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  1. Sorry for the long wait in responding. Dang COVID struck a lot of my family. In any case, thank you for the responses. It seems like it will be a pain but I’ll try using my Stynylrez primer and then hope for the best. If worse comes to worse, I’ll buy some better tracks. Fingers crossed. Thanks again guys! This will be interesting.
  2. @southwestforests, they’re the ones that need to be joined at the ends of them. Would you recommend primer on them? Would you paint them before they go on the tank? I’m not going to lie. The stories I have heard are a bit intimidating. I appreciate any and all feedback.
  3. Hi, guys. I have never worked with Tamiya rubber tracks before. I’m going to be making my M4A3E8 Sherman tank. Any advice, tips and tricks on installing, priming, clear coating and painting would be much appreciated. I’m getting a bit of mixed opinions on the internet, so I thought I would ask you guys here. Thank you! btw, I’ll be working with Ammo of Mig paints, Microscale clear coats and Stynylrez primer. Thanks guys.
  4. Update: I did take off the moisture trap and was able to get most of the water out of the trap. I then ran the compressor as @Bob Beary suggested. No more water seems to be coming out. I’m thinking that solved it. I still plan on calling the company to see how if they can tell me if and/or how to take this particular moisture trap a part to clean.
  5. I’ve done all that but the last part. I have looked at this moisture trap. I’m having trouble figuring out how to take this one apart to clean. I’m going to keep trying. Just not having luck figuring this out. There is zero information online that I can find about this particular type of moisture trap. If worse comes to worse, I can call the company to ask.
  6. @Bob BearyI just opened up the tank to let any water out. None to speak of in the tank itself. Just a tiny bit of water in the moisture trap that I can’t seem to get out.
  7. there is a tiny bit of water in the moister trap. I can’t seem to get the small amount out. Tbh, I have only used this compressor maybe 4-5 times for about 30 minutes. I haven’t drained it yet. I feel kinda stupid now. Lol. It’s still pretty new ,and the guide was less than helpful.
  8. Hey, guys! I have a question for you guys. I have a Master TC-40T compressor with moister trap. In my last clear coat session, I noticed something that hasn’t happened to me before. My siphon fed external mix Paasche H airbrush is spitting what appears to be water when I use just the air to help the clear coat dry faster. I close the tip of the airbrush to keep anything from coming out of it but air, yet it still seems to want to periodically spit water (I think) when nothing should be coming out but air. I’m wondering if it’s possible my water trap connected to my compressor isn’t
  9. Good to know. I’ll keep an eye out for that. I don’t plan on shooting primer or lacquer based paint through this Eclipse, so hopefully I will not have this problem. Thank you for letting me know that.
  10. Okay, guys! I got my airbrush. It turned out to be the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. I got the All Star version at a price of $150. I haven’t tried it yet, but am looking forward to trying it out soon. Does anyone have any recommendations for me if they ever shot Ammo of Mig or Model Masters acrylics through this airbrush and needle size (.35mm)? Have any of you shot Ammo of Mig paint through this without thinning it more? Am I going to need to get this to a thinner consistency than normal? Sorry for the extra questions. Just trying to figure out some possible issues with this airbrush to loo
  11. Thank you guys for the responses. It definitely has given with all the airbrush suggestions and advice. Regardless of what airbrush I ultimately choose, I definitely am going to get a MAC valve. I’ll let you guys know what I decide and keep you posted. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure to do that. That would make things a lot easier and less problematic than having to worry about stressing out the air line.
  13. @Bounce, I have one nearly identical to this booth myself since I airbrush inside. I have been using it with my Paasche H currently. It does appear to do a very decent job venting it outside through the hose. Personally, I’m satisfied with it.
  14. The model I originally was looking at was ECL-4500. I think the ECL-4501 is the ECL-4500 with extra accessories included. Although I may be wrong. I’m still trying to figure that part out myself.
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