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  1. Sorry, the Skyraider kit was claimed already.
  2. ...i have two for you. 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1, this one has the clear cowling parts. 1/32 Zoukei-Mura A-1H Skyraider, Navy version. SPOKEN FOR. Both kits come with open boxes, bags sealed. $128.00 each or $250.00 for both. I'll pay the shipping inside US. US only, PayPal preferred. Cezar.
  3. Hi all. Newish Hasegawa 1/16 scale strip down Sopwith Camel kit. Sadly, all bags are opened by previous owner. All there, all on sprues, just not bagged. $150.00 shipped inside US. PayPal preferred. Thanks, Cezar.
  4. Just posted in classifieds, kit plus PART PE. Cezar.
  5. Gentleman. So i have spare kit of 1/48 Mi-2 Hoplite helicopter. Brand new kit by Aeroplast. Not Tamiya but pretty darn close. This one. http://www.model-making.eu/products/Mi-2-smiglowiec-transportowy..html Kit is in brand new condition, all bags sealed. Comes with PART PE set S48-160 http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=209755 $42.00 plus shipping. Much prefer to deal inside US. PayPal only. I'm in US, zip code 27511 Will trade for Kinetic 1/48 Grumman S-2A Tracker (S2F-1/CS2F-1) straight up. Thanks, Cezar.
  6. Hi all. OK, have a question. Some time ago i have heard of a product used by RC boat community. Supposedly there is a special kind of coating used to seal hulls of the RC boats. More like a resin than paint, comes in the spray can and once dried, produces super hard, super durable yet thin layer sealing any hair line cracks in the hull and preventing such cracks from appearing. You ( me ) can sand it, paint it, whole nine yards. I tried looking for it on the internet but without product or maker name it is proving to be difficult. Any of you have any idea of what i'm talking about ? Than
  7. Here is what I can let go at this moment. Zoukei Mura 1/32 A-1 H Skyraider. Naked kit, no extras. Open box, bags sealed. Hasegawa 1/16 Sopwith Camel. Same condition. By the Sprue Brothers page the Skyraider is $154.00 and Camel goes for $215.00 This is the approximate value i'll use to work out the deals. What i'm after... Takom 1/16 FT-17 tank. Any RC ship stuff. Ship, not the boat. I'm after merchant ships, tugs and such, not interested in rice burners fast boats. But will be interested in Italeri 1/35 S-bote kit. RC transmitters, receivers, servos and such. Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII U
  8. Gentleman. I'm looking for few older kits from Hasegawa. P-2 Neptune. Shinmeiwa PS-1 / SS-2 Martin SP-5B Marlin Any boxing, any markings and also any condition. Started kits are OK as long as everything is there. Any aftermarket to go with the kits as well. Also I would like to get Academy 1/72 Catalina kit. Same thing, any boxing, any version, any condition. Any aftermarket to go with the kit would be nice. I can pay for the kits if the price is right ( i'm looking for a good deals ), PayPal friendly, or try to trade, just please have want list ready, I really don't like “ what do y
  9. Or / maybe just be patient ? There is a strong vibe about Revell releasing Army Lynx in 1/32 late next year. No, i don't have any real information nor contacts inside Revell but my information comes from the same source who told me about Sea Lynx two year before the official announcement. But hey, i my be mistaken. BTW, according to one of my friends who is a real Lynx guru, short of the skids and cockpit, there is enough parts between two Revell Lynx kits to put together Army version. But i'll wait for Revell. Cezar.
  10. Sorry Robert, things moved fast this time. Money is money, the truck needs fixing. Cezar.
  11. I'm sorry, the Hurricane is gone by now, Spitfire still here if you want it. Cezar.
  12. OK, my son has a pickup truck with blown head gasket. Need quick money to help him fix it. I really don't see you getting this stuff any cheaper. Trumpeter 1/32 Me-262 B-1a/U1 Sealed bags $40.00 SPOKEN FOR Dragon 1/32 Bf-110 D-1 / R1, sealed $38.00 Italeri 1/48 A-10A with Aires cockpit and QB fan faces, $34.00 Revell 1/32 Westland Sea Lynx Mk.88A, sealed box $27.00 1/35 scale armor stuff, Trumpeter Sd.Kfz.6 05531 $25.00 Trumpeter German s.F.H. 18 15cm Field Howitzer $18.00 Dragon Bergepanzerwagen IV Smart Kit, sealed box $23.00 Plus shipping from zip code 27511. please keep in mind,
  13. Hi Robert. Please see my newest post here, situation changed, you will get those kits for less money. Boxes are open but all plastic is still in sealed bags. Hobbycraft released Trumpeter kits under their own name. Same plastic and stuff but better, more interesting markings/decals. HTH, Cezar.
  14. Gentleman. Here is what i have. Hobbycraft, well it is a Trumpeter kit 1/24 Spitfire Mk. Vb "Pin-Up" kit. Comes with better decals ( Hobbycraft contribution ) and three really nice resin figures inside. Open, bagged, complete. $52.00 Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane Mk. IIc Trop. Comes with Trumpeter PE set for it, lots of brass there. Open, bagged, complete. $65.00 Prices do not include shipping. Now, just to reduce number of dropped emails and hard feelings..... The time of $5.00 shipping is long gone. With the new rates and rules shipping for kits that big and heavy will most likely be $15.00
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