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  1. Oh I love the old Italeri kit. I can't wait to see what You'll make of it. Awesome cockpit detailing!
  2. Thanks for posting pictures. I stand corrected then. However, on my Echo there are no blisters. Strange.
  3. while this is not a real reference, this thread has some info on A-10 colours. Hardly unit specific though, but there is mention of "early" ghost scheme for the 81 FS.
  4. I suppose You already found this, but here are the HB made pics of the stuff in the box. They are the same as in the britmodeller thread posted earlier. http://hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1633&l=en Here is the new nose insert with gun nozzle blanked off http://hobbyboss.com/Uploads/202109/61543763299af.jpg The fuselage parts do seem the same however as in the E and F. They are all marked as sprue A. I did not see on the pictures these small bumps just aft of the radome. They seem to be the only ones that are missin
  5. What I meant, HB gave the original Douglas D-704 pod. While the pods do look similar, they are not really the same. http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2015/06/things-under-wings-inflight-refueling.html You might generally get away with just sanding the bulges down but I keep looking at the two pods, and the end seems bigger on the later pod.
  6. Wonder where they were going to put that F-15 radome on. Regarding the camo, wasn't the modern gray/gray scheme more like the mid 1990's thing? Or at least post 1992?
  7. I'd say more of a joy of accomplishment. I'd love to be able to scratchbuild like some folks but I can't really cut two pieces o plastic the same lenghth. So swapping parts is what I mostly do to add details. Had I gone with the cockpit surgery I would indeed be proud of myself if I'd manage to complete it. Wasnt Your build a Kinetic vs AMK build? I seem to remember something like that. I generally prefer to build Hornets. Despite being very slow learner I managed to pick some stuff up throughout the years, so I won't mix up an F/A-18A with F/A-18D. Saves me some embarrasement
  8. My personal favourite is the fact that HB Growler is the only boxing that features the ACS aft IP. Not the biggest issue in the world. But still, for the bard stack airframe in like 99% of cases You need the ACS aft IP and IP cover. The D-704 pod is really nice touch. For the SH useless, but still... However the lack of HARM launchers is just weird. Same with Legacy Hornets. Missiles are there, just not the launchers. Perhaps we should use the TER? I'm glad the mandatory GBU-24 made it. Overall, in the box, it doesn't seem like a bad kit though. Bonus points for the spine length
  9. Well, judging from whats in the box I'd take the Meng over Hobby Boss. HB has weird configuration. No ACS aft cockpit (only old style Instrument Panel and IP cover) along with new type of ECS exhaust (Bard Stack) makes for only a few airframes. The pixelated SH from VFA-122 makes on of them. The EA-18G kit has the ACS. What looks suspicious, are the wing pylons. They are higher to the rear and lower to the front. So the stores might end up in some weird position, not pointing downwards. The pylons on Trumpeter Super Hornets in 1/32 seemed the same. Might be a non issue on a built kit thou
  10. That is just some amazing work. I'm speechless.
  11. That is a very nice project You have going. The last pics don't show for me though.
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