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  1. Would we still need to get the kit for everything else but the fuselage? Depending on the total cost, my interest is peaked. Look forward to seeing more of your build.
  2. I get that, use the link I posted to Super Hobby, for much less for the set. I have used them many times. Good company and “fast” service to the US.
  3. I wasn’t planning on going either way but follow this website for updates. https://www.grandstrandscalemodelers.org
  4. It is looking good and while some might not agree it is method for some and their project it may work for others.
  5. GTG, hopefully the poster will come back and let you know. His last login was July 2021.
  6. Tank


    Gunny, You know that, I know that but what I have seen from some companies at 1/72 scale, will think they can. Hope I am wrong.
  7. Archer has opened back up for orders. 3rd party vendors may still carry needed patch decals. I know I ordered a bunch this morning.
  8. John, Very nice update. I like how the engine turned out and might be nice to have at least one door open to show off but also in that vein some small seam clean up on only the outward side would have helped. Not sure how that extra time aligns with the channel goals. 👍
  9. I get that. For me the complexity of the Hind rivets and the time spent figuring something out for me as a slow builder was worth the effort. Honestly if not for the sale I wouldn’t have gotten the kit. I have the 1/72 range unbuilt. I will probably sale off the 1/32 and 1/48 kits in a few years haven’t built any of them. Look forward to seeing your next video.
  10. Looking at a number of rotor head photos this morning the only color I haven’t seen is blue. It might have been faded/covered oil etc. Honestly many won’t know or probably catch as long the colors match on blade and head you should be good to go.
  11. Not a bad video, thanks for sharing. I got the same deal and cause it was reduced I bought the Eduard rivet set talked about on here from https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Mi-24V-positive-rivets-surface-details-ZVEZDA.html
  12. Makes sense it’s different on each side, when viewing read left to right red, white and blue. The EGA is pointed inward, on the uniform or left of stand alone.
  13. Interesting photos of Cindy Ann unfortunately doesn’t answer your question.
  14. The last kit released from those molds was 2017. So not surprising it’s not really in stock. Not any easier but the ROG kit is the same plastic.
  15. 🥲 it’s sad but congratulations to Woody on a job well done.
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