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  1. Hi Stu, As Boz said, there is no repository. Occasionally friendly airliner modellers make their art work available to others on request, but you need to be at the right place at the right time. There are a whole heap of decal manufacturers out there that offer many different airliner sheets, you just need to use your google foo to find them. Even if a particular manufacturer does not have a specific scheme for a particular aircraft type, they can usually quite easily create these scheme on another type for the fleet. Are you after a particular aircraft an
  2. I usually do my blades aluminium or stainless steel, sometimes I add a bit of dark grey mixed in depending on the engine and aircraft, the spinner is black. The swirl is white, apply it very carefully with a fine brush. Some kit's decal sheets supply the swirl theses days if you are lucky, not so with this older boxing. The exhaust would also be aluminium or stainless steel (forward section) and then I use 'burnt iron' for the rear section. The intake lip looks dull aluminium to me as well. Here is the same kit with aftermarket decals
  3. I have had a look around the usual suspect's websites and I am not aware of decals in 1/144 from the E-3D or F. Even in 1/72 there has only been one E-3D after marking sheet (now OOP from 26 Decals) and a couple of E-3A kit markings (Wolfpak and WM Decals) in 1/72.
  4. Yes, I am aware. I was trying to update my original post but the forum had issues. I did not get back to update my original post until now. I was going to mention that Mike over at BritModeller had updated his site (they run the same forum software) and he has been able to get BBCode links working again. Mike mentioned: "We've just had an update to the forum in case you hadn't twigged, which has removed the image proxy that fixed http issues. I hadn't twigged that as a result they're not going to let us use non-https photos & links though. Some further looking is require
  5. Test Flickr BBcode link [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jS2YkD][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50449323803_8579a8edb4_b.jpg[/img][/url]
  6. Looks like only the 'Gulf War' version was re-released by Italeri. Is there much difference in the tooling between early and late?
  7. Only two years? I started an Anigrand C-17 10 years ago.... 😄
  8. The BAC1-11 sheet is currently available from the maker Authentic Airliners
  9. I'm still here as well Si, the base looks interesting and I will be interested to see how it turns out. The detail work on the SD is also looking very good.
  10. Yep, been doing the rounds for years.
  11. Yep, in the last update which is a pain. You need to post the page URL rather that any suggested BB links from the site, same deal with Flickr.
  12. That is looking good Jon. I am tempted to get my other one out and do it in a Vietnam scheme, just need to confirm I have the decals for it.
  13. Only the first FB-111A had the Triple Plow I intakes, the rest of the fleet had Triple Plow II intakes, the difference being the splitter plate and the length of the 'spike'. The 'bump' on the nose was for an astro nav sensor I believe. Here is a link to the FB-111A instructions and sprue shots, you could compare your kit to those.
  14. Nice work Allan, very simple yet effective base!
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