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  1. So I uploaded a tutorial about 3D modeling to YouTube showing how I model planes in 3D. It's the first in a series that will focus on modeling the F-84, which is just about as straight-forward a plane as you can get for the purpose of teaching others basic 3D modeling. Please give it a look-see and hit the "like" button if you feel inclined. You can also subscribe to my channel to get notified about new tutorial installments. Safe skies! -John
  2. I tell ya, technology is great. When it works. Ha! Just saw your compliment here and I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier. Thank you very much! Safe skies, -John
  3. There's a whole lotta hustlin' goin' on here! Here's some of my new B-58 Hustler artwork. All of these are available on my website or through my Fine Art America page. Hope you enjoy them. "Cruising Speed" is available through my website as a hand-signed and numbered art print in a run of 20 limited editions. It can also be ordered as an open edition through my Fine Art America Page. Here's a 36X12 inch profile of XB-58 50-0660 as she appeared in the black-and-white paint scheme with crimson accents that she wore on her first flight, November 11,
  4. Hi everyone. This is my latest work, which I titled "Departing Sedalia." From my website: “Departing Sedalia” features a Boeing B-47 Stratojet as she weaves through broken clouds flying above rich Missouri farmland fields while departing the airspace of what was formerly Sedalia AFB. B-47s were flown by the 340th Bomb Wing at what was first known as Sedalia AFB near Sedalia, Missouri. The 340th BW was at that time one of Strategic Air Command’s newest bombing wings, and the Stratojet was SAC’s first all-jet swept-wing bomber. The 340th BW received its first B-47 in March 1954
  5. Here's the pre-production render of "Hustlers." The high-res, full-zoot, 24x18 inch version should be finished rendering early tomorrow evening, and then I'll upload it to my Fine Art America page. I finished work on a profile for 55-0660... I've already made this available at Fine Art America. Safe skies!
  6. My texture work on the Hustler is nearly complete. I have a couple versions at the moment. The first is 55-0660. There are a few minor changes I want to make, but this paint scheme is pretty much finished. I know, this one shouldn't have a tail gun. 🙂 I have another 3D model with the correct tail. The final renders will use that model. 5660 also wore a nose with black and white paint, with red-trimmed engine intakes. I'll make that version, too. Here's 2428... She was the first B-58 to be fitted with a 20mm t
  7. Sooooo..... I finally got to a point where I needed to "flatten-out" the B-58 3D model. Every part of the plane had to be flattened into 2D so it could be painted in Photoshop. Here's what it looked like after being flattened: Here you see the 3D model "unwrapped" and ready to paint/texture. All of those squares help scale the parts of the plane in 2D space to minimize distortions. Keeping the squares a uniform size is what I go after. If I didn't do this part, panel lines would not be straight, and stencils and insignias would be stretched or compressed. Not good. S
  8. I'm so sorry that I'm really late responding to this! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!
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