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  1. Here You can see the actual box contents. https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/F-35A-7-nations-Air-Force.html I'm always worried when I see "printed in KOREA" on an Academy decal sheet.
  2. And AFAIK on the very first combat cruise, VFA-115 flew with just the centerline. http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/VFA-115_DAT/VFA-115-Eagles-066.jpg But that is 2001-2002 timeframe during OEF. Here's the 2017 shot of the same squadron. You can basicly check the seaforces for the picutres of squadron You want to model in the beggining. This will give You some ideas regarding what is carried and how. http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/VFA-115_DAT/VFA-115-Eagles-003.jpg I notice some SH squadrons nowadays fly without fuel tanks. Just not on the combat missions. I read it's because of the drag that basicly nullifies the added gas rangewise. HTH.
  3. They are there. It even shows on some low res pics too. Just looks like a shadow. You can pretty much see them on most of the pics here: http://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VAQ/Electronic-Attack-Squadron-141.htm They are very thin. Way thinner than what some modellers make them, myself included. I mean, check this pic, taken from the thread Darren pointed. Main landing gear covers show the red outline. That's a nice scheme too.
  4. The original flat topped tails weren't really that bad. Then again, I did build the HB Hornet, which had it wrong the other way. But I'm glad they corrected it. More Hornet boxings, more fun. 🤤 Just wish there was an aft IP correction set for the USMC Delta - just that, not with the resin nose and stuff like Wolfpack. Would probably fit both the Kinetic and Hasegawa Hornets.
  5. Wouldn't tell it's Italeri Kit. Very nice looking.
  6. Nice, love how the black paint came out.
  7. Awesome work. I usually glue the wings first, before the lower fuselage as I always end up with one wing lower and the other higher otherwise. It also helps a little with the fit.
  8. Wow, I've just re-read the entire topic. When I make my Hasegawa Tomcat, I'll revisit once more. Awesome work. Didn't know about the vanes thickness issue. Now it's obvious. Great work.
  9. Awesome Hornet! Nice touch with the gun door markings. Great work!
  10. Every time I see such nice Tomcat, especially Tamiya Tomcat I think I have to get myself one of them. What a lovelly Tomcat!
  11. Wow. Extremely well done paintjob. And it glows! Wow. Love the effect in the cockpit too.
  12. Awesome paintjob. I don't care it's a Tamiya, the paint and weathering makes this model. Wow.
  13. Awesome Scooter. The 'C' does look the best, nose not too long and all. Great looking model.
  14. Nice Kfir. Them Mirage III/V's are really growing on me. And the Kfir is indeed an amazing plane. Lovelly model, great paintjob.
  15. Very nice Super Etendard. You can clearly see the difference between Heller and Academy kits in the down pointing nose. Of course I'm biased towards the Hornet 😉
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