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  1. Now let's start with some alternative history, in a parallel universe, far, far away... America’s isolationist policies during WW2 resulted in defeat for Britain and the Allied forces. Without the influx of arms Russia was unable to respond to the Nazi invasion, capitulating in the west in late 1943. The Soviet state retracted to the east leaving vast tracts of land to be enveloped by the Reich. Russia remained a thorn in the German side, distracting many of the Reich’s forces and prolonging the war in the west. Britain was too weak to seriously dent the German fortress. Limited aid from Commonwealth and Empire forces had led to German and Italian victory in North Africa in 1945. China sued for peace with Japan in 1946 following Japanese gains in the far-east at the expense of British, French, Dutch and Belgian interests. The Indian, Australian, New Zealand and even Canadian forces were unable to bail out the Empire, resulting in its dissolution in 1953, when Britain finally ceded to the vastly superior German forces. A different establishment of the European Union was brought about with the German Mark becoming the single currency from Ireland and Iceland to Tunisia and Turkey, up through Crimea to Moscow and the Baltic states. Horten had long been established in innovative design and in 1983 started on a project for an advanced agile combat aircraft using carbon fibre composites and new lightweight metal alloys. This aircraft first flew in 1997 and entered service with the Luftwaffe in 2005. It is technically superior to any aircraft in the Russian and American Air Forces. Ironically both nations had missed out on the development of jet engines and were late converting from propeller driven aircraft. The Japanese had shared to some degree in German technological advancement. The Nakajima Ki-4027 fighter has proved a competent adversary in combat tests, but barely any other aircraft are able to match this aircraft in the combat role. This one is allocated to I Gruppe JG 54 carrying the arms of the city of Nuremburg commemorating that the unit had been formed as the first Gruppe of JG 70 at Herzogenaurach, which is near Nuremberg, in the summer of 1939.
  2. This came in a Frog/Airfix box with the code NF-4002 as HMS Prince of Wales, but the mouldings and instructions (with additions) are the Airfix 1/600 KGV even down to the ship's name on the stern. This and the de-gaussing cable were removed and the UPs changed for 2pdr pom-poms :wink:
  3. The aircraft was designed and built by the Royal Aircraft Factory (R.A.F.) as a reconnaissance aircraft. This is A4501 of No 5 Training Depot Station, at Easton-on-the-Hill (later Collyweston, which was later joined to RAF Wittering). The R.E.8. and was pictured on 25th September 1917. On the fuselage is a mirrored swastika, worn as a symbol of good luck. A4501 was one of a batch of 150 R.E.8s built by the Standard Motor Co. at Coventry. It was powered by a 150 h.p. R.A.F. 4a engine costing £836. The airframe cost £1,232. It has no armaments. This one is a bit of a whiff. The model came to me started with a gun fixed to the upper wing! I could find no references of a Harry Tate in this configuration, but decided to build it as is anyway and made up the markings.
  4. Ratch


    Thanks guys, it's very tail heavy. If you wish to model it grounded, its worth considering a white metal load as there's nowhere to hide ballast :(
  5. Airfix 1/1 Little Owl (06830-1) Airfix 1/1 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker(04832) Airfix 1:1 Kingfisher (04831-8) Airfix 1/1 Bullfinches (03830-2) Airfix 1:1 Bluetits (03831-5) Airfix 1/1 Robins (04830-5)
  6. Ratch


    Airfix 1/12 James Bond & Oddjob
  7. Ratch

    Decal musings

    I've just done an old Frog Arado 234. The airframe was sprayed with old Klear and I used the kit decals except for the Staffel/Kg markings put on with Microset and Microsol. The kit ones went on fine, the others (not sure whether these were Italeri or Revell as they came from my spares box) silvered. No rhyme or reason to that one.
  8. Ratch


    Italeri's 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 321B-1 Gigant, Eastern Front 1941 - 1942
  9. 1/32 scale Airfix
  10. Thanks Steve. Airfix are bound to reissue it as an FBVI or another variant in due course.
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