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  1. That is nice work on the interior, at least you know its there! Bit late now but perhaps a light in the rear oft eh cabin would help?
  2. If you want to go down the wing fix path, there are a few threads around here and other forums to show how to do it. IF you have the patience it is not that hard. I can live with it and have not bothered with my current B747-400 build and will most likely not both to fix it on my other 2 400 build s I have planned.
  3. I like you improvements, I see what you mean about the kit differences. Nice progress
  4. I know exactly how you feel, I had the same painting experience with the Excelsior. I suppose I will have the same fun when I build my 1/537 AMT Movie Enterprise. Same will be with the Ent-C when I get to painting it.
  5. Yes, nice paintwork, pity about the decals, will you be able to use many of them?
  6. Now finished, admittedly it does not look any different to the last set of pictures
  7. AMT 1/1000 USS Excelsior
  8. Draw decals are printed on a continuous film sheet, so you need to cut around each individual decal before soaking them. They are very thin and settle well. I would also mention, handle with care. As they are thin it is easy to tear. They also like to fold over on themselves if you don't slide them off the paper neatly.
  9. Looks nice Kurt, good luck with the masking!
  10. IL ike what you are doing to enhance the kit. Is it very much different to the actual shuttle?
  11. That detail is great CJ I am also wondering about them being printed. I am also curious if they can be scaled to 1/144 I know a guy with a 3d Printer!
  12. So did you get in touch with Jon about the error? Usually, guys like Jon at 8ADecs are happy to fix their mistakes and send corrections.
  13. Boz, The 8a Decs business is not his primary source of income, he gets to the decals when he can. I had a custom sheet done and it took a little longer than originally promised. I was not worried as we kept in contact. I got my decals a little later than planned but they arrived. His product is good. I would not be worrying. I have got a few of his sheets now and am happy with the product and his communication.
  14. No idea on the Embraers in 1/72. Yes BPK are working on the CRJ-700 to go with their 100 and 200 kits. Also in work are the A320 and B737-800 to go with their B737-200. Amodel have recently released the Beech 1900C and D, Jetstream 31 and 32 and some Bizjet types are on the way such as the Falcon 10, and 50 and Gulfstream G550 RVHP did the Metro III and Beech 1900 some time ago as well as a number of other Beech 300 variants.
  15. Did you end up getting your wheels?