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  1. Good information. 👍 Question, could Trumpeter be trying to represent a Hip with no padding/insulation like one might see in US helicopter cargo areas or if they are the ribbing is also not correct? It has a similar layout as the 1/72 HobbyBoss kit so I am curious about there intent.
  2. The Italeri is supposed to be MV-22B and looking for a CV-22 information. Black Dog has this set. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/black-dog-a48047-cv-22-b-osprey-conversion-set--1154348 Hasegawa released this 1/72 CV-22, might be able to get more ideas of what needs to change. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02074-cv-22b-osprey-us-air-force--225816 HTH
  3. These two links should have you covered. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/09/takoms-35th-scale-fire-scouts-take.html?m=1 I haven’t got the kit yet but it’s on my short list of to buy next. Look forward to seeing how yours turns out.
  4. Was there more than one helo used for this type of mission? I say that as the text says 18418 but at least one photo clearly shows 18416 being loaded, simple textual error or more then one helo had the mission? Both numbers are listed as being in the same company in Vietnam.
  5. Had my dog do that to one kit. Glad you’re able to get replacements for both parts.
  6. There is the thin shield around but appears open underneath. https://www.keymilitary.com/article/pacific-projection https://www.alamy.com/us-marine-corps-lance-cpl-antony-thompson-ordinance-technician-marine-light-attack-helicopter-squadron-775-4th-marine-aircraft-wing-unscrews-a-bolt-during-an-inspection-of-a-m197-turret-mounted-on-a-bell-ah-1z-viper-attack-helicopter-at-marine-corps-air-station-camp-pendleton-california-sept-14-2018-turret-inspections-are-conducted-every-56-days-image220764077.html?imageid=6E789B6F-112C-4CC3-A687-FCAD6DBF4655&p=725768&pn=1&
  7. Oof that stinks about the legend set. The turret is looking good, if added to a base you won’t be able to see up the chute.
  8. I know it say it’s Z but it looks like a Whiskey with turned exhaust too me.
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