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  1. The rotor blades should be sitting flush with rotor plate. I will have to find my kit but as I recall you might need to drill out the hole on the blade more so the blade slides down over the post. Otherwise it is a nice build. HTH
  2. You could remove the plastic below the gear and also shorten the shaft. Then add a cabin roof to hide it all.
  3. When I saw the box art for the A-10 a day or so after posting I got the same feeling. The idea seems interesting.
  4. Is this a real thing? My Googlefu was weak. It’s the same old Hasegawa plastic but dang it looks pretty. Wonder if the parts could used on a Zvezda kit. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/image/10635994
  5. That is one possibility. As I recall off hand the 1/72 UH-34 and CH-46 are basically Italeri (Fujimi for the 46) kits with a few parts molded together. Trumpeter/Hobbyboss can produce nice kits, however a number of their helicopter kits are heavily influenced by existing kits.
  6. Jodie’s reply. The more complete answer to the question is in Tommy's post here: http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2013/02/us-navy-asw-sh-3-sea-king-variations.html SH-3A and SH-3D aircraft as built only had one cabin window on the port side. The second cabin window is more associated with the SH-3H modification (reworked SH-3A/D/G airframes). Best advice (as always) is to choose a specific aircraft at a specific moment and build from references. Since - as Tommy's post linked about illustrates - individual aircraft varied not just in cabin window configuration but also in sponson configuration, presence/lack of an ice shield (and even within that, which type of ice shield), short or extended stabilizer, etc., it's best to build from what you have references on. For whatever it's worth, so far as I know "Old 66" never got the second window on the port side. But I could be wrong. The last photo I've seen of that airframe is from 1973, and it was still essentially in 1969 configuration.
  7. Here is what you need to do the kit to build Old 66. http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2016/05/creating-sikorsky-sh-3d-from-new-airfix.html?m=1 However, depending on what you want, skill set and who would be viewing the kit, outside a select few (some on this forum) and yourself no one will know if the details are correct or not. Build using this kit with what you are comfortable changing and have fun.
  8. In a post about people ruining Christmas, one person said “I got my boyfriend a model kit. He called it cheap and said it probably wasn’t even worth his time to assemble....” Now was boyfriend someone that would post in this thread or someone who got a AMK Tomcat or a new take on penthouse letters as girlfriends don’t buy models as gifts or all the above? Please discuss.
  9. Just because the Navy has a weight issue, that’s no reason to fat shame them.
  10. Have you done a search in the helo forum, I think both was discussed years ago? The tanks is a F-80 tank, not sure if that is the same as a F-84 wing tip tank.
  11. It is a different version, however to most folks they appear the same or close enough for just one Hind. I don’t think the A’s had the twist but the rest did. That is one thing no one has fixed in 1/48. If Z follows the 1/72 route, they will make all of them.
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