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  1. Not gonna change it! As too scared of breaking it and ruining it! I know nothing about Spitfire's as they ain't a plane I'm that much interested in. Oh well I hope I please you with the next one! Whatever that might be?
  2. Kit manufacturer: Eduard Scale: 1/48 Type: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc Late version Extras used: Eduard Brassin 5-spoke wheels treaded ED648098 and Belly tank from the spares box. Paints and colours used: Humbrol, Revell and Xtracrylics. So here she is in all her shiny glory in the markings of an aircraft operated by 601 Sqdn in Italy in the Summer of 1944:
  3. Right update time! I decided to forego the centreline bomb and add the centreline belly tank instead. I think it looks different. Probably not accurate, but what the hell it's my model.
  4. Thank you Joel. My one will have the camo'd cowl and fuel tank. As I said before my model my rules. Right now we know that the aircraft was stripped of paint. So I've left the u/c bays and inside the radiators MSG (Medium Sea Grey).
  5. Thank you! Well it's looking like a Spit:
  6. Please if anyone has a window chute for a 1/48 Lanc they no longer need. Please could I take it off your hands? As I need one for my Lanc build. The reason I ask is that I'm no good at scratchbuilding. Many thanks Darren.
  7. I've been beavering away on the cockpit, and here is the end result:
  8. Well some progress made on the cockpit:
  9. Kit manufacturer: Airfix Scale: 1/48 Type: Spitfire Mk.22 Extras used: True Details resin cockpit and Mark 1 decals Paints and colours used: Humbrol enamels, Revell and Xtracrylics. So another Spitfire. This time an F.Mk.22. This one is in the markings of an aircraft of 615 Sqdn based at Biggin Hill in 1949. And here it is with a baby Spitfire. I now want another to do as a Mk.24.
  10. So with one Spit nearly done, it was time to grab another from the stash. And I love the Mk.IX in all it's forms, so I grabbed this one: The contents: The chosen scheme I'm doing: And the extras:
  11. Right here's the progress so far!
  12. So decals on. And you'll notice no fin flash according to the decal instructions this bird didn't have any.
  13. And all ready for paint. And a question. Anyone know what these hooks were for?
  14. Next up was adding the sidewall detail. Next joining the fuselage. Adding the wing and tail plane. So that's the progress so far.
  15. So first things first was getting rid of the kit supplied sidewall detail. I also modified the kit IP. And added these to the mix. To get it looking like this.
  16. So the second Spit on the bench is this one:
  17. Thank you! Glad you like it. I'm just about to start my next one. Which will be an F.Mk.22 again with AM goodies. But I don't know whether to start a new thread or just put it in this one?
  18. Ok so it is here the first of many 1/48 Spitfire's. This one represents P9495 of 610 (County of Chester) Sqdn at Biggin Hill in July 1940. Cockpit was upgraded with an Eduard zoom set FE359. And I also added brake lines and used reflective tape on the rear view mirror. Figure and Dog are from ICM. Build log http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=274478
  19. Right so the aerial is done from stretched sprue, and I've done the rear view mirror using reflective tape. I think it looks ok.
  20. Thank you! I'm trying to do all the marks, but some are out of production unfortunately. I'll just have to look around at second hand vendors. Today's progress. I added brake lines (a first for me) And she's nearly there. Just got to sort out a wireless aerial for her.
  21. I don't know about brave lol. So after a heavy decalling session all decals have now been applied.
  22. Well thank you gents. Joel it isn't oob as I'm using an Eduard set to upgrade the cockpit. Uppersurface camo on.
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