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Master Class Model Building Videos is proud to announce the release of our fourth title, Master Class Clinic #3:"Building and Painting Small Scale Figures". The current cost is $49.95, but for now we are offering an introductory rate of $45.00, plus $6 shipping in the US and $10 for overseas orders.

The new DVD features Master Modeler Rafe Morrissey demonstrating his techniques for producing attractive small scale figures. Like other releases in our titles we even give you something to practice on. Included inside the DVD is an exclusive 1/32nd scale resin US Marine Fighter Pilot in Tropical Dress sculpted by Master Details. This figure is only available inside the DVD and will not be sold elsewhere...ever.

Adding figures to your airplane or tanks gives them a sense of scale and provides them with 'life'. Find out how it is done. Featuring the exquisite video skills of David Powell, two time Emmy Award winning videographer, you will see what it takes to turn resin and plastic into a realistic miniature figure. You'll be able to experience everything but the paint fumes. Unlike other instructional DVDs, you'll actually see how to use an airbrush to help paint the figures, how to use enamels and acrylics to their full advantage and all the techniques that can turn your model into three dimensional historic art.

To celebrate the new release we've also lowered the prices on our other titles so check out our website for the Summer Sales special pricing. You can find us at www.masterclassmodels.com

Remember: Modeling is fun!


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