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  1. 8A Decals has a British Airways A350-1000 in their range as well as individual photo real window sets for a lot of different airliners. Jon (the proprietor) has a window sheet for the A350-900 on his website under 'Accessories'. If you contact him and ask about a set for a -1000 I think he will be able to help you out. I requested a custom A320 set based on an A321 set he already had in his range and he was very helpful, so it should not be too hard for him to create a -1000 window set for you .
  2. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing
  3. Jonah, I may be able to help. I have the Revell kit and will be using a Caracal option on mine. I will check the stash and get back to you.
  4. Thanks Si, It will be in a standard USMC scheme and config like in this image.
  5. Excellent! Thanks Dave. Some re-configuring required.
  6. I did not bother with an interior as it was to be closed up. I just splashed some paint in the cockpit. I managed some more work, my pitot probe production line (for 3 C-130Js), probably not totally accurate but some adjusting will occur when installed Fitted and forward ECS intake position corrected The duck tail is too long for the KC-130J so some adjustment was required and sensors attached, again not accurate as I could not find any good enough images from the right angle for correct placement of the sensors Final antennas and ramp bumper (which Italeri has omitted from all their C-130 kits) installed and now it is time for some paint, @Dutch it looks like the decals you sent over won't be used and I will have to go with plan B. The colour callouts are a bit odd compare to other decal manufacturers so I will be using Wolfpak decals for it. But never fear, I have a cunning plan to use the decals you sent over for another build 😄
  7. I look forward to seeing your pricing then Neil. I am more interested in the -300 at the moment. I will keep an eye on your website.
  8. Scalemates has it as a rebox, but does not say whose. Link
  9. Just like these threads on the same subject Even an earlier one started by you Greg
  10. I love it, great job spicing it up and a great paint scheme as well!
  11. There is also the Anigrand resin kit, so if we use you reasoning on the C-141 we should not see any more Bf-109 and Spitfire kits then because no one uses them?
  12. Nice to see you committing to such a project Neil, who does not love a 737! The CAD images look excellent! I hope it goes well for you, unfortunately with the way international postage rates from the US are these days a full resin kit of this size will not be cheap to mail. So I expect it will be out of my price range 😞
  13. Yet to order mine, for the Finnish F-27 of course!
  14. I thought the only difference externally between the -200 and -300 was the extended upper deck, so the wings would be the same as Wiwi alludes to. The -400 changed with a new wing body fairing and the wing tip fences as well as ather minor changes.
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