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  1. OK, something’s weird with that third photo. Why is the perspective on the right fin marking all out of whack? I’m not trusting this image for a second. I’m ready to learn something new, but this is out there... Anybody else seen this marking before?
  2. I have one Hasegawa finished and had four in the stash. After I opened the box of my first Tamiya kit, I knew I wasn’t going to waste another minute on the Hasegawas. I have enough chores in my life, and building a model of my favorite plane doesn’t have to be one of them. I sold the two unstarted ones and tossed the two half-done ones in the bin. Contentment ensued.
  3. CONUS Or Canada only, please. I take PayPal and checks. PM me or email andrew dot deboer at mac dot com 1:48 Aircraft AMK F-14D Tomcat in shrink wrap - $70 Czech Model T-34C Turbo Mentor - $40 Eduard Spitfire IX - $30 Hasegawa TF-104G in shrink wrap, with Wintervalley 48001 CF-104 decals - $50 BUILDER’S KIT: 1:32 Trumpeter MiG-29K - $100 This kit has the vertical tails and stabilators removed from the sprue - every other sprue is in sealed bags. Now the good part: includes Zactomodels MiG-29 wheels and exhaust nozzles. That’s
  4. They may have finally gone down the drain. Site’s “closed for renovation”.
  5. You’re a funny guy! And no, I didn’t hold each one and thank it before tossing it. Throwing them away did not spark joy, but looking at them didn’t either. I’ve built several Tamiya F-14s, and when I looked at the surface detail and shape and fit of the Hasegawa parts, I just couldn’t justify spending another moment of my rapidly-dwindling time on earth working on them or even storing them.
  6. In a moment of clarity (I have learned to act when these occur), I tossed three half-completed 1/48 Hasegawa kits today. An F-14A, and F-14D, and an F-16D all went in the trash. It had been years since I worked on any of them, and when I opened the boxes, I was completely uninterested in touching them again. The Tomcats have been more than eclipsed by Tamiya (I’ve finished 3 to my single Hasegawa), and the F-16D was not some of my best work. Anyone else ever dispose of things because you just know you’ll never touch them again?
  7. That thing will be a monster! That blower looks a little small - will it pull enough CFM to cover such a large opening? I bought a Pace paint booth years ago. While i can’t say I made it myself, I can say that it does the job perfectly. I look forward to seeing updates on yours.
  8. SWEET. I have publicly wished for this a number of times, and it made sense because Zvezda has done so many other Boeing planes: 747, 767, 777, 787. It made so much sense I feared it wouldn’t happen. So... RR and PW engines, -200, -300, winglets, & flaps, please! (I don’t want much.)
  9. Things are coming along pretty well, but I’ve hit a snag with a decal detail: Does anyone know which “no step” markings were on the stabilators? We’re they just “NO STEP”, or were they the “NO STEP / NO LIFT” combo markings?
  10. Thanks for the additional insight into the MPP. I have always had the impression that it was non-trivial to remove and install. I may change my mind about not doing that; it wouldn’t be a lot of work and it would be unique. Quick progress report: The seats are done but I haven’t taken a photo. More on that soon. I wanted to tint the center pane of the windscreen, but I usually find that the blue-green color is overstated on many models. I took 1/3 of a bottle of Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss and added ONE drop each of Tamiya Clear Green and Clear Blue. Origi
  11. Watched the first two, and I was glad that Trudy Cooper got some of her story told. Didn’t realize she was a pilot! While the movie sets a very high bar, I like the idea that they can expand the story over more time.
  12. Yeah, they didn’t get very close to Dark Gull Gray, but when I applied the Quinta panels to my Tamiya F-14 cockpit I found I didn’t care. The thing I did fix was the edges of some of the panels. In this photo you can see that the tops of the breaker panels have a very noticeable white edge. I touched them up with 36231. Go ahead and apply all of the decals, then test fit the cockpit in the fuselage and see what you think. I love these things.
  13. Here’s something I won’t be doing: This shorty glove pylon is pictured under 158989.
  14. I do feel like the product is a game changer, and I’m glad I got one for this model, but I don’t think I would buy a set by default for every jet I do. Once the model is done it is rare for me to look at the cockpit in detail again, so adding almost $30 to a kit that retails for $90 (the price of the Tamiya Tomcat is worth it to me) is a rarity. The kit parts are really very good, and I have also detailed the kit parts with Fightertown Decals’ cockpit decals (48087), and considered that to be the best value for money yet. I applied the panels according to the instructions, but since t
  15. I scraped off all of the molded-in cockpit details, put the bits together, and sprayed the whole thing with Dark Gull Gray, then took a quick run at the Quinta Studios set. This is basically 3D printed in color onto decal paper. They don’t stick as well as decals; I used a drop of Future (gasp!) under each panel because it’s clear and very sticky. The camera is not kind; when viewed with the eye, it gives a great impression with tons of knobs and switches shaped like the real ones. The gray color is very light, but I have decided I don’t care; that will keep the cockpit from looking t
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