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    I've been an avid fan of models since being very young. For a number of years I gave up the hobby due to work. However, I've found model building a great stress relief and a good reason to get away from everything for an hour or two every so often.

    I build primarily WWII Aircraft, and used to build mainly 48th scale, although now I've found a new love - 1/24 scale.
  1. Good morning folks, In looking at this GB, I must say, the work here is nothing short of incredible. The scale representations of one of the most iconic aircraft to ever fly certainly do this flying legend justice. Once this GB comes to a close, and the raffle prizes I have are sent out, I will be packing up the work bench and moving on. Due to personal reasons, and the challenges that I'll be facing for the next while, there is just no place, time, or opportunity to build anymore. Such is life. In that though, I wanted to pass on my sincerest thanks to you all. It has been a blast. As much as I enjoyed building up LMM, I enjoyed watching all of your builds much, much more. This forum certainly has a countless number of fine, fine folks who are as much model builders as you are gentlemen. Combined together, the wealth of knowledge, skill, and advice is an incredible tool to anyone looking to build anything. Thank you for the good times, and I wish you all the best. Good luck in the new year, Mark.
  2. The other question, is how was the disassembled (removed) ball turret stored/kept? I doubt it'd be set up with the support structure that supported it in the bomber. I've seen a couple of images of a turret being kept on a wooden frame, but upside down. Finding anything through the net on maintenance of the ball turret to show what this would look like is proving to be quite difficult. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Mark.
  3. Alright! The radio room was a bit of a pain, as the floor itself was a bit slanted. However, with a quick application of a small piece of evergreen (2 x 2 mm and about a cm long), managed to get a good support bracket done and the floor now sits level. There were a couple of other items that were added and removed. Just as Karl mentioned, the dynamotor for the command radio transmitters was removed from above the desk. There was also a lamp that was added, as well as all the applicable wiring on the desk. Further to this, a few items were added underneath the desk. All these items were found within the reference books, and as best as possible, I ran within a believable production block of where LMM came into play, hopefully eliminating the chance of having something in there that wouldn't have been installed. Last but not least, the door was built and installed. The two fuel transfer selectors located in the flight deck, against the bulkhead just below the door were also installed, as well as the replacement for the missing throttle control that broke off from the throttle quadrant. So, that's all done there, and last but not least, a couple of lamps were installed near the instrument panel. As for the bomb bay, and the walk way/bomb rack, the paragon set is a good one... if you don't add the roof to the bomb bay. The set, just like the stock pieces from the kit, are designed to reach up into the ceiling of the turtle deck. That, and given the building that went on in the bomb bay, the Paragon walk way didn't line up correctly, so using the appropriate evergreen rods, the catwalk was scratch built first, with the appropriate electric motor at the forward end built as well. Then the bomb racks that straddle the catwalk were done the same way as the previous one was mounted to the starboard side of the fuselage. All that is left to do is to paint them all, give them some wear and tear, and then once dry, glue that sucker in. My only question though, is those ropes you see between the bulkheads and bomb racks for walking across the catwalk, were they there? And if so, did the styles vary as much as is seen on the bombers around today? From here, it's a matter of working the port side fuselage side. First thing to do is to complete the framing in both the bomb bay and the radio room, then build up the turtle deck in the radio room to match the starboard side. I'm still not sure if I'm going to put a .50 on the mount in there, or just have it removed completely. I've still had a hard time confirming whether it was there, or not... frustrating at times. None the less, once we've got that section built up, it's painting the whole side with the applicable colours to match the starboard side. Once done, then the fuselage side details will be added (I.e., oxygen bottles in the flight deck, navigators station (table, lamp, various items in there as well), all the applicable windows, pilots seat and control column, and all the wiring throughout, including the other details in the bomb bay). Once it's all set and I'm happy, there's going to be a lot of patience in the dry fitting portion of what's left: -Forward floor in the nose for the bombardier -Upper vac-formed flight deck roof/windscreen The forward floor wont be too difficult to do, and once it's finished, this will be glued into the starboard side to match up with the floor already