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  1. I got this set recently, comes with a cheapie airbrush which works fine so far. https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/frontline-hobbies-hseng-hs-as186k-air-compressor-with-holding-tank-kit-includes-hose-hs-80-airbrush-hs-as186k/
  2. I've got the same problem, displays cabinets full & I don't want to buy another, at least not till we move into our final retirement house in a few years. Not looking forward to trying to move them in one piece either. Scares me witless. I'm mostly building models for family & friends etc. now to give away.
  3. Thanks mate. Next one will be little known Australian explorer Hubert Wilkins with his Vega 1 aircraft on the snow. Got a book about him for Xmas - fascinating bloke, no idea how he survived past 25!
  4. The body is foam. Should add, I've never caught anything on it, but I've hardly used it so far. My epic Murray Cod spot was devastated in the 2019 drought (dead cod floating everywhere), and I doubt it will recover for several more years. For hooks on my big cod flies, I just use whatever I can find at BCF, usually thumping big saltwater bait hooks. For my bass/trout/carp/saltwater estuary flies, I'm a bit more discerning hook wise (though for carp it does not matter so much). I probably should take a bit more interest in the hook choice. For bream (saltwater), I always add a
  5. And then we have these The epic Australian Murray Cod. The dream is to catch one over a metre (about 40 inches), though these are usually caught on bait or lures. But I'm aiming for one on fly. So far my best is about 75cm (29 inches). Murray Cod hit surface flies/lures just like your bass - a big explosion that scares the Hell out of you. Yes, I've tied some rat, mouse & big lizard flies for cod, but have not caught many on the surface yet - you can't strike on the hit (hard to resist), need to let them turn down with it. Used the airbr
  6. I got a carp on Sunday that went 28". Struggled to lift the slippery sucker. Think it might be my biggest yet. Bit of a fluke as the river was quite flooded, but I thought I could see some telltale bubbles in a quieter backwater. Dropped the fly in, saw no action on the indicator, lifted to cast again & fish on! Interestingly, most carp fly fishos don't seem to use an indicator, but the I use the New Zealand coloured wool indicator system (https://www.strikeindicator.com/) & think it is critical over here as the take is so delicate, you never feel a thing. But the indic
  7. I'm a keen fly-fisher too (trout, bass, Murray cod, carp, saltwater species) and even do a little guiding. I'll be doing more when I retire, but TBH, I still get to do a lot as I've only been working 4 days/week for the last 3-4yrs. I'm actually a bit tired of trout, carp on fly are my new obsession. 100% sight fishing, casting accuracy is critical & they are HUGE! A 20+ lb carp on a 6wt fly-rod is a real handful. Here's a video of one of my recent carp on fly sessions here in Oz - I'm also really enjoying learning saltwater species - bream,
  8. 1/24 scale. I'm storing my BMF in the fridge to hopefully keep the adhesive working? Holden's became a bit rubbish here on Oz in recent years. Pieces of junk like the Cruze and the Captiva (locally called the Craptiva) which had all sorts of problems. I had an old 80's VL Commodore which was ok, but started developing overheating problems. For reliability, it's hard to go past a Toyota!
  9. Yes, I thought that too. I have some decanted hairspray that brushed on might do the trick.
  10. Luckily in Australia, everyone gets free Medicare. Though if the surgery is 'elective' not critical, you can wait up to 12 months for surgery, though it is free. We pay for our own private health insurance which means you can get the doctor of your choice, and get surgery done fast, but you will pay again for having it done in the private system. Health access is also a consideration for us - how far will we be from medical specialists, can you access a regular doctor in the town. Many smaller towns in Oz are short on doctors, with some doctors not taking on new patients so that
  11. What's just as important for a long healthy retirement as walks/aerobic exercise is regular strength work 2x or more per week. Wife & I compete in duathlons/triathlons which is great for aerobic fitness (a bit extreme really) but I noticed I got physically quite weak over the years. After my knees put me out of triathlons for about 7 years, I got back into the gym and found the strength I gained made everyday household tasks so much easier. Back into short tris now, but still try to get in my strength work 2x/week. You don't even really need a gym, a lot of the stuff we do i
  12. Making this for our eldest daughters boyfriend who is sweating on this new video game 'Elden Ring' to come out. Will make it into a little diorama for him. Using the Minicraft US Horse Soldiers kit as the basis for the magic jumping horse and warrior.
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