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  1. Apparently, PhotoBucket figured it out and the workaround no longer works. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
  2. Easy way to make them appear again. Photobucket Workaround: http://www.network54.com/Forum/47211/message/1504035816/PB+-+extension+to+make+photos+viewable+again
  3. Cessna CH-1 / YH-41 "Seneca"

    I saw the Life-Like boxing as well (posted a pic of it). I know a lot of these were listed as 1/40 scale, but were not really 1/40. So does anyone know what it actually scales out to?
  4. I recently saw an old Adams kit of the Cessna CH-1/YH-41 Seneca as an aerial missile transporter (below). Has anyone seen this kit and any idea what scale it was? I know most of the Adams kits were box-scale, meaning that they were made to fit into a standard-sized box, not really a standard scale. Just curious though as this would be a cool model to build. In a later boxing by Life-Like, it was shown as a 1/40 kit. Any idea how accurate that is? Actual helo:
  5. Looking good. Why are there holes on top of the nose though?
  6. New MH-60M DAP

    Unfortunately, it is not my model. I just searched for it on the web. I also don't have access to my instruction sheets as I am in the middle of a move and all my models are in packed up. This site has full scans of the MH-60L instructions that may help. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10113079
  7. New MH-60M DAP

    It will be interesting to see if these actually get bought by the US Army. Right now, they are just being marketed as an option. I don't see what advantage they offer over the standard 2 hardpoint ESSS that are already in the inventory. They do look very similar to the resin ones in the 1/35 Academy Blue Hawk Hong Kong SAR kit.
  8. Navy helicopter crews

    Very nice. Looks like I may need to place another order soon.
  9. PhotoBucket work-around

    I found this at another site. By clicking these add-ons, you can fix PB's greed and all the PhotoBucket pics now show again. Check it out. http://www.network54.com/Forum/47211/message/1504035816/PB+-+extension+to+make+photos+viewable+again
  10. 1/35 AH-1W *Finished*

    Very nice.
  11. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    I scratched a couple using UH-60 troop seat bottoms a while ago in a UH-1H MedEvac.
  12. Super 63-Operation Gothic Serpent C2 blackhawk

    The MRC UH-1C Frog kit has one jump seat in it. Some of the other versions may have it too. It is on the below sprue.
  13. blackhawk desert storm

    For an Operation Desert Storm (ODS, Gulf War 1, '90-'91) US Army Blackhawk, the first kit you showed (UH-60L) is the most appropriate to use. To make it a MedEvac Black Hawk, your best bet is to get the Warner's Wings UH-60 MedEvac conversion set and Black Hawk decals. You could use all the Cobra Company UH-60 Correction and Cockpit sets. All of the Cobra Company sets can be used on a more modern (Iraq or Afghanistan) Black Hawk. All of the figures you show are more modern for Iraq (since '03) or Afghanistan as well. Their vests and some other features are more modern than Operation Desert Storm.
  14. Confused about UH-1 kits

    KH's is the best in any scale. The Dragon (ex-Panda) UH-1D/H kit is pretty good. It has a few issues though. Here is some info on building/correcting it. Unfortunately, the pics are gone as is Cobra Company now. Lone Star Models bought the CC molds and stock and is now offering some of them. Revell's old 1/32 UH-1D/H is also pretty good, but also has a few issues that need to be fixed. And yes, 1/32 is close enough to 1/35 to work fine together. Lone Star models also has the older 1/32 CC sets as well. MRC/Academy's UH-1C kit is excellent. A top notch kit. For decals and some other resin upgrades, check out Werner's Wings as well: http://www.wernerswings.com/
  15. Minicraft 1/48 UH-60L questions

    I have no clue on the kit parts, but on the actual aircraft, the stab is the same on a UH-60A and a UH-60L. Both use the pointy, one-piece stab, like below.