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  1. Cheers mate. Ultimately, I'll do some build videos showing more of each step. Really though, I just make stuff up as I go along & borrow ideas from other people's builds. I do sketch out a few rough drawings & measurements, but they never go exactly to plan, esp. when estimating the measurements from a photo of a painting. Allowing for perspective is hard. My biggest bugbear is getting stuff to stick with CA! It either grabs instantly in the wrong spot, or does not grab at all.
  2. Undercoat of Tamiya flat blue, then Aztek pattern with Alclad Alum & Alclad Dark Alum. Need to have it at the right angle to really see the Aztek camo effect. It's nowhere as near as neat as I'd hoped, but with scratch building, it is hard to keep everything smooth even after numerous puttys, sands & polishes.
  3. Building nearly done, just need to add wing flaps. The canopy was a bit of a nightmare with constant adjustments needed to the rear section to get a decent fit with the front. Then lots of putty & sanding will be needed. Then onto paint thank Christ - I'm a bit over scratching at the moment. Strikes me the pilot looks like Tin Tin!
  4. Cheers mate. Was going to make the spaceship pilot an Ewok, but decided against it - could not handle modeling the hairy face! Canopy, the front piece modified from a 1/72 B17 nose dome, rear piece cut from clear plastic packaging. Modified pilot from a 1/48 figure, loosely based on Starwars X-wing pilots. He had to lose his feet to fit in.
  5. scratch, scratch, scratch.....
  6. It is pieces of aluminium from a Coke can. Just trial & error cutting & trimming of pieces till they look about right....and multiple attempts to get them to stick down with CA 😵 Cockpit nearly done. Tiny fragments of decals used for lights etc. then much frustration getting them in position & getting them to stick. Had to brush a few coats of Future over the top to get them to stay put. Really struggling with the engines now. About to try my 5th idea after first trying carving them out of solid styrene blocks, then trying to shape styrene sheet. As you said above, all 3 spaceships are different, as are their engine profiles and all are shown from different perspectives, so getting it right requires some guesswork & artistic licence. The front spaceship which I'm building appears to have more circular/oval engine fronts than the rear ship which has much narrower engine openings????
  7. Damn, how good are you going to be when you become a veteran at the hobby! At 1/72 scale, those Spits are epic, the weathering is perfect. I mostly build in 1/72 as getting a great result is a greater challenge than in bigger scales. You have nailed it 👍
  8. Great idea re drawing them and testing it out. I'm thinking I may end up with one 1/35 scale spacecraft, rather than doing all 3.
  9. Robot #1 primed & ready for paint. While waiting for my Alclad Dark Aluminium to arrive, I started on Robot #2 using bits from the pinup girls. Also invested in a pack of 1/35 Tamiya WW2 US soldiers to provide me with some rifles to modify into spaceguns, plus a few more figures as I'm fast running out of pinup girl pieces. Was thinking of doing a spaceship next, but can't quite get my head around the issue of scale. They can't be 1/35 scale as they would be massive, so they'll have to be quite tiny to match the perspective of the Frazetta painting, though then will they just look like spaceships for midgets? Hmmmmmmm..........
  10. First robot built, ready for paint. 2 options meant 2 different head build ideas being tried.
  11. I know! This could take a while. Still battling with the first one's head (the one closest to the Maiden). 2 options on the go atm 😵
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