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New Fisher Resin, Metal SAC L/Gear and Much More Added

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Just added: Fisher Resin sets for 1/48 Revellogram B-58 Hustler: Afterburner Upgrade Set with cans, exhaust pipes and flame holders. This one is sold out, so get it here! Only $24.95; Intake Upgrade Set with four replacement intakes, two-piece spikes and compressor fronts $19.95; Separate Elevon Set (they are huge on this a/c) $11.95, and early pilot's ejection seat (non podded) with clear resin hatch, making the part accurate and painting much easier $14.95.

Fisher resin and PE cockpit for 1/32 Hobbycraft Canada Sea Fury $24.95, containing beautiful detailing all around, with PE harness and other parts, including PE instrument panel with separate dial faces and clear acetate lens material. Fully detailed wheel well set (even more detailed than on the Fisher resin Sea Fury) for Hobbycraft Canada kit. Includes new wells with full plumbing and wiring detail, wheels, tires, gear legs, all gear doors, and more: $24.95.

1/32 Hobbycraft Canada Sea Fury kit, NATO Defender version with huge decal sheets for five markings schemes, Canadian machines plus Royal Netherlands Navy aircraft and German bright red target tug. $30 plus $8.50 Priority Mail shipping. Extra huge decal sheets for Middle Eastern schemes available. Ask about price.

Beautiful Seamless Suckers white resin F-4 Phantom intakes and full trunking with compressor faces. $12.95

Here are some SAC highly detailed metal landing gear and other new items. Postage depends on what you buy:

Here are the gear sets:

Revell 1/32 He 162 complete gear set $14.00

Trumpeter 1/32 P-38 complete gear set $14.00

Trumpeter 1/32 P-40 main gear set $11.95

1/32 Bf 109 main gear for all Hasegawa kits $10.95

Trumpeter TBF/TBM Avenger main gear set $11.95

Main gear set for Hasegawa Ki-43 "Oscar" $11.95

Full set of gear for Trumpeter 1/35 Mi-24 Hind $12.95

MDC 1/24 PE brass Luftwaffe fighter harness with beautifully delicate hardware. Use brass straps or includes metal template to make your own. $7

Also, I have a number of the all-frets-in-one-package Big Ed sets. These sell at retail about 1/3 less than you'd pay if you bought all the frets and masks for a particular kit separately. So, for example, the Big Ed for the Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D-20 Razorback retails for $120, and the frets and mask set bought separately would be something over $180. Not a bad deal. But I'm willing to let mine go for 1/2 of the Big Ed retail price, so you get a REALLY good deal from me. Check the prices at www.eduard.cz.

Here's what I have for now in Big Ed sets:

1/32 Trumpeter P-47D-20 Razorback $60.00

1/32 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk. Vb $27.50

1/48 Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat $29.95

1/48 Hobby Boss F4F-3 Wildcat $42.50

1/72 Academy B-17F/G $52.50

1/72 Revell Lancaster Mk.I/III $49.00

1/72 Trumpeter Wellington Mk. 1 $37.50

You can't beat those prices!

Accessories and resin odds and ends, all are new and in original packaging:

CMK Full RESIN COCKPIT for 1/32 Hasegawa F6F-3/5 Hellcat, w/photoetched fret and vacform canopies for both versions: $22.50

PJ Productions 1/32 five-piece Vietnam-era/1970s US Navy pilot figure, seated. $6.00

MDC Daimler-Benz DB605 1/32 engine. This is the finest reproduction of this engine you'll find in this or any scale. Dozens of parts, large and small (down to individual spark plugs), PE parts, fine solder provided for spark plug wires, and flexible black resin hoses provided for fuel and other lines. This engine is complete right down to the decal sheet with numbers in the proper font to provide the prominent white DB serial numbers on the engine. You pick which number you need for your build. $24.95.

MDC complete COCKPIT for HAWKER TYPHOON, complete with all tubular framework, PE Sutton harness and details, plus decal sheet of individual instrument faces in amazing detail. $18.00

Aires 1/32 SJU-5/6A EJECTION SEAT for F/A-18, with PE details and harness: $8.00

Warbirds Productions 1/32 EARLY FABRIC-COVERED WINGS for HAWKER HURRICANE Mk. 1. These are finely detailed, and the trailing edges are so thin our sample arrived with a few small chips in it. The little pieces are in the bag and it's an easy fix. Comes with fully posable flaps too. For Revell kit.

Complete new 1/32 resin WHEEL WELLS AND LANDING GEAR for Revell Ki-61 Tony. This includes all parts associated with the gear and well, including, of course, the legs and separate oleo scissors, plus many other parts, including all door sections. Even includes leading edge section so the new wells can be slipped into a simple cut in wings: $15.00

Set of resin Cutting Edge Fokker F.1 ailerons for conversion. $6.00

ZOTZ/ALBATROS Decals OOP "Thud Alley" with F-105D "Memphis Belle II", "Jeanie II/I Dream of Jeanie", "Daisy Mae", "P---y Galore II" with, um, special surprise to ensure the boom operators hit their mark every time. $14.95

Signifer 1/32 TBM/F Avenger Wheels, Mains and Tail $10.00

Signifer 1/32 Scale resin WW II USAAF STARTER CART with hose: $16.00

Signifer 1/32 Scale resin Luftwaffe Oil Cart, WW II: $12.00

I have other Signifer accessories as well, plus some kits I may part with, including their much-praised artificial snow set.

Cooper Details resin corrected main wheels, plus

WM tail wheel fork with separate wheel, for

Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Fury $ 6.00

Cooper Details corrected 90 gal. drop tanks for

1/48 Trumpeter Sea Fury $5.00

Cooper Details beautiful super-detailed resin

cockpit for 1/72 FineMolds Bf 109G family. Also fits

Academy, Hasegawa and Revell $12.00

Wolfpack Resin Hawker Hunter backdate set for Academy

1/48 Mk. 6. Makes a Hunter Mk. 1/2/3/4 $6.00

Also, I have lots of loose accessories lying around. Among them is a truly amazing 1/48 Meteor/Teknics resin and PE P&W R-2800 engine. It comes with a variety of different crankcases and magnetos and other parts to make it appropriate for early and late P-47s, F6Fs, Bearcats and everything else that wore this engine. If I get a good enough offer, I'll let go of it. As you know, this was Meteor stuff, and you get it where you can these days.

I still have a box of -- I'm guessing -- 250-300 Eduard Masks, filed by product number, and minus those I recently sold or held back for my own use, I still have virtually all the newer yellow-tape masks and some of the older ones for camo and national insignia. The yellow-tape masks, IMHO, are the best you can get. Rather than list them, like last time, if you need one, ask me if I have it. Most are 1/48, with plenty in 1/32 (I have all they have released, minus the ones I used/will use), and in 1/72, most are for bombers and other highly-glazed aircraft, but I do have some fighters in this scale.

Paypal only. Postage will depend on what and how much you buy, but will not be more than actual cost to mail. Feel free to PM me with questions.



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