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  1. Kinetic CF-18 Hornet - 1/48th scale

    Thanks for the detailed update Mike May I add a quote from a prominent Trek character...., 'the needs of the many are out weighed by the needs of the few, or the one' Thanks for being that one!
  2. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk

  3. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    A couple of nice Hornets there ALF, so what's next? I suppose I need to remove the digit and finish my Cormorant so I can get cracking on my next build.
  4. Whatcha gonna build?

    Go the Challenger, I assume it is the old leading Edge kit?
  5. 1:350 Modern Aircraft Carrier Hangar Decals

    Thanks to Wolfman for a very fast turnaround on the decal file, now where did I put my Nimitz kit?
  6. Another nice one ALF, I have spied the Hasegawa version in the LHS. Might have to get around there and pick it up.
  7. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    Nicely done, looks great ALF
  8. Italeri 1/72 CH-149 Cormorant

    Had a bit of an issue with the some of the paint so I am respraying parts. Red is done and I have started masking it
  9. Roden 1/144 C-5

    I thought it looked familiar Si. Send him a polite message and see what happens!
  10. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Looks great
  11. Kinetic CF-18 Hornet - 1/48th scale

    Nice progress Mike, thanks, for the tips with the intakes. Agree with Martin, your cockpit is nicely done.
  12. Thanks, ALF, some pictures would be good. Masking curves like that is always a pain for me.
  13. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    The brown area has turned out well ALF, looking forward to seeing the decals go on
  14. they are both looking great ALF, can I ask what are you using to mask the demarcation in the camo before you lay the standard masking tape over it?
  15. 1/72 Revell DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 Aeralpi

    Nice work Euge, I have a couple of these in the stash. So are these mods required for all Twin Otters?