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  1. Of course you may! [I knew the topic would get your full attention] Thanks for the clarification. It is good to know I was headed in the right direction, and fortuitous that Tamiya put two sensors in the kit. I just need to drill an additional hole in the nose below the windscreen and insert the part.
  2. Couple of details specific to early F-14s: In this pic of NK-101 (looks like 158989), you can see an extra data probe of some sort below the windscreen. I need to create that; maybe it ended up on the other side farther aft on later production blocks? EDIT: this is part E12. The kit gives 2, but only directs you to use 1. Problem solved! On the left tail above the rudder, early F-14s did not have an ECM antenna. I cut this off the Tamiya tail and smoothed it out. I’m having a little trouble matching the red of the decals with paint in order to paint the oute
  3. My favorite method for Gloss White is to start with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer from the square bottle. This is a fantastic flat white, highly pigmented and thinnable with lacquer thinner - I use Mr. Leveling Thinner. Once that base coat is down I follow up with Tamiya X-2 Gloss White thinned 50-50 with MLT. This gives me a gloss surface - or at least satin - which takes enamels like Tamiya Panel Line Wash very well. Wiping the excess PLW off with terpenoids has no effect on the Tamiya Gloss White. Here’s the lower wing with a quick, imperfect application of Gray and Brown Tamiya Pa
  4. Purely by coincidence, I recently went to Sprue Brothers site on the day they had uploaded the links to the Quinta detail sets. This is a new product that is 3D printed and is applied like a decal. Of course I had to jump on the F-14 one... I haven’t tried one yet - I’m about halfway through the process of scraping the detail from the Tamiya kit parts, and then need to spray the cockpit with FS36231 Dark Gull Gray.
  5. I’ll be building my next Tamiya cat as one of the first in the fleet - VF-1 Wolfpack’s second 101 bird, which has been modeled a lot. Research is one of the things that really appeals to me in modeling, and this project has given me a lot to learn! For instance: the first VF-1 plane to be painted as NK-101 was this one, BuNo 158627. I believe it was a Block 65 machine. Note the radome without a tan front section, long gun muzzle trough (short cover), the black skunk stripe over the canopy and spine, completely white nose gear doors, pin striping around the NACA intake on the ventr
  6. Looks great, wm_cheng! On Page 32 of the first F-14 In Action book, there’s a photo of a 101-coded VF-1 F-14 with the short muzzle and an all-gray canopy. Only ALQ-100 underneath, no glove pylons at all, and all-white nose gear doors - no black data block. Must be the same one - Block 65 buno 158627. On that same page, the photo above the one I mentioned has the next ‘101’, aboard ship with black on the doors and crew names on the canopy rail. The photo is flipped horizontally so the gun muzzle can’t be seen. The web is tangled... And I’m an F-14 nerd.
  7. https://mcwfinishes.com/ Quality and availability unknown yet, but they are making FS colors.
  8. Master details for your air data probe needs! https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/masam48007.htm
  9. I have a few Tamiya sets to spare. PM me your address and I’ll send ‘em out.
  10. Rather than thinking about the markup on a retailer is getting on this liquid, I tend to look at the variety of paints available on the market and what types they are. Enamels are not particularly popular in most of the world. Tamiya makes a line of enamels and I've never seen them retailed, but my local hobby shop does have the new lacquer paints coming. I can't mix enamel with another type of paint, but many of the other lines are compatible. Also, the other polymeric paints cure more quickly while enamel is still outgassing three days later. It's possible that someone is making
  11. How do you make a small fortune in the enamel model paint business? Start with a large fortune.
  12. I gotta get out of 1/32. This thing's a beast and it has weapons a-go-go, but I'm letting it go. This is the Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29K, and it includes engine exhausts and wheels from Zactomodels. The details alone are worth $59. This kit has the tail surfaces - vertical stabilizers and stabilators - removed from the sprue. All other parts are in sealed bags. $130 including CONUS shipping. PayPal is good; CONUS only, please. PM me or email andrew dot deboer at mac dot com .
  13. I have the Academy CH-53E for sale. This kit isn't for the collector - it has the fuselage halves and some other major parts removed from the sprues, the tail rotor mast has been glued together, and the cockpit area has a coat of Interior Black. All but one of the sprues are bagged. $80 plus shipping. Let's sweeten that pot: I also have an Academy 1/48 CH-46E with minor assembly done, and for another $20 I'll throw that in! PM me or email andrew dot deboer at mac dot com Here are the parts that have been touched:
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