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  1. Just saw these new pilots' side shields on a recent HH-60G pic. The armored glass shields are pretty interesting. Similar to the gunshields w/windows on vehicles. Floyd, think yo could make these?
  2. If the 3D printing doesn't work out, Dragon has/had a Modern Machine Guns Set that includes 2 M60As with separate bipod legs that can be left off that has full barrel and gas tube details molded. All Dragon's Vietnam figure sets that include an M60 also have these same molds w/separate bipod legs. Any of them would work.
  3. You won't. They are Aggressor Squadron helos that simulate enemy aircraft (Hinds) for wargames at NAS Fallon, Nevada. That is where the Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) in now located. They generally do not leave NAS Fallon, esp for the fleet.
  4. Apperently Pave Lows did have the blade folding system. "A specialist checks the folding system on a MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter..."
  5. Right, not currently. I was hoping the new kit you allude to would be. Oh well.
  6. I believe only USN and USMC H-53s used the folding rotors.
  7. Yes, it can be scratch-built. I did one for my Academy MH-60L DAP. I used a piece of square stock and a couple pieces of rod. Some details for the attachment ends and straps and bolts to hold it all together. The other option is to contact Sofia at Kitty Hawk and they will sell the G sprue separately out of the MH kit w/the FRIES rig parts.
  8. Yup, its been available for a couple of weeks. Mine is en-route from China now. I should have it in a few days. One note, the kit will not accurately build into a modern HH-60G. A small detail, but it is missing. The new G sprue has the older H-bar fast rope/rappel rig that the USAF used up to about 2000. After that, they changed to the FRIES rig that was only used by the US Army before that. The FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction) rig is in the KH MH-60L kit. USAF H-Bar rig, pre-2000-ish, as in the HH-60G kit. FRIES rig, US Army and USAF post-2000-ish, as in the MH-60L kit.
  9. Fireball had a set for Navy Seawolves. No other Navy Huey decals. Did any other unit(s) in the Navy use short bodied Hueys?
  10. HeavyArty


    A rear-facing third seat is sometimes installed on Army UH-60s as a Squad Leader seat (like below). I have never seen one on an HH-60G though.
  11. HeavyArty


    Dark Gull Gray should work. I'm not sure what the actual FS gray color is, but I use cheap primer gray from a spray can and it looks spot on.
  12. The tail rotor section was a prop left behind so that Pakistan could save face with their own population and claim they were not aware of it since the U.S. used a super-stealthy, silent helicopter to get in. Kind of defeats the purpose of a silent, stealthy H-60 when the other aircraft on the mission are standard MH-60Ls and MH-47Gs. They are not stealthy at all.
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