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  1. Well, to whom I address my question?



    I bought a Greek F-16 from calibre wings and pictures look good at ebay, but who's got one already?

    I have a Gemini P-51, a die-cast, with rolling gear rubber tires/wheels, movable parts, to me a very fine model.


    So, Calibre wings does not include rolling gear or rubber tyres?

    I now have a 1977 USN JR order?

    I just can built all my kits, a luxury and a miss.



    I never liked the Century Wings...



    Rgds, Duncan


  2. I post this message to tribute my 37 age of birth F-14A Tamiya.

    It is my treasure at home.


    I wish to redecal the bands and skull

    The White seem to vanish troughout the years


    Its was airbrushed perfect in all over gull grey back then,

    One droop i did not missed

    I love my berlin



    If someone can spare  these cuts

    I am your wish bringer Faery












  3. The launch is real (to me) but not one from it's missile-bay?
    There is this small sleek fuselage design near the wingroot, enough space to hide a small IR?
    My guess is where the actuators are hidden for the forward flipper-fin (or what ever it is called).

    Anyway, it still cannot match a F-22.

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