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  1. It is a different version, however to most folks they appear the same or close enough for just one Hind. I don’t think the A’s had the twist but the rest did. That is one thing no one has fixed in 1/48. If Z follows the 1/72 route, they will make all of them.
  2. Do we know if they are scaling up the 1/72 kit or making the molds from scratch?
  3. Yep, you should Jedi mind trick them and make it all better.
  4. Looks great. I am pretty sure that the MAW Decal website is down because Creighton is out of the business of selling directly. As I recall Sprue Brothers bought out the stock or something to that effect.
  5. Yes, for the Marines along with Cobra and Huey’s. AF and USN are in the mix as well. Few months back Boeing just opened a new facility for production.
  6. Small correction, he is still in business just not doing helos anymore.
  7. Jon, You almost make an Apache look good. I like your representation of it. The weathering is very nice on the top of the tail plane.
  8. That would be a pretty good guess. Only other red checked I can think of is a Cobra unit or fixed wing. I feel robbed, I was in Wilmington last Friday across from the battleship and one did not fly by.
  9. To be fair I never made a declarative statement that all birds had the hoist removed. You have to search here but I sure Ray (mostly likely and might have been removed with pb issue) or myself had found and posted a pic of a Marine B.
  10. For this scheme, the only thing wrong is the location listed. Marines had borrowed a handful, 30ish if I recall US Army UH-1Bs. Those where only used for stateside training to replace the UH-1E that where sent to Vietnam to replace losses. Yes, the Marine UH-1E’s had hoists installed on them. However that was only the slick birds. The gun birds had the hoist removed but the cover was still installed.
  11. Fireball is technically not out of business, he has just changed product lines. 1/24-1/25 Auto. Beside the Navy sheet, he had a Delta sheet that had lots of generic extras that could be used. PrintScale made a mixed Huey sheet with B’s as the short body
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