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  1. I wanted to create a profile illustration as a companion piece for my latest F-101B Voodoo artwork, "Heart of Texas," and here it is! This, and all of my other Voodoo artwork, is at my website. Its available now at my Fine Art America page!
  2. Here's a piece that I created titled "Chiefs." This 18x24 inch print features a formation of Republic F-105B Thunderchiefs assigned to the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron ("The Chiefs") at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina. The 335th TFS was tasked with evaluating the '105, and was the first USAF squadron to accept it for operational service. There weren't many planes better looking than an F-105 in a natural metal finish. From an aesthetic standpoint, it was a shame when they began dumping silver lacquer on them. But, they were never going to remain in bare metal anyway since
  3. Thank you very much Jeff. I was very happy when the EMVF commissioned my work to help raise money for 0438. I'm proud to have played a small part in getting her back to Meridian and restoring her. For those who haven't seen it, this is the print Jeff was talking about... This is a limited edition print that benefits the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation. The proceeds go toward restoring RF-4C Phantom 67-0438, which flew with the 153r
  4. I guess I'm still in a Voodoo mood. And with this one goes well with some Gene Autry music. "The stars at night... are big and bright...." Here's something I finished yesterday titled "Heart of Texas." This is a 36x12 inch piece featuring McDonnell F-101B Voodoos flown by the 111st Fighter Interceptor Squadron ("Ace in the Hole") at Ellington ANGB in Houston, Texas. I'll be following up with a 111st FIS voodoo profile as a companion piece. I'll post that once it's finished. This is now available through my website, or my Fine Art America page (see my signature, bel
  5. I love all the detail, which I'm sure was a lot of work. It's a wonderful piece!
  6. Thank you very much Gregg! I appreciate it. That sounds like a great show! Unfortunately I've never seen any flying "live," and I don't remember seeing any flying about when I was growing up around St. Louis. Lots of Phantoms though.
  7. Any fans of the Voodoo? They've always been of interest to me. The design began as a long-range escort fighter. But, once faster, higher-flying jet bombers came into service, the concept of the escort fighter became irrelevant. McDonnell redesigned the plane as a tactical fighter/bomber/reconnaissance aircraft and as a long-range interceptor. For its time, the word "Fast" really didn't begin to describe it. It set an absolute speed record in 1957 of 1,207.6 MPH during "Operation Firewall." During "Operation Sun Run," an RF-101C flew from Los Angeles to New York City and back
  8. Hello all. Hope you've all had a good weekend. I'm kind of a sunburned mess right now after an airshow yesterday. Apparently didn't put on enough sunscreen. Oh well... I'm going to have some fun videos and photos to upload for my blog this evening. I thought you all might be interested in seeing a piece that I finished in March called "The Scud Seeker." Since publishing this at my Fine Art America page I've received enthusiastic emails and comments from Crew Chiefs who worked on his bird. One of whom gave her the moniker, "The Iraqi Scud Hunter." I also created a 36x12 inch
  9. It's been a while since I posted here. A few months and one website ago. But I now have a new website, and I'd still enjoy sharing my artwork here for those interested. Reaching back into the dark recesses of my memory (ha!) I seem to recall that I was working on a B-52 3D model the last time I posted anything here. As you can see, I got that sorted... This is a piece that I titled "On The Grid," which recalls the "Operation Chrome Dome" missions. A pretty staggering endeavor keeping pairs of nuclear-armed B-52s airborne 24-7!
  10. It's "Outboard Engine Pod Day!" So the engine pods begin as an extrusion of polygons from the wing. Those are then shaped, and further extrusions are made, until a very basic shape is sculpted which resembles the actual engine pod. There's a lot going on in this process, most of it very unexciting. But, the end result is this generic engine pod. The first pods I'm going to make will be C/D model engines, like for the J-57-P-19. I can save it in that state and use that as a "base" engine housing for G model J57-P-43 housings, then modify it again for the
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