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Folks, the NEW NCC-1701 ...

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Hey Chris, how are things over there?

Yeah, I'll probably sit this one out. That's why God invented DVDs. I'll pobably catch it one night on a rerun somewhere.

Hey mate, how are you. Long time no see...

Well, I hve been doing the DVD thing alot lately. Nothing worth seeing since Batman.

As for the new Trek, I will give it a go..

On a side note. We just got the new release of 1/2500 scale F-Toys Star Trek collector toys here. And boy was AMT way out with thier 1/2500 scale!... I will use the AMT B C D, & E. But the Japanese NX-01, TOS-E and Refit-A are just beautiful replica's... They make the Konami, and Jonny Lightning versions look like rubbish...


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