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1/32 Ju-88 good as a model for 1/24

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Hello all,

Does anyone out there have any insight into the Revell 1/32 Ju-88? From what I've gathered it's a fairly good kit for the A-1/A-4, and there's quite a number of aftermarket products available for it. I'm curious as to how is the kit straight out of the box, accurate? What is it missing? Many reviews out there seem to show a good preview of them. A couple have helped. What I'm concerned about is it worth the money to buy to use as a model to measure up a 1/24 version? Or are there other kits out there that will be able to do the very same?

The idea being to start getting all the resources needed in order to make a very good version of a 1/24 Ju-88A-4 (specifically from KG 54, Totenkopf Geschwader). For years this Geschwader has kept be busy researching it's history. Granted, in bursts, but none the less, it's the "Geschwader" of choice. I opted to try the Ju-88 first only because it's easier to build when compared to KG 54's earlier aircraft, He-111. That one I'm willing to wait some time until my scratch building techniques get better.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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I've got the kit in my stash but can't really comment on it's accuracy. I'd suggest checking out Large Scale Planes forums. There are quite a few builds in there and one of the members is actually involved in the restoration of the A1 that Revell actually based the kit on.

And if you check out this thread you'll find a wealth of information on the restoration etc. :woot.gif:

Hope this helps.


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