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  1. On 10/1/2019 at 5:33 AM, echolmberg said:


    I remember getting the Monogram B-17 kit as a kid back in 1979.  I'm pretty sure that, when my dad got it for me, he didn't pay the 1979 equivalent of $100+.



    I bet he did.


    In 1979 An AMC Pacer cost $3,100 in California, while a Chevy Impala cost $5,471 in New York. An Oldsmobile Tornado cost $10,041 in the US, and a Toyota Carola was $3,698 in New York. Prices for most cars ranged from 4,000 to $6,000 in 1979.


    2020 MSRP: Corolla $19,500, Chevy Impala $28,895 (almost identical increases 529% and 527%). The other cars don’t exist anymore.






  2. 18 minutes ago, habu2 said:

    I’m sure they had the reflectors mounted. Airticle mentions they were enroute to/from an airshow, and every time I’ve seen a -35 at an airshow it had reflectors mounted. 


    Of course they would be installed. ATC still needs to see them.

  3. 10 hours ago, 11bee said:

    As much as the F-35 looked impressive in the clip above, I'm starting to think that the future of airpower is headed in a different direction.   10 "suicide drones'  just eliminated 50% of Saudi Arabia's oil production.   They could have just as easily taken out a major airport or a flight line full of exposed mutlimillion dollar fighters.    All this for a cost probably 1/1000 of an F-35.




    ISIS has already weaponized small, off the shelf drones, only a matter of time before they are used in a major terrorist attack against the west.    


    I did courses and training in military procurement at Royal Military College. You always purchase equipment for tomorrow’s wars, not today’s. You plan for the strongest possible adversary, not your current enemies. Therefore the F-35 is viable and so are newer technologies in development.


    But so much for that thinking if politicians do the purchasing.

  4. 3 hours ago, phantom said:

    So do you have a chunk of those 20,000 kits?


    Only a few from one of them. Despite helping with the estate I didn’t buy much plastic.


    The second guy really screwed things up, he donated all his kits to the Cold Lake Air Museum. He stipulated in his will they could not be sold, that they had to be built for the museum displays. Very few have been built, I don’t know where they are now (last I heard in storage). The museum really could have used the kits as a cash infusion.

  5. On 8/31/2019 at 10:09 AM, wxltcol said:

    A guy I knew in Omaha had his 2-bay storage facility (garage) filled with an estimated 10,000 kits (he turned to collector).  His garage was registered with the Papillion, NE fire department as a toxic hazard due to all the styrene. 


    I have several hundred kits, but I plan on building them all (sure, right...)...  And I keep adding more...




    I knew two guys who each passed away with over 10,000 kits in their homes. Both were single and neither had a completed kit.

  6. 9 hours ago, a4s4eva said:



    I'm not sure if this is TIC. But a quick google seems to show Canada introduced GST in 1991 whereas Australian introduced it in 2000.  So you've only got yourselves to blame




    My mistake, I recall we were always told we adopted it from Australia. I now see New Zealand introduced it in 1986 and they are who we modeled it after.


  7. 1 hour ago, fulcrum1 said:

    Most definitely. What variant shot down Yamamoto?


    I corrected my post after reading up on P-38s. Based on the engine panels I think that the kit will be a F/G/H.


    Prior to my edit I said E/F/H, which was wrong.

  8. 21 hours ago, a4s4eva said:

    If the buyer lives in Australia ebay will charge them (the buyer) 10% GST (goods and services tax) . The Australian government brought this in about 18 months ago. Hannants and Amazon, along with a few other bigger retailers do. They (the retailers) collect the tax and return it to the Australian government.

    There are "rules" that outline who is supposed to collect the tax (one being that the retailer had to do over a set amount of business with Australia customes0 , but it was always unclear how this would be enforced.  Most smaller retailers don't have to. Amazon for a while geoblocked Australians from the Amazon.com site saying it was to difficult to collect. Something we all thought was strange as they seem to charge different taxes depending on the state in the US you are. They directed us to the .com.au site which has less choice and is often  more expensive (even with shipping) than the .com site. This has been now been changed (although for many things there is still a local company that is much cheaper than Amazon.)


    As an aside the reason most people in Australia don't buy from the US anymore is the postage rates. They are very expensive compared to Europe and the far east.


    GST in Canada stands for Government Screwing Taxpayers.


    Thank you Australia for giving this to us. It was supposed to be a temporary tax to pay down the deficit. Now it is permanent.

  9. 3 hours ago, Curt B said:

    Wow!  Amazing coincidence!  I had no idea.  I honestly can't tell from the CAD images that it's a P-38, but if you smart guys think that it is, I'm in!  I would be outstanding if my dream of a new tooled P-38, especially from a manufacturer like Tamiya.  I would be totally thrilled!!!!


    It’s no longer a secret. The CAD image isn’t in this post, it is the nose cone. People have matched up the images in this link with P-38 drawings. It is definitely a 1/48 P-38 F/G/H and will be announced July 25.

  10. On 6/15/2019 at 8:48 AM, Raymond Chung said:

    Yes the part for CF-104 is there except the decal


    On 6/12/2019 at 11:17 PM, Colin K said:

    Don't tease me!!!


    Seriously....a new 1/48 Tutor, would be most welcome.  With this F-104 kit, I welcome it and I am excited!  I just like the fact that underwing tanks and pylons are included.  The Hasegawa 2-seaters at least added underwing pylons, but that's it.


    Raymond.....will the kit include the radar warning receivers, that were near the exhaust and under the nose, which were on Canadian CF-104s?


    It was in the works when Rick was still with us, his enthusiasm was likely the driving force.

  11. On 5/19/2019 at 12:18 AM, CharlieUH-1H said:

    There is nothing that Styrene can’t fix.. so let’s build this ... 


    I ordered one on eBay about two weeks ago. The seller’s auction said it was in stock. I found out today he won’t have them until end of June, first week of July. Kind of pissed being misled.

  12. 36 minutes ago, Sleepy said:


    And it's covered with scale 3" wide holes where (at most) there should be perfectly smooth flush riveting.  And on the wings there should be NO rivets at all, since the panels that Hasegawa put the post holes are actually machined and don't have rivets.

    I'm super excited to see Kinetic's effort!


    It is still a visual representation of something that is there. I drove past a 104 everyday as the guard gate to my base, I could see the flush riveting on the wings from the road and the aircraft was mounted on a pedestal. No matter how well they were flush, and how well the finish was, you could still see them. A perfectly smooth clean wing wouldn't be accurate. It is all up to the modeller how they represent that visually. For me a black wash is a big no. It has to be subtle. There were two 104s on the way to work, one natural metal and the second in camo. I could see them on both.

  13. On 5/30/2019 at 7:13 AM, 11bee said:

    Doesn’t the Hase kit have horrible “divot” surface details?    Aside from that, it’s a pretty solid kit but it’s still probably 20 years old.  I’d say there is much room for improvement, just not sure Kinetic is the outfit to do this. 


    Those divots are a visual representation of something that is there. I saw Starfighter’s on a daily basis at one time.

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