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  1. Hi, this is my second Fine Molds Tomcat in 1/72. I have decided to represent an aircraft from IRIAF with wing, leading egde, flap, spoilers and aerobrake open. I have used Hasegawa wings (with some modification to represent the spoilers) and Fujimi pilots. Decals are from Print Scale (and some from Linden Hill). Sparrow and Sidewinder from Eduard. The colors are a huge mix of several Gunze reference (with a lot of trying). I have try to represent the correct camo from 3-6039 (according to a video and some picture from the same day as the video). Most of the camouflage has no blur e
  2. Hello, I carry on with the building. I have add all the piping/wiring using electrical cables, glued with cyano. For a moment, I thought that the landing lights would have been the first pieces on the kit without any modification, but I had to fill the hole in back of the pieces (with cyano glue - yellow arrow). So, no. For the parallel piping, I first take 7 straight wires, bend them to form a "L" shape and glued them together (red arrow). When the glue is dry, I bend the upper part of each wire for it to follow the correct path. I
  3. Hello, I carry on ... I have build a part of the structure and filled it with Perfect Putty from deluxe material (red arrows). I drilled the holes in the structure (yellow arrows) - I am sorry but I have a lack in technical vocabulary in english to give more details 😉 Nevertheless, the triangular section (near the red arrows) shouldn't go that far on the main axis of the landing gear, but I will let it that way and I will begin the next step: the wiring colargol
  4. colargol

    1/72 B-2

    Hello, I am currently building a Model Collect B-2A. So far, it is more an Evergreen one (see here, if you want more details (and if you speak french or use a translator) you can check here) colargol
  5. Hello, this is the last wall of the rigth landing gear bay: Now, I am beginning to work on the main landing gear bay. The pieces of the kit are presenting some troubles: the ones of my kit are either broken, twisted or badly modled ... I have first asked Model Collect for replacement pieces but I have discovered that the rotation axis of the landing gear (the part identified with yellow arrows) is not aligned with the vertical axis of the landing gear but a little bit behind this vertical axis. I have to reduild everything. So I sen
  6. Thanks for your comments. This is a little update, with the right landing gear bay. It is not the symetrical version of the left one, but the element on the rear wall are the same as the ones of the left bay (right part of the picture) colargol
  7. Thanks for the informations ! colargol
  8. The DACO book could be very helpfull on this point. Gun compartment seems white, as the door as weel as the doors, as the front one on the right part of the fuselage, but there are a lot of color in the equipments. The second one on the rigth seems white also, but it could be zinc chromate too on the picture of the DACO book. The spine seems zinc chromate, but it may depend on the ligthing. the interior of the radome seems dark, maybe interior green indeed. You could find a lot of walkaround on the internet but my adivse would be to buy the DACO book. Be carreful in the order of b
  9. Hello, even if it is not a very recent post, I have a complementary question: on which operationnal squadron(s) was this configuration used (even just for exercices)? Because in the Squadron/Signal walkaround book, it is possible to find a picture of this kind on bomb rack installed in the forward position on a Tomcat from the VF-32 (grey/white scheme), but was is used on other squadron(s) and when? Thanks, colargol
  10. Hello, I have changed the background color 😉 I am currently building the main landing gear bay. Everything has to be rebuild. The internal structure proposed by Modelcollect is incorrect and I decided to remove it all. The position of the rotation axis is wrong too. It should be a little bit lower in the bay and a little bit more behind. In fact, the Modelcollect landing gear piece (as well as the Testor one) has the rotation axis (yellow arrows) aligned with the main vertical axis of the landing gear, but it is not the case on the actual aircraft. As the landing gear h
  11. Hello ! Is it normal that your wings are upside-down ? colargol
  12. Hello, I carry on ... I had to modify the front landing gear door especially because the shape is incorrect. I first thought that the door was 2 mm too long, but it turns out its the front landing gear which is too short. But the shape of the door is wrong too. I corrected the shape (1.5 mm reduction, red arrows) and used the piece as a patron to have a 0.25 mm thick door. (clear blue arrow) I reduced by 0.75 mm (±) each side of the Modelcollect piece (orange arrow) and glued them together. The locking device of the main door is seen here (pink arrow), the
  13. Hello and thank you for the comments 😉 The link to the video is this one : Video I will close the engine bay because I don't have information enough to scratch build anything properly. Moreover, as the weapon bays are going to be open, the opening of the engine bays would create an obstacle to see correctly the weapon bays (I intend to open one of the bay completely, with the bay door in the horizontal position close to the fuselage). For the same reason, I will keep the main door of the front gear bay closed. And I love the joke about the radar 🙂
  14. Hello, I am using pictures from the correct angle. I rotate the picture to have the line between the nose point and the tail point as horizontal as possible (black line). Then, I know that de distance between A and B is around 27.9 cm on the kit, I find the position of the item I try to locate - for example the central spike in the boundary layer plate (line E and F). Then the distance between the noise point and this point is equal to ((E+F)/2-A)/(B-A)*27.9 cm I check that the length of the aircraft is correct too by making the same calculation with rear spikes of the
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