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  1. HeavyArty

    Completed OH-58A 1/48 ESCI

    Looks good. All the time, most OH-58s fly w/out pilots doors since they can get very hot inside them. It also gives the pilot a better view. Or without rear doors. And no doors.
  2. HeavyArty

    Meng M1A1 Christmas Edition

    No real clue. I don't build 1/72 armor.
  3. HeavyArty

    Meng M1A1 Christmas Edition

    Why not? It is a novelty they think will sell. Other companies have done Putin and other modern leaders. All sorts of companies have done historical leaders as well. No personal idea on the quality of Flyhawk as I have never builte one of their kits. Below is a build review of it from Armorama. It looks pretty nice. https://armorama.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=13312
  4. HeavyArty

    Meng M1A1 Christmas Edition

    Tiger Model makes an M1A2 SEP with TUSK in 1/72 that is perfect for Iraq in the later years ('08-'11).
  5. HeavyArty

    Meng M1A1 Christmas Edition

    The kit is of an M1A2 SEP Abrams from about 2010-11 in Iraq. The TUSK parts are only used in combat, so only in Iraq as no M1A2s were/are deployed to A'stan. The latest version of Abrams is the M1A2 SEP v2. It has a remote weapons station on the turret as opposed to the TC's .50 cal., along with a few other changes. Dragon and Acadmy both have M1A2 SEP v2 kits available. Dragon Academy, incorrectly showing TUSK II on it. I guess it is on a fictional, future battlefield as no M1A2 SEP v2 tanks have worn TUSK in anger. TUSK has only been applied to M1A2 SEP v2 tanks in training scenarios. The boxtop is also missing the Commander's Independant Thermal Viewer (CITV) on the turret where the spare roadwheel is. This is one of the key features that make it an M1A2. The parts inside the box are correct though. DEF Models also makes a conversion set to convert an M1A2 SEP into a SEP v2. No clue on the POTUS figure.
  6. I can see where the UES would be useful for H-60Ls as well. The rotor blades are only used on the newer H-60M though. So w/out the rest of the M mods, the rotors are pretty useless.
  7. HeavyArty

    1/48 ESCI OH-58A

    The blades are not camo. The rotor head and shaft are the same dark green as in the camo pattern, and black blades with yellow tips.
  8. HeavyArty

    1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk

    Correct, it was only an prototype aircarft that was not fielded. The knowledge gained from it did eventually lead to the development of the MH-60G though.
  9. HeavyArty

    Seahawk Doors

    I think he means the Easy Egresss Windows that first appeared on Navy Hawks, and have since been adopted by pretty much all H-60s. They are w/out the sliding window that Army Black Hawks originally had. They are made to be quickly popped out in case you need to unass the helo quickly. I have not seen any in 1/48. Cobra Company offered them as a set in 1/35. Black Ops Models also offers full doors with them in 1/35.
  10. HeavyArty

    1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk

    EDIT: Looking closer, you would be better off getting the UMM models MH/HH-60G conversion set. The Hasegawa kit is based on an early H-60 with non-HIRSS (Hover Infra-Red Suppresiion System) exhaust, pointy stabilator on the tail, etc., etc... All MH/HH-60Gs and MH-60Ls have HIRSS and the newer square, folding tail, among a host of other upgrades missing from the kit. UMM conversion. I'm not sure what is in the box, but, to build one with the refeuling probe, you would have to build either a USAF MH/HH-60G Pave Hawk, or a US Army Special Ops MH-60L Black Hawk. For either of these you would need the ESSS wings cover that goes over the connection point when the wings are not installed. This is the bump between the gunners' windows and the cargo doors on each side. You would probably need to scratch/source the weather radar (black dome on nose) and FLIR (R2D2 head under the nose) as well. HH-60G, notice the ESSS covers where the longer, upturned wings attach on the experimental HH-60D. Older version MH-60G still with internal gunmounts. MH-60L You could also do an MH-60L DAP Gunship if you had a set of the short ESSS wings (single hardpoint) in the kit.
  11. HeavyArty

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

    Very nice. The ceiling structure looks awesome.
  12. HeavyArty

    UH-60: strange pilot's step

    The FLIR, extended step sponsons, and the mounts; all in 1/35. Review here.
  13. HeavyArty


    As posted above, US Army CH-47Ds usually have two 7.62mm MGs (M240Ds on current models) up front. US Army MH-47E/G have miniguns in the same location. One 7.62mm MG in the starboard door, and the other out the port window directly across from the door. Starboard side Port side (M60D as this is an older pic) Both sides The ramp gun may or may not be installed, depending on what the ship is carrying. If it is just troops, it will usually be carried. If it is cargo, usually not since the mount gets in the way of offloading the cargo. Live-resin makes mounts for them.