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  1. Send me an email address and I can send .PDFs of the corrections to the KH SH-60B/f and MH-60S.



    1. juanchopancho


      Awesome I sent you a PM. Thanks!

  2. B/F correction pages posted on Pg 2 of this thread. MH-60S corrections are posted at FB.
  3. No, that one is not in the kit. Also, the fuselage is slotted and ribbed to accept only the long port side pylon. You will have to do some filling and rescribing to use one like that. You could probably cut down the port side extension piece to get close though.
  4. If you mean the additional short pylon that sticks out on the longer port side pylon, then yes. The directions do not show adding it, but it is on the sprues.
  5. Yes, but it depends on how you want to configure it. The SH-60F isn't really dedicated to any one task/configuration. It can be used w/a dipping sonar in the ASW role. It is also used as a catch-all helicopter as well. From USN site. "The SH-60F operates primarily off of aircraft carriers, providing close-in anti-submarine protection of the carrier battle group, and search and rescue (SAR) support during carrier flight operations. During anti-submarine operations the SH-60F employs a powerful dipping sonar, an arsenal of sonobuoys, and Mk 50 torpedoes. The SH-60F is also us
  6. No, they weren't working any longer. I have deleted them. The pics posted after them are better anyways.
  7. That is strange. I am using Google Chrome and it simply copies it and shows "COPIED" on the PhotoBucket page. Then I paste it here and it shows up.
  8. Just copy the first one that says "Direct Link". Paste it w/out adding anything else here. Really nice. The seatbelts look really good.
  9. Copied the wrong link from PhotoBucket. The image link is in there, just have to sort it out of all the other junk. Looking great. The cargo area looks even better. Any more pics of the back?
  10. This is a Kodiak Jayhawk at Prime Portal: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/sal_provenzano/hh-60j/ It is one of the ones I posted above. They have the distinctive badge on the sides and Kodiak on the doghouse.
  11. Try this one. Both the HH-60H and HH-60J are the same though. The Radar/FLIR mount pics below it are better than the one that didn't come through.
  12. Here's a few close ups of the USCG nose w/o the FLIR underneath, The FLIR attaches where the bolted plate toward the rear of the underside is. This shows another feature. The hoist mount is extended to allow room for the rescue basket to fit up to the door.
  13. Floyd, here is the port side windows on the HH-60H and HH-60J. You can see the track and a drip edge above the top track. HH-60H Inside
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