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Can anyone help - looking to understand the differences between the ALQ-119, ALQ-131 and ALQ-184.

I know the ALQ-131 is the boxy one, but I'm confused by the "short" and "long" and "deep" and "shallow" versions!

Pics would be great too!

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Hello all,

Chris, I hope you don't mind my piggybacking your thread with my own question, but it is USAF ECM pod-related......

Does anyone have pictures of an ALQ-119 (or the 'externally similar' QRC 80-01, as described by Jim Rotramel in one of his Hyperscale reference articles on the Pig) mounted just aft of the M61 fairing on an F-111D? And yes, I realise that the linked article contains pictures of the pylon and pods in that position, but I'm hoping for larger images. I've also seen two pictures of 27 TFW -Ds carrying 'short' ALQ-119 (I think!) in this position on Airliners.net, taken by Alex Christie in '83; they're great images but just don't quite show what I'm after.

Here's hoping......



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