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  1. Never gonna build these items. I am open to trades, would like to find Ammo of mig/AK/Vallejo paints & washes & filters or 1/48 Post war jets/props. Really would like to trade for a Harder Steenbeck airbrush! Shipping not included but will ship cheapest method. Or take it all for 280 Shipped! If interested, my email: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks for lookingKhumar(PS: If you don't like the price, make me a REASONABLE offer)1/32 Trumpeter Mig 21F-13 with canopy mask (some parts off the trees but unstarted) $501/48 Revell Rafale M(box damaged and parts in zip lock box, unstarted) $201/48 Hasegawa Hellcat with resin cockpit (box open, some parts off sprue, unstarted) $351/48 J6/Mig 17 hobbyboss with canopy mask (box open, parts test fitted) $201/48 Tamiya F-16 thunderbirds (box open, bags sealed) $351/35 Tamiya Gama Goat (box open, bags sealed) $201/35 Tamiya Challenger 1 (2 kits) (box open, bags sealed) $40 totalResin/photoetch: (7 resin cockpits, 2 photoetch items)1/48 True details: Corsair, Fw-190 D9, Fw-190 F8, Wildcat, P-51 ($65 shipped to CONUS)1/48 Blackbox: Mirage 2000, F-104C, ($40)1/48 Eduard Photoetch F-104G, AF Market Decals, and metal pitot tube. $25
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    AK Interactive Air Series paints

    Arachiac Hopefully my recommendations were useful and you are able to spray the paints easily. One recommendation I forgot to add in: Get yourself a bottle of Vallejo paint flow improver. This thing is worth its weight in gold for both Vallejo, AK, and Ammo paints. Since all three manufactures use the same paint ingredients, it works well with those brands. A drop or two, and you won't need the thinner or retarder. It is now my primary go to when I want to airbrush. I will post pictures later of how effective it is. Khumar
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    AK Interactive Air Series paints

    Taylor Sorry to hear about your issues with AK paint. I switched over to AK a short while ago and have the Modern Aircraft set. Here are some steps that might help resolve the issue. These solutions apply to Ammo of Mig acrylic paints and Vallejo Model Air Acrylics as well. 1) Shake the bottle vigorously! If the paint is not properly mixed, it will not spray well. I purchased the bottle of steel paint ball stirs that you can add into AK bottles, Ammo bottles, and Vallejo bottles. This helps shake and mix the paint. (Another thing that really helps to mix the AK paints is the automatic paint mixer by Badger Airbrush. This is the best tool for mixing AK, Ammo, or Vallejo paint) 2) The paints in the Modern Aircraft set are meant to be airbrushed. So they are pre-thinned. Start off at 20 psi and see how that works. (After making damn sure the paints are mixed) 3) Now if things are not working, add in a drop or two of thinner. At this point back flush your airbrush (Let me know if you don't know what back flushing is). You want to see bubbles like those in chocolate milk. Once you see that you can increase pressure a bit to get fine lines, decrease pressure to get soft paint coverage and build it up. 4) AK paints really work best around 15 to 25 psi range. If you're having to go up to 30 psi...something is wrong. 5) Ensure your airbrush is clean and working properly. Use water with some food coloring and see how the spray pattern looks at 20psi. 6)DO NOT use non AK thinner with AK paints. I also recommend getting the paint retarder as AK paints dry on the tip very very quickly.
  4. Make me an offer! All the items must go!
  5. Offering the following resin cockpits for sale. Prices include shipping in United States. Will ship abroad, contact me first for shipping quote. If interested email me at davisstudent25@gmail.com. -1/48 True details resin cockpits (prefer to sell as a lot, Asking 65 $60 shipped in US) includes the Hellcat kit: -Fw-190D-9 -Fw-190 F-8 -P-51D-K -F4U-1 -F4F-4 Wildcat -1/48 Hasegawa F3F-5 with True details resin cockpit. (parts off sprue, not started, box is damaged) 1/48 Blackbox cockpits: -F-104 cockpit for hasegawa $18 $16 -Mirage 2000 cockpit for heller kit (Going for $35 right now on ebay) $28 $26 Shipped -F-102 and F-106 cockpits for monogram kit(Are selling for25 each on ebay) $40 for both shipped SOLD -A-37 cockpit for monogram kit (VERY RARE, on ebay it's selling for $35) $28 $26 shipped -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 21F-13 with canopy mask (some parts off sprue, completely, not started) asking $60 $55 shipped in US 2 brand new Aztek/testors A-470 airbrushes. The bodies were replaced by testors 2 weeks ago (still have the envelope showing date they arrived to my place). Both have wooden cases, with various nozzles, color cups, etc. Asking $125 total for both shipped in US.
  6. FalconFan24

    Academy Su-27 1:48 inflight

    Krustovsky Beautiful build! Please, please, please...share how you got the canopy so clear and shiney?
  7. Sadly, I just never figured out/got used to Alclad. So I am getting of my Alclad stuff. To keep it simple this is sold as a lot. Some bottles are not used, some are used. Total of 14 bottles! Asking $85 shipped in the CONUS. Here is what 1 ALC 113 Jet Exhaust (never used) 1 ALC 103 Dark Aluminum (30%) 1 ALC 112 Steel (never used) 1 ALC 111 Magnesium (90%) 2 ALC 101 Aluminum (1st bottle 30%, 2nd bottle 100%) 1 ALC 119 Airframe Aluminum (95%) 1 ALC 102 Duralumiinum (50%) 1 ALC 106 White Aluminum (60%) 1 ALC 117 Dull Aluminum (50%) 1 ALC 413 Hotmetal Blue (95%) 2 Aqua Gloss (1st 90%,2nd one 100%) 1 Aqua Klear Cote (never used) If interested, email me at: davisstudent25@gmail.com Here is some ideas for trade: I am looking for 1/48 Tamiya F-16 Tamiya P-47 (bubble top) Tamiya F-14 Hasegawa British harrier Revell Eurofigther 1/32 Italeri Mirage Academy F-18
  8. Selling the following items in a bundle, everything is packaged and ready to go. My stupid Ford Mustang has more issues that need to be fixed. I am asking $380 shipped in the CONUS. If you live in the DC area, happy to meet you and do a pick up (i'll knock 30 dollars off since no shipping involved). If interested email at: davisstudent25@gmail.com 1/32 Tamiya F-4 C/D (box open/bags sealed) 1/32 Trumpeter Mig 19 PM with canopy masks (box open/bags sealed) 1/48 Kinetic Mirage IIIE (box open/bags sealed) 1/48 Academy T-33 with resin cockpit (box open/bags sealed) 1/48 Hasegawa F-18F (box open/bags sealed) 1/35 Tamiya T-55 with metal tracks (box open/bags sealed) 1/35 Tamiya Leopard A6 (box open, bags sealed) Builders kit: 1/35 revell hind. Panel lines rescribed, comes with canopy masks. 1/48 eduard Mirage III. Cockpit glued, fuselage test fitted.
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    Sold please delete!

    I'll consider reasonable offers!