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  1. Kike, I'm all for people expressing their opinions. Based on what you have posted, what makes you any better than any other poster? You are doing exactly what you are chastising for. You call my work shitty. So be it, doesn't bother me, but you are a hypocrite for what you post. So If I had just said it is awesome and the best build I have ever seen, all would be good? Why have an opinion at all if it has to be complimentary or you are jumped on by some who feel one cannot offer constructive criticism. Maybe you should look at yourself before you tell others they are wrong. As to Oliver's build, I have told him many time that he does amazing scratch work, I just don't see why he doesn't build accurately. He knows that and we have a respectible love-hate relationship over it. He gets past it as I do. What I don't get is why others who are not directly involved get so worked up over it. Worry about yourself and stop thinking people need help to deal with minor things said to them on a modeling website.
  2. So you sold/gave your gun design to a company for them to sell and that company is also one of Kitty Hawk's main designers. Now you are surprised that the gun will be included in a future Kitty Hawk release? Really??? I'm with wakko807 on this one.
  3. Yup, only four specific profiles. There are extra markings to depict other Seawolf aircraft though. There is a mini-review of it here at ARC: https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev8/7701-7800/rev7783-Fireball-Modelworks-FMD-03-35/00.shtm
  4. Interesting. I wasn't even tracking that the USAF was looking to replace their UH-1Ns. "The Air Force picks a winner for its Huey replacement helicopter contract": https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2018/09/24/the-air-force-picks-a-winner-for-its-huey-replacement-helicopter-contract/
  5. NTS = Night Targeting System: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/systems/an-aws-1.htm The kit will come with parts to build it w/and w/out NTS.
  6. I am pretty sure all AH-1Ws came from the factory with black cockpits since they were not fielded until '86 and the cockpits were blacked out starting about '80 as existing aircraft went through rebuild.
  7. Hmm, another interesting hint. Any insight on who might be making a 1/35 UH-1Y...Academy maybe? Please let us in on the secret.
  8. Not really. Most were kept on some type of improved pad and stayed pretty clean.
  9. You mean a UH-1E. The UH-1E was the Marine version of the Huey used in Vietnam. The first Echos off the line at Bell were based on the B model, while all later Echos were based on the C model Huey. The major differences between the Echo and the B/C models were aluminum frame (Echo) vs. magnesium frame, rotor brake on the Echo, different communication equipment (i.e. different instruments), and the rescue hoist mounted above the right cabin. The hoist was usually removed in country, however, the housing for the hoist remained and identifies UH-1E, UH-1L (Navy), TH-1L (Trainers), and HH-1K (Rescue) helos from all Army Hueys. Yes, the correct USMC color is Field Green (FS 14097). The blade colors changed over time. The black tops and OD bottoms is correct. They originally had yellow tips. Later, to aid visibility and avoid collisions, white stripes of varying widths were added on the topsides.
  10. I wouldn't say a lot. Probably closer to a few or some. We are definitely the "one percenters" of modelers who are over-concerned about details and accuarcy. 99% of modelers are happy to build them out of the box and are satisfied that they look like a ___________ (insert favorite subject) when completed and sitting on the shelf.
  11. I know it is a static display model, and we have had this discussion before. I just don't understand how you can put so much great scratch work into it and not portray it accurately. To each their own though.
  12. It looks ok, but the way you have built it, the tail would not fold. The dark rectangles and squares at the ends of the cable and to the right and left of the central hinge on the control cables are open spaces. This allows those pieces to retract into them so the two bulkheads can come together without any obstructions.
  13. These do look awesome. Are you hinting at something????? Pleeeaaase Academy!
  14. It depends on the boxing. The original boxes sent out to distributors did not have them. The later ones included them once the omission was pointed out. If you get one w/out them, contact Sofia Lynm at KH to get replacements sent to you. Sofia: sophialynm@gmail.com
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