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  1. I guess the "cut-out" on the back side of the rotor opening is more of a scoop, which makes it hard to see in pics. The support for the HIRSS looks good. Nice job so far.
  2. Why did you cut a notch out of the fuselage where the rotor shaft goes through it, above? I have never seen any UH-60L this way. All the ones I have seen have a complete circle there. I believe the notch is only on the latest UH-60Ms with UES.
  3. I have heard this too, but have never seen one that has any shade of green to it. From everyone I have talked to and any I have seen, it is flat black. It fades quickly to a chalky black/gray color and weathers heavily.
  4. Looking good. One issue with the Tamiya kit (among many) is the top troop hatch being molded 180 degrees around. The curved strap to the lock mechanism is molded on the lower part of the hatch, but should be on the upper part. This is how the hatch is pulled closed and how it locks/unlocks. If you cut the hinges off and turn it around 180 degrees, it will be correct. You can see it in the below pic in the proper position.
  5. Looks good for your fist time using sheet styrene. A few comments on it. First, it is too short. It should come up to the same height as the bulkhead behind the seats. Look at the height in the pic from above. It also looks too deep (front to rear). Remember, you still have to fit the weapons plank in front of it. Lastly, it should not have a "N" registration number on it. "N" numbers are only for civilian aircraft.
  6. I would make the box out of sheet styrene and add the square ribs on the sides. I don't know about the kit skids as I have not built it. They may be higher though as there are high landing gear and low landing gear options for actual MD500s. US Army AH/MH-6s use the low gear.
  7. The landing gear attaches pretty much how it does in the kit. Also, if you plan on leaving the pilot doors off, you need to trim them back to the lines in the fuselage. As is, the opening is just for the window glass. You may want to trim the rear door openings a bit too as they are a little sloppy and not all the way out to the door opening lines either. I'm not sure what the fabric covered roll in the rear is supposed to be either. On the AH-6J (armed, 5-blade rotor - as you are building) there is a square box in its place in the rear. You can see it behind the M134 minigun ammo box in the pics below. You can also see the box well in the rear of this later model AH-6M (6 blade main rotor, 4 blade tail rotor, larger rear door opening, among a few other upgrades). The box is present on both models though.
  8. The floorboards are too white too. M113 floorboards are left in unpainted aluminum. Later M113A2, but the floorboards were the same.
  9. Looks like you are off to a good start. One of the major changes with the MH-6s is the instrument panel. It is totally different than what is in an MD500. It is much more narrow.
  10. Nice figures.
  11. I'm still thinking about it; no decision yet. I'll let you know if I decide to give it a go. Thanks.
  12. Really, you still think it is a conspiracy against Brazilians??? Cobra Company (CC) closed down about a month ago. He went out of business. No one can get to his website because it is gone. Lone Star Models bought all his stock and masters. They have some of the stuff on sale now and plan to offer the full CC line soon. CC at Lone Star Models: http://www.lonestarmodels.com/Cobra-Company.html
  13. Very nice. It is coming along great. I think you are missing something in your unit description. It should be 2nd Battalion, something Regiment, something Combat Aviation BDE (CAB), something Division; like 2nd Bn, 3rd Aviation Regiment (2-3 AV), 3 CAB, 3ID.