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  1. Me either. It looks like a standard AH/MH-6J "T"-tail to me as well.
  2. Floyd, Do you have the tail # for Super 67 "Texas Express" as well? Maybe a good pic of the artwork too?
  3. Wow, that is an old post (2005)! The info has been updated and consolidated below with the latest info I could find on it, including a link to this thread. http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=216895&page=1
  4. Mini Art Flettener Fl 282 Kolibri in 1/35

    Actually, Miniart does a whole line of armor models, mostly Soviet/Russian subjects. They are very nice, well detailed, and often of subjects others don't offer. Many also come with full interiors. Their new line of post-WWII Soviet T tanks (T-44, T-54, T-55, etc.) are excellent.
  5. New 1/35 Helo Figures - Yufan Model from China

    If that is the case, I won't buy any more. I was wondering about the body armor myself. We'll see how they look when I get them. Norbert, any plans on doing more modern helo figures soon?
  6. New 1/35 Helo Figures - Yufan Model from China

    I can't link to eBay on a Gov't computer (hence no pic of #3). Look under seller Model_Garage and you should find them.
  7. I just stumbled across 3 new modern helicopter crewman figures from a new(?) company out of China called Yufan Model on eBay. They look awesome. 2 of the three. I can't find a working pic of the last one which is a standing crew chief with an extended arm motioning someone to come to him. He has an M4 and is also wearing the maxillofacial shield. I just purchased a couple to see how they look. Price is right at about $15 shipped too. They have a bunch of other Spec Ops, SEAL, modern, and post-apocalyptic type figures as well.
  8. Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    Of course you have to weather it to make it look realistic. He didn't ask how to weather and finish it, just what color(s) to use. Flat Black is the basic overall color.
  9. Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    Flat Black, everything, inside and out. What more do you need? Usually the paint call-outs in directions are wrong anyways. It is better if you do your own research on paint colors.
  10. Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    Pretty bad when the author doesn't know anything about the subject. He calls it a plane throughout and says it should be painted overall helo drab with a dark gull gray interior.
  11. Mini Art Models released a surprise announcement at the Telfort Hobby show recently. They will be offering the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri "Hummingbird" helicopter in 1/35. http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=27117
  12. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    The ESSS support pole connections are nowhere near correct, but I guess they will do.
  13. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    You have the wrong parts that surround the strut opening for the ESSS wings (pylons). Parts L24 and L25 have the attachment points for the ESSS support rods. You have used parts D41 and D42 (used when the ESSS wings are not attached), which have covers over the support rod attachment points, the two rounded protrusions.
  14. Awesome. I can't wait to see these come to fruition. An updated H-60 is great. Yes, with a little work and swapping out guns and a few other parts.
  15. Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    I saw that too Floyd, and the 6 rotor blades on the sprues. Hopefully they are foreshadowing a future release. Also, look at the test build pics. The MH-6 has the larger rear door openings of an M, but the rest is a J. Hmm.