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  1. Hi Gary, this was built about 2-3 years ago during the lockdown. I believe I would have used GSI Mr Hobby H45 light blue (as I would have commonly used in quiet a few of my Soviet-era builds).
  2. This is the Chinese revision of the old Mig-19. Revision being to the nose - and consequently, moving the air intakes to the sides. Somehow, the nose job and side air intakes made the Nanchang look more like an aircraft rather than a gaping fish. P/s - I have since added my other Q5 in Olive paint.
  3. So, this is the ubiquitous Mistercraft kit. Pretty much OOB, except a spare k-36 from a Trumpter Mig29 kit and the aftermarket pitot tubes which cost more than the kit. In my view, the pitot tubes were pretty much worth. It's rather fragile though. This one is in Syrian AF markings. The colours were eyeballed as the decal instructions didn't come with the codes.
  4. Hi Jackman, thanks. I read somewhere on line that the Trumpeter Mig 29 nose fits so I went for broke. I quite like the bulbous look from the off frontal angle. The KP tail on No. 56 is definitely a vast improvement over the stock Academy tail which is slightly smaller.
  5. A bit of a kit-bash for these two Academy Mig-23S kits. The one with the Romanian tiger stripes had a spare Trumpeter Mig-29A nose and a Master pitot. Decals were scavanged from the spares box. The one with the good old Soviet '56' marking had a KP tail in addition to another spare Trumpeter Mig-29A nose, spare ejection seat and a Master brass pitot. Needless to say. The Romanian tiger stripes proved a killer. Many hours spent kneading blu-tac into shape and position. And getting double vision in the process. Glad I finished it though.
  6. Thanks. Will try to do something about the wide lines in the next build.
  7. Hi Thadeus, thanks. Somehow i always find camo schemes of middle eastern air forces flying Russian machines appealing.
  8. Another Zevzda. This time a MiG. The speed demon Foxhound. Happy with shape and outcome, not sure about the thick panel lines though. Cheers.
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