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  1. While I have a soft spot for Academy kits, I'd go with Hobby Boss. I've not built either Su-27s but from what I've seen Academy is probably ging to be challenging build - even without all the aftermarket - while the Hobby Boss will be much easier. Judging from pics of completed kits, Academy nose and canopy (on the singe seaters) look just weird. To me it would come down to exact pricing (in my neck of the woods Academy Flankers are not that much cheaper than Hobby Boss), what You'd want with the kit - is it going to be another one on the shelf, or You'd want as much accuracy as possible.
  2. I'm building my stash hopefull I get to build some of it when I retire (or to occuppy myself If I get reduced). In 2015 I could pull 30 kits / year. Now I'm down to 3. Same methods, paints and all. Just my week shrink. Got through two major stash reduction projects with some pretty nice results. Ended up looking for some of the kits I sold 😄. But yeah. I feel the change from when I was a kid. Actually put together a few kits "like in the old days" for my older boy. It seems I still can build a model in an hour. But the upped standard in builds I think comes from being older, more pre
  3. Huh, a buddy of mine shrink wrapped a lot of his kits. I even seem to remember a shop that shrink wrapped Hasegawa boxes. But I do get that there are people collecting kits never intending to build them at all. So a "collector" value would go up if it was in original shrink wrap. OTOH, I always open a kit, just to "feel" the parts, look at them a bit, or ehem, check for missing parts 😉 I used to have a list of kits with approximate re-sell value. Wife said she'd just throw them out.
  4. Sorry to continue the OT, but it's still Phantoms in somebody else boxes, right? What I meant was a Fujimi Phantom reboxed by Italeri - https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/F-4M-Phantom-FG.1.html?start_p=1#section_similar
  5. I'm super excited about the F-4C/D. Hasegawa C/D's are quite hard to find. And quite easy to convert to F-4J's. Lots of options. Hope this kit sells well so Hobby2000 can give us some more rare to find kits. It seems some nice Fujimi kits are being released by Italeri. Remember that Fujimi Spey Phantom? Now that was some great news. Lots of hope for the TA-4 too. Also, the earlier F-4C/D/J boxing was from Esci. So I guess Italeri sourced the sprues from Fujimi on kits they don't yet have in their line. So no Fujimi F-35B from Italeri, 😉 oh what a shame 😉 Also, Hobby2000's Skyhawks
  6. Nice collection. I keep forgeting how many older aircraft companies are now owned by Boeing.
  7. Great schemes. Now I want a 1/48 Skyhawk too. Mig scheme is a real eye catcher, but the other one is very nice too. Adversary schemes really belong on the Skyhawk. Ok. Where did I put the kids college funds?
  8. Camo came out very nice. Love the area around exhaust. I tried something similar on a phantom and kind of blew it. Maybe next time 😉
  9. Thanks. They're actually 1/48 😉 I'd love to get that much detail in 1/72. My current work setup (the kitchen island) is not optimised for modelling. No good light source, as the MoD (Ministry of Decorations) prefers the dimmed lights there. Gotta get myself a portable lamp that'd make painting small details easier. Or at least that's my excuse for the shaky hand painting for now 😉
  10. Wow. Nice work. I really dig P-40's. One of the nicest fighters of WWII. I know. I'm a bit weird 😉
  11. So how about some update? I've managed to complete the cockpits. Even glue them in, but that's another story. From left to right: Italeri, Kinetic, Hasegawa. I painted the ejection seats black, as a base. They're nowhere near finished. Love the details on both the Kinetic and Hasegawa cockpits. Italeri is slightly behind. I also fitted the wings to the upper fuselage of the Hasegawa Viper. I found this the preffered solution for the 1/72 version. Works so so for the 1/48.
  12. Huh, I'm still at it. Most of the decals are already on. Just have to print some more of gun gas vent mesh decals. Right now, the Italeri Hornet: And again: No more pics, as I really want some side by side shots, or something like that. Some personal significance, I moved in the begining of May, and this was the last pic I took in my old place. I hope to have some more progress done by the end of the month. Cheers!
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