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  1. You could hang some AMRAAMS on dual adapter rails. Like this
  2. This is the Hasegawa P-3C kit built as a CP-140 of the Canadian Armed Forces. It is painted as a Fincastle Trophy participant from 405SQN back in 2001. I neglected to add the observation windows in the lower fuselage. It might be done at a later date with some creative masking and some silver paint. Decals are from the Canuck sheet for the main markings and a custom sheet for the eagles head outlines. That decal did not conform too well and the wrinkles have been hit a number of times with setting solution, I suppose a few more doses are required to remove all the wrinkles.
  3. A couple of Hasegawa P-3 kits: P-3C Orion of 10 SQN RAAF CP-140 Aurora of 405SQN CAF
  4. Thanks guys, I have another three on the production line and 4 left in my stash. Looks like I need to find some more 😄
  5. This is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit built OOB and finished with kit and Canuck Decals for a machine from 10SQN RAAF. HF wire antennas from Eziline,
  6. I have built 3 of the Arii/LS kits over the years and all of them needed the windscreen mod. At least Arii supplied an Electra windscreen in all the boxings I had This one was built in 2004 without the mod ( I was not aware of it at the time) These 2 were built in 2013 and were modified
  7. Great job, a very unique jet to have in your collection!
  8. Sorry for the late reply, I missed your post earlier. The parts count is not that high for a kit this size and it goes together rather quickly. The moulds are getting old and you will find some flash to clean up. All the panel line detail is raised, it is an effort to rescribe. I have only tried rescribing twice out of all my builds. Strengthen the upper fuselage seam, and watch the fit of the sonobuoy plate, it tends to want to sink into its recess resulting in some painful filling. Also reinforce the joins at the rear of the wing where it joins the fuselage The engi
  9. Yes it was in the discount bin at LHS 😛 in all seriousness (is that a word?) I used 2 kits and modified C-130J engines & props
  10. It certainly is Brother Dutch, still sorting out some filling and sanding issues. It is a putty bomb and will be pushed tot eh back of the display area when done 😄d I figure I would do it in a TPS scheme as all the PR images I have seen had in that colour scheme, VP-4 or VP-46 at this stage
  11. Can't wait for this sheet, my current 'Palmdale Line' does not have a straight USN variant at the moment. I do have an EP-3E I am waiting to start.
  12. Paul, these kits are basically printed on demand. While I have not seen a 1/72 kit built I have seen a 1/48 scale kit completed and built in Dutch colours. Here is a link to his website, he sells through Ebay mainly. At the moment there are 1/48 and 1/32 kits available through his Ebay store. There is an email on his website to order directly from him.
  13. I have been collecting them over the years, I have 7 built P-3s from various nations in the 'cave', 4 on the bench at the moment another 5 in the stash. Looking forward to this sheet. The only USN variant I have built so far is a VX-30 NP-3D and would like to do a USN scheme not released by Hasegawa.
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