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  1. The also announced they are going to redo the AH-1G in 1/35 as well. Hopefully they will stick with 1/35 from here on out.
  2. Yup, I have seen it on two other sites so far. This will be cool...and big.
  3. The M6 Linebacker was an ADA version of the Bradley. There was a four pack Stinger launcher in place of the TOW and the internal stowage and gear layout was different. They were fielded after Desert Storm and used up through the invasion of Iraq in '03. They were all converted back to standard M2A2/3 Bradleys by the mid 2000s and are now out of service. The Army is considering bringing back an updated version now that we are preparing for fighting near-pear competitors with an Airforce and attack helos in the future. I plan on building it with a full interior.
  4. I think it will be back to a few tracked/wheeled vehicles. An M6 Linebacker, maybe an M915A3 truck, and a SEAL FAV. The next helo will most likely be the Academy AH-1Z with a bunch of extras; Legend blade folds, props, and ammo/avionics bay, PE, metal barrel, resin FLIR ball, etc., etc....
  5. Thanks gents. I hope to make some more progress over the weekend.
  6. Great info. Welcome aboard. The USMC CH-53D had 2 engines and a 6 blade main rotor, but still had the smaller side sponsons.
  7. For the large nose screen I took a 1/48 PE template and enlarged it to 1/32. Then I cut it out and used it as stencil to to cut the screen. I cut it into three pieces; left, right, and a center section. These pieces allowed it to fit the curve of the nose pretty well. It was not bad once cut into the three pieces. I still need to add the frame around the scree. Its on the long punch list to finish it off.
  8. Thanks Oliver. More progress this last week. I painted the rear side of the engine fan and drive shaft. I also added a couple hydraulic lines. Most of this will not be seen once it is all together. I also added the screen and oil cooler on the underside. Once all that was done, I added the nose to the fuselage. I had no real issues with it, just a little bit of filling and sanding needed to blend it all together. The underside. Next is adding all the exterior details, tail, rotors, glass, etc…
  9. Yes, I know. Not all helos can be as cool as the H-60!! They can wish though. Thanks Tim.
  10. On the exterior color, it depends on when you want to depict it. For early service, a dark Sea Blue would be good. For later service, it was dark gray overall. No clue on Tamiya paint matches as I don't use them. For the interior, various shades of grey, like all other US helos from the time. Red-orange seat cushions too. Here is a full walk-around with lots of interior pics: http://hamptonroadsscalemodelers.com/sh-2f-walkaround-c-1988/
  11. Thanks Gunny. That is the look I was going for. Glad it is somewhat effective. Working on the nose underside now. Should have another update soon.
  12. Thanks Lee. I'm having fun so far.
  13. I have gotten quite a bit of work done it it the last couple of weeks. I completed the rear cabin by adding a couple first aid bags, fire extinguishers, a rucksack, a duffle bag, an M14, and a few 7.62mm ammo cans for the M60A door gun. I also washed it with a dirty grey-brown to make it looks a little lived in. Lastly, I added some bare metal on the floor as well. Here is the IP and overhead console. They are painted by hand and I used the kit instrument decals on them, and a few from the spares bin. The rest of the cockpit. I added the fire ex
  14. Floyd, Have you seen the Quinta 3D printed decals for the IP and other details yet? They look awesome. I have a set that will go into/on the ICM kit. I bet they would fit the old Revell kit as well.
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