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  1. Good catch! Maybe that set was not initialy designed for Academy A-10C kit?
  2. No ECU/ECS inlet size and shape correction??? No engine pylon position and shape correction??? Those are glaring errors, but only one rewiever (from South Korea) on his YT channel did care to point them out.
  3. Steve, thanks for provided info, but right now I am not in the market for any correction A-10 sets. I just need actual dimensions of various A-10 components and sections as I explained in my previous message. Regarding correction sets in general, I am for several decades in this great hobby and on many occasions I have seen "correction sets" that are different from original kit pars, but still wrong, just in a different way. Therefor I always prefer first to collect valuable info and facts about actual aircraft, and only then I decide what should be corrected. Everyt
  4. Thanks Craig in any case, I still hope that okthree will be able to get accurate measurements. I am aware that Academy messed-up ECU (ECS) duct, but without knowing the real ECS duct size it's hard to tell if that Academy ECS duct is to narrow or too tall or both. That's why I need both width and height of that ECS intake, as a reference. Also, knowing precisely that A-A distance on picture No.3 will be very helpful, because all 1/48 A-10 kits (Monogram, Tamiya, Italeri, Hobby Boss and now Academy) show a different interpretation of that fuselage/pylon section.
  5. A huge thanks to okhtree and boom175 for your kind offer to help me. I am big A-10 Thunderbolt II fan, and my latest acquisition is Academy A-10C in 1/48 scale. I am trying to figure out (based on available photos and data) what A-10 kit(s) are more accurate shape and dimension wise. Photos help me to extrapolate needed data to a certain degree, but without actual precise measures I am not able to draw a definitive conclusion regarding researched A-10 components. At the moment my prime interest are engine nacelles, engine intakes, engine pylons complex shape and their pos
  6. Any A-10 Thunderbolt II Ground Service Crew members here? I have some questions about a certain details of a-10 engine nacelles and ECU environmental control unit air-duct (intake), that odd looking elongated box like shape placed between engine nacelles.
  7. Hi-Decals 48-023 1/48 RF-4E instructions show Iranian IRIAF RF-4E No.2-6504 with BLACK underside (see picture). I have searched hi and low across the net for some reference photos of that particular RF-4E with black underside, but no luck so far. Is anyone aware of the source Hi-Decals used as a reference for decals design and painting instructions for that IRIAF RF-4E with black underside, or even better is someone possess some reference photos of that specific Iranian RF-4E? Thanks for help.
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