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  1. I am sure after the next release Gunny will have the allotment of all Echoes under Force Design 2030. Welcome to the meeting Dan.
  2. If you want to look at some of it, found this video.
  3. Noice find. I almost attend the show. A few of our club members did. 👍
  4. Had to do some mathing and checking, 50 just hits the ear/eye funny 😱, seems the AF was first with the version. It must of had that new car smell to it.
  5. It would seem for stateside that a UH-72 could possibly do the job. There is already schools and supplies setup for this making it cheaper overall then an another new line. Maybe 412 but they would program a new school, if that was the case why not UH-1Y then. Either way using existing supported product lines.
  6. I believe that is correct in 2009 as those units have convert to H-60 versions. https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/defence-helicopter/us-navy-retires-the-huey/ Marines retired the last in 2014 when they converted to the UH-1Y. https://www.marines.mil/News/News-Display/Article/496683/final-flight-of-huey-for-red-dogs/ Heck the Marine are starting to “retire” UH-1Y’s. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39925/marines-set-to-retire-dozens-of-ah-1z-and-uh-1y-helicopters-as-part-of-force-redesign USAF is getting rid of their N’s as well. https://www
  7. Hope others can help better but so far it looks like it might still be in use.
  8. There was an all black HM-14 MH bird but I could not find a Navy blue which probably would have been a centennial scheme. The rest where as mentioned Engine or Lo Vis Greys. Haven’t seen any other colors. If looking for a different color Japanese MH’s were white/light grey. HTH
  9. Unfortunately it appears nothing is close. There are some 1/32 kits but no 1/32-35 Seakings. There is a 1/43 ‘73 caddie from Western Models (closed in 2007). Might be able to find a 3D print either in scale or ask them to scale down but it’s harder to search for those and quality can be a concern. I would like to be proven wrong.
  10. I would second Dutch’s assessment Hasegawa, ( then a huge drop off) Italeri (Revell, Testors) boxings then the rest in pile of a kit was made. Like the 1/48 version I believe Italeri made some changes along the way so you can use that if doing one of the few test birds but you will need to do some research on the changes.
  11. I seconded this. @ziggyfoos, will the decals be done in such a way that they will also fit/work with the Fujimi kit?
  12. I don’t think so but I also have a stalled 1/72 SH build in the same markings. Please post photos of the build.
  13. I like this version as well.
  14. Here is some information above, you might be remembering from here. 😂 found one from you a few years back. HTH
  15. Woot Woot! Not the best photo but easiest to show the decals as I bought one of each at Nationals. Also the Special Hobby G kit. https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/what-the-postman-brought-today-aeroscale/1590/1235 HTH
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