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  1. I never heard of anyone complaining "man, I wish I had gotten the Hasegawa F-16 instead of Tamiya one".
  2. Only minor progress to report. Small step for a build, but a huge one for my feel of Hornetness. Now they look like proper F/A-18's. And I finally got my head in the game with the VFC-12 jet. I'm sorting out the intakes, so there is a lot of sanding, adding putty, sanding, checking for gaps, adding putty. All super fun stuff. I'm beggining to hate myself for trying to build three differently camouflaged birds. The blues and browns are some of my most hated colours to mix. It's going to be so much fun. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. You're absoluttely right. The sheet seems excellent in all other regards. The scheme is very eye catching too. And while all the gear and seat stencilling is only sometimes given by model manufacturers, the lack of formation light is a pain. Luckilly, despite having only a small collection of 1/48 kits, I have some spare slime light.
  4. So, it seems I'm going to have to change my 2023 plans. The MF is almost ready for some decals. But since I was building another silver aircraft, I figured I might try out the gloss black base for silver. Well... I don't think I made any model so... silver. The base colour is regular H8 silver, with tons of x-20. Actually I had some coverage problems with the paint at this time. It took like 20 coats for the colour to finally feel right. I've been pondering the colour of MiG-23MF's though. You see, I've decals for a silver jet from 1992, in 1997 it was gray overall. I
  5. Amazing work on both the nose gear bay and weapons bay.
  6. Nice, fun project! I'm pulling up a chair.
  7. Nice. Tamiya kit looks like a dream, fits like a dream. I'm sure You'll have tons of fun with it.
  8. Amazing work. The idea, the scale and pretty much everything about it is amazing.
  9. Amazing work. Love how You managed to do convincing damage. The idea is amazing too.
  10. That's just so cool. Amazing work.
  11. Oh, Finally! Just for the kicks of it, there is Mistercraft F-16 that could supposedly be built both as C or D. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/F-16CJ-52-Tiger-Demo-Team.html Don't know how advanced or + it is 😉 It's an Italeri repop obviously, so only vaguelly resembling late block Vipers. I keep wondering what would come out of one.
  12. Somehow, I couldn't post the second part of my yesterdays update. I got an error of sorts. Here are the pics I really wanted to make. The toothpicks are the major points of the airframe. From left to right - radome line, beggining of the windscreen, beggining of the canopy, end of the canopy, front of the intakes, wing pivot line. As You can see, there are quite a few differences between the kits. The intakes and radome are more or less in the same spot on the both kits. There's a huge difference in the windscreen lenghth, and slight in the cockpit opening lenghth, which in turn
  13. Ok, I kind of got into some other projects for a while. But I'm back with my baby Hornets. I left them at this dryfitted stage. Two halves, with some sidewall detail added. I only completed two airframes so far, and I'm sticking to it for a while. I spent ages fixing the seams on the intakes. I think the third one might just get some intake covers. I've never added them to the Legacy Hornets. Both the A's will require the stiffening plates on the tails. I usually don't bother with the top plate, as I simply can't cut out something resembling th
  14. Thanks! I remember reading that thread way back. For what it's worth, I really like the Academy Flogger. It's one of the kits of my youth. Quite easy to build too. And it was always very cheap. Not that much nowadays, but still cheaper than other Floggers. Academy kit is super simple. You can literally build it in an hour. The more precise You want to be, the more time it will take. Well. I begun some detail work with cockpit. As You can see, the armchair is quite comfortable, heated, and has built in massage function. Pilot needs to be comfortable. The stick is a
  15. Pretty nice build. Cockpit looks especially nice.
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