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  1. Had to share this!! And to think this was happening simultaneously at every other SAC base! <<<Video>>>
  2. If it's anything like this trailer for it, I'll be there
  3. I guess it wouldn't be hard to scratch build, can anyone identify what tank was used?
  4. Hi Matt Could I also trouble you for some more pics of that OH-58D(I) as above? I also feel a modelling project coming on :mellow: I'm curious as to the shade of brown on the front section of the dog box (?). Would that be due to the material it's made of? Thanks Grant
  5. I've got the kit in my stash but can't really comment on it's accuracy. I'd suggest checking out Large Scale Planes forums. There are quite a few builds in there and one of the members is actually involved in the restoration of the A1 that Revell actually based the kit on. And if you check out this thread you'll find a wealth of information on the restoration etc. Hope this helps. Grant
  6. You can get the Squadron canopy from here: Modelcrafts & Hobbies NZ They're actually the NZ stockist for Squadron/Falcon Canopies (I think) as it's also the same city (Wellington) where they are manufactured. My LHS even though it's about 1000km away
  7. Hi Steve I've just started building this kit myself! I hope mine turns out as nice as yours :-) Quick question, did you need any nose weight on yours? Instructions don't say if it's needed and it looks like there's already a lot of weight forward of the main gear. Cheers Grant
  8. Guess I'll have a go at this :blink: The Fw-190A6 on the bench is my first freehand attempt at mottling, and after trying to apply checker decals to the nose, will be my first attempt at masking and painting checkers
  9. FYI some comments from the Liveleak site... "This happened in Sept of 1998 aboard the "Bonhomer Richard", pronounced with a french dialect. My squadron was HMM-164 and I was a CH-46 Helo Mech. We were supporting Operation Urban Warrior off the Monterey coast in California. This bird was taking media crews back and forth from land to the carrier all day and at this moment they were leaving to go back to shore. I was in the chow hall aboard the Bonhomer "Dick" when this happened. CH-46 crewchief Sgt. Beyers received smoke inhalation while saving these people and was treated at the scene. For hi
  10. Looks like everyone got out OK. Video clip
  11. Thanks :-) I have several of them in my stash (Trumpeter & ICM) and also several hundred pics on my computer :-) I have a "thing" for VVS aviation. Cheers Grant
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