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  1. Thommo

    Phone Calls You Don't Want To Get

    Yup, I recall being at work and receiving that same call from our youngest daughter - "Dad, I had a car crash, but I'm OK". I was thinking she's just had a little fender-bender in a car park or something but no, she'd been driving on a winding road in the wet, hit the brakes way too hard on a left hand corner and held her foot there (typical rookie error), the car did a 360 spin in her lane, then a 180 spin in the on-coming lane and hit the guard rails, rear first & then the front. Luckily, no cars coming the other way or it would have been nasty. Car totaled, she did not get a scratch, used up her get out of jail free card, and a big lesson learned. My niece did similar last week in the wet - off the road, through a fence, across a paddock, stopped just metres from a creek which would have been nasty. Car totaled not a scratch on her. The Australian licensing system does not leave young drivers prepared for when things go wrong. I reckon 40 less hours on their Learners (they have to do 120 hours) and a compulsory half-day with an advanced instructor on a skid-pan would make young drivers much more prepared & aware.
  2. Thommo

    Phone Calls You Don't Want To Get

    Damn she was lucky Murph. I'm a keen cyclist, though I do more on mountain bike trails than on the road these days. The motorist vs cyclist war is alive and well in Australia. In fact I think Australian drivers might be the World Champions of irrational cyclist hatred. I can understand the frustration in busy traffic areas like Sydney where bikes delay drivers, and cyclists run red lights etc. and frankly I'd never ride a bike in Sydney. But the vitriol is nearly as bad out here in the country where there is Sweet FA traffic & a cyclist wouldn't delay anyone by more than 10 secs. I now ride with a Fly6 - a rear light that also has a camera. The stupid & potentially deadly behaviour I've captured from motorists is frightening.
  3. Thommo

    Siege of Jadotville diorama

    I'm done, my longest build yet.
  4. If anyone out there is developing a marketing or business management course, the PB debacle would be a perfect example for your students of how to screw your business in the blink of an eye....though true the downhill slide had already commenced some years ago as the speed of the site slowed dramatically due to the Ads I assume?
  5. Upgraded the MTB. Just hope I can stay upright more often on this one! Currently nursing a very sore wrist from a mishap 3 weeks ago, which has screwed my other hobby - flyfishing - cos it hurts too much to cast.
  6. Thommo

    1/48 Special Hobby AJ 37 Viggen, Swedish Air Force, 1993

    Sweet as Bro. What did you do the camo masking with?
  7. Thommo

    ANZAC Day 2018

    Both my wife's father (RAN) & my father (2/5th Aust artillery) fought in WW2. My sister-in-laws grandfather also fought, an RAAF Lancaster pilot in the RAF & was killed in action. This was what happened to him & a pic of the Lanc he was killed in: RAAF FATALITIES IN SECOND WORLD WAR AMONG RAAF PERSONNEL SERVING ON ATTACHMENT IN ROYAL AIR FORCE SQUADRONS AND SUPPORT UNITS 436058 Pilot Officer NEWTON, Frederick John Source: AWM 237 (65) NAA : A705, 166/29/231 Commonwealth War Graves records W RF Chorley : RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Page 144 Volume 1945 Aircraft Type: Lancaster Serial number: HK 773 Radio call sign: LS – W Unit: ATTD 15 SQN RAF Summary: Lancaster HK773 took off from RAF Mildenhall at 1055 hours on the 23 March 1945 to attack Bocholt by GH bombing methods. The aircraft was seen at approx 1100 hours flying in a north-westerly direction at 150 feet w2ith the port outer engine feathered and apparently on fire. The aircraft gradually lost height finally striking the ground in dense wood and the 4000 lb bomb on board exploded. The aircraft crashed in between Brandon and Munford, Norfolk, UK. Crew: RAAF 436058 PO Newton, F J Captain (Pilot) RAF Sgt W J Dee, (Flight Engineer) RAF Sgt C A J Church, (Navigator) RAF Sgt M F Matthews, (Bomb Aimer) RAF Sgt G A Cope, (Wireless Operator Air) RAF Sgt P Cooley (Mid Upper Gunner) RAF Sgt T E Jenkins, (Rear Gunner) All the crew were killed and they are buried in the Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire, UK. The cemetery is known locally as the Newmarket Road Cemetery. The above fatalities were the last fatalities of 15 Sqn in WW2.
  8. Thommo

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Sweet detail work mate!
  9. Thommo

    Yet another 1/48 Tamiya F-14A (updated 28 Mar)

    Damn that is nice!
  10. Thommo

    HobbyBoss 1/72 Hind

    That is really nicely done, just the perfect amount of paint weathering etc.
  11. Thommo

    1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Incredible !
  12. Thommo

    Airfix 1/48 scale Hawker Hurricane Mk 1

    Love the Hurricane - the true workhorse of the Battle of Britain.
  13. actually it probably will be the last time, not because of the sharks (it was in a sea sanctuary at Manly, so no chance of being bitten by that well-fed baby), but it just didn't really do it for me. A bit like snow skiiing I guess - done it, not my thing.
  14. I was in the home stretch with this, just need to add a few bits of grass to the tarmac cracks & maybe a mechanic figure, but a busted shoulder has put it on hold.....and now I've decided my next project will be improving the cosmetics of my tired old 1:1 scale Hilux, so it may be on hold for a while now.
  15. Thommo

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Damn that is neat work.