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  1. Thanks, i know the trailing edge of the flaps that form part of the upper wing surface when retracted are camo. My question was the upper flap surface normally covered by the wing when retracted. That photo confirms it. 



  2. Ok, I've figured out that the flap bays are chromate green or yellow, and the underside of the flaps are black, but what about the top of the flaps, the bit that's hidden under the wing when retracted? Is it zinc green/yellow or does the upper wing camo carry over onto it?

    B-52D RoG kit oob scheme, "Orlando where the action is "

    Cheers, Roy


  3. Despite the apparent EU bashing from some quarters in this thread, Kursad you should kwnow that if you do decide to go with registering for the EU you'll only need to register in one country. 

    However,  my info at the moment is it will be optional,  you can continue to trade as before and I'll pay the charges when I collect the package.



    I do take exception to the inference further up that the EU is somehow responsible for doing this to UK in order to "punish" them and make brexit difficult. UK tax laws are set in UK. Brexit and any consequences of it are the responsibility of one country only. The one that left.

  4. I've made some progress on the Revell kit. I'm now wondering if the u/c doors should be zinc yellow, along with the flaps and flap bays. U/c bays green. Outrigger bays yellow.


    Also made a start on the H. Well, cut the wing box like Paul Boyer did. Well, my attempt at what he did. Not sure if i got them the same. 

    I thought I was a genius when I figured I'd just install it upside down. It's keyed so it will only go one way.. 

  5. I have it. It weighs a ton....


    The bubbles are there too,cbut that's not the worst of it.

    The deck itself is warped, to the extent that the catapult track dips and bends, not in a straight line in either the vertical or horizontal planes.

    In addition, each one of the blast shield parts are all of different thicknesses. It's impossible to get them all aligned to each other (or the base).

    I think you've got the better of the two.

    (and yes I've tried the hot water trick on mine... usually makes it marginally better until it cools down and reverts to warped state).

    Says enough that I have mine 20 years and still not finished it.

  6. Hi all, 

    Starting a double OOB build of the Revell D and the AMT H. D will be the box Orlando scheme and the H will be some recent/current example in Gunship Grey.

    I'm not going all out on these, the D will be OOB and the H "might" get some of the tips from Paul Boyer's article in FSM from years back. I probably will try the wing box mod.. these will be for me only and not comp standard. 

    I know the u/c on the D is silver and on the H white, but what about the rest?

    So far I have the following..

    D; u/c legs wheels silver. cockpit, wheel wells, uc doors and flap interiors all zinc chromate green. (Should any be zinc chromate yellow?)

    H; wheels/legs white. cockpit?, wheel wells green, doors?, outrigger wheels silver? Any yellow? Is the pit dark gull grey or the old green?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  7. 3 hours ago, martin_sam_2000 said:

    completely agree.  It would be a nice way to honour his legacy, and there is no need to look like a jerk doing it. 



    Agreed. And I'm definitely up for buying one of these, as this collection is one of my themes. But 1/72 please!

  8. How about some VNAF birds in 1/72?


    Or a 10th May 1972 sheet? I know some/most/all have been done but not all are available (anyone got Silverkite 211 from Fox?)


    Or even the rescue mission for Locher on June 1st/2nd? 

     A-1H SkyraiderHH-53C;  F-4; F-105; MiGs.

    The direct task force of 119 aircraft included two HH-53C rescue helicopters, bombers, and an array of F-4 escorts, EB-66s, A-1Hs, F-105G Wild Weasels, and KC-135 tankers. 



    This is my favourite titbit I learned today; "During the rescue, an F-4E piloted by Major Phil Handley shot down a MiG-19 using his guns while flying at over 900 mph — and is by far the only supersonic gun kill in history."

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