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  1. Thommo

    Where are you going modelwise in 2019?

    Well, I thought not much as I sold my old brown wood display case, and bought a new one in white which much better fits the decor of our newer modern home. Trouble is, it has less display space, so I can't fit another thing in it! But the good news is, my Mrs keeps saying "it needs something on the top of it". I slyly suggested a big 1/32 scale model and she thought that was a great idea. Happy dayz - this will be my first ever 1/32 😁 Now what to buy????? Hold the fort, she now informs me a 1/48 Memphis Belle would be acceptable too 😜
  2. Thommo

    Airbrushing with Future

    I keep flip-flopping between Future & Tamyia X-22 for my gloss coats. Can't seem to decide which is best. I put a few drops of Windex in my Future when airbrushing, read somewhere it helps "break the surface tension" whatever that means.
  3. Thommo

    F-4J Academy 1/48

    How did you apply them? What clear coat? Did you use anything to bed them down (e.g. MicroSol)?
  4. Thommo

    F-4J Academy 1/48

    Excellent. Tell me about the decals. Are they the kit decals? Are some painted on? If not, what was your method to get them to bed down so well so they look like they are painted?
  5. Thommo

    Siege of Jadotville diorama

    It's a FujiFilm S 3500
  6. Thommo

    Siege of Jadotville diorama

    Leev my camera setup is a joke! A really old FujiFilm digital camera on a wobbly little tripod and two incandescent lights with everything sitting on a blue piece of cardboard on the kitchen table next to a big window. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not so well. I set the camera to some manual setting F8, highest quality & sharpness, change the white balance to use one of the pre-set camera light settings. For the closer one I use the camera macro. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but sometimes I jag it !
  7. Thommo

    What did you just finish building?

    1/72 Qantas Avro 504 Dyak engine, lots of scratching.
  8. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Size perspective
  9. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Done. Need a rest after this one.
  10. The painted markings look great 👍 Interesting that you can get masks to do this, I had no idea. I should paint the main markings more often because I seem to have lost my mojo with getting decals to have that 'painted on look'. When I did my 1/48 Malta spit, I cut masks myself for the roundels and fuselage letters which was a bit of a trial, but it came out OK in the end & as you say, weathering helps hide glitches & I weathered the crap out of mine. Re Tamyia lacquer thinner with their acrylics - YES! I use it too, and it gives a better result than their acrylic thinner. Strangely however, I've found a few Tamiya acrylic colours (e.g. JN Green) which don't seem to mix well with their lacquer thinner & I have to use their acrylic thinner.
  11. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Just need to scratch & add a pitot tube now and a little prop thing to go on the front cabane strut, plus a few minor touchups.
  12. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Thanks for the comments gents. Of all my builds since getting back into the hobby about 15yrs ago, I thought this one would be my first epic fail. It is just so small, tricky & fragile. The Ammo Mig rigging has been an interesting and very positive experience (in the past I've either used invisible thread or stretched sprue). It is incredibly fine & fiddly, but if you apply it under some decent stretch, you will find if you sag it out of shape with subsequent handling (which I've done numerous times on this build), just leave it overnight and by morning it will have sprung back into a nice tight line. Also, acrylic paints work best on this rigging, as enamels can bead. I'm now working on the aileron and tail control surface rigging. The wing aileron rigging spans almost the entire length of the upper and lower wings, but I've devised a way to do most of it with just one long length, and two shorter lengths of the Mig thread. The Hawkeye decals were OK, but a little thick so left a bit of a visible edge. I found they would not bed down at all with just water, or with MicroSet, but a coat of wet Future under then over was the best option. Then several coats of Future over the entire model to blend it all in. It's a touch too glossy, so I might use some very dilute flat clear in the final stages to tone it down a bit.
  13. Thommo

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Made some good progress since after having to start the top wing again.
  14. Thommo

    Latest video in my Airbrush Series ...

    After watching that, I'd have to say I probably pull mine apart too often & clean out the nozzle and front section too much. I got some AB cleaning brushes on Ebay which I insert down the paint cup & out the front (with the tiny needle nozzle removed) to clean the gunk out of there, but I do wonder if they are a bit harsh as they seem to be made of some fairly stiff material (light wire perhaps?). I have an Iwata HPCS & use that blue lube which comes with it on the needle, and sometimes down the trigger of it gets sticky. I also managed to put a bit of a dent in the front aircap (no idea how), but it does not seem to impact the performance. I also discovered using tissues to clean the paint cup between colours or anytime is a big no-no, as eventually tiny little fibres clog the front of the AB and the needle nozzle. I also note Paul you remove you needle from the rear of the AB. I was told to pull it through the front to avoid dragging paint backwards into the AB body past the paint cup? But sometimes if it is very clogged, pulling it out the back is the only way to get it out.
  15. Thommo

    ready made cockpits

    Yeah, that's how I roll too. I'd rather scratch as 1/72 cockpit which is a bit naff than buy a perfect painted one to drop in.