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  1. Great pointers, MoFo - I was just scratching my head a bit about this. Cheers
  2. Judge for yourself: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3v11dSRWnm54tKS66 (Let me know if I mucked up the link again)
  3. I agree. In regards to the Quinta decals, it comes down to the floor and lower tub sidewalls, that show my paint job. The rest is covered by the (too light) decals. On a sidenote: Gunzes 307 (Dark Ghost Grey) is a very close match. If they survive weathering, which probably takes the edge off a bit, I will post a photo update maybe this weekend. If you go very close to those decals, you will also see the limits of their printers resolution but the overall impact is quite nice, still. Thanks for all your input.
  4. Aye, it is what they sell as 36231 (H317) but on another CF-188, I built, it looks pretty close to photos I looked at. Well, I am a bit surprised, since the research to find out that the US use 36231, mostly, is not that hard to find and everybody can see the colors differ a lot. In regard to painting over the panels - I have to see if I muster the courage. If so, will post here if I succeeded and also if the paint dissolved the decals... 😉
  5. This is Quinta's reply to the issue: Don't really know what do with that... Probably have to mix something up half-way between the decals and 36231.
  6. Thanks for letting me know about the link, hadn't used Google Photos before. I updated the link, maybe let me know if it works now for you. I am also inclined to paint to match, as I think if I tried to paint the Quinta decals in 36231, I could also throw them directly into the garbage... 😉 MRP-038 Light Ghost Grey seemed to be a pretty good match to me but looking at it again, I think its blue tone is not enough (same for Gunze 308).
  7. Carlos, I just did 10 drops as small as possible because it's so goopy - works fine. The ratio improver/thinner I did with a scale on which I put the empty bottle. As to the durability of the paint job, my experience was that it turned out much tougher than when I used them just with thinner. It dried fast and masking actually didn't lift any paint, even after only 10 minutes. A day later, I could run my finger nail over it and scratch and it didn't come off - only at the edges of the piece it was a bit delicate still. I also sanded after only 10-15 minutes and it actually feathere
  8. Maybe the knowledgeable people of this forum can give me informed advice. I just got a set of Quinta 3D cockpit panels for the F/A-18(A) today and started my next Kinetic CF-188. After doing some research, I am thinking that they got the color wrong on their decals, as all sources I find, claim that the F-18 (and most other US jets) have their cockpits painted in FS36231 (which was also the color, I used in my first CF-188). The Quinta panels look way too light for that, closer to FS36375 to my eye. So, I am inclined to paint the rest of the cockpit in 36375, to match the
  9. FalconFan, I turned from Lurker to Poster to tell you how fantastic this recipe works for me! I had stored my Model Air paints deep in some cupboard for nearly 2 years because I always had trouble with them and went full "stinky" with lacquers. Using your alchemy, they spray wonderfully through my H&S with a 0.15 needle. I sprayed and sprayed the finest lines for a long time. Felt like using Mr. Paint inks. Also flooding and in general, area spraying was so smooth. So, big thank you!
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