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  1. I build the best kit of a given subject that’s available. [My] life is too short for 40-year-old tooling and molds. So you don’t put the parts together without glue first just to check the fit? I’ve put together many kits where the parts fit perfectly when dry fit and I went on to apply glue right then. But, if I put the parts together and they don’t mate like I think they should, I true up the mating surfaces with a sanding stick or a blade so they fit right prior to the glue. I hate filling and sanding, so if I can make the seam as good as possible before glue, that’s the way I prefer to go. So really, it’s not BS (thanks for your opinion)..
  2. Having seen many AMK F-14s assembled at this point, I think it’s clear that that modeler is not a dry-fitter. You can’t just cut the parts from the sprues and smash them together, no matter which kit you’re working on. He had gaps where I haven’t seen them on any other build, both from not addressing the mating surfaces of the parts and from placing the parts wrong.
  3. Hopefully the B-52 will be entirely new and not just a parts-added repop. I’m almost to the paint stage on my B-1B and it’s been fantastic; a B-52 and B-2 would be great to go with it.
  4. If you have an object that has a “quilted” pattern on it (one of my hobby knives has such a pattern), press a piece of foil into it to emboss the texture. Now that I’m thinking of it, If you have the Revell 1/48 F-15E, it has that diamond pattern on the entire back wall of the cockpit tub.
  5. I hope some day they will do a 1/144 757. I like their other airliners, and that is a a significant gap in their Boeing offerings.
  6. Not a question - an answer. Yes, Hataka and MRP lacquers are perfectly compatible. I have Hataka’s Helo Drab, but that is a pretty dark shade. For a Desert Storm AH-64A, I needed to modify that base coat for fading and sunlight. The best way of lightening an olive green color is not with white, but with a tan or desert yellow. I mixed 5 drops of Hataka Helo Drab with 3 drops of MRP Tan FS20400, plus 5 drops of Mr Color Leveling Thinner. The resulting paint had no adverse effects and went down as smoothly as either paint would have on their own, which is what I expected but didn’t know until I tested it. So there ya go!
  7. Academy. Aftermarket exhaust nozzles are the only thing I would add...
  8. It seems they just chose “gear up” for the name of the category without much circumspection. Your search for logic may not bear fruit. Maybe they would consider “Airborne” or “In Flight” instead; this would account for any aircraft not in contact with the ground. I have an F/A-18F modeled in the groove with everything hanging out - definitely not ‘wheels up’! Our model club always refers to it as “on a stick”.
  9. If you’re asking about the colors they used on their F-14s at delivery back in the 70’s, then you want: Green FS34079 Brown FS30140 Tan FS20400 Undersurfaces: FS36622
  10. It appears that many preproduction samples are out in the wild now. And how many builds are in ARC’s very own “In Progress Pics” forum? Adjacent to this 217-page post about the kit? none.
  11. I think it’s worth replying with this photo included because there’s a lot to like here: the ribbing on the inner exhaust petals, the inclusion of closed nozzles, the fact that the open nozzles are composed of 5 parts each, the combination of recessed and raised rivets on the boattail... Close-up photos can be very unkind. By the same token, a photographer can share only the shots that are the most flattering. But I don’t think these parts are a fluke - this will be a very good kit and I’m looking forward to it landing on my work table. Makes me want a MiG-31. I’ve never wanted a MiG-31...
  12. An avid reader sometimes has a library. A music lover may have a record collection. A movie fan may have a DVD or blu-ray collection. A woodworker may have a lot of tools and special wood. So a modeler may have a kit collection. Nothing wrong or right about it, although like anything else, when you lose your ability to do it in moderation, other aspects of your life may suffer. Some modelers are OK with that, but I would guess that most of us are making an effort to make sure the hobby doesn’t become an unhealthy obsession. If I can afford to have $10,000 tied up in kits and aftermarket and supplies, then that’s no different than the person next door buying a boat or a classic car.
  13. It made the jump from sandbox to cat litter box a long time ago. Ironically, there’s a lot of waste in the box but no cat yet...
  14. Looks like a bit of a mold mismatch in the nose section.
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