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  1. Nice, I have both of these kits and was contemplating the same build (also have the Shuttle/SCA combo in work) Was it difficult to get details on the mounts?
  2. Yep, 100% correct. Been caught out like that a few time now.
  3. Scratch building I would say, the control yokes hang off bars coming off the centre console and need to be replaced, I am using spare Italeri yokes. You also need to add the cupboards and side consoles that are missing as well as the bed on he rear bulkhead. The stairs and area around it is also basic and could do with replacing/enhancing. This was one I built some time ago as a RAF C-1, I replaced the control columns with Haseagwa P-3 ones and did a basic update on the seats and added the Navigators panel and table. I did not have any spare Italeri seats at the time, (Itale
  4. A nice collection there and all nicely finished 🏆
  5. Very nice
  6. The Airfix/MPC kit does have a more correct fuselage cross section compared to the Italeri kit. Other bits are off like the shape of the props and the simplified flight station.
  7. Very nice, I like the Klingon Bird of Prey set up behind it as well 🏆
  8. Looks fine form here David, nice scheme 🏆
  9. Wow, so much effort to get the right profile shape. I'm sure it will look great when done
  10. Has anyone tried using the submissions@arcair.com email address on the mail webpage? Steve was previously very responsive when articles were submitted.
  11. Kursad, I just dug out my sheet and 2 started C-130Es 😄 I went to the references page on your website (https://caracalmodels.com/references/cd72117/) for the extra top and bottom view instruction sheets and each link gives me a 404 error. Is it possible to fix the links?
  12. Very nice! 🏆Camo looks great
  13. Nice work Eric, it looks great 🏆
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