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  1. Not well thought of... I guess this could be my idea of a theme for this build. I have dusted off my Inkscape skills and done a few of proper checkerboard decals, plus some mesh decals for the gun gas vents. So all I need is a printer. And decal paper. So armed with that I tried to remove the decals. Not a lot of success. This gave me the idea - Since I will probably have to strip paint and repaint it, I might try and fix the mess I have. I quickly cut a few 1.2 mm strips of paint and attempted to mask the outermost rows of squares. While I was at it I pain
  2. So... I got myself a nice multi sized cutting board. For squares from 2 mm to 3.5 mm. Apparently the squares on the Autheitic Decals sheet are 3.4mm. My paint layer apparently didn't cure well enough as the masking tape was showing some residue. A little bit which may be just some glue trace that would go away after a gloss coat. But I decided to go with decals. First decision try the tip decals or the checkerboard. I went with checkerboard. They tore a bit, but I didn't want the main decal coated over with clear decal film, as it was already quite thick. Eventually I managed to
  3. Nice project. It's looking pretty good. For the dry tip on Vallejo, they have a paint retarder that slows drying time a bit.
  4. Yesss Yess Yes. I have become a man. I know fire... Hold... I know fs 36320. After some careful deliberation I figured I'll stick with Gunze H307 as a top coat. After careful calculations I cheerfully guesstimated the mix of white and gray and added literally a 1/4 less of it. That pic came out quite light. IRL the demarcation line is a bit more visible. Here i did it freehand, while on the rear fuselage I used elevators as masking templates. And You know what? I did not like it. So I took what I had left in the jar, ad
  5. Thanks a lot! Thank You very much! I'm still in the game. The Hasegawa and Hobby Boss Hornets will not build themselves. I've decided to go with Hasegawa first. But before that, I wanted to do some color checking. Apparently it's something I'm doing all the time now. I migh have mentioned, My favourite colour for the 36375 and 36320 was always Pactra colours. Very similar to the old Model Master Acryl paints, but I feel a touch lighter. So I bought myself a jar of each, tested it agains the Hataka and Gunze colours, as these I had
  6. for the variety of metallics I'm testing out the Vallejo Model Color line. They have very fine pigment. And they are acrylics, so if You have by any chance problem with laquers and other smelly paints that is a big plus. Here is Vallejo Model Color Aluminium, White Aluminium and Vallejo Model Air Silver covered with Gunze H30. Paint chips have no gloss coat on.
  7. Nice. HB Corsair is a very fun kit. And IMHO the double seater is one of the nicer variations out there.
  8. Pretty neat start on the Starfighter. Can't wait for some more.
  9. So... what better way to start 2024 than with a finished Hornet? I can't think of a better way 😉 First, there were some tiny details I almost forgot. Like the ecm bulge on the nose landing gear door. A few moments later... Proudly guestimated part. Almost correct, but I noticed that a while after I finished the entire model and was checking out some pics I still had on my computer... I was a bit afraid my masks would leave nasty glue marks on the canopy. Happy to report, almost no residue was found and almost no paint got though mas
  10. Thanks! Thanks! Actually, for me finding an error I made and tracing back to where it actually originated from, what were the factors that contributed to said error is quite important skill. I use it at work and I use it in modeling. The thing is I did read up on cockpit colours on the Sabre and this time I simply didn't think twice that gray cockpits could have gray instrument panels. This actually is my most feared error that I can't eliminate from my life. And sadly it's something that keeps happening - usually just when I loose my focus for a while. Had it been s
  11. Wow. That pretty much looks like I picture the real thing... I bet it has tiny radar cross section and drops real 1/32 scale bombs. Amazing work.
  12. Ok, so if You've seen my Mirage build, You probably know I was quite upset about the Vallejo Model Air chrome paint. It didn't dry and was quite tacky for like a week, untill I simply oversprayed it with Gunze or Tamiya clear gloss. First row from the left (knife), top to bottom Vallejo Model Air - Steel (A1), Chrome (A2), Silver (A3) Second row from the left top to bottom Vallejo Metal Color - Dull Aluminium (B1), White Aluminium (B2), Aluminium (B3). Third row from the left top to bottom Tamiya XF16 (C1), Tamiya X-11 (C2), Gunze H8
  13. Thanks ALF. They are quite nice little kits. I keep going forward with these builds. First, the neglected F-86. I glued a couple sub assemblies, such as wings, intake and I figured I should fit the airbrakes before closing the fuselage. Good call. I did struggle a bit with them as they seem to be a tiniest bit mismatched. After that I did the cockpit. It's still only partially glued as I try to match the opening of the intake with the nose piece. Ok, the photo isn't that impressive, but I really liked the detail on the instrument panel - very ni
  14. Nice work with the foil. I did try this once and was quite displeased. Mostly with my skill and handling the glue and foil.
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