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  1. Yes, I thought that too. I have some decanted hairspray that brushed on might do the trick.
  2. Luckily in Australia, everyone gets free Medicare. Though if the surgery is 'elective' not critical, you can wait up to 12 months for surgery, though it is free. We pay for our own private health insurance which means you can get the doctor of your choice, and get surgery done fast, but you will pay again for having it done in the private system. Health access is also a consideration for us - how far will we be from medical specialists, can you access a regular doctor in the town. Many smaller towns in Oz are short on doctors, with some doctors not taking on new patients so that
  3. What's just as important for a long healthy retirement as walks/aerobic exercise is regular strength work 2x or more per week. Wife & I compete in duathlons/triathlons which is great for aerobic fitness (a bit extreme really) but I noticed I got physically quite weak over the years. After my knees put me out of triathlons for about 7 years, I got back into the gym and found the strength I gained made everyday household tasks so much easier. Back into short tris now, but still try to get in my strength work 2x/week. You don't even really need a gym, a lot of the stuff we do i
  4. Making this for our eldest daughters boyfriend who is sweating on this new video game 'Elden Ring' to come out. Will make it into a little diorama for him. Using the Minicraft US Horse Soldiers kit as the basis for the magic jumping horse and warrior.
  5. To be fair, we received some inheritances which instead of peeing up the wall on sports cars etc. we used to pay off our mortgage, so by the ages of about 48, we were debt free & owned a house. After that, we concentrated on saving into Super, shares, managed funds. Many of our friends invested in residential properties to rent, as has my brother (who is much wealthier than us, but also has a lot of debt). We tried that once and frankly it did not suit our temperament (tenants were dickheads too often, damaged the property). If you buy in a place that has stupidly high capit
  6. I invested in a Cricut Maker a few months ago, $450AUS. Despite the software it uses (Design Space) being a bit clunky, it is brilliant. I've used it to cut masks for spraying and vinyl for decals (and a business sign on my 4WD). Have been looking into using it for engraving and debossing (e.g. patterns on a knights armour for a current scratchbuild), but I think for 1/35 scale, it would not go fine enough. I've found in vinyl/masking frisket, you can go down to about 3mm height for complex shapes like letters. Smaller than that, it starts to lose the plot and chop u
  7. I'm 57, my wife 59. We are looking to semi-retire in the next 2-5 years. We started running a family budget on Excel back in about 1996 when we went off salaries and had our own businesses. Best thing I ever did, still run it today even though the kids are off our hands and we have way more $'s to play with. We also set up a Superannuation model in that spreadsheet which predicts how much in income-earning assets we will have to retire on and at a very conservative 3% earning rate, how much that will give us per year to live on in retirement (as I'd like to leave all
  8. Finally finished. Tried several new things: - A bloody expensive limited run resin kit. It was a dog. Poor fit etc. Did my best. - BMF. Great on flatter areas, very tricky around compound curves. - Vallejo Still Water. Would be good for small areas of water, but not so great for my creek which had to be 1.3cm deep. Don't use masking tape for a 'dam wall' to hold the water in, as in longer sections, the still water will pull it out of shape. Don't apply Still Water in more than 2-3mm layers (mine needed about 6 layers) else it will take forever to dry
  9. They surely did. Brought the entire world to it's knees. Deliberate or accidental, we may never know 🤔 Geez the French PM is pissed with our PM, and rightly so. He is commonly known as 'Scotty from Marketing' down here, and I'm really starting to understand why. He's about to get a hammering in Rome too over his plan on climate change.
  10. Yes, it bothers me and most others down here, but we put up with it, it's not the end of the world. We are not as paranoid about 'personal freedoms' in general in Oz compared to what we hear about the US, but obviously there are limits to what we will tolerate. And I think most people are now approaching their limit, however with vaccination rates having increased sharply, it looks like the limitations will soon end - at least in our state (New South Wales). The bigger problem is the inconsistencies between the states. Queensland & Western Australia in particular (who have g
  11. It's probably because we peed off China over the genesis of Covid & the powers that be decided we might need to get more pally with the US soon......so the poor French got burned 😬 Yes, some states are taking it more seriously than others, but it has as much to do with 'you know what' as the health of the people. You blokes in the US would know all about the joys of having 'states', though you have 50 and we only have 8.
  12. I used an Aztek for at least 10yrs, then went to an Iwata HP-CP. Like chalk and cheese. I had no idea how inconsistent & unreliable the plastic Aztek was until I got the Iwata. I constantly had to dis-assemble & clean the Aztek (this voids the warranty) as the body got full of paint. Nozzles always clogging and sputtering. Trigger mechanism snapped (got a new one under warranty, but still the same drama's). The Iwata still has it's blockage issues, but it is much much easier to strip and clean and put back together. Usually, it is the very fine n
  13. For me, the bigger question is, how important are submarines in the scheme of all things military? We are hearing the new nuclear subs won't be ready till at least 2040....and the Chinese Govt is already pretty pissed with us 😬 I was not aware they were going to built here though & provide local jobs. If so, that's a big plus.
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