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  1. Tank


    If we make enough noise Scaleworx might be our best option.
  2. Tank


    Surprised Italeri hasn’t done a 1/72 kit.
  3. Tank


    A little bit better bait....guns. Pic from the web.
  4. Tank


    Thanks for the info. Like I said I didn’t read the details. Hope the AF is happy with the bird.
  5. Tank


    US has been trying to get a AgustaWestland bird for awhile it seems (VH-71). Didn’t read the specs for what the AF needed but from a DOD bean counting POV a UH-1Y, H-60 family or UH-72 would fit the bill and bring in another supply chain need but hey it’s only money who cares. A kit wouldn’t be a bad idea, I can hear the current crowd crying for 1/35 scale already.
  6. Your build is looking like a very nice Viper.
  7. Teaching baby zero’s cannot be easy. Kinda like teaching middle schoolers. All awkward and gangly, with a little bit of knowledge thinking they know everything.
  8. I do like some color (H-34 cover, CO bird markings, v-22 tail) but historically speaking Marine rotor wing aviation had been very subdued blue, green, 3 tone NATO/sand and grey/greys. That is more of a fix wing side of the house thing and even then it’s mostly just the tail. The 224 tiger strip is lone exception that comes to mind. Take that back I think someone did a digicamo bird. In case I forget one or two either way in general very subdued. Something in the dna complies me to make a comment about what the 303 Marines did. You can enjoy your models however you choose. Keep up the good work. I think your painting technique is very good and would add life if a bird was all grey.
  9. While I dislike how 303 painted the bird, too over the top for me but hey if those Marines like it more power to them. However your build of the build is great.
  10. Yep, USS Boxer was part of 13th MEU in 2011. You can use parts of Floyd’s Y decals for most of it. You can use Floyd’s Z decals for the colored eyes. Not sure where we can get the USS Boxer decals. HTH
  11. So overall HMM’s does not have UH-1N’s expect when on a MEU deployment so any Cobra or Huey decals for YP being either grey or depending on how early you make your N, black would work.
  12. As I recall the KH is the only other option for both kits. The Trumpeter Dolphin had a truly fatal flaw as in if didn’t trim some parts early on you could never close up the fuselage. Unlike how some use the term fatal flaw. Someone posted the fix on here years ago. The Revell Seasprite was ok. Cobra Company had a resin set to help out the interior and the rotor head was soft on details. It was similar to other old Revell helos (AH-1S/F) but a better kit then the Huey.
  13. Maybe our old friend Mr Smith will make an appearance as he would have been driver back then. My gut says you could probably do both as not all birds would have been updated at the same time to NVG standards. That is based on some 46 information I recall. I will leave the ordie stuff to the other expect that hangs around these parts.
  14. Same pic a few days ago.
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