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  1. Apparently delayed, but I had not heard of an original release date to start with. With them working on the 1/72 737 and 1/72 777 which is in CAD stage at the moment, I would say not for a while, next year?
  2. Thanks Pollie, well I did start this one back in 2016. I did the major rescribing and then put it back in the box for almost 4 years! I don't know how many lines I had to re do when I picked up again early last month. I am sure there are still a few lines to fix now but I am not worrying about them.
  3. Looks great Sean, nice to see it finished. I like the weathering
  4. I answered your question in the other thread Ray and posted a link to the build thread for the PC-12 over there.
  5. I haven't built the Falcon 50 but have the 2 boxings in the stash. I have finish an AModel PC-12NG in the SovaM boxing and have a started Learjet XP60. The build thread for the PC-12 is here. AModel kits are not Hasegawa or Tamiya, they need a little work. To Amodel's credit they like to add a lot of detail where they can. The main parts do not have locating pins and almost every part needs some clean up after removing from the sprue gates and squaring up of mating surfaces, there are a lot of smaller detail parts which can be hard to clean up after taking them off the sprue due to the shape of the connecting point, The Falcon 50 kits also includes a small fret of some etch grills and antennas. The kit has a nicely detailed cockpit but no cabin interior. Also when adding the smaller exterior parts like antennas there are no locating holes, in some cases there is a small scribed line to show where it is supposed to go. On a final note, the instructions need to be studded as some locating positions for gear strut components and the like can be vague and checking reference photos helps here. It will build up into a nice model with some care. There is also an after market white metal intake and pitot tube replacement set from Mini World available for the kit that I also have. Hopefully I have not put you off, it will build up nicely with time and patience.
  6. So do you have a shortlist of units/schemes for the first P-3 sheet yet Kursad?
  7. That is an old picture Steve, this was a repurposed build that started as a straight 707, it currently sits on the shelf of doom in overall Boeing grey
  8. I am watching, though I only have one KC-135A left (I think) and the NKC-135E?. Doing another tanker is more appealing I must stay and I am a fan of the bare metal and grey SAC schemes. I'll be interested to see the artwork of these sheets with another 6 or 7 EC/KC/RC kits lurking in the stash
  9. Next off the bench and shelf of doom is the 1/72 SovaM (a reboxed Amodel kit with extra parts) of the Pilatus PC-12 in Finnish Air Force Service. This kit can also built as a USAF U-28A which I will build another time. This was started for the Nordic Group build over on BritModeller but I lost interest and it did not make to deadline, now it's done though! It was built OOB.
  10. This started as as a P-3C and was modified to a P-3B config of the Argentinian Navy using reference pictures. I filled the sonobuoy tubs, added Eziline HF wire antennas, and updated the antennas to reflect the Argentine fit. The model was also rescribed. Paints are mainly Gunze acrylics and SMS lacquers. Decals are the From DekLs sheet.
  11. Looks great, video is cool too thought it looks like the link to the second one is dead.
  12. Oh OK, Well on the page in the gallery (top left) is an 'Email Contributor' graphic/button, you click it and send him an email to ask for more detail?
  13. @BoeingDriver where did you find the original picture, do you have a link? I agree they look awesome! EDIT: Found it is Today's Birds and the blurb includes this about the props
  14. Awesome result Si, I should do something similar with my MPC kit, but then again a may not 😄
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