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  1. Prices reduced once again! Last chance before they go on Evilbay. If you're are interested, please email me at davisstudent25@gmail.com. (Or take it all for 270 shipped CONUS) Thanks Khumar -1/48 Hasegawa Hellcat with True detail resin cockpit (some parts off the sprue, complete and not started). $38 $35 $30 -1/48 Hasegawa F-18C "Warhawks" (box open, bags sealed) $45 $40 $35 -1/48 Airfix Meteor Pr.9 (box open, bags sealed) SOLD -1/48 Academy F-86 with canopy masks, resin cockpit (box open, bags sealed) $40 $35 $30 -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 23 (box open, bags sealed) $80 $70 $65 -It is the Iwata BCR hobby set. Comes with Iwata BCR airbrush, compressed can of air, 6 ft airhose, 4 oz. media airbrush cleaner, adaptor, and case. Amazon and ebay both have it listed from 129 to 150.....I will let this go for much cheaper as I don't need it. I got it as a gift and tested it 3 times....I just don't like siphon feed airbrushes. $80 $ 75 $70 -Badger 200 gravity feed airbrush. This was my work horse airbrush. It comes with the Fine needle, perfect for metallic painting, laying down primer, etc. I have cleaned it throughly and lubed the need with badger needle lubricant. $50 $45 $40
  2. I bought both items on impulse. The thing is, my work space isn't big enough to build them and nor do I have the space to house the kits. So looking to trade both kits for something. What I have: -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 23 (box open, bags sealed), -1/32 Special Hobby T-33 (box open, bags sealed). Pending Looking for 1/48 jets mostly, airbrushes, paints, or 1/35 modern tanks. If interested: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance Khumar
  3. I actually called eBay (yes they do have that feature) and asked them about this seller. The lady stated that the seller was removed for violating eBay policy. What was weird is that the posting for the 1/35 BUK was still up, but I could not purchase it. Thus why I called eBay. You can call eBay and ask about your particular seller.
  4. Sorry to report to everyone, It seems the seller was a fraud and Ebay just shutdown the seller.
  5. I have two 2 compressors, one is an older silentaire sil-20 compressor. There seems to be a leak somewhere and I don't know enough to work on it and really am not comfortable working on it. Other then that it works well. I called silentaire's office and they said to mail it to them...which costs way to much to do. Happy to give it up to someone in the DC/VA/MD area who wants it and knows about these type of compressors. But I just can give it away for free since I paid 300 for it...so you can have it for 1 kit as payment. I can meet up some place and drop it off if need be. If interested, email me at: davisstudent25@gmail.comThanks in advanceKhumar
  6. Looking to get of some stuff. I am open to REASONABLE OFFERS. Shipping not include, but will ship the cheapest method possible. If interested, email me: davisstudent25@gmail.comThanks in advance,Khumar AIRBRUSHES:-Iwata BCR Hobby Set (comes with hose, regulator, cleaner, and compressed air). I got it as a birthday gift only tested 3 times, I don't care for siphon feed. Asking $80 $70-Badger 200G airbrush (comes with quick disconnect, plastic case, nozzle wrench). This has been my work horse. It's cleaned and lubed. Asking $55 $45PAINTS:-Hataka Orange Line paint sets. Beautiful paints, they don't clog, you can get extremely fine lines with them. But they do smell somewhat and my cat absolutely hates them (leaves me little gifts every time I use them, doesn't do this for any other paints). Asking $140 $130 (can only be shipped by ground). -Spitfire desert set (only used the interior green color) -RAF modern fighters, USAF Aggressors (both the F-15 and F-16 set), USN Modern jets and Vietnam jets set, USAF European camo scheme set. -Mr Hobby paints. I have about 61 bottles, of those 15 bottles are used. Covers colors from WWII to modern aircraft. I have switched completely over to acrylics so I don't need these. asking $125 $115 plus shipping. -1/48 Academy F-4J (box open, bags sealed) JollyRogers marking asking $45 $40-1/48 Hasegawa Hellcat with true details cockpit asking $35-1/48 Airfix Meteor Pr.9 Asking $40 $38-1/48 Tamiya F-16 thunderbirds boxing $37-1/48 Hasegawa F-18 "Vikings" boxing $40-1/35 Tamiya T-55A $37Resin:-1/48 True Details: P-51, Bf-109E, Fw-190, Fw-190 D9, Corsair $55 for the lot.Sorry no trades, I have all the kits I will ever need. Saving to buy a new compressor.
  7. I am looking to TRADE for "how to build" scale model books. The newer versions from ammo by mig/ak interactive, etc. I have several items for trade in return. If interested, my email: davisstudent25@gmail.comThanks in advance,Khumar-Iwata BCR airbrush set, used 3 times. I don't use siphon feed airbrushes. -Badger 200G airbrush with quick disconnect. Great airbrush, used but cleaned, works perfectly. -1/48 Academy F-4J Jolly Rogers boxing. Box open, bags sealed.AND MORE
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