrand C-17 Globemaster, some time ago I decided to check the fit and sit of the landing gear components and and the start of the 3rd or 4th reshape of the nose/cockpit, the shape had been bugging me and I have realized I added too much putty to the nose, so some of that will be coming off. I also sawed the roof of the cockpit off in another attempt to get the windscreen panels the right shape and size. and with my near completion C-130J-30 I had also scribed one of the wings some time ago using t
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