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  1. I'm a keen fly-fisher and also run a part-time business as a fly-fishing guide. Here's a recent video of me doing 'social distancing' - fishing & mountain biking....and dodging a snake at the end! I've recently discovered catching carp on fly (these are a pest in Oz so you have to kill them), it is absolutely fascinating....and tricky. Hard to get them to eat the fly, then hard to land them once you do.
  2. So what's happening here in the Lucky Country (Oz). No grand pandemic plan in place (I can't believe this was not done decades ago), so the Govt are just making it up as they go Non-essential interstate travel banned - state borders closed - sort of.... Cafes, restaurants, pools, gyms, beauty salons - anywhere with big social gatherings closed/prohibited Urging people to work from home if they can, but not compulsory Social distancing in action - though this rule was flouted big-time on Bondi Beach last weekend & the Prime Minister rightly cracked the shits and imposed stricter rules Big welfare handouts/increases to the unemployed and business Millions will lose their jobs (and our population is only 26M) Someone (no one is accepting blame) let the Ruby Princess dock at Circular Quay (Sydney) last week and allowed all the passengers off after it had already been reported many were ill! A huge proportion proportion of our infections have stemmed from that idiocy. Our youngest daughter was walking to work when this happened and was right in the middle of them! She is sick, but not Corona by the looks of it. National sporting codes shut down - many may not survive financially Testing only if you have likely symptoms Elective surgery cancelled to free up medicos and hospital beds Infection rate increasing rapidly - more than half the national infections are in my state (New South Wales) Food & toilet paper hoarding occurring, but I think finally some common sense is happening and this is lessening No run on guns and ammo because we have very strict gun laws, and in general don't run about shooting each other (well other than the foreign criminal gangs we've let in, and they largely shoot each other, so good riddance) Airlines almost shut down and many will not survive Many businesses will go out of business Schools still open - a huge bone of contention, though many parents are keeping kids at home if they can Our retirement plans have been smashed due to the stock market crash On the plus side, I can still exercise in the park, ride my bikes, build models & go fishing. It is very easy to do stuff in regional Australia and not come within 500m of another soul. Oh, and we seem to be taking all our policy ques from New Zealand, who are well ahead of us in terms of shutdowns - a bit embarrassing really!
  3. Interesting that the symptoms could be so bad in someone who is young & fit! Here in Oz, if you make an appointment with your local doctor, they will ask you about your symptoms & if they sound anything like Corona, they do a phone consultation with you first to avoid you exposing the medical staff and other patients at the surgery. I'd been sick for a week (gastro followed by fatigue & throat a bit sore, but no respiratory issues), but they were not taking any chances, so only a phone consult. She did not think I had it & I'm feeling almost 100% now.
  4. It's not the Australia I grew up in. It disgusts me. Australians have a strong track record of looking after each other in times of crisis. They don't act like total selfish a-holes.
  5. Though let's remember it appears this virus in humans originated in China, due to endangered animals being kept in markets, then being eaten by humans = viral mutation. Hopefully they might now learn to clean up their act. Here in Oz, we've had people from cities hiring buses to travel out to country areas, and cleaning out small supermarkets - and guess the ethnic origin of most of these people?
  6. It's affecting one of my other numerous hobbies - flyfishing. Was supposed to fly to New Zealand for a week of trout fishing on Thursday, but due to the NZ & today the Oz self-isolation rules for travelers, we've had to pull the pin. But fear not - we are scrambling to switch to Tasmania instead 😁
  7. Spaceship now done. Tamiya paint bottle for scale. Even in 1/48, it is very small.
  8. It's coming along. Not as smooth as I'd planned, but scratching everything is a learning curve. I tried to vac-form the canopies but failed, so ended up cutting down some spares to fit. I've decided I will add the naked fairy girl 😁 I can buy a 6 pack of scantily dressed 1/35 WW2 pinup girls & cut & paste with some anatomical modifications 😉 A friend in making a circular wooden base for me. I'll buy some of that AK carving foam (never used it before) to make the rock scenery.
  9. Sorry to hear this Terry. All the best.
  10. I abandoned my attempt to make the fuselage panels from drink can aluminium (may still use it on the wings?), and went for styrene sheet instead - much easier to work with and more forgiving.
  11. Didn't realise Lachie's crash was so dramatic!
  12. Some basic cockpit details scratched up. Who knows what this spaceship cockpit looks like 🤷‍♂️, all you can see in the pic is part of a brown seat & console, so artistic licence rules eh!
  13. An update. It's now flooding across much of Eastern Australia! Most of the fires are out at least.
  14. Now trying to figure out how to add wings. Just trail & error, no blueprint/measurements to go on. Been looking at radio control aircraft building websites to get some basic ideas. A few spars & formers is the current plan, then skin with either drink can aluminium or maybe thin styrene sheet.
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