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  1. Decided to get rid of some stuff that I am never ever gonna get to building. If interested: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks, Khumar Items for sale (all inner bags sealed, unless noted otherwise): -1/48 Hobby J-29 -1/48 Trumpeter A-37 -1/48 Kinetic Super Etendard (fyi: it is a heavly sought after kit) SOLD -1/48 Kinetic F-84 (some parts off sprue) comes with AMS resin cockpit -1/32 Trumpeter Mig-19 two seater -1/32 Academy F-16CJ Looking for: -1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter -1/48 Airfix Sabre (new tooling) -1/48 Tamiya A-1 (USAF v
  2. In this video, I talk about blackbasing and demonstrate the look you can achieve with blackbasing.
  3. Ben, Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it and it is very helpful. I will definitely work on the sound issue. I also purchased a better camera so the quality of the recording will improve the camera work and you should be able to see better details in the future.
  4. New video series, part's 1 and 2 are up. I demonstrate 2 common weathering techniques for model airplane builders. These videos are designed for for beginner/intermediate modelers. I hope they are helpful. Please let me know what you think in the comments. I am trying to get better at making videos and if you have suggestions feel free to email me: davisstudent25@gmail.com. Thanks in Advance. Khumar https://youtu.be/462EZ6Ea-So https://youtu.be/jA7ZyWam_9c
  5. I use a home brew cleaning mixture for Vallejo Paints. Their airbrush cleaner is fantastic...but it is pricey. How my cleaning method is two parts: 1) after airbrushing, I have an old mug filled with water and put my airbrush in there and blow some air. This gets majority of the paint out from the cup and inside as well. 2) Once this part is done, I use the following mixture: 70 hot water (preferably distilled water), 30 percent 91% Isopropyl alcohol, and about 20 drops of liqutix flow improver. This mixture works really well cleaning out paint but also keeps the needle lubed for lat
  6. A few months ago, I posted on hyperscale an article on how to airbrush Vallejo Model Air paints using a mixture I came up with. Recently, the same topic came up in various Facebook modeling groups. I posted the article once more and there was a lot of positive reaction. There was also tons of questions. So I decided a video would be best thing to help explain it all. So here is my first video...It is not that great, I don't have the best camera or microphone. But I hope you enjoy it!
  7. Dimi Based what I see, it is not spraying well because it is not thinned enough. Thin the paint more try 50/50 paint to your thinner mixture. When you airbrush at low air pressure your paint needs to be thinned much more. It should go on wet, when you airbrush. And unless you are doing molting camo, you don't need to go that low air pressure. Stay around the 18psi range. Also, don't spray on cloth (it looks some sort of light cloth like material). Use either scrap plastic kit or white sheet of paper to test. Cloth like material absorbs the paint and might hide how grainy it really looks.
  8. Hi Dimi First off, welcome to the forums. As far as your situation: for 1/72 kits, I recommend using the mixture I shared and thinning the paint to about 60/40 or 50/50 (paint/thinner) at about 15 psi. Use the back flush technique to see get everything mixed and see how it flows. It should look like blowing bubbles in chocolate milk. Normally for airbrushing something like 1/72, you will need to get closer to the model than 1/48. To get really good precise control you might even need to remove the needle protector on your airbrush. I am working on a video on how to airb
  9. Hi Does anyone have any decals for a 1/48 Spitfire XIVe natural metal finish? I don't know care about the pilot/squadron. Just need it to be natural metal finish markings. Please let me know, my email: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks Khumar
  10. Glad to hear!!!! I will be making a new article shortly, keep any eye out for that. I have had over 30 modelers reach out to me about Vallejo Metal Color for Natural Metal Finish. I love Vallejo Metal color! Working on a kit right now and I will do another article shortly.
  11. Sean Glad you liked it overall. I think I mentioned I use a 50/50 or 60/40 mix because of the weather here in VA. I noticed in the summer I need a watery mixture to airbrush smoothly. I noticed your profile says you are located in Canada. During winter here I noticed I didn't need as much thinner to paint. I am curious if other modelers are noticing the same thing or not.
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