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  1. Bragg I tried various mixtures using different thinners/retarders. I think your issue might be that Vallejo products are formulated to work with each other. The non-vallejo stuff might be good but may not be the best mixture. I tried the mixture using Vallejo thinner, liquitex flow improver, and flow aid. I was not getting the best results. I think you might need to try with the actual vallejo retarder. As far as .18mm and .3mm....not sure what to say there. I get great results from my airbrush .2mm and .4mm. Try the mixture with the vallejo retarder and let me know what happens.
  2. Ade From the article I read, my understanding is that Ammo and Vallejo paints are made by a producer for them and their brand. I would love to know if anyone has more information AK, Ammo, and Vallejo. I am curious what the situation is now for all these companies. Do they make their own paint or use a paint producer? I believe all 3 companies are from Spain.
  3. Bragg You don't need to think Aqua Gloss. It is ready for use straight out of the bottle and lays down flat. Are you perhaps spraying it on to thickly? Also as far as thinning it...I don't think it is recommended. When I use Aqua gloss, never ever need to thin it it. As far as Vallejo Flat/Gloss, I normally thin it 50/50 for airbrushing.
  4. Badger stynylenz. It's a fantastic stuff, non-toxic and covers well without hiding the details. Comes in various colors for use. My goto is grey and black badger stynylenz. Never had any problems with it. Check out some videos on youtube. The only thing is, the white badger stynylez you have to mist on. The other colors you can just blast on (at 30psi) and it's fine.
  5. Sean Feel free to email me if you have any questions on airbrushing vallejo.
  6. Yep, the retarder I am using is different that the premium line. I think the small bottle I am using is the old sticky stuff. But I am not sure.
  7. Winnie Yes, it is the really goopy vallejo retarder. I find Mig's thinner to be more expensive. Though I do agree, It's probably the same thing as Vallejo thinner. I read once that Ammo and Vallejo paints are made in the same factory.
  8. The other day, I posted on Plane Trading my entire Vallejo paint lot for sale as I am moving across the county. I mentioned that I had a fantastic thinner mixture to prevent tip dry. I had several modellers reach out to me regarding what that mixture is and how I get good results with Vallejo paints. I should mention that I use to HATE Vallejo model air. When I first got them, I tried their mixture formula for preventing tip dry from their videos, I tried several recommendations, etc. Nothing worked at all, after 15 secs tip dry. It was just so frustrating. I got rid of them immediately the first time. But I live with roommates so eventually I decided to give them another try. Vallejo has some good things going for it: very little to no smell, easily available, comes in sets you don't have to buy individual bottles ( i think they were the first major company to do this), and a fantastic range of colors. So I did some tests and found a mixture for airbrushing that is fantastic. What you need: -Vallejo thinner -Vallejo flow improver -Vallejo retarder I use an empty vallejo 17 ml bottle for this. The mixture is 70% flow improver, 30% thinner, 10 drops of retarder. Then shake the hell out of the bottle. For airbrushing I use 50/60 mixture to 50/40 paint at 18 to 20psi. THIS IS KEY! Add the thinner mixture into your airbrush first! It helps lube the airbrush needle. Also, a little goes a long way. For this example, I added in 6 drops mixture to 5 drops paint. I had so much paint leftover even after the sheet and the test piece. As you can see from the pictures, I can get fine lines with no tip drying issues. I sprayed on that white sheet for about 5 mins no issues at all. Coverage is great...but you must use a primer. I added some pictures of old models airbrushes with Vallejo model air. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, let me know. Khumar PS: couldn't add the images so I am linking back to my original article that includes pics:https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/my-how-to-airbrush-vallejo-model-air-color-instruc-t516417.html
  9. So I just realized it might be really stupid to drive across the country with paint in a hot truck of a car. Not to mention, I might not have the time to model as I will be busy with family and new job. So I am selling my entire paint collection. If you are in the DC area, happy to meet somewhere in-between and do a hand off. It would be to long to list all the paints on here, If interested, email me at: davisstudent25@gmail.com and I can give you list of the paints. Thanks in advance Khumar 1st lot: Vallejo Model Air paints. 212 bottles. 10 percent of the bottles used to some level. The rest are untouched. $355. (more than 500 dollars worth paint here) -I have a wooden vallejo paint holder, that holds up to 66 bottles that I will throw in there. (Vallejo paints are my go to, see examples in the link. I have a fantastic thinner mixture I use to limit any tip drying issue and help airbrush beautifully) 2nd lot: Mr. Hobby paints. 51 bottles total. Only the interior green, black, and light grey colors used. $100 (these bottles for 3.25 to 3.99 per, you're getting this for steal!) SOLD 3rd lot: 27 Model Master Acrylic paints, plus 11 enamel bottles, $50 https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/vallejo-and-mr-hobby-paint-for-sale-t516366.html
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