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  1. C'mon guys I know I wasn't the only one that bought this set, you can take pic and post it here.
  2. Hi all, I've been away from ARC for a few years with health issues but I'm all good and diving right end!!!👍👍👍 I'm starting with the Edward P-39 kit and I have Cutting Edge cockpit set but somewhere over this time and two moves I lost the CEC set instruction sheet, I sure would appreciate if someone can scan or take a pic please theres a few things I can't place! Thanks in advance. Bob
  3. Hi All, there was a company not to long ago that made really small lights and electric motors for scale models anyone remember the name? Thanks Bob
  4. Hi All, It's been sometime since the last time I posted, I,m working on the Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E and for the life of me I can't find the main gear braces, if anyone has a spare set or a set from a damaged kit that,s been parted out I sure could use them, thanks in advance. Bob
  5. I'm sorry I can live with it I've built worse models for sure! I've waited for a "B" model so long I'm getting a couple!
  6. I hope it's correct but even if it's not it's a 32nd F-86D and I want one! I'm pretty sure once it's built it'll look like one also!!!!
  7. Hi All, I hope someone can help, during a move to a new place apparently I lost the instruction sheet to this kit, I'm about half way through the build and I'd like to get it finished, I'd appreciate it if I can get a scan of the instruction sheet. Thanks! Bob
  8. Paul, Thank You the part arrived today, yes I will pay it forward! Bob
  9. Thank You so much! Now I can get this build moving again Bob
  10. Thanks Paul you're a lifesaver (well a moneysaver!), you can send it to me at: Bob Moore RnB SmokeHouse 3035 Travis Blvd, Fairfield,CA 94534 I'd like to cover thecost please let me know, Thanks again! Bob
  11. It was WAS going well I'm just cleaning up the resin parts right now, I'll wait a bit but I'll just get another kit if I have to. Bob
  12. Already tried all of the above that's why I'm posting and no I'm using the C & H conversion and Tamiya kit. Thanks Bob
  13. Hi All, I was starting a 1/48 A-1E conversion from the Tamiya kit and while sorting out the parts I must have accidentally thrown out the oil cooler scoop below the engine cowl, I really don't want to buy a whole kit just for this part, if anyone has one in the old parts box or a used one from an old kit I really would appreciate getting one, I'm definitely willing to pay all cost of mailing. Thanks Bob
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