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  1. It was nice to get to know Coby over the years, he will be missed here as well my friend 😥
  2. Tha is coming together quickly Tom. Not to shabby!
  3. Thanks for sharing the build Tom, I have one of these on order. Will be following with interest and borrow your methods 😄
  4. Here is a link to the AMT instructions for the KC-135R, you wanted KC-135R instructions right?
  5. Great output this year there, for someone who doesn't build much armour, there was quite a lot there!
  6. Nice lot Shaun, great finishes as always
  7. Airbus A330-302 QANTAS, VH-QPD 'Port Macquarie' Revell 1/144 LTU kit
  8. The Heller kit is actually a rebox of the AMT kit, which Italeri reboxed and included the wingtip refueling pods. I have built the Italeri boxing and had the Heller boxing in the stash a for may years before the Italeri kit came along. My build from the Italeri boxed kit
  9. That is same good progress Derek. I also built this one some years ago. I was not a kid, I had in fact just joined the Air Force and was doing my trade training and needed a distraction from all the study I now have another two in the stash to have a crack at so I am following with interest and hope to do a better job.
  10. Why do you say that? The wing has not changed at all through the production run except for different engine nacelle shapes. Are you referring to the way the flaps are portrayed? Someone working on the kit on another forum has realised the flap portion of the lower wing has been moulded with a concave surface when they should be flat.
  11. I built one back in 2018 and I enhanced it with a few little bits and pieces. Build thread is over on BritModeller and display thread here Construction went pretty well, the only big issue I had was getting the fuselage together, it needed a lot of tape to hold it all together when gluing the fuselage around the cockpit/cargo bay cylinder. I did add some lighting (which may have affected the fit) to it and modified position of flight controls. The other thing I will add after transporting to and from model shows is the the axles are flimsy and should be repl
  12. I have the EC-24N and a -50 on order, I have a few of their later releases in the stash and have heard the horror stories. I will get to the them and build them when the time comes. They can be made into very nice models 😉
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