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  1. The guy gave you a couple of places to look where you could find some detailed processes for painting exhausts. Your response and attitude honestly sucked. I’m pasting in a link. Good luck with your model.
  2. Awesome. So will the markings reflect multiple times in the life of 157986? I’ve always wanted to do it with F101DFE engines, without the chin pod - it’s strange to see just a smooth contour under the nose. One thing is certain - it’s time to scratch up a nose instrumentation probe and stock up on white paint…
  3. The good news here is that the engine shrouds for the F110 engines do come with the kit - as seen on the sprue pictured above. So, aftermarket nozzles and afterburner cans are all you need to switch it to a “B”. ….giving you what the F-15 guys referred to as “the big motors”. https://spruebrothers.com/resrsu480067u-1-48-reskit-f-14d-tomcat-open-exhaust-nozzles-tam-kit/
  4. Well, now I’m ready to learn. What would you add to make it “late model”? I don’t know all of the ins and outs of the kit, but I feel like I see what I would expect in a late F-14A.
  5. Aside from a new line of 1/32 Phantoms from Sprue Brothers? “In partnership with Phantom Phreaks, we have been working on a very special project that we can finally announce - a new family of 1:32 F-4 Phantom kits. Twelve (12) versions are planned beginning in 2022. Tentatively the first release will be the F-4B. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.”
  6. I’m almost done with my B, converted from a Tamiya D. As soon as I get done, they should be announcing a B kit. Sorry it’s taking me so long. 😀
  7. Carrier deck and shooter too? Yeah, whatever - I’ll take some. Looks like mid-life wheels too.
  8. New seats too with the more common cushion design. Interesting. Hopefully the intakes as seen in the D model with the raised line inside for the paint demarcation.
  9. Nah, I was just hoping to get into a pissing contest with you. As stated, always ready to learn. My foot tastes awesome. So they made combat drops? On whom?
  10. I’m always ready to learn things and never miss a chance to stand corrected, so let me modify what I said: ”If you’re looking to depict an F-14 performing an a/g combat mission, it does not appear that VF-51 or VF-111 would be historically accurate choices. While they trained up on carrying bombs, they don’t appear to have done it in combat and do not appear to have done it much if at all on their final cruise.”
  11. Some squadrons were disestablished before they got air-to-ground capability, so you will want to use references. VF-111, and VF-51, for example, did not get air-to-ground before they were disestablished.
  12. Two is more than enough. I would prime the model with white or a different gray so that when you are applying the final gray you can see the coverage easily. I am doing a 1/48 F-14 primed in black and ended up using way less of the grays than I thought I would because I wasn’t spraying gray over gray plastic. Pressure is up to you - I have been staying around 15 psi, thinning Model Master about 50/50 with the Testors universal thinner. I find that thinner paint at lower pressure in thinner coats goes down way smoother.
  13. The kit landing gear will outlive you. That kit needs replacement gear sort of like it needs nose weight: not at all.
  14. The RF-8 has not been done in 1/48 by any kit maker. Hasegawa brought out their F-8s and the hope was that they would release one with a recce fuselage, and they never did. So that’s a big hole in Navy subjects. Same with the F11F Tiger.
  15. If you’re saying that the wingtip launchers point a bit toward the ground, this is called “washout” and it’s supposed to be there.
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