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  1. Werner's Wings UH-1H Upgrades set (48-16). http://www.wernerswings.com/resin-48-16.html
  2. 1/35th scale FRIES bar

    That time frame should still have the H-Bar rig.
  3. Live Resin UH 60 external weapon mounts

    Good thing he has the GAU-2 (M134) set as well. They do look good.
  4. Live Resin UH 60 external weapon mounts

    These do look great. I have a set on its way to me now. I can't wait to get them. The name is a bit of a misnomer though. These are not used on US Army UH-60s. They are only used on USAF MH/HH-60Gs.
  5. 1/35th scale FRIES bar

    Here is the USAF version from my HH-60G build.
  6. 1/35th scale FRIES bar

    No issue. That is the second pic down, and easier one to build. Like I said, just some square and round stock, thin metal for the strap pieces, and blocks and rings for the self-releasing ends. I built one for my MH-60L DAP a while ago. Here it is: WOW!! I just realized it was 13 years ago, almost to the day that I photographed it! I still have it too.
  7. 1/35th scale FRIES bar

    Which Fries rig? USAf MH/60Gs and US Army MH-60Ls each use a different version. I have scratched up both types before. They are not that hard to do, just some square and round shapes cut to size and rings added, etc. USAF style US Army type
  8. KH 1/35 MH-60R Seahawk

    Very ambitious list. I hope they come through with them. Some more USN H-60s would be nice. Any word on when/if they will release the 1/35 Huey ar a 1/35 MH/AH-6M?
  9. Coast Gard Huey?

    None used by the USCG, but the Turkish Coast Guard uses them... Canadian Coast Guard... Japanese Coast Guard...
  10. Kitty Hawk AH-6J completed

    Very nice. Great job on it.
  11. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    The right side handles are controls for the FLIR ball on the nose.
  12. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    When I did mine, I was told they are smoke. Also, they are not the same shape. The port side frame is painted differently.
  13. As 11bee said, they don't usually change out the aircraft mission by mission. They are flexible enough and configured where they can be pretty easily changed when needed.
  14. Upturned exhaust for Bell 212 / UH-1N

    Do you have a link? Shapeways search function sucks.