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  1. Tank

    Mk19's and helicopters

    Throw a hand grenade short, you might have a different opinion on impressive. I do agree on the smoke and fire. I think another issue for not being on helos is the rep for having issues. Rounds cooking off for a 240 or ma deuce is different then a mk19. At least that is what I recall from back in the day.
  2. Tank

    Mk19's and helicopters

    As an area weapon you don't need to be that accurate but yeah I just don't see it being a good option.
  3. I would pm Chief Snake on here.
  4. Tank

    Mk19's and helicopters

    The site has a word filter and it changes the words automatically.
  5. I would wait a bit. Everyone will say KH and I am sure that might be the winner but hold off till a few get built before crowning it the best kit (the kit does appear to be very nice). You will still need academy bits, course if some resin maker wanted to make a small backdate set of the small number parts needed no one would complain. Additional KH might be doing a L kit so there would be no need for the parts, I don't know. For the straps not needed a little sanding can go a long way. That is what I plan for the KH H-6 I plan to backdate instead of building the Dragon kit. HTH
  6. Tank

    Bad year...

    Black dog has a 1/72 V-22 resin item http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=31727&mode=thread&order=0 Air-graphic has some resin conversions. http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&tid=2222 HTH
  7. FYI, legend has a blade fold for the kit.
  8. I know turned exhaust was not part of the NTS upgrade but you cannot get a turned exhaust bird without it being an NTS bird, correct?
  9. Correct, my understanding is Academy cheaped out on the upgrades for the NTS kit. I could see them adding that sprue to the NTS kit with new decals and calling it a day.
  10. What about if they wanted to upgrade the 1W kit to a real NTS with turned exhaust?
  11. Video is nice. When I see words like detailing I would want to know more details about the details you using. For example, I get the stringers outside the windows, but what distance did you for the others. I am also confused by the detail photo you used show a more flat bracing and yours has more depth, was that intentional? I am guessing for the horizontal stringers you used evergreen strips, what size and what was the vertical spacing. Can you example more about the floor detail? Been forever since I looked at my kit, so I don't know if add to existing panel lines or your own. The last shot throw the window made the floor seem to pronounced, maybe a hit or two with the sanding stick to knock it down.
  12. Tank

    1/48 Kitty Hawk AS365 question.

    To bad Tamiya doesn't make helos. I don't recall a bad Tamiya kit, so grab anyone and build OOB to help get some mojo back.
  13. Tank

    CH-53A vs CH-53D

    The biggest that I recall is the Engine Air Particle Separators (EAPS) on the D model and not on the A model. The stub wing looks different also but don't quote me on that. https://www.sikorskyarchives.com/S-65H-53D SEA STALLION.php HTH
  14. Tank

    HH-46E SAR

    Here is an earlier one. http://everyspec.com/MIL-STD/MIL-STD-2000-2999/download.php?spec=MIL-STD-2161A.024653.pdf Don't think it covers the TH-6, I like to use Fireball Modelworks decals for that infomation.