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  1. Maybe limited use as the conflict wound down. "HH-2D search & rescue variant, operated by the US Coast Guard. Six of these helicopters were delivered in 1970."
  2. "Riverine Operations: a US Army CH-54A Skycrane helicopter airlifts a river patrol boat (PBR) from Go Dau Ha to an operation on the upper Saigon River, June 1969, during the war in Vietnam." The date an place may help. The distinctive unit insignia should be helpful as well. Looks like 18420 on the tailboom too. If it is 18420, that would be 67-18420. In '69, it was assigned to the following: Circa 1968 Transferred to 478th Heavy Helicopter Company, 1st Cavalry Division, South Vietnam. Unit named
  3. AFV Club's M38A1. Academy M416 jeep trailer from their M151A2 kit (needs rounded fenders (come in the kit), to be narrowed, and have larger wheels added to be an accurate M100 trailer: https://www.vodnik.net/p1/m100_wip.html ), or just use a WWII jeep trailer w/larger wheels. You will need to either rework the Academy M151 hardtop or scratch one. Royal Model has the mattresses:
  4. All available in 1/35 and close enough in scale. I used 1/35 figures, weapons, etc. on mine and it looks fine.
  5. It looks great. Looks like all the hydraulic lines and hoses are present. Very nice.
  6. It's a crappy pic of a poor drawing. Why don't we wait until the kits comes out to start tearing them apart for accuracy.
  7. Looks like they are coming out w/an ACH-47A "Guns-A-Go Go" Gunship as well.
  8. Have you talked to Norbert at Reedoak? He may be able to work some mechanics into his future releases. He already has some modern French mechanics that are pretty generic and could work. 1/35 (reedoak.com)
  9. Perfect timing. I was looking for 2 hardened laptops for a future M1068 project. 2 ordered.
  10. Their new catalog shows them as coming in 1/35 scale.
  11. Very nice. What are/will the other versions be?
  12. The guy is an idiot. It is a great model. The one area that needs extra care is the placement of the engine shelf on the rear wall. There are no lines to glue it on as implied in the instructions. Be careful and you will get it all lined up.
  13. Nice. The B pillars look good and really finish the interior in my opinion.
  14. It was actually dropped from the CH-54A (S-64A is the civilian designation) and called a "Daisy Cutter". ICM has announced it in model form in 1/35. It should be coming sometime soon as their plain CH-54A kit is scheduled to come out next month.
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