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  1. Hi Does anyone have any decals for a 1/48 Spitfire XIVe natural metal finish? I don't know care about the pilot/squadron. Just need it to be natural metal finish markings. Please let me know, my email: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks Khumar
  2. Glad to hear!!!! I will be making a new article shortly, keep any eye out for that. I have had over 30 modelers reach out to me about Vallejo Metal Color for Natural Metal Finish. I love Vallejo Metal color! Working on a kit right now and I will do another article shortly.
  3. Sean Glad you liked it overall. I think I mentioned I use a 50/50 or 60/40 mix because of the weather here in VA. I noticed in the summer I need a watery mixture to airbrush smoothly. I noticed your profile says you are located in Canada. During winter here I noticed I didn't need as much thinner to paint. I am curious if other modelers are noticing the same thing or not.
  4. Bragg I tried various mixtures using different thinners/retarders. I think your issue might be that Vallejo products are formulated to work with each other. The non-vallejo stuff might be good but may not be the best mixture. I tried the mixture using Vallejo thinner, liquitex flow improver, and flow aid. I was not getting the best results. I think you might need to try with the actual vallejo retarder. As far as .18mm and .3mm....not sure what to say there. I get great results from my airbrush .2mm and .4mm. Try the mixture with the vallejo retarder and let me know wh
  5. Ade From the article I read, my understanding is that Ammo and Vallejo paints are made by a producer for them and their brand. I would love to know if anyone has more information AK, Ammo, and Vallejo. I am curious what the situation is now for all these companies. Do they make their own paint or use a paint producer? I believe all 3 companies are from Spain.
  6. Bragg You don't need to think Aqua Gloss. It is ready for use straight out of the bottle and lays down flat. Are you perhaps spraying it on to thickly? Also as far as thinning it...I don't think it is recommended. When I use Aqua gloss, never ever need to thin it it. As far as Vallejo Flat/Gloss, I normally thin it 50/50 for airbrushing.
  7. Badger stynylenz. It's a fantastic stuff, non-toxic and covers well without hiding the details. Comes in various colors for use. My goto is grey and black badger stynylenz. Never had any problems with it. Check out some videos on youtube. The only thing is, the white badger stynylez you have to mist on. The other colors you can just blast on (at 30psi) and it's fine.
  8. Sean Feel free to email me if you have any questions on airbrushing vallejo.
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