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  1. Looking good. Esp love that wear and tear on the floor.
  2. Re weathering decals, I had to deal with this issue y'day on a very battered 1/72 RAAF Black Cat Catalina I'm doing. I first tried chipping the decals with a sharpened cocktail stick but that left too many ridges that needed sanding, so tried using black paint in a fine brush to overpaint representing chips which worked better. Then I oversprayed with very dilute black to tone down the stark white decals, then made up a dirty pastel wash for further blending/weathering.
  3. A very enjoyable built. No aftermarkets, scratched a few minor bits inside & out for some more detail and to make some things a better scale , added a pilot. It has the RAN decals added to the kit. Might ultimately mount it flying on a base.
  4. This is a bizarre kit, some bits done very well with great fit, some are just rubbish (e.g. the tail gunner canopy). The instructions & decal sheet have a number of errors too, so lots of dry fitting is required to make sure the right bits go on the right sides, esp. with the engines. And some parts, not enough are provided (e.g. handles on machine guns, so I scratch built them) The weathering did not really turn out as patchy as I'd hoped once I glossed it, so it is a bit prettier than intended but I can live with it. I also did a whole heap of scratching inside which is 99% invisible. And I cut out 2 small nose windows on top rather than using the kit silver window decals that were.....well just lame. The landing gear was cut so that it could be displayed in the up position - something the kit does not provide. You have to really plan when you will put on all the fiddly little bits like gun barrels else they will get knocked off. I actually separated the barrels from some guns, installed the breach part, then installed the barrels almost last. Rear gunner aiming tube and pitot tubes have to be scratch built. Main markings were airbrushed, not decals, though I have to say the decals in this kit were very user-friendly with a little Micro-Sol. I built a base and airbrushed on the B17 skin with rivets, plus the nose art and name with a bit of artistic license. And for the first time used perspex rod to make an 'in-flight' cradle.
  5. Well, I thought not much as I sold my old brown wood display case, and bought a new one in white which much better fits the decor of our newer modern home. Trouble is, it has less display space, so I can't fit another thing in it! But the good news is, my Mrs keeps saying "it needs something on the top of it". I slyly suggested a big 1/32 scale model and she thought that was a great idea. Happy dayz - this will be my first ever 1/32 😁 Now what to buy????? Hold the fort, she now informs me a 1/48 Memphis Belle would be acceptable too 😜
  6. I keep flip-flopping between Future & Tamyia X-22 for my gloss coats. Can't seem to decide which is best. I put a few drops of Windex in my Future when airbrushing, read somewhere it helps "break the surface tension" whatever that means.
  7. How did you apply them? What clear coat? Did you use anything to bed them down (e.g. MicroSol)?
  8. Excellent. Tell me about the decals. Are they the kit decals? Are some painted on? If not, what was your method to get them to bed down so well so they look like they are painted?
  9. Leev my camera setup is a joke! A really old FujiFilm digital camera on a wobbly little tripod and two incandescent lights with everything sitting on a blue piece of cardboard on the kitchen table next to a big window. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not so well. I set the camera to some manual setting F8, highest quality & sharpness, change the white balance to use one of the pre-set camera light settings. For the closer one I use the camera macro. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but sometimes I jag it !
  10. 1/72 Qantas Avro 504 Dyak engine, lots of scratching.
  11. Done. Need a rest after this one.
  12. The painted markings look great 👍 Interesting that you can get masks to do this, I had no idea. I should paint the main markings more often because I seem to have lost my mojo with getting decals to have that 'painted on look'. When I did my 1/48 Malta spit, I cut masks myself for the roundels and fuselage letters which was a bit of a trial, but it came out OK in the end & as you say, weathering helps hide glitches & I weathered the crap out of mine. Re Tamyia lacquer thinner with their acrylics - YES! I use it too, and it gives a better result than their acrylic thinner. Strangely however, I've found a few Tamiya acrylic colours (e.g. JN Green) which don't seem to mix well with their lacquer thinner & I have to use their acrylic thinner.
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