there, making sure that it's all lined up and appropriately level. As for the vac-formed flight deck roof & windscreen, both pilot & co-pilot sliding windows will be opened, the electrical items up top between the two upper windows will be added, and the fit will have to be just nice along the fuselage. All the wiring inside there running down the frames will also be added. Once that's all good to go, then the two halves get glued together (carefully I should add). Once dry, I hope to be able to mount in the upper portion nice and snug. Not much left to do here except build up the upper-turret, and chin turret. With that, the fuselage would be completed, and then it's onto port & starboard wings. The biggest thing on these is going to be the wheel wells, scratch building all the appropriate detials in there, and then mounting them to the wings. It's going to take come careful mounting of the wings to make sure that they'll be mounted good and strong. Then it's the bare metal foil, painting, mounting the engines, and taking 'er from there. Mounting the main landing gear in without weight on wheels (so, converting the 1/48 B-17F MLG wheels, the verlinden main landing gear struts, the 1/48 B-17G rims, and matching them all up), setting up a jig for the proper angle of the forward portion, building the jack stands underneath, and once that's done, the bomb bay doors will be installed, along with the other finer details (mounting in the chin turret, upper turret, and all the mechanics details around 'er). And that right there would be about 80% of the work required for this model. All that's left is the shell of the waist section, finishing the tail gunners compartment, vertical & horizontal stabs, rudder & elevator, ball turret (that's going to be FUN!), and all the other small little bitty parts. Took 13 different B-17's to rebuild LMM... at this rate, it's almost 13 different AM Sets, Models (with parts from both F & G kits), and a heck of a lot of scratch building. Almost right on track... Thanks for reading! Hoping for pictures very soon. Mark.
  4. So... picture this... Radio room (starboard side) is complete with window and everything, and the smaller little details are done in the flight deck. Scratch built center bomb racks are also complete (the building that is), and now it's just the painting of it that is left. Not having a laptop... sucks!
  5. Progress is going to continue, unfortunately, my laptop pooched last night. So, as I can't upload pictures at work, there will be little in the way of updates until the laptop comes back from the shop. Mark.
  6. Hello folks, I've had a bit of misfortunate luck. The decals I had paid for from a member here for the 1/48 Polish Mig-21 with the big marlin running down her side fell through. That I'm dealing with on my own. But what I'm looking for is decals for a 1/48 Polish Mig-21 MF, either with the big Marlin, or other. If anyone can help, it's greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mark.
  7. I'll have all the answers shortly. But, certainly looking forward to these!
  8. I talked with Karl, and what we will be doing, for any build (and mine likely as well Stephen), those that aren't completed, will be continued in the "In-Progress Builds" section of the forum. How eexactly that will be done, I'm not sure. Whether it's ending the threads here, and having new ones in the build thread, or something else, I'm not sure. They may perhaps just continue here. I know that I'll keep my build updated as progress is made. In short, there is nothing wrong with startinig here... one big central B-17 section... Hope this helps, Mark.
  9. Karl, where would I be without you! So... finally, taking something apart, rather than putting together! And thank you kindly for the technical info. I have been making progress on the work bench... but not with LMM, rather clearing some room by getting that Spitfire Vb finished. I'll have pictures up soon. Cheers, Mark.
  10. NICE!!! PS. Got those decals. PM me the addy to send the prop decals to. Mark.
  11. No worries! Not much done to report on tonight. A couple of rags, empty and beaten up fire extinguisher mount, tool box and tool/kit bag strewn across the radio room floor. Still lots to do, like beat up the portion of the floor left visible, and a few other things. I really wasn't up to wiring anything tonight, I'll leave that for the weekend I think: Here is the shot I used for the fire extinguisher bracket and a few other things. This is LMM right after her return, managed to aquire a HUGE version of the picture. What's key here isn't what's visible, but what isn't. Not all Forts had the small O2 bottle under the table in the radio room. Given where they are mounted, and whats seen in this crop of the pic, it's a fair guess to say that LMM didn't have one either (there is something there, but it doesn't look big/wide enought to be the bracket and the round green bottle). Note the empty bracker lacking the brass fire extinguisher just above the table: There is a door there though, so that'll be added as well fairly soon. I don't know, maybe I'm too tired, but if someone see's something there that I'm missing, please comment! Thanks for looking, Mark.
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