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  1. I noticed a slight format change the other day on the 'What's New' page. Otherwise, the site is working fine for me. I am using Chrome.
  2. All the Draw Decal sheets I have used have been very thin, so much so I botched some of the decals and have considered getting a second set. I have used 3-4 to date and have not found any of them to be thick.
  3. All good now
  4. I have a Fincastle CP-140 to build... So I am in
  5. Filling almost finished and warp nacelles masking up
  6. Steve, not sure if it is working this end??? I have forced a reload a few times. The last update on the site I see is Friday 3 Feb.
  7. Glad there is an RAAF version included. Just a note on the unit name for the RAAF aircraft; it is No.2 Operational Conversion Unit or 2OCU not "2nd..."
  8. Been filling and sanding a little on this one. I think it is almost ready for some masking and priming.
  9. Very nice, first one of these I have seen finished.
  10. Nice work there gents
  11. Lovely job!
  12. it would fit well in the Enterprise episode where the Germans have invaded the east coast of the USA and are flying around with laser equipped Ju-87s!
  13. Great job!
  14. Nice work Shaun, I totally missed your thread as I was on vacation
  15. I saw this on the 72Scale Forum and was a bit confused about the concept. First I have heard of a subscription box service. Can you elaborate on the idea? I assume you are sending kits out each month for a fee?