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  1. File, test fit, File, glue, fill, sand, repeat.... Don. I have built 2 Minicraft 707s and just had to do a best fit and then go with the putty, etc
  2. All good, I seem to recall this one, or another like it completed in the high vis scheme. I will try and find it and add a link here. EDIT: Found it over on BM
  3. Dutch, This thread was part of a Boeing Group build 6 years ago and the thread originator has not visited the forum since April 2018. So I expect you will be waiting for a while for an update 😄
  4. Very nice Calum Did you scratch build the AOA sensor cover or does it come as part of some sort of set?
  5. Here is a picture of the Lakenheath Heritage jet 84-0010 on Airliners.net. Is this the one you are thinking of?
  6. Hope you enjoyed you holiday Euge, all these small details will make it a very unique build. Well I can confess I have not seen anyone attempt to backdate the kit to the prototype before you!
  7. Have you thought about emailing Minicraft themselves Don? models@minicraftmodels.com They are pretty quick to respond, I had a E-3 kit that came with a C-97 windscreen piece and I contacted them to get a replacement not long ago. They came back in a couple of days and I now have the correct clear part.
  8. Looks like a nice turn out, thanks for sharing Ryan.
  9. The FAA subject matter is quite obscure @Dutch, not sure if many would be interested.
  10. What scale are you talking Mark? 1/72?
  11. So Si, are you keeping count of how many slivers of plastic you are attaching tot he model? I think you have mentioned before, but are you making the resin parts yourself?
  12. Thanks guys, not one of my best. Had issues with glue on the windscreen. Glad to have it off the bench.
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