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  1. Not another G-4, but I am looking for a G-6. I picked up this sheet of captured G-6's at a hobby show for a nice price! It has several options that look awesome.
  2. Oh, I wish so badly someone would redo the game with current graphics. I would buy it immediately. It was such a well done game, great story line, plot, characters, etc.
  3. haha, well hopefully it was helpful. And btw, your profile thumbnail is from Strike Commander. I use to play that game all the time!
  4. Final update: as you can see, the 109 build came to an end today. My clumsy a** dropped the model and why trying to scoop it up....ended up stepping on it instead. Sigh.....here lay it's final remains.
  5. Thank you. Regarding your question....it's because I am an idiot haha. I am not a WWII guy, so I ended up ordering the wrong paints.
  6. Update 4: unfortunately, I was not able to finish the kit in 2-3 days as I had hoped. My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past week. Today was the first day I was able to do some modeling. In tough times, modeling is such a therapeutic release and helps keep me grounded. So I was able to close up the cockpit, install the lower piece with the wing alignment part, and glue & fill the seams of the nose cowling piece. I also received the Ammo paint set. I am going to try it out on this kit.
  7. Update Part 3: so I got bogged down with the fuselage. For some reason....this time around the tail to fuselage joint was extremely problematic. Lot's of sanding and rescribing done and I am still not finished.
  8. Robert, glad to hear the video was useful to you. Unfortunately, your linked picture is not accessible. Can you reload?
  9. Ok, part 2: flat coat on, light dirt added in. Ready to bring the fuselage together.
  10. I picked this kit up for 10 dollars......and it is a pretty easy build. Gonna finish this up in 2 days. Got the cockpit done in 2 hours and gloss coat is on. Next step: filter will be applied and flat coat.
  11. I am leaving for surgery and will be out for a month. Need to clean up and get rid of stuff before hand. Picture of each item below and I have included a description of the item. I have listed pictures but I will consider REASONABLE OFFERS (look up reasonable before you send a ridiculous offer). I am located in Virginia. If interested message me on here to avoid scammers. Aztek Airbrush, used 3 or 4 times only. Comes with everything you see in the picture and also a quick disconnect. $50 1/48 Hasegawa Hellcat with True Details resin cockpit $35 1/48 Kinetic F-104G (bo
  12. I keep seeing this question come up from new modelers joining the community. Hopefully, this can help you if you're new to airbrush Tamiya acrylic paints.
  13. Couple of question: Did you use the vallejo premium gloss or the resin gloss? How did you thin it and the ratio you use? What PSI did you use?
  14. Chuck, I used to work for print companies doing airbrush work and I can tell you.....paint chemistry has significantly changed over the years. What you are seeing now is acrylic paints with additives that make the paint stronger than ever before. It is common practice in the professional artist community to add additives to strengthen the paint. Now this is now being used for the hobby world. The thinner mixture in my video acts as an additive along with thinning the paint. Second for acrylics you have to shift your thinking a bit. Most of us grew up on lacquers/enamel paints. And with th
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