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  1. Giving him some muscles & a space helmet. Still looks like he's had a few too many trips to Macca's though.
  2. I did Art at school in Years 9&10. We were big fans of Frank Frazetta's fantasy art. Some of the kids were really good at replicating his style. I was shoot-house at it 😁. But when I revisited some of his pics lately, I got an idea. I'll probably not include the hot looking naked fairy girl unless I can find a suitable 1/48 figure 😉 & the other bits in the air! I'm using some old Tamiya WW2 groundcrew figures and some spare pilots for the spaceman. I've made a little progress on this, but need to add more detail with Epoxy then sand very carefully to shape. Lots more fiddly stuff to do on this guy! I'll probably use the spare transparent fuselage parts from a 1/48 Fouga Magister for his spacecraft.
  3. I only have one more ref pic, but I'll probably not include the hot looking fairy girl unless I can find a suitable 1/48 figure 😉 & the other bits in the air! I'm using some old Tamiya WW2 groundcrew figures and some spare pilots for the spaceman. I've made a little progress on this already, but need to add more detail with Epoxy then sand very carefully to shape. Lots more fiddly stuff to do on this guy!
  4. This is very cute. But it's not normal, Koala's usually would not come anywhere near humans or dogs.
  5. Scratch built! Wow! I'm about to take my first journey into Sci Fi modelling trying to replicate this Frank Frazetta pic in a diorama in 1/48 scale. It will be all scratch built, using spare bits where I can.
  6. Just to confuse things a bit more, Tamiya acrylics are actually lacquer based, and I find they spray better with the Tamiya lacquer (yellow cap) thinner than with the Tamiya acrylic (blue cap) thinner - less tip drying with the lacquer thinner. As for enamels, in general I think they spray better than any acrylic, but they are way more smelly. Following my last post above about problems spraying Model Master enamels mixed with Tamiya enamel thinner, I tried them with the Testors enamel thinner recently and hey presto, problem solved, they spray beautifully.
  7. A bit of Koala action! I'm pleased to say we have had almost 100mm of rain over the past 3-4 days, widespread across NSW, so much relief to firefighters & the drought. Where I live in northern NSW, I'd say we still need another 300mm+ over the next few months to break the drought.
  8. It's been very very bad here - drought & fires. Our local area (Armidale NSW) was covered in thick smoke for months late last year. Air quality 4x worse than Beijing etc. Now the main fires have moved south, to southern NSW & Victoria. We we had Xmas at Narooma on the south coast of NSW, got out 2 days before the whole area exploded in flames. My mother was stuck there for a few more days with no petrol to drive out (power went out at the petrol stations) and all roads closed due to fires. Two of the little towns we drove through/visited nearby (Mogo & Cobargo) have had much of their main streets wiped out. And y'day we lost one of my favorite local aircraft & fire-fighting assets, but thankfully the pilot is OK. Crashed into a dam on the south coast while filling his water bucket fighting fires down there. As someone wisely stated, Australian's are very good at dealing with crises.........and that is a big problem. We need to get much smarter and enact policies which avoid the crises in the first place - and our PM and other Ministers are getting a tonne of flak on that front! But this just might be the holocaust we needed to have, to shake us out of our complacency!
  9. Looking good. Esp love that wear and tear on the floor.
  10. Re weathering decals, I had to deal with this issue y'day on a very battered 1/72 RAAF Black Cat Catalina I'm doing. I first tried chipping the decals with a sharpened cocktail stick but that left too many ridges that needed sanding, so tried using black paint in a fine brush to overpaint representing chips which worked better. Then I oversprayed with very dilute black to tone down the stark white decals, then made up a dirty pastel wash for further blending/weathering.
  11. A very enjoyable built. No aftermarkets, scratched a few minor bits inside & out for some more detail and to make some things a better scale , added a pilot. It has the RAN decals added to the kit. Might ultimately mount it flying on a base.
  12. This is a bizarre kit, some bits done very well with great fit, some are just rubbish (e.g. the tail gunner canopy). The instructions & decal sheet have a number of errors too, so lots of dry fitting is required to make sure the right bits go on the right sides, esp. with the engines. And some parts, not enough are provided (e.g. handles on machine guns, so I scratch built them) The weathering did not really turn out as patchy as I'd hoped once I glossed it, so it is a bit prettier than intended but I can live with it. I also did a whole heap of scratching inside which is 99% invisible. And I cut out 2 small nose windows on top rather than using the kit silver window decals that were.....well just lame. The landing gear was cut so that it could be displayed in the up position - something the kit does not provide. You have to really plan when you will put on all the fiddly little bits like gun barrels else they will get knocked off. I actually separated the barrels from some guns, installed the breach part, then installed the barrels almost last. Rear gunner aiming tube and pitot tubes have to be scratch built. Main markings were airbrushed, not decals, though I have to say the decals in this kit were very user-friendly with a little Micro-Sol. I built a base and airbrushed on the B17 skin with rivets, plus the nose art and name with a bit of artistic license. And for the first time used perspex rod to make an 'in-flight' cradle.
  13. Well, I thought not much as I sold my old brown wood display case, and bought a new one in white which much better fits the decor of our newer modern home. Trouble is, it has less display space, so I can't fit another thing in it! But the good news is, my Mrs keeps saying "it needs something on the top of it". I slyly suggested a big 1/32 scale model and she thought that was a great idea. Happy dayz - this will be my first ever 1/32 😁 Now what to buy????? Hold the fort, she now informs me a 1/48 Memphis Belle would be acceptable too 😜
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