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  1. It made the jump from sandbox to cat litter box a long time ago. Ironically, there’s a lot of waste in the box but no cat yet...
  2. Looks like a bit of a mold mismatch in the nose section.
  3. Because photos taken from close range with a phone camera are such a great way of judging shapes. This whole photo analysis sideshow has been ridiculous. I have one on order. Really looking forward to seeing it.
  4. I'll take two copies of Sprues A and B, please. And an ordnance set.
  5. A little bit! Did I mention the Flightpath Pave Tack? Afterburner Varks sheet? Cutting Edge sheet for the EF? And putting the EF on a stand will be lotsa laffs. I think I’ll prayerfully consider the instrument panel rake and see how much trouble it will be to fix.
  6. Sight unseen, with no reviews to read or photos of the actual product, I ordered exhaust sets for the Academy EF-111A and F-111F. I already have Cutting Edge intakes for both of them, Black Box cockpits, and an Academy C with the upgraded parts to cannibalize from. And wheels from I don’t remember where. Time to stop buying and finish building.
  7. Tamiya have released some close-ups of the model they will release in September and it’s clearly a P-38... https://tamiyablog.com/2019/07/a-new-star-is-on-the-way/
  8. I will have to wait to really dig into mine until after July, but it does look impressive. The model has provision for fitting an electric motor inside the plastic engine to spin the propeller, but the kit does not come with the motor. Should be fun finding a suitable one, if I decide to go that route. That propeller in 1:24 scale is impressive!
  9. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. I understand the frustration about a promising project turning into a four-year cluster, and I hate to see such a missed opportunity for AMK and modelers, but from my point of view: I may notice during assembly that the step well recesses are shallow. When I'm done with the build, I won't care and neither will anyone else. I may notice that the refueling bay door outline is a bit skewed. See above. I may note that the panel lines are... different from those on other brands of 1/48 F-14. See above. I may notice that the contour of the rear fuselage is not quite faithful to the original. See above.. I may think that the surface details are a bit too pronounced, or that the shape of a few parts is janky, but... See above. What matters to me? First and foremost, the fit and engineering of the kit. Never having built an AMK kit, I don't have a feel for what to expect. This would be an easy kit to over-engineer. I will build one Tomcat in launch position, with flaps and slats out and nose gear compressed, on the catapult with the shooter in the iconic launch position. Every time I see the completed model, I will appreciate the look of the scene and will be glad that I finally completed that vignette. I will choose, with difficulty, a great set of markings for my model - probably from Fightertown or Furball. When I'm done with the model, I will be glad to see another set of great decals on a model where they belong. If the model is a pleasure to build, I will build another in the flight position, as if it is seconds from trapping: hook down, flaps and slats and spoilers and stabilators all doing their own thing, in the classic "turkey" look. Every time I see that completed model, I'll take the time to look from several angles and appreciate my favorite plane all over again.
  10. AMK say on their FB page that they are in production and samples are en route to chosen locations [for build reviews, I imagine].
  11. OK, here’s my decal work for the business end of the Expanded Chaff Adapter, and the plastic strip I added to the Phoenix pallet for the ECA body. I did blue or yellow chaff cartridges and a copper-ish color for the flares. Not entirely happy with the printed colors, so I also did a version that can be laid down over paint.
  12. Hello, all, I expect to have some progress shots soon with my homemade ECA decal and BRU-10A in place.. In the meantime, this thread surfaced: And behold, the thread has an up close shot of an ECA. This is a test flight, so there are a lot of nonstandard things going on here, but it does show the layout and size of things very well. Of interest to me are the umbilical channel aft of the ECA rail, and the contours of the ECA. I also decided to go tankless on my model - to make the TARPS-specific equipment easier to see.
  13. That would be too poetic for words. It really would be great to see Tamiya follow through like that for the hat trick. I’m working to make that happen by building a Tamiya D as a B, so you’re welcome in advance, y’all!
  14. Great test! I’ve always done the same as you with the MM 36375, adding some 36492 or -5 to it. I tried 36375 from Mission Models, and it had a decidedly violet cast to it. I wrote to them and told them what I was seeing. They did respond, which was great, but they basically told me there was nothing wrong with their color. I bought another bottle, being open to the idea that I might have gotten a bad batch, and got the exact same result. I mixed the crap out of both bottles (Mission Models is tough to get mixed), and tested each, and got... the same result. Haven’t gotten to the 36320.
  15. This is a very well done tutorial. Should come in handy for the people who bought my Hasegawa kits. 😃
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