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  2. Well the last couple of weeks have been +30C or greater down this way, boy paint sure dries fast in those temps :D I'll be starting on a build soon for this GB once my current project (which is too far down the road to completion) is finished...
  3. Saucer section masking and paint and masking and then it all came off I think I spent 5-6 hours just masking so far which is the majority of the build time. Next more masking... usually I dread it but the is a sense of satisfaction with this as is there have been relatively few stuff ups so far (well just the one where I used too dark a shade of blue on the primary hull and had to re-mask and paint it). More to follow
  4. Nice to see a start Brendon, where did you get the maps for the table from?
  5. And masking off. Now to let the paint dry and I will turn my attention to the blue sections on the saucer section now.
  6. Primary hull remasked and resprayed the same colour as the warp nacelle assembly. Looks like I am going with this blue.
  7. I now see why Shaun picks the subjects he does, no damn masking! I started with the primary hull, the first of many colours.. Sprayed with a dull blue which turned out to be too dark So I turned to mask the warp nacelles and add the blue Tried a lighter shade here but I think it is too bright, I also tried to tone the darker blue on the primary hull dow by over spraying with white, not the result I wanted. looks like a remask and re evaluation of the blue required.
  8. Nice progress John, agree with Shaun, the deflector dish paintwork looks great
  9. RAAF 'G's were based there to test a few new fit items that USN Gs did not have such as AIM-9X Sidewinder missile and ATFLIR targeting pod. I believe the first 2 RAAF jets, 301 and 302 were based there for that testing.
  10. Did some masking and started the paint, then quickly ran out of white.... off to the LHS for a restock.
  11. Nice work Pete, your shuttle is looking fantastic.
  12. You had my hopes up that some model work was starting in the Fangshleister household during the cold winter months over there, oh well, I know you have other projects to go on with
  13. All I can say is .... Wow!
  14. I am not worried about correcting it, just want to finish something.....
  15. Another masterpiece in the making Pappy. I will have to give this detailing thing a go when I try a 1/48 kit