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  1. Nice work Kurt, it looks great!
  2. Got the clear parts masked but have not done much of anything lately :-(
  3. Thanks Russ, I have been thinking about finishing my C-17 before the Kinetic Kit release. Might have to make a few shortcuts to get it done. Too many other projects on the bench at the moment! Looking forward to seeing your C-130 finished. I have a started KC-130J that I have mostly rescribed, buried somewhere on the shelf of doom, another project I would like to finish one day!
  4. Looks good now in the paint/primer. Making the effort to rescribe really sets the model off as well.
  5. I think Steven is referring to the Trumpeter kit.
  6. Like these ?
  7. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this one Don
  8. Tracy, As per the picture below (just read the title in reverse and go from the bottom to top) except the sections added are 33.5mm for the rear plug and 30.6mm for the forward one. length X 144 / 100
  9. Yes, I suspect Scooby means a new tool kit.
  10. Amen Brother! I have this on the wish list
  11. Looks great John
  12. I noticed a slight format change the other day on the 'What's New' page. Otherwise, the site is working fine for me. I am using Chrome.
  13. All the Draw Decal sheets I have used have been very thin, so much so I botched some of the decals and have considered getting a second set. I have used 3-4 to date and have not found any of them to be thick.