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  1. Thanks! GB was fun Kurt! Thanks Mr. Happy!
  2. Nice. I see You put some thermal coating on the GBU-16 (is it a -16?). I like how You handled the top colour. Very nicelly done.
  3. Thank You very much! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for myself 😉 With all the Viper GB builds out of the way, I've spent last few days doing the boring, the tedious and the unfun. Preparing the stuff to assemble. The first task is always to cut up the wings. No 1/72 scale Hornet kit that I know of comes with flaps down option. Much less a wingfold. Apparently us lowly small scale folk have no need for this. Well I do. This time however I will not be folding wings, but a flap down is indeed planned for all three jets. If You ever saw me building a Hornet, or have seen on
  4. Thanks Mr. Happy! It's really nice to have them on my shelf!
  5. And that's it folks! My planned part of the F-16 Group Build is done! And probably all the possible Vipery for a while. First, the Hasegawa F-16N. I eventually decided to leave the weird looking walkways. Probably more from lazyness than anything else. I do kind of like them. I swapped out the ejection seat for the one from Revell F-16. Looks better. I had to sand it a little bit from the underside to fit. I also changed my mind on the weapons load. It was going to be a full clean jet. Eventually though, as it came out so dirty I figured I really need to put something, so
  6. Maaaan, I thought these guys were supposed to be doing breakdance in front of the Flanker 😄 'Freeeeeeeestylerrr!'
  7. It's the AH-1W for me 😉 Nice collection.
  8. You just can't not-like the VF-1 F-14's. Very nice model!
  9. Nice one! Not too many out there in the early scheme! And the Black Knights are pretty cool too! Nooooooice!
  10. It's a pretty decent kit, a solid contender for the #1 spot in 1/72 scale Hornets. And You did it justice. Very nice Hornet!
  11. They both look very nice. Can't wait for the decals.
  12. Thank You my friend! Don't know if there is an aftermarket GPU-5/A. Its not really super complicated shape to put together though.
  13. Your bombs look more straight in 1/144 than mine do in 1/72. Love the camouflage You pulled off!
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