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  1. Hello Pete. The model is all paper 🙂 I have few plastic shuttle models in my depository ( maybe 10 😄 ) but this one is all paper. I need to live at least 100 more years to build all my models, but I need to start somewhere 😄
  2. Hello my new friends, I am new to this forum and I am absolutely amazed by all the exceptionaly perfect space models. I decided to share my recent build of space Shuttle, still WIP. It is not that accurate as many others here, but it is a challenge for me. It started as a relatively easy model and became something more complex by the time. I am in the process of finishing the flight deck interior, which is not accurate and for me it is just a better solution than the non-transparent windows from earlier. This is going to be STS - 49 maiden flight of Endeavour with Intelsat IV and
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