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  1. I've had an "interesting" flight in an AN-2 when I was a kid. It was a pretty nicelly kept up example, though a bit old at that time. So I guess it's just as it is with cars, up untill a point it's just a question of how much work, time and money are You willing to put in them. Loved an article on the company that bought DC'3's, re engining them and converting them to water bombers. But if we are talking types, I love the C-130 example. If the cargo size doesn't change, there is no need for replacement type. You get a proven design, probably proven procedures too. So do You really need an
  2. Well, there was a time I could pull 30 models / year. 1/72 that is. I'm in my mid 30's. Nowadays I'm counting build time, checking how much does every session take, when do major things happen like paint, closing the fuselage, weathering. So I can guesstimate what models I can squeeze in time allowed - which isn't much. Besides space to store completed models isn't infinite. On the contrary. I've space for like 15 more, or so. With all that I still find myself getting new kits. New releases, old releases. Sometimes I find myself buying kits of an airplane I do not really like - such as th
  3. Looking pretty nice. Have one in the stash, hoping to build it sometime soon.
  4. GBU-24's should be in all Kinetic F-16's, on the sprue with the wing fuel tanks. However the ones in the picture seem to be with MK-84 warhead, not the BLU-109. From the front it's hard to tell.
  5. You could get just the aft IP, don't know how it's available in the States. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MDMDR4817?result-token=8ScJQ It should also be easy to add the Quinta decals, since the panel is separate from the coaming. The only thing You'd be missing would be the nose wheel door hexagonal antena.
  6. AFAIK, the only boxings of Hasegawa Super Hornets that have the ACS aft crew station are the Growlers. There are two IP panels, the one with huge display, and the one with large display. Generally, if You want a "late" F, the Growler is the easiest way. There's also the Metallic Detail aft IP with cover. The Huge display is on sprue S, the Large is on V, the regular is on F. https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/EA-18G-GROWLER-2220859.html#gallery_start Here's the Quinta product. It clearly shows the ACS IP coaming. The detail is also for the bigger display.
  7. Before fixing anything I decided to check the most critical decals for this build - the sunburst and sharkmouth. First I took the piece from VF-1 decals from the sheet. It seems the red is similar to the VF-111 option. So I'll have to fix the red. But not that much. Light overspray should do the trick. However applying this decal I tried to make it as a fin tip decal. It would not conform. ooops. I applied a bit of decal fluid to the sharkmouth and the sunburst, just in case it would crack. First the sharkmouth - the hardest one
  8. Thanks Spectre! Thanks Janman! Early Tomcats look very flashy. Yet I find they are way easier to depict than drab TPS painted ones. Especially if You want to make them interesting. Thanks MA Cooke! It does seem like this scheme is often a boxart one. I seem to remember Matchbox having it too. For me it was a scheme that suddenly grew on me. I've had minor succes last night - managed to put the oil wash on. I don't usually do oils. Frankly I'm using some watercolors. They don't settle in panel lines that good, require to add some dishwashing fluid to help with water
  9. Huh. And here I thought that they put him there to make sure they end up on that island, set up a company, invent some high tec stuff and earn a lot of money... But I guess getting her dog back is an added benefit. Nice!
  10. While I did not read much on Russian tactics in a/a, isn't it the case, that if a strike aircraft would be engaged in a/a combat the pilot would drop the bombs before attempting any combat with own missiles? That is untill the hi-g aircraft started doing bombing runs. I remember reading something like that about F-105 operations over North Vietnam. Hence the escort is more feasible, since it can engage the threatening aircraft long enough for the strike package to reach the target and bug out. I also thought that "self protect" thing is something relativelly new. So now I guess I'll
  11. Thanks! It's getting closer to the finsh line. Thanks. I really like Italeri decal options. The VF-1 and VF-84 are always a good choice. For that matter the VF-111 is a good choice too. All three are very flashy. For most part it's not a bad kit, really. I highlited the IMHO worst parts about it. It needed a lot less work than Italeri Super Hornet I've had pleasure building recently. I've "almost" built the Italeri Tomcat once before - didn't decal it. Long time ago when I first tried to do some 1/48 scale modeling. I remember the fit was much better
  12. Thanks Happy! Thanks. I've applied gloss in preparation for wash. Didn't feel like doing wash this weekend. This one was almost exclusively the 1/48 Tomcat. Maybe next weekend? Thanks for stopping by!
  13. Oh man. I remember how much time I spent deliberating if I should cough up my pocket money on Academy F-14 in 1/48. I loved the one in 1/72 and thought this one would be at least three times the fun. Never got one though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for You.
  14. Nice one. Are You building it as the one that got downed during ODS - the 161430? I seem to recall it was TARPS configured, but on a regular escort mission.
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