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  1. I’m looking to trade upper wing parts for a Monogram 1-48 F-102. I have a case-XX wing that I’d like to trade for a case-X wing. Anyone have one they’re willing to part out? Only the upper wing part needs to be traded, not the whole kit. Pictures on request.
  2. Hi everyone, I couldn't pass up a sweet deal at a show this weekend for a pile o' Tamiya kits for cheap - but all without decals. TamiyaUSA came through with replacements for all but these two: 61095 Fw190A-8 and 61036 N1K1 Kyofu type 11. Looking to buy unused kit decals if anyone has them, please let me know! Thanks, Pete D.
  3. Looking to buy the kit-supplied decals from the "Night Attack" release of the Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18D Hornet. I need the VMFA(AW)-242 Bats markings, but will buy the entire sheet. Thanks in advance if anyone is interested in parting with them. Shoot me a PM with price... Pete D.
  4. If I follow right, #2 Tornado IDS is still available, I'll take it. PM inbound
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated. That'll give me some things to look for in my build. And still wondering about those glove vanes. I've read that they could be deployed manually at subsonic speeds, I just want to make sure I won't get called out for having them retracted with the wings swept on an in-flight model. I think they ruin the lines of the `cat when they're deployed. Thanks again, Pete
  6. Hi all- I'm working on a mostly-OOB build of an original-issue Tamiya Tomcat that I'm doing in-flight, wings swept. I'm wanting to do an "as delivered" high-vis VF-1 bird, and I have two questions for the experts: 1: Did the glove vanes automatically extend when the wings swept back or only at supersonic speeds? 2: Did the early production airframes lack the alpha probes or were they added later? The early issue Tamiya kit of course lacks an alpha probe, just wondering if I can get away without adding one. Thanks if anyone can help! Pete
  7. To quote the builder, "You will also note that there are no Maverick or sidewinder launch rails but these are not difficult to fabricate". Next...
  8. Well, forgive me for "squealing", but now that I have the kits in hand, I think all that squealing may be just a little bit justified. Everything about these kits is drop-dead gorgeous. From superficial things like the box, packaging and directions, to the attention to detail, surface textures, decals etc it's all simply stunning. These guys are doing it right, no question. Roden kits suddenly look cheap in comparison, and that's not a knock on Roden (I have several of their 1/32 offerings), it's just that the Wingnut kits are really THAT good, in the box anyway. My package arrived in Chicag
  9. Hi, this is for the SR-71 fans here. I just completed a survey from Meteor Productions about interest in possible detail sets for the entire SR-71 family (incl. A-12, YF-12, M/D-21) both 1/72 and 1/48. If anyone is interested and isn't on their mailing list you can send a request for the survey to support@meteorprod.com No affiliation, I've just been hoping for help from the aftermarket guys for a long long time for these kits, especially the venerable 1/48th Testors offering. Would love an A-12 conversion for that kit. Cockpit and wheel wells too! They sure need it...
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