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  1. Try this https://www.facebook.com/hamilton.hobbiesaustralia
  2. A friend in Australia has started the build of this, he has posted some progress on FB
  3. Thanks Fred, there is a bit of work. The plastic is thin and you ned to pin the resin tail planes and vertical stab. The kit is basic and some parts are incorrectly shaped, I corrected them and added stuff missed by Welsh. I also have the Welsh Wedgetail to build one day, I hear BPK will be releasing a Wedgetail as well some time.
  4. Thanks guys, it's the Welsh Models kit with a lot of modifications finished last year.
  5. Brother Dutch, I also has a cursory look at the sheet and thought it looked rather nice, and then noticed the anomalies. I'll just leave this here... ....and you're welcome πŸ˜„ I would like to do a USN P-8, so yes a BPK kit may be the way A very common sense approach Kursad, that's why you sheets are so good! πŸ˜„
  6. Just be aware, half the roos are going the wrong way for the RAAF jets, and if doing the RAAF 100 tail art option (A47-012) decals for only one side of the tail are supplied (should have 2 sets of tail markings).
  7. A beaut of a build Devo, very noice! πŸ†
  8. Looks like the fit is better than the Minicraft 707-320. Is this the kit with over sized engines and pylons, did you do any correction to them? Nice progress.
  9. Thanks for sharing this progress. I never thought about reshaping the pylons, though the intakes themselves are poorly moulded and take a lot of work to make look acceptable. I have built a couple of the 707 kits as well, one more in the stash and will look at the mods you have made when the time comes. I vote Continental πŸ™‚
  10. Nice work Jon, looks like it is coming up a treat
  11. Nice work Don, looks great and a nice tribute πŸ† c
  12. Nice progress Don, I can here my 1/72 kit calling to me!
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