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  1. I don't know if they have the same relationship in 1/48, but the 1/32 Special Hobby AH-1G is the ICM kit with added resin and 3D printed parts, and new decals. They may be the same plastic in 1/48, but I am not sure.
  2. 1/35 UH-1 series: UH-1D/H, UH-1N, CH-135, CH-146, UH-1Y
  3. No. It has the short ESSS wings and weapons hung on them (M230 chain gun and M200 rocket pod) and the internal ammo can and control boxes, in the DAP configuration, along w/a few other external pieces.
  4. Chris Miller (orig. Cobra Company owner) is alive and well. He just decided to move in another direction and sold the company to Lone Star Models. As far as Lone Star Models goes, I saw on another board that his wife just recently passed and he is planning to ramp things up again soon.
  5. Not in 1/35. Hobby Fan does have one in 1/48 though. I don't know how accurate it is, but it is out there.
  6. They look like standard MH-60Ss to me, with nothing but the ID paint added.
  7. Highly recommended. I just bough a set of the Part 1 (AOA 35-003) decals at ModelPalooza in Orlando over the weekend. They look awesome and are well worth the money. They come with all the aircraft specific decals and a full set of stencils as well. I am looking forward to using them on a couple KH Naval H-60s.
  8. Takom has announced another rotary wing surprise. They are showing an MQ-8B Fire Scout Drone as an upcoming release. These drones are used by the USN and are based on OH-6 technology. Very cool Actual drone. More info: https://www.northropgrumman.com/what-we-do/air/fire-scout/
  9. It looks like Takom has a coupe of 1/35 Apaches in the works. These should be awesome....
  10. It depends on how much work you want to put into it...
  11. Here are a few helo / aircraft items I have for sale or trade (1/35 unless otherwise noted): Academy: RQ-7B UAV $15 Black Ops Models: AH-6M Rotor conversion (6 blade set) for H-6A/J $5 Dragon: AH-6J Little Bird with Black Ops Models center wall and tailboom updates. $35 Monogram 1/32 AH-1G Package $75 Includes latest boxing (85-4677) w/ “Voodoo Lady” decals, Cobra Company Cockpit set (CC 32001), Cobra Company XM-35 20mm Weapons System (CC32005), Fireball Modelworks Anti-Strella and Right Hand Tail kit (32-001), and Werner
  12. Most likely his aircraft was 68-10365 "68-10365: USAF; 37th ARRS w/o 06Apr72 Vietnam during Bat 21 rescue" More info: "6 Apr 71: Coast Guard Lt. Commander Jay Crowe, an exchange pilot on assignment to the 37th ARRS at Da Nang, was piloting Jolly Green 65. The helicopter broke through the clouds and rapidly dropped into the area where Hambleton was hidden. The aircraft was immediately struck by a wall of North Vietnamese gunfire. Their rounds tore through the aircraft, destroying the instrument panel. Crowe struggled to get the aircraft out of the fire zone
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