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  1. I can't wait for more Hornet goodies 🙂 Nice work!
  2. Nice work overall. I love what You've done with the Hasegawa pit. Did You do something with the knobs? They look way better / more prominent than what I've seen on my kit. And I just looked.
  3. Nice work. I always thought Hasegawa E's came with Aim-7 cft pylons on a sprue with all the CBU's. How's the buildup of GWH compared to Hasegawa? I remember some a lot of putty going under the intakes and nose to fuselage joints on my last Hasegawa F-15. Will You put all them Aim-120's on the -15SA?
  4. Nice comparison and lovelly models. Makes me want to do something similar. I must stay strong 😉
  5. Huh, I've never actually built a Tamiya F-16. Got around to glueing vertical stab and fuel tanks before withdrawing from anything 1/48, but I'm pretty sure that's not the standard construction sequence. I'd be quite scared of trying something like this tbh. Your build looks awesome though - nice, clean joints and everything. Looks awesome!
  6. Looks great in that color. Way nicer than eggplant imho. Awesome work!
  7. Awesome paintjob and weathering. Did You do anything about the intakes?
  8. I guess the only difference between KP and RV is the lack of photoetch. But they look much more like the -23's than Hasegawa or Academy😉 I hope to see the MF video!
  9. Came out real nice. How's decals?
  10. Nice. These are decals in the cockpit? Looked like Eduard PE. QB seat is for the F-14D, right? When I get around to my planned F I'm hoping on using them. Are they the same height as the kit ones? I seem to remember the Quickboost SJU-5's being smaller than Hasegawas. Frankly, I seem to remember whenever I used Aires or Quickboost seat it was at least a bit underscaled, save for one. Worked great in their cockpits though. Nice work!
  11. Looks very nice indeed!
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