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  1. Thanks. Will try to do something about the wide lines in the next build.
  2. Hi Thadeus, thanks. Somehow i always find camo schemes of middle eastern air forces flying Russian machines appealing.
  3. Another Zevzda. This time a MiG. The speed demon Foxhound. Happy with shape and outcome, not sure about the thick panel lines though. Cheers.
  4. So another one from the pandemic stash. Weathered according to imagination as i can't seem to find a "dirty" Fencer in this particular sand/brown camo scheme. "Friend" refers to the Russian Blue 91 built a earlier. Thought it might want to make a cameo😂
  5. OOB except for the decals from Begemot. My take on Red 21 during the Syrian operation. Complete with blacked out red star and other identifiers except Bort no. Hope i dont get penalised as i posted this and a few other kits in the wrong "Display Case" (I posted on the armour segment instead...). Can anyone advise how i can delete those other posts there? Cheers. Harry.
  6. Hi Arnaud Panel lines are a tad heavy. But i baulk at the hefty price for the Trumpeter one. H
  7. So, this is OOB except the decals which is from Begemot as i wanted to build a Fullback used in the Syrian theatre. I put on the Russian Red star insignia and letterings first before slapping on black paint to cover them. Seems that planes involved in the campaign only left the bort no. uncovered.
  8. Got this at a steal for less than 10USD. Tried to bend the rotors with a hairdryer. Some blades made it, one or two were overdone.
  9. Another Su-24 from the Pandemic stash. This time in Iranian colours. And a bit of imagination on the weathered state of their fleet cos all the reference pics i get on the internet show pretty clean aircraft. And a last hurrah with the previously completed Blue 91.
  10. Soviet seal of approval!🤪 That's enough encouragement to foist more of my builds here...
  11. Thanks Greg! There is always room for improvement. Not so sure about the accuracy of the colour as most reference photos point to a brown on brown camo scheme, except for the instruction sheet for the Trumpeter model. I guess whatever floats our boats...
  12. Blue 91 Fencer in old green/brown Soviet colour
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