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  1. Hi! Thank you for you nice feedback, I'm glad you like the Helo. 🙂 Nice! You Oceanhawk looks stunning! I'm looking forward to see the finished diorama. About 5 years ago I did a Seahawk diorama. It's Revells SH-60B Kit in 1/48 scale. Best Regards Olli
  2. Hi! After reading a thread referring to Gulf War Pavehawks, I would like to show mine. I really like Desert Storm birds and helos, so I just had to build this one.I finished it around May 2019. It war the 1/48-Italeri kit. I added a few things: -Eduard Big-ED-Set -Eduard Cal.50-Ammo-Belts (Resin) -RB brass gun barrels fort he Cal.50-guns -RessKit resin wheels -Self casted resin IRCM -modificated UH-1 pilots (Plusmodel) -a lot of scratch-built Details inside and outside If you want to know more there is a build-log in a German mode
  3. Hi! I found this pretty cool video of a Gulf War Pavehawk: And I own Stand Morse's "Gulf Air War Debrief". There is a photo of a sand-colored MH-60G (55th SOS) which carried the floor-mounted cal.50-guns. It's this picture in a better quality: Looks like there is little evidence of the use of the floor-guns. But I admit it is not the ultimate proof of an operational use... Best regards Olli
  4. Hi! Thanks for you nice feedback! I'm glad you like my helo! 🙂 @Zach: Nice to hear that I could help 🙂 . @paulsbrown: Don't be so humble, I relly love your Comanche! The paintwork looks so real. 👍 Best regards Oliver
  5. Hey Guys! My name is Oliver and this is my first Thread in this forum. I am 30 years old and come from Germany. In the last weeks I read some Threads/questions about Comanche helos in this forum. I built the Revell kit in 2017 so I decided to show it here. Maybe it will help other model builders build this pretty cool helo. The kit is from Revell and a typical of its kind. The rough shape fits quite well, but the details need some extra work. That's why I have made some improvements here, including: - Hellfire missiles from Eduard - Use of self-cast Stinger mi
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