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  1. Thommo

    Enamels v Acrylics!

    I mostly use Tamiya acrylic for non-metal colours, but thinned with their Lacquer thinner (yellow cap) rather than their Acrylic thinner (blue cap). Their acrylics are lacquer based & I find their lacquer thinner gives a smoother result, and less tip drying in the airbrush than using their acrylic thinner. But for metal finishes (which your Meteor might be - mine was), I just love Alclad. No thinning, shake the bottle (but not too hard or the little balls inside will smash it - how do I know this ), straight into the airbrush and spray several light coats over Tamiya primer, or flat/gloss Tamiya acrylic over the primer to give a darker shade of bare metal. I've tried Model Master enamels thry my airbrush (using Tamiya enamel thinnner) and had drying and adhesion problems. Maybe it would be OK if I used the Testors enamel thinner? Here's my Airfix Meteor that my daughters bought me a few years back, finished with Alclad. I used different shades of Alclad to highlight different panels. It was a great little kit to build, no dramas at all.
  2. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    I had to re-position the new nose, much better now. Was too short & pointing too high. Tried scribing detail on it, but in the end used a mixture of scribing & adding raised detail with stretched sprue. Cockpit internals are done, added the cockpit covered areas, the turtledeck on the spine (thinned Evergreen card, scribed ridges into it with an old pen). Then those 5 fiddly vents on the nose, used softdrink can metal in the end. 10 attempts to get 5 I could live with. Evergreen rod drilled out for exhausts. Not 100% happy with their position, but it will do for now. I might have got past the hardest parts now???
  3. Who knew people in Finland used the expression ''half-arsed" 😃 Enjoying the work on this one.
  4. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    I'm struggling to get the scratch building of the new nose and cockpit openings right without scale plans, everything done by eye & rough measurements off photos, but I'm pushing through.
  5. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Coming along, a bit more cockpit detail & the nose putty smoothed and primed ready for scribing. Very impressed with the Tamiya epoxy, absolute pleasure to work with.
  6. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    A little research on the good ole interweb revealed this stuff might be a better option for nose sculpting and the hobby shop 20kms down the New England Highway in Uralla actually had some in stock! I applied it last night. Works like a dream (as long as you keep your fingers wet). I rolled out a smooth flat section, about 1mm thick, then cut it to approx shape and moulded it with my fingers. This morning I gave it a rough sand with 180 grit wet & dry. It is beautiful to work with, moulds easy when wet, sands easy when dry. I need to add a little more in spots to fill indentations, then sand smooth with finer wet & dry. Will also use it to sculpt some seat belts.
  7. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    First attempt to create the basis of the slightly curved surface of the Dyak engine compartment using basic Tamiya putty. Not a great result. Started scratching some cockpit details also.
  8. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Engine compartment construction underway for the Sunbeam Dyak engine shape. God knows where this will end up, but I added plenty of internal bracing as I can see lots of putty & sanding & scribing in my future as ultimately this all needs some smooth curves.
  9. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Fuselage butchery And then re-building
  10. Thommo

    Imgur problem - not uploading

    It appears to be working again. I can cancel my ticket to the US 😃
  11. Thommo

    Imgur problem - not uploading

    They betta not be doing a Photobucket on me or there will be a sh*tstorm of venomous Aussie wildlife heading to SF 😉
  12. Thommo

    Imgur problem - not uploading

    Might be their website has a problem then, and not me being a muppet?
  13. My Imgur has stopped uploading. It says it is uploading (1 image uploading.....) but the green progress line does not appear & it will sit there all night with that message but not upload the pic. Anyone else had this problem & know how to fix it? (I have tried logging in/out, shutting down computer & trying again, trying a different pic). cheers