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  1. I have some 1/32 kits...mostly impulse buys that are just to big for work bench and they are just sitting around. Would like to trade it inside of trying to sell it. Here is what I have: -1/32 Academy F-16 (box open, bags sealed) -1/32 Revell Tornado Tiger meet markings. Comes with canopy mask, pitot tube, and resin seats. -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 19 (2 seater) -1/32 Italeri F-104G Looking for 1/48 and 1/72 kits (here some ideas): -1/48 AFV F-5 -1/48 Tamiya F-14A, F-4B -1/48 Kinetic F-104A -1/72 Italeri Wessux -1/72 Mi-35M If you have something you think I might be interested in, fe
  2. After some delays, finally able to get some modeling done. Second part of the video is up for viewing (link below). I hope you like it!
  3. I was actually working on a 1/32 ProModeler Bf-109G-4 a few months ago and had almost reached the finish line. Unfortunately, It was destroyed when my shelf fell on it. Picked up another Bf-109G-4 for really cheap and decide I would do a video on it. First part is just cockpit techniques.
  4. Got them as a gift...but I don't any interest in them and am not going to buy a 32nd Bf-109. So I will send them to a good home, some conditions apply: --You must actually build and use the decals --You have 1 month (from date of receipt) to complete said build and must post pics of the build here (will consider 2 months based on circumstances) --Can split the decals if you like any particular bird --If you fail to complete build you will pay me the full price of the decals....want to separate the builders from the collectors If interested, please message me via the internal messenger.
  5. In this video, I focus on the cockpit and how I build out of box. Hope everyone likes:)
  6. Hopefully this helps those using Vallejo primers and those who might be interested in picking up a bottle.
  7. Looking to downsize. Some kits for sale, located in Alexandria VA. If you’re a local can meet for a pick up. 1/32 Tamiya F-16 block 50 (missing instruction sheet but have pdf copy) $135 1/32 Trumpeter Mig 19 2 seater $60 1/32 Academy F-16 $90 1/32 Revell Tornado. Resin seats, canopy mask, pitot tube. $85 1/24 Italeri Landrover (flimsy box, complete, no bags) $40 1/48 J-29F Tunnan $38 1/35 Trumpeter T-62 $25 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk I with resin cockpit (unknown company). $40 1/48 Tamiya F-84G. AF Decals, canopy mask, one tree is chrome plated. $40 1/48 Tamiya KAI fighter. $38 1/72
  8. Hope you like it. Since I am still new to this, feel free to send any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Skyraider, For the vallejo metal color, I spray at 12-15 psi, for the Badger primer I spray 30 psi, and for vallejo model air paints I use 18-20 psi. Hope this helps!
  10. Just completed part 1, hope it can be helpful to those looking to learn on how to do NMF on their next project.
  11. Decided to get rid of some stuff that I am never ever gonna get to building. If interested: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks, Khumar Items for sale (all inner bags sealed, unless noted otherwise): -1/48 Hobby J-29 -1/48 Trumpeter A-37 -1/48 Kinetic Super Etendard (fyi: it is a heavly sought after kit) SOLD -1/48 Kinetic F-84 (some parts off sprue) comes with AMS resin cockpit -1/32 Trumpeter Mig-19 two seater -1/32 Academy F-16CJ Looking for: -1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter -1/48 Airfix Sabre (new tooling) -1/48 Tamiya A-1 (USAF v
  12. In this video, I talk about blackbasing and demonstrate the look you can achieve with blackbasing.
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