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  1. I keep finding myself in this situation recently. I start a project I'm really into -> I get through some annoying bumps along the way or almost 80-90% of the way -> -> i manage to complete most of what I thought will be troublesome in the built -> I find that one thing that is extremely insignificant but I just can't do it. Think doing all the stages of build, stopping after wash and weathering thinking... very slowly... Maaaat cooooaaaat? too haaaard. And then I start something new. I hope it's just airbrush allergy.
  2. Yes, kind of. The brown is another suspect. They actually might be working together - contrast here feels off. The brown could be more reddish. While I know I can kill the yellowness in the sand colour, I don't feel confident in changing the brown too much.
  3. To be honest, the breakdown of the weapon parts does raise some concerns. But then again, the previous weapon sprue got a lot of negative reviews. But it mostly came from the parts quality. To my standard they were ok-ish. Although I kind of had good time building the previous F-16. It's kind of cool the GBU-49 is there. Just wish there were options for both the GBU-12 and -49 to be able to be built.
  4. All Your hard work payed off with a beutifull model. Congrats!
  5. That is a lovelly bird. Little Huey sure got big. Looks awesome.
  6. Hi there Folks! I've not been feeling like modeling in recent weeks. I've had more of an itch to plan new projects. Only after like third idea I eventually thought I could finish something finally. With no real desire to spray anything, I figured weathering would be fun and productive. So weathering it is! First one to go was the Su-20. I've not found many good pictures of silver Su-20's, so a lot of guesstimating was done. What I kind of regret was not deepening (or not deepening enough) panel lines. Wash just didn't want to set in these panel lines. I had to go over some of them
  7. This is some extremely nice work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for You.
  8. Lovelly bird. Flaps look cool, quite unusual. I'm super envious. I always wanted one of these.
  9. I don't remember when was the last time I've seen one of these (or the Academy one) built. Nice work.
  10. Nice, upper camo came out lovelly, but for a brush, the aluminium bottom looks excellent. Nice work!
  11. I wouldn't call Hasegawa dead, even by taking the "modern" 1/72 scale jets as a measure. Making a new kit is obviously not an easy task. I am kind of worried not a lot of F-35 A's and B's are being built. These are more "mainstream" versions, more operators, more schemes. And considering the list Inquisitor posted, there are only a couple new kits/year. So I hope this doesn't mean we will not get a -35C, just not now. For what it's worth, I'm glad the reboxes, cars and anime stuff makes them float. Reboxes I keep buying. Only recently I got myself the F-20. I would've much preferred an F-
  12. What did they release earlier? Wasn't it the Super Hornet line? Still, in 1/72 there weren't that many new models since 2000s. I believe before the F-35 it was the Osprey. I've seen more of these built than F-35s. Looking at scalemates, there is apparently a new tool line of 1:12 figures. I always thought they mostly did aircraft that were based in Japan. Hence the quick release of the F-35A and B.
  13. AFAIK, the Academy kit comes with more than one. Perhaps they could be modified to fit other kits?
  14. I kept wondering the same. After F-35B, the C seemed like a formality. Especially, since a lot of the parts for the B are new tools. The A and B are so different, and I'm talking kitwise. Perhaps some other company? Italeri? The B seemed pretty nice. Frankly though, You don't see them built up too often.
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