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  1. Trojan Thunder

    Fokker F-27 and C-46

    As far as I know Leading Edge only did a C-47 sheet for Buffalo, there was a C-46 sheet? I'd am interested in Buffalo C-46 sheet for my 1/72 kit, though I will be great to see what other options are suggested as I could be swayed to a military scheme for it.
  2. Trojan Thunder

    Fokker F-27 and C-46

    Finnish Air Force would be good for the F-27
  3. Trojan Thunder

    Zvezda 787-9 ANA R2D2 livery

    Thanks, yes I noticed you had some fun with the larger decals. I enjoy your videos as they show me different ways to build compared to my usual methods.
  4. Trojan Thunder

    Zvezda 787-9 ANA R2D2 livery

    Thanks for sharing Phillipe. Nice result. I have a kit started to do in this scheme (only have the fuselage done as I used a -8 and added plugs. You make the build look so simple! Can I ask which blue you used for the nose and decal touch ups?
  5. Trojan Thunder

    De Havilland Canada 1/72 DHC-4 Caribou prototype

    Nice to see more progress Euge, did you sue a black marker to do the inside of the windsrceen framing?
  6. No probs Brother Dutch, I think Craig is PMing you about them. I am not sure I have a set, I just curious as I know the Hasegawa kit came out with a kit with the chevrons minus the tiger heads
  7. Looks like Dutch can sort you out. He's a great bloke 😄 I can also check my stash but I'd say you are sorted.
  8. Trojan Thunder

    1/144 L-1011-385

    Sorry, John, a misunderstanding with my explanation. You posted this same question on Britmodeller, yes? Someone there replied that the -385 was not a model number and you were in fact after a -200 kit. I did a little research and found that Eastern Airlines operated the L1011-1 which is externally identical to the L1011-200. The -200 had more fuel storage, increased take-off weight, and uprated engines. I should have explained myself better. Sorry for the confusion. So what I was trying to say was that the Eastern Express Eastern Airlines boxing will work for you. 😉
  9. Trojan Thunder

    1/144 L-1011-385

    As mentioned on another forum you posted this question on, Eastern operated the L1011-1 which is similar in appearance to the L1011-200 Eastern Express has released a kit in Eastern colours
  10. With or without tiger's head Craig?
  11. Trojan Thunder

    Custom Revell BMW DTM

    Noice! great finish and build on both!
  12. Trojan Thunder

    Roden C-141B Kit

    Nice one, really like the euro one scheme on this jet.
  13. Trojan Thunder

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    I agree, I would have given up after 300! 😄 I am sure it will be all worth it in the end
  14. Trojan Thunder

    Corellian YT-1300 Transport

    Nice progress, I have seen a similar conversion many years ago. You are going great guns there!
  15. Trojan Thunder

    F-14A VF-32, Bicentenial, 1/48 Tamiya

    Looks great, I love the older hi vis schemes. great detailing too