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  1. They do but it seems limited (impromptu visits like natural disaster vs scheduled visits with long lead times) and probably for the reasons Mig mentioned.
  2. I would think is part of the assets pile and would be sold off to payoff the debts, then I would imagine that company would release or sell the molds. Maybe one day those sets would be rereleased.
  3. Yes, great to walk through but that would be a horrible idea. It works very well now and stores would be lots of overhead.
  4. Dang it, I looked at that sheet to see what was already scaled up and blew past it. Thanks.
  5. Great looking sheet, the Red Lion scheme should be scaled up to 1/48. Who is the ! scheme, that is different.
  6. If you can find it Caracal did a sheet. http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48039.html I don’t know if I have sheet or not, will have to look. Same for the 53 decals for you. I don’t think Superscale did a h-34 or 163 bird.
  7. Gary, It was March 31st 1965. http://www.popasmoke.com/kia/conflicts/vietnam/incidents/19650331
  8. Sorry to hear that Ben. We lost ours in March just before the lockdown. Sorry for your loss VADM.
  9. You might want to edit the header, Blackhawk is Army and the Seahawk is Navy. Different birds mean different decals.
  10. Gunny, There is only really two plastic choices, Italeri and Special Hobby. In the box SH gives you more detail with PE parts but I think it will make it a more difficult to build. That is not to say Italeri is a shake and bake kit either. With SH, think limited run kits when compared to other manufacturers. Italeri is rereleasing their kit so it will be easier to find. Cannot help with which is more accurate, I am sure faults can be found on both but options are limited and no real aftermarket available.
  11. I am trying to recall but SuperCobra I think said it’s one grey. It appears like three because it was a three tone camo (black, green and grey) and the grey was oversprayed the existing color. Think preshading.
  12. Did you buy a DeLorean? If so, might want to pick a better time. 😂
  13. I know of him and saw him once in the MT shop, jumped up on the table and did a who’s poorest growing up stick. One kid was poorer. As I recall my ex uncle went to OCS with him or another multiple star General. He would ask me how he was doing, I said if I was talking to him, my life wasn’t going good. A lonely E-3/4 doesn’t usually talk to the CG unless he is in serious trouble. As I recall, CMC Kurlak and/or CMC Mundy was short also. I recall seeing one at CamPen on the parade deck and wondered if all CG’s where short fellows.
  14. Easy now Gunny, I work for a living and ain’t no zero. 🤣 I was surprised how short ‘Assassin’ was when he stopped by our unit.
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