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  1. Hi, my name is Colargol (Hervé in reality), and it is the first time I post images of one of my kit. This is a Tomcat from the early ages at the end of the first cruise of VF-1. It was actually an excuse to represent the belly tanks with fins. It is the 1/72 Fine Molds F-14A kit. I have used Hasegawa pancake and gun vents, DXM decals and Eduard Sidewinders and Sparrow. The Phoenix are from Fine Molds. I have used a lot of scratch (landing gears and bays, cockpit, canopy, ejection seats, air intakes, old fashion twin sidewinder pylon). I have used Gunze acrylics (and some Tamiya wh
  2. I've made a post here, but I didn't know the Group Build was closed. I will move it Sorry colargol (still learning :))
  3. Thanks a lot ! The Academy kit includes the 1st stage compressor of the TF30 and the one for the F110 so its going to be ok on that point. The rear fairing is also included in the kit except that I want to represent the exhausts in closed position (in flight) and Academy proposes only the open one, so I will use Hasegawa kit parts. And I will just rescribe the bolts covers in closed configuration. Thanks again ! Colargol
  4. Hello, be carreful with the Fine Molds kit: the shape of the extremity of the wings is especially wrong, but it is not the only problem with the wing. I have made a comparison of 1/72 Tomcat wings with the plan in the DACO book. Green is OK, red is not ... (at that time, I haven't the Academy kit yet) The position of the vertical tails are wrong too on the Fine Molds kit (then, the danger red line near the "NAVY" is at the wrong place if you position if according to the foot of the vertical tail). If you read French, I have published a synthesis
  5. Hello, My name is Hervé, I am new on the forum even if I read a lot of the post. Generally speaking, I am focusing on 1/72 aircrafts and helicpoters from the modern period. I have a question for the Tomcat specialists. I am currently building an Academy F-14. I have chosen to make a F-14B but the engine body are the one for the F-14A. Some differences can be corrected by rescribing the styren, but I have doubt about 4 small openings just behind the main landing gear. This openings are visible on the picture from the link below frouch_f-14b_22.jpg
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