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  1. Trojan Thunder

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Looks great Thommo, I have a Revell boxing of this kit in the stash. This is a great build thread for the mods you have done.
  2. Trojan Thunder

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    NIce a start Si, I wish I had the patience to do detailing stuff like this. I lose interest very quickly these days.
  3. Trojan Thunder

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Scrubbing up nicely, another quality piece of work from the Thommo Workshops!
  4. Trojan Thunder

    CD144010 - 1/144 RAF C-130J

    and the UK https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8908366 and
  5. Trojan Thunder

    CD144010 - 1/144 RAF C-130J

    Any news on this sheet Kursad? Looks like you have allocated this sheet number to the new EC-121 sheet. Does this sheet have a new number?
  6. Trojan Thunder

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Rigging looks great Thommo, nice work
  7. Trojan Thunder

    L/F L-1011 and 777...

    I keep a lookout for new airliner conversion sets, decals and kits. Though 1/200 is not my scale I still look out for it. As you would be aware 1/200 is not as mainstream as other airliners scales and Military types which attract a lot more attention when it come to aftermarket stuff. I have seen plenty of people 'roll their own' flap/slats sets in 1/200 and 1/144 because there is no aftermarket around. As I said above I have only seen one set in for the 737NG in1/144 which is available from Contrails in the USA and a set for the C-17 by Wolfpack. Even a search of Shapeways gives no Airliner wing/flap sets. To date, I have seen no 1/200 flap/slat sets around. I am happy to be corrected if you can find any sets for 1/200 (and other sets for 1/144)?
  8. Trojan Thunder

    1/144 A350 Cathay Pacific

    Nice job!
  9. Trojan Thunder

    L/F L-1011 and 777...

    None, not many around for 1/144 either. In fact, I am only aware of a wing and flap/slat set for a 1/144 NG 737 and Looks like you need to scratch build if you want to go down that path.
  10. Trojan Thunder

    Revell 1/426 USS Arizona

    This is looking great Don, I realised I have an old Revell Tanker kit in the stash and a Coast Guard Cutter as well. I might look at building one of those for this GB. I haven't finished a ship in years. You are making this old kit look like a newly tooled one that falls together!
  11. Trojan Thunder

    Engines snap-off models

    I have only had issues once of engine pylons failing and that was with a Revell KC10. I still have the model and intend to replace the kit pylon with a more solid scratch built pylon You could reinforce the pylon with some sort of rod before assembling and then pin it to the wing as per the article @crackerjazz mentioned
  12. Trojan Thunder

    F/A-18A Blue Angels

    Going great guns there John, So what will you be doing with the 'C' you started at the beginning of this thread, make it a line bird?
  13. Trojan Thunder

    Revell 1/426 USS Arizona

    Nice start Don, I have the Ashey book as well. Might have to revisit it.
  14. Trojan Thunder

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Powering along with this one Thommo. Nice bits of detailing going on here.