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  1. I am working on several models right now. One of them is the Monogram F-105D. First time using Tamiya paints for this. Was going to use TS 27 white for the bottom, which is more of an off white and AS 15 for the tan color. Both of those paints are spray and XF 61 dark green and XF 62 olive drab' In the past I have always used Model Masters camo grey for the bottom, dark tan and dark green and medium green. Can't really find a medium green in Tamiya's XF line. I found a XF 58 olive green but still looks a bit to dark. What is everyone using for SE Asia camo in the Tamiya line?



  2. 11 hours ago, Deino said:



    Sorry in case I misunderstood your question and focused too much on the Su-30MKK and J-11 issue, since they are indeed different.

    However - like @foxmulder_ms noted - the PLAAF operates indeed a few original Su-30MKK, which were updated a bit in recent years and not to forget the PLAN NA operated also a few Su-30MK2 dedicated to maritime attack but they have been handed over to the PLAAF just recently.


    Here a typical MKK

    ... briefly a few were even painted in green/tan or sand/tan 




    ... and here the naval variant MK2



    ... just briefly before handover to the PLAAF they received low-viz markings and an eagle tail art 



    The pic that looks like it is in the desert, the camo paint looks like one of the colors is pink. Where could one get low vis decals for that aircraft in 1/48? Awesome pics


  3. So this whole topic started as I was going through my models stash. I have an Academy SU-30MK. The instructions have an option for a Chines version. I thought the chinese version was called something else but pretty much the same thing as the russian version. That's where all this was going


  4. Was curious if that is the case? Going through a lot of my model kits and have the Academy SU-30MK. Looks like a J-11. The Chinese decals in kit say it is a SU-30MKK. Not sure what the difference is. Any aftermarket decals for this kit any where?



  5. 1 hour ago, Dave Williams said:

    The data link pod for the Popeye missile is the AN/ASW-55.

    just saw it on my instruction book. Is there a Popeye missile that doesn't need a data link pod? Looks like there are several versions, maybe a GPS version but not sure

  6. I would think with the F-15D models' advancements that they would be able to use the AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod. The 14 pod you mentioned for the AGM 142 Popeye is actually controlled some other pod that can transmit what the missile is seeing via a digital link. I cant remember what it is called though. When I get home, Ill look at my instruction book for the F-15I Sufa. Its on there for the Popeye missile.

  7. On the Israeli F-15Is, do they use the older but proven AN/AAQ-14 pod or the AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod? I would imagine if they use AN/AAQ-14pod, they more than likely modify them for their own special needs. The 14 pod and the 28 pod look almost identical. Can the AN/AAQ-14 pod designate targets with GPS coordinates for JDAMs and such? I know the 28 pod can, not sure about the 14 pod though. Im building a 1/48 scale F-15D Baz right now, was thinking about using a targeting pod, maybe on the center line pylon with some GBU 31 JDAMs on the wing pylons



  8. Thanks for helping me out here guys. I saw on some hobby website, cant remember what the name was. I am looking for the 2 side console joystick for the back seater in the Israeli F-15D. A gentlemen on this site was kind enough to send me some photogeraphs of said cockpit. The D model has the 2 side sticks like the F-15E and I models along with the K. The Academy kit does not supply them for whatever reason. I thought it was Flying Leathernecks but didn't see them on his website. I need the 1/48 scale version of them, resin or styrene

    Thanks again


  9. OK, Here's another ? Where could one go to get accurate photos of Israeli F-15D Baz cockpit photos? Is there is possibly a book someone could point out to me or photos online> In my Eduard kit that has the photo etched cockpit parts, the cockpit instrument panels are all block. Was just curious if the rest of the cockpit tub is black but am not sure



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