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  1. Nice! Did You sand down all the RAM tape panels? Also, what did You use for the paint?
  2. Ok. I'm speechless. The 3rd shot is mindblowing. Wow.
  3. Wow, the first shot is just amazing. Love the paintjob. Excellent weathering. One of best HB Hornets I've ever seen. Did You do anything with the front canopy part? I've seen many Hobby Boss F/A-18's and Yours looks slightly different - not too pronounced. I'm extremely curious. Two things You might want to correct, the antennae, as presented by Hobby Boss are too long for the A/B and early C/D Hornets. Especially the front antennae on the spine - it is much smaller than the rest. There should also be one under the nose. Also, the 164696 should've had the newer, slanted type. Hobby Boss unfortunatly did not provide the newer antennas. Also, there is the area by the exhaust that sholud be painted silver. Minor things don't take away anything from the completed model, great work!
  4. Nice! Like the cockpit details - especially the seats. There is only one thing I dislike with Hasegawa f-14. How can You pilot this jet with so bad front window visibility. That IP coaming is way too high. Doesn't detract from the completed model. Nice work.
  5. Nice one. You made the ugliest (IMHO) of the Fitter family look really great. Looks different from the silver ones.
  6. Very nice MiG. Love everything about it, but the camo is just perfect. Amazing.
  7. Very nice! Love the double seater Su-25's. Somehow it feels right for the Frogfoot.
  8. Magnificent, impressive, Great. Just MiG.
  9. Nice Hornet. Camo looks good, nice, slightly feathered edges.
  10. nice! 72nd scale Hornet. I'm curious what are You going to use for the side consoles?
  11. I remembered having quite a few Italeri Hornets as a kid. It even came to a point when my dad didn;t want to get me another Hornets, since I had so much. He was more of a collector and built one model of one aircraft. I always had more interest in one aircraft type than other. So yeah. When I built an Italeri Hornet for my boy it was like visiting an old friend. I've not that nostalgic feeling right now. I've never really built this model to my "current" standards so I'm very curious how it will turn out. Thanks for stopping by!
  12. So the actual work has begun. I begun with Italeri. The poorest of bunch. Work has begun with rescribing. I hate doing it. Can't do it really well. But I don't like raised panel lines. You can see the next thing I did was to cut the elevators. All the models will be with wings folded, elevators drooped. I'm pondering on opening all the canopies. Have no idea what to do with the raised vents on the lex. Some more rescribing. Some more boo boos. Wingfold is ready! Love the Italeri plastic. It's like cutting butter. Normally, I'd join the upper and lower aft halves. But I have a twisted plan. As You might know, Fujimi is the only one with actual intakes. But it doesn't mean I can't make my own. And since Italeri has the weakest exhaust, I'll replace them with some Hasegawa leftovers. Couple of minutes with a knife and voila! So I took some 0.1mm styrene and just did a small diameter tube. That's all You can see there. Seriously. No point in doing it exept for some weird need to punish myself. Now that's interesting. You get AIM-7's but no real provisions to put them on a fuselage stations. They only feature adapters for the targeting pods. Since I don't need it I'm doing something about it. Just didn't take a pic. Shame. Here's my Italeri Hornet as of today. Forgot to take cockpit pictures. Gonna take some close up shots next time. So that's pretty much all right now. I'm gonna put in some more work next weekend. Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe and healthy folks!
  13. Thanks Guys for the kind words. I've contemplated adding Tamiya to the mix. But frankly I suppose this would not be too fair. Neither Hasegawa nor Kinetic have all the stuff Tamiya Viper has - details, fit and such. I've done some minor work on the Italeri kit. Right now my Hornets take up most of the time. After filling most of the panel lines on the insert, I put a bit of black paint to check the work. Some rescribing work. I HATE rescribing rectangles. Lots of mistakes. I'm a bit scared to put some paint on. It will probably look like it was carved with a finger nail. Thanks for stopping by!
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