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  1. NRL model for mates 60th - he's a Dragons fan, I'm Sharks 😉 Thatched English cottage for my mother for this Xmas Grosjean F1 crash Hubert Wilkinson, Aussie explorer (1/72) From a Frank Frazetta pic The lost & recently found Aussie Catalina Max Verstappen for the young bloke who pumps petrol at local garage & is a huge fan (1/24) Starwars scene for eldest daughters boyfriend
  2. I don't really make kits much any more, mostly just scratch build diorama's for family and friends. Will buy figures/models and modify them for the dios though. Mostly 1/35 scale. From a Frank Frazetta pic 10th Dr Who for our eldest daughter Elden Ring for eldest daughters boyfriend Pod racer with working plasma bolt Princess Mononoke for a niece Model of a mates old Holden near a local bridge Youngest daughter commentating at Winter Olympics Niece surfing
  3. Built this for our niece who is a keen surfer. First time playing with resin & making a rubber latex mold. Steep learning curve but lots of research & advice from the company who sell the resin got me there. Flexible blue LED lighting added into the base (runs off a 3V button battery).
  4. Excellent. I know about snapping drill bits. I use those tiny little 0.2mm hand held ones you buy in packs of 10 from China for about $3 a lot. Very fragile, can't handle any sideways movement. Not sure how the tiny fibre-flood lighting will go? The only times I've used fibre I still a small hole in the end of the LED and glue the fibre in it.
  5. I figured I should be able to sort it out too 😁 $5,500 at the panel beaters later....
  6. I'm in Sydney visiting our daughter and just showed her your progress pics. She said "JE-SUS!"
  7. Done up in the livery of the captured aircraft displayed in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Lots of extra detail added esp. engine, guns, cockpit, lower radiator. For some bizarre reason, the museum repainted it, painting over the fuselage cross & tail ID number though these are still vaguely visible through the green paint. And it seems they repainted the other crosses. And left the starboard flap with the lozenge markings. Someone told me this mold is still the one from the 50's, despite it being in a new 'Red Box'. I think they are right. It was ver
  8. University of New England. I did both my degrees there in the 80's when it was really good. From all accounts, it has gone downhill a bit lately. Covid did not help. Staff redundancies. Online courses. Colleges closing. A VC who seems crazy as a cut snake (why do Uni's not vet better people who they are going to pay $600K pa???). The old New England Hobbies were in Armidale & Inverell but both gone now (owners retired, Armidale closed first then Inverell). There is a new New England Hobbies just down the road from us in Uralla - https://newenglandmodelsandhobb
  9. Our daughter just moved to Brissy, living in Sherwood which is quite a nice suburb as far as cities go (I could never live in a capital city, love the country life & outdoors too much. Fly-Fishing!). I bought her a dash-cam for her little Yaris 😬. She is a very good city driver having lived in Sydney. City driving does my head in. We get a lot of Qld drivers down here in Northern NSW. Many just seem to be very unpredictable, do completely random things with no indication. And as for 'Keep Left Unless Overtaking', don't get me started 😄
  10. Wow, this is fantastic. Just be aware, when you move to Brisbane & put Qld plates on your car, this will automatically disable your indicators 😉.
  11. I got this set recently, comes with a cheapie airbrush which works fine so far. https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/frontline-hobbies-hseng-hs-as186k-air-compressor-with-holding-tank-kit-includes-hose-hs-80-airbrush-hs-as186k/
  12. I've got the same problem, displays cabinets full & I don't want to buy another, at least not till we move into our final retirement house in a few years. Not looking forward to trying to move them in one piece either. Scares me witless. I'm mostly building models for family & friends etc. now to give away.
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