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  1. I managed to link one image of the Hamilton Hobbies RAAF C-130H conversion set I used the sponsons from C-130H EWSP by Ray Seppala, on Flickr
  2. it certainly is, only started to happen with this thread to me.
  3. Cheers guys, The aftermarket I have used is as follows: Jen's Bits (from UK) engines and props. Attack Squadron Harvest hawk conversion Hamilton Hobbies C-130H update set (for the undercarriage sponson extensions) I tried to link some images from Flickr but I keep getting a forum error
  4. I have been dabbling with this one for a while and I am now trying to reduce the shelf of Doom models to a manageable amount I am converting an Italeri KC-130F to KC-130J Harvest Hawk with the addition of some aftermarket resin from Jen's Bits, Hamilton Hobbies and Attack Squadron, as well as some scratch building. The latest work has been to start adding the antennas and other lumps and bumps. I could not resist a test fit of the tanks and pylons as well.
  5. All good Brother Dutch, It seems the VC-10 experts over at BM have found some issues with shape of cockpit windscreen. I know Air Graphics (UK resin manufacturer) are doing cockpit internals, entry door area and landing gear/wheels for it. They announced them a few weeks before Telford, most assumed they were for the Anigrand or Airways kits, not so.
  6. Correction, has released the VC-10 kits, they were on sale at the Telford model show over the weekend.
  7. Nice work Pete, nice to see you finish something again. What scale? I assume the Italeri kit?
  8. All good here Steve, Also I am able to change the theme back to 'Default' and it is displaying correctly again.
  9. All good Curt, we all have techniques that works for each of us, good luck sorting out a method for you.
  10. I have not had any issues gluing ezyline to itself with super glue. Though I do use an accelerant when setting the glue. I used the superglue method on my Matchbox Helldiver
  11. See my post above, no more new news from Kinetic on this since May. On the Facebook page a couple of requests for the C-17 have gone unanswered by Kinetic, the last one was in September this year.
  12. Thanks!, Thought it was something to do with the exhaust and my Google Foo failed on finding the meaning.
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