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  1. Think i will use use 2 AGM 154 JSOWs. Looked like a good loadout. Only 1000lbs each
  2. Anyone have any pics of this topic? Jeff
  3. So would a gbu 31 and 2 gbu 12s on the other side be a feasible load? Are the US airforce aircraft cleared to carry gbu 32s (1000lb) JDAMs? I was always under tge assumption that 1000lb bombs were strictly for us navy and marine Corp aircraft. Maybe I am wrong.
  4. I was thinking of weight differences. Like a 2000lb gbu 31 on one side and two 500lb gbu 12s on the other. 1000lb weight difference, well maybe not with the TER. Not sure how much that weighs. Didn't k ow if the weight differences would effect how the aircraft handles or flies.
  5. Can the F-16 be loaded with unequal weight weapons loads? Meaning like a GBU 31 JDAM on one side and a GBU 12s on the other. What other unequal load configurations are there that are a feaseable weapon load out for CAS role? Thanks Jeff
  6. Can that be done on a F-16? Was thinking about where the sidewinder usually goes but 2 instead of 1. Feasable? Thanks Jeff
  7. Can the F-16 carry a dual rail missile set up for AIM 9M or X?
  8. What would be the correct lens colors for this targeting pod? I have seen and have a couple that are painted gloss black for the big lens and I paint silver on the back side and paint Tamiya clear blue on the smaller one. This is what the Hasegawa weapons kit E says any ways. Not sure if it is correct though Thanks Jeff
  9. I know Dave was in the midst of moving, tried emailing him a couple of times about my order I placed a while back. Even tried calling him but voicemail is not setup. Is he OK? Jeff
  10. Here's another ? Why don't the F-16s use BRU 57 smart weapons platform to release GBU12's? I always see that they are on a TER, why not the BRU 57? GBU is a smart weapon, is it not? Just curious Jeff
  11. Are there major differences between these blocks when it comes to cockpit layout. Starting a Tamiya F-16C block25/32 and turning it into a block 42 with the WAR HUD, of the Ohio ANG using some custom decals. Using a Babibi 3D printed cockpit panels for the block 25/30 Thanks Jeff
  12. I know that the F-16 using the BRU 57 can drop GBU 38s, but can that same BRU 57 hold CBU 105 WCMD's? It is a smart cluster bomb from what I can gather. Also, can a block 40 F-16C carry the AN/ASAQ-213 HARM targeting pod or is that just for the block 50 series? Thanks Jeff
  13. I have seen videos from being shot from a 2 or 4 shot tube on top of armored vehicles and also aircraft in AA and AG mode. Was just trying to figure out if it was a feasible to be used on F16s or other aircraft in the AG mode that has maybe been used in combat. Watched some videos on YouTube on the actual rocket itself. Pretty interesting. Doesn't lock onto the laser until after it is launched. Folding wings pop out that have laser seekers on them that seek out the laser signature after launch. Different warheads and 2 other versions of the rocket to. Bought some 7 shot rocket tubes that are m
  14. Air to ground from aircraft like Apaches, A10s, F16s..... or ground to ground? Saw videos of both just want to know which is a more accurate depiction, air to ground or ground to ground for this weapon
